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October 2013 - New Orleans Weddings - Reception, Venue & Planning

Unbreakable: Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom Are Back Together!

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Oct 312013
Khloe Kardashian Lamar Odom Back Together

Photo: Getty Images

This week is full of even more Kardashian news, and this time, it's not about the Kimye wedding.

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Khloe Kardashian Odom and Lamar Odom are officially back together, Us Weekly reports. This news comes after months of separation. Khloe, who married Odom after only a month of dating in 2009, kicked the NBA player out of the house after learning that he was cheating on her and using drugs.

"We're wonderful. We're unbreakable," Odom told Us. "That's why I wear my wedding ring."

"It is a beautiful ring," he added to the magazine. "From a beautiful wife."

The estranged couple was spotted attending soon-to-be brother-in-law Kanye West's "Yeezus" tour this past Monday in Los Angeles. Odom was even dancing with fellow members of the Kardashian clan.

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Khloe has remained uncharacteristically tight-lipped about the whole situation, save a few cryptic tweets and Instagram posts. However, E! news reported earlier this week that the two have been engaging in "secret meetings" to discuss their marital problems.

"They have been spending an increasing amount of time together," the source told the network. "At one time it seemed like a reconciliation was impossible and divorce was inevitable. Things may have turned a corner."

"He has never stopped loving Khloe. He adores her," the source added. "And he wants to prove to her that he is the same person she married."

Personally, we're huge fans of the couple, who are always so lovey-dovey on screen. Maybe Kanye's romantic proposal inspired Khloe to give her man on the mend a second chance. Best of luck to the couple!

—Lauren Frankfort

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Makeup Artist Kristofer Buckle on How to Achieve the Beauty Look from Our October/November Flip Cover

 Beauty, Brides Magazine October 2013, Wedding Beauty  Comments Off on Makeup Artist Kristofer Buckle on How to Achieve the Beauty Look from Our October/November Flip Cover
Oct 312013
Brides Beauty Issue Flip Cover

Photo: Ruven Afanador

When we asked mega makeup artist Kristofer Buckle to describe the look he created for Brides' first-ever beauty flip cover, he quickly replied, "wide-eyed Disney Princess." Dressed in a traditional waltz-length two tier wedding veil by Bel Aire Bridal and flashing Suzanne Kalan white moonstone and diamond earrings set in gold, our cover girl also calls to mind Tinseltown princess Audrey Hepburn with her signature doe eyes and near-perfect polish.

While on set, Brides Beauty Director Dana Wood chatted with the Kristofer Buckle—snagging some solid pointers and this great behind-the-scenes action shot—about how everyday beauties, a la like Holly Golightly, can recreate this fresh, glossy cover-worthy look for themselves. Here, step-by-step instructions from the master himself.

Kristofer Buckle Makeup Artist Brides Beauty Cover

Photos: Brides

To start, before you add an ounce of makeup, prep your skin. "I massaged the model's face and neck using a very moisturizing cream by Algenist," says Buckle, who regularly preps celebs like J.Lo, Gwyneth and Demi Moore for the red carpet.

If you have an oily complexion, don't skip primer. "I don't always use it," says Kristofer. "But when I do, it's Laura Mercier Oil-Free Primer."

For your wedding, go for a moisturizing—not matte—foundation formula. "It keeps the skin looking alive and nourished on what can be a stressful day."

A light dusting of bronzing powder makes light-colored eyes sparkle. "I like to add dimension and tonality to the complexion," he says. "Bronzer does that. Also, the warm tone helped make the model's green eyes pop."

Use every bit of concealer you need to create a flawless canvas. "Concealing dark shadows around the eyes, mouth and nose really makes the complexion look perfect, so don't be afraid of coverage. It will help your makeup look great for hours and photograph better."

But be sure to top off that concealer with powder. "You have to set it with a translucent powder," he says. "That locks it into place."

A dab of light shadow on the inner corners perks your eyes right up. "I used a very reflective powdered eye shadow in her inner corner to add a dewy look to the eye. It also helps open the eye and give a more innocent look."

For precise liquid eyeliner application, get really close to the mirror. "If your brush has a handle that's too long, it will bump into the mirror," Buckle explains. "So break it off to shorten it. I love buying brushes from art supply or craft stores. Synthetic nylon bristles work best." (Editor's note: Look for a "travel kit" of makeup brushes; they usually have the type of short handles Buckle recommends.)

Part two of precision eyelining: a little elbow action. "If you have a wiggly hand, try using an angled wedge brush and a waterproof cream liner, like MAC Black Track. That way you can kind of stamp it along your lash line and build it up. Also, lift your elbow way up as you paint your line. This gives you a clear view of what you're doing and a naturally unobstructed, fluid movement."

Go for state-of-the-art false lashes. "Individual lashes are very tricky to do yourself," Buckle admits. "But there's a great new product from Kiss called lash trios. They're clusters of three individual lashes that are so easy to apply. They're also great to add to the ends of full band lashes to lift the outer corner like I did on the Brides cover."

Keep the lower-lash mascara to a bare minimum. "I think brides look best without a lot under the eyes," says Buckle. "But that's just my taste; you have to wear what makes you feel confident on your big day. For the Brides cover, I really wanted to create a princess-themed bride with an exotic edge. Keeping all of the interest on the top lashes gave her that wide-eyed Disney Princess look."

—Dana Wood

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An Unconventional Approach to the Rehearsal Dinner—Make Sure to Have Fun and Do What You Want!

 Ilana Stern, Real Brides, Real Weddings  Comments Off on An Unconventional Approach to the Rehearsal Dinner—Make Sure to Have Fun and Do What You Want!
Oct 312013
Ilana Stern Rehearsal Dinner

Photography by Erich McVey

What do real brides have to say about the wedding planning experience? Well, it's not all indulgent cake tastings and happy tears at the bridal boutique. Over the next few months, guest blogger and Weddington Way founder and CEO Ilana Stern will share the ins and outs of planning a California wedding, running a business, picking the perfect wedding planner, and customizing your dream dress.

When it was time to plan our rehearsal dinner, Jeff and I really wanted a casual and super social get-together (think a fun Friday night out as opposed to a stuffy sit down dinner). To get that open, laidback feel, we knew we had to do a few things differently.

First, we chose to have the ceremony rehearsal at The Viceroy in Santa Monica, the hotel where most of our guests were staying, instead of our actual wedding venue. Keeping everything in one place meant we didn't have to miss a minute of the rehearsal dinner fun (and force our guests to slog through 45 minutes of Labor Day LA traffic). Plus, cutting down the back and forth travel reduced a lot of stress—it's something I would highly recommend if it makes sense for you.

The Viceroy Santa Monica Rehearsal DinnerIlana Stern Rehearsal DinnerGuests at The Viceroy Santa Monica Rehearsal Dinner

Photography by Erich McVey

Next, even though we had a really large guest list for the wedding, we wanted to make sure that we had a smaller group (if you consider 100 people a smaller group!) to share that special evening with us before the ceremony. Although this may seem like a lot of people, it felt more intimate because the guests were only family, the bridal party, and friends who had traveled internationally. As for the space, we opted for a hip outdoor pool that was chic yet informal, with just the right splash of Hollywood glamour. Picture cabanas, a beachy breeze, and festive lanterns lighting the dining area at sunset. It was the perfect way to give our guests a taste of the LA vibe that we were striving for the entire weekend.

Ilana Stern Weddington Way Co-Founder

Photography by Erich McVey

Another unconventional way we celebrated? We didn't serve a sit-down dinner! Instead, we hosted a big cocktail party with lots of fabulous food stations like brick oven pizza and a barbecue carving station. This non-traditional set-up gave us a chance to catch up with old friends and encouraged everyone to mingle. To make sure everyone enjoyed themselves, we had an open bar (complete with a delicious blood orange margarita signature cocktail!). But here's the catch: it closed at 9 p.m., which helped us keep everyone from burning out on the first night!

The smaller guest list at our rehearsal dinner allowed for more heartfelt moments. Everyone loved the touching photo slideshow that my mom put together, featuring childhood pictures of Jeff and me. The dinner's intimate setting also gave us the chance to express our thanks to our parents, who played a huge role in our wedding journey (and the chance to present some unexpected thank you gifts!).

The Viceroy Santa Monica Rehearsal DinnerThe Viceroy Santa Monica Rehearsal Dinner

Photography by Erich McVey

At one point I looked around the room and realized that most of my bridesmaids were wearing dresses from Weddington Way and many of my other girlfriends looked super stylish in our new party frocks. I was very touched to see the significant women in my life show support for what I've worked so hard on at such an important moment of my life.

Looking back on that night, I think one of the best (though somewhat untraditional) decisions we made was to invite our wedding photographer to document it. It was great because he got a ton of cute, candid shots of all of our friends and family having a great time celebrating with us on the eve of our wedding. Our rehearsal dinner was such a joyful start to our wedding weekend for both our guests and for Jeff and me was because we decided to scrap the tradition and do things our way. If you do what really makes you and your fiancé happy, your friends and family can't help but have a good time!

—Ilana Stern

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What’s Next For Newlyweds Kelly Clarkson and Brandon Blackstock?

 Celebrity Weddings, Celebrity Weddings & Style, Kelly Clarkson  Comments Off on What’s Next For Newlyweds Kelly Clarkson and Brandon Blackstock?
Oct 312013
Kelly Clarkson Brandon Blackstock married

Photo: Getty Images

When it comes to babies and marriage, Kelly Clarkson is going to be more of a Kerry Washington than an Olivia Wilde.

A little more than a week after marrying Brandon Blackstock in an intimate ceremony in Tennessee, the American Idol winner shared some frank plans about the couple's future.

"I want babies!" Clarkson said during a radio interview with Valentine in the Morning on Wednesday. "Everybody keeps saying, 'What do you want for Christmas?' And I'm like, 'I want to be pregnant.'"

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How does Blackstock feel about his new wife's baby fever? The Nashville-based talent manager is "excited about all the [baby-making] practice," Clarkson said, before adding that she wants to have two children "around the same age." Clarkson already has some practice being a mom: Any little ones they have will join Blackstock's two children from a former marriage.

As for the couple's sudden decision to scrap plans for a big wedding and elope with just Blackstock's children in attendance, Clarkson said, "Everybody was actually very understanding...Nobody was really mad. Everybody was really supportive. It was the perfect thing to do. It was so amazing."

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Luckily for their other family and friends, the gorgeous wedding video Clarkson shared on Twitter last week does their wedding day justice. The short and sweet video, set to "Heavenly Day" by Patty Griffin, certainly made us feel like we were there—and we don't even know them! Besides, they can interrupt their family planning and pull a George Lucas by throwing a second wedding celebration.

Whatever they choose to do, Clarkson's children will get to hear some beautiful lullabies. Lucky kids!

—Terri Pous

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A California Wedding at the Ritz-Carlton in Dana Point With Old-World Charm

 California, Classic, Formal, Monique Lhuillier, Pink, Real Wedding, Real Weddings, Romantic, Spring, Traditional, Winter  Comments Off on A California Wedding at the Ritz-Carlton in Dana Point With Old-World Charm
Oct 312013

Though their families had known each other for years - Fitz's parents were guests at Kilian's parents' wedding in 1967 - Kilian, 34, and Fitz, 38, didn't meet in person until the summer of 2009, when a family barbecue brought them both to Chicago, and to one another. In August of 2012, a 24-hour trip to Ft. Worth was kicked off with a proposal, marking the beginning of Kilian and Fitz's six-month engagement.

As Kilian puts it, "Our vision was...a very intimate party with touches of our favorite things. Our goal was to make our wedding really fun and a big celebration of love." Shades of orange and pink gave the day a romantic West Coast feel that was a true reflection of the couple and their relationship. Wed on March 16, 2013, their ceremony at the Serra Chapel at the Mission San Juan Capistrano and reception at the Ritz-Carlton in Dana Point were pure California love.

Simple, elegant invitations by Crane & Co. were accented with scrolled calligraphy.

Fitz proposed with an emerald-cut diamond ring. His big plan, to propose to Kilian with a bowl of ring pops after dinner in Dallas, was scrapped when Kilian's flight was delayed. Upon her arrival in Ft. Worth, she dropped her bags at the hotel and made a beeline for the elevator down to the restaurant. Only when she realized that Fitz hadn't followed her down the hallway did Kilian return to their hotel room to discover him down on one knee.

Kilian "had a vision" of her dream wedding dress. She knew she wanted lace, as well as a design that coordinated with the style of the church's Spanish architecture. Monique Lhuillier's talent with lace made the dress selection an easy decision.

Glitter-covered Christian Louboutin pumps added a playful twist to the classic lace wedding dress.

A cathedral-length mantilla veil was the finishing touch on Kilian's bridal ensemble. The veil has been in her family for over 50 years, and was worn by her mother, aunts, cousins, and sisters. "It was very special to wear it on our wedding day."

Kilian's classic all-white bouquet featured peonies, roses, ranunculuses and sweet peas. The mix of petals created soft, delicate texture.

The towering Spanish architecture of the Mission San Juan Capistrano provided a striking backdrop for portraits of the wedding party.

Killian's bridesmaids were outfitted in coral-hued frocks from J.Crew's bridesmaid collection. Kilian had her six bridesmaids pick their favorite style in this cheery hue, which they accessorized with nude pumps and statement necklaces. Pink peony bouquets played off of the bright dress color.

The groom and groomsmen were outfitted in classic black tuxedos.

The traditional architecture and Old-World details of the Serra Chapel provided a beautiful background for Kilian and Fitz's first look.

"We are a very Catholic couple, so getting married in the Catholic Church was important to us," says Kilian. "The Serra Chapel is intimate and beautiful, so we were lucky to have our ceremony in such a holy place."

Fitz's sharp tuxedo, accented with a white peony boutonniere, is by Tom Ford. He stuck with tradition, pairing the notched lapels with a classic bow tie.

Fitz and Kilian love to travel, so they had a sign made with all of the places they'd visited together. Destinations ranged from Los Cabos to Cape Town.

Salt-rimmed margaritas awaited guests at the cocktail hour, setting the mood for the celebration to come.

Kilian gave a nod to her native Orange County by featuring sliced oranges in the flower arrangements. Here, an oversized arrangement of sweet peas, hydrangeas and peonies decorate the table of escort cards, which were created by Jen Simpson Design.

A mariachi band greeted Kilian and Fitz's 145 guests as they arrived at the Ritz-Carlton. Says a guest, "They definitely set the tone for a fun fiesta celebrating you both!"

The bride and groom went on an African safari for their honeymoon shortly after the wedding, so they named each table after an animal they hoped to see on their upcoming trip. The table names were printed in a peachy-coral hue, matching the tablecloths and arrangement of peonies, orchids and sweet peas.

Raspberry-colored tables were topped with branches of white phalaenopsis orchids and hanging tea lights.

Though the main focus was the dessert and candy bar, Fitz and Kilian also cut into a coconut cake with cream cheese filling. Pink peonies and gold bands gave the simple cake some festive flair.

"Fitz loves candy, so instead of serving a traditional wedding cake, we had a dessert bar with sweets and a separate candy bar with the groom's favorite candy selections," says Kilian.

The bride and groom shared their first dance to Ben Folds' The Luckiest. Kilian's tips for couples currently planning their weddings? "Make lots of lists, get recommendations from a friend, and hire Brooke Keegan as your wedding planner! You'll be so glad you did!"

The couple left the reception through a wave of sparklers, heading toward a safari honeymoon - and happily ever after. Kilian say that married life has been pure bliss, and that her wedding day was "the best day I've ever had!"

Ceremony Venue: Serra Chapel at Mission San Juan Capistrano || Reception Venue: Ritz-Carlton Laguna Niguel || Planner: Brooke Keegan || Bride's Wedding Dress: Monique Lhuillier || Hair: Alissa Smith of Meche Salon Los Angeles || Makeup: Berit of Makeup by Berit || Veil: Family Heirloom || Shoes: Christian Louboutin || Jewelry: Van Cleef & Arpels || Wedding Bands: Tiffany & Co. || Bridesmaids' Dresses: J. Crew || Groom's Tuxedo: Tom Ford || Invitations: Crane & Co. || Paper Goods: Jen Simpson Design || Florist: Karla Flores of Elegant by Design || Catering and Cake: Ritz-Carlton Laguna Niguel || Music: West Coast Music || Rentals: La Tavola Linen, Chiavari Chair Rentals || Lighting: Lighten Up Inc. || Favors: Pacific Photobooths || Transportation: VIP Limo || Photographer: Lane Dittoe Fine Art Wedding Photography

—Jaimie Schoen

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How Do I Ask My Future In-Laws to Pay for the Rehearsal Dinner?

 Etiquette, Showers & Parties, Showers and Parties, Wedding Etiquette  Comments Off on How Do I Ask My Future In-Laws to Pay for the Rehearsal Dinner?
Oct 312013
Rehearsal dinner payment

Photo: Kate Headley

Traditionally, the parents of the groom pay for a wedding's rehearsal dinner, from the drinks and cocktails to the dessert. If the future in-laws don't broach the subject or offer, how should a bride handle the situation? Our wedding etiquette experts are here to answer your questions in our daily post.

How do we ask the in-laws to pay for the rehearsal dinner?

Asking for money is never easy. However, there are ways to finesse it without sounding like you're just trying to hit up your future in-laws for cash. One approach is to ask them if they are planning on hosting the rehearsal dinner. "Hosting" implies "paying for" without having to actually come out and say it. If they say yes, turn over the guest list to them and let the party rest safely in their hands. If your future in-laws aren't big party-throwers, they may still offer to foot the bill but leave the party planning up to you. Another way to approach the money issue is to ask your in-laws if they want to make a contribution to your wedding. If they throw a check your way, then you can decide whether or not you want to apply their cash gift to your rehearsal dinner.

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Danielle Fishel Was Criticized For Looking “Fat” On Her Wedding Day. How Far is Too Far?

 Celebrity Weddings, Celebrity Weddings & Style, Wedding News  Comments Off on Danielle Fishel Was Criticized For Looking “Fat” On Her Wedding Day. How Far is Too Far?
Oct 302013

Photo: Danielle Fishel via Twitter

On Oct. 19th, Boy Meets World (and soon-to-be Girl Meets World) star Danielle Fishel (forever Topanga to us) married college sweetheart Tim Belusko in a gorgeous renovated Baroque-style cathedral in Los Angeles, California. But apparently, the two couldn't run off into the Hawaiian sunset without some vicious controversy thrown their way: Critics commented that the '90s sitcom favorite looked fat in her form-fitting strapless lace Enzoani wedding dress. Fat!

We were outraged to hear this news, and unsurprisingly, so was Fishel. She took to Twitter to express her disappointment:

Any bride would shudder at such harsh (and false!) commentary, but the criticism hit especially close to home for Fishel, who battled weight issues in the past. "I was terrified to eat," Fishel told People in 2010.

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After taking to Twitter, Fishel faced her haters in an even more gratifying way: Us Weekly published some sizzling pictures of the star in a bikini on her honeymoon, just days after her wedding. As everyone can see, she looks anything but overweight.

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Whether or not a bride has faced weight issues in her past, it's never OK to say something so cutting to a bride—celebrity or non-celebrity. First, Fishel looked like dynamite in her body-hugging gown (that thing fit her like a glove). Wedding Dress aside, Fishel's happiness in her wedding photos is contagious. A wedding is a joyous occasion, celebrating the love between two people. Whether or not you agree with the bride's style, every soon-to-be Mrs. looks beautiful on her big day. After all, if the bride is truly happy to be saying "I do," she'll be glowing from the inside out. As the popular adage goes: If you have nothing nice to say, don't say it all. Yes, celebrities put themselves in the public eye, and therefore expect scrutiny, but they're also human. Every bride deserves a special day between she and her chosen partner. Please people, let it stay special.

—Lauren Frankfort

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Get The Look: Christina Ricci’s Form-Fitting Custom Givenchy Wedding Dress

 Celebrity Style, Celebrity Weddings, Celebrity Weddings & Style, Wedding Dresses  Comments Off on Get The Look: Christina Ricci’s Form-Fitting Custom Givenchy Wedding Dress
Oct 302013
Christina Ricci's Givenchy wedding dress

Photo: Twitter

When we read about the Givenchy haute couture wedding dress that Christina Ricci wore to marry James Heerdegen last weekend, we knew we were in for a treat.

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According to reports, her long-sleeved, white silk tulle gown featured satin piping with delicate micro pearls and Chantilly lace appliqués, while her matching white tulle veil had those same romantic Chantilly lace appliqués. It reminded us a lot of the high-fashion gowns Parisian brides often wear down the aisle.

The gown was even better than what we dreamed! Ricci shared some stunning behind-the-scenes snaps of her custom wedding dress on Twitter, and we can't help but swoon. The dramatic train and high neckline are classic touches while the bouquet and veil complement the look perfectly. We saw 3/4-length sleeves on many Fall 2014 bridal runways, but we love how the sultry cut-outs on these lend a modern hand to the otherwise traditional gown. The best part? The creation fits the star like a glove and her confident poses show she knows it!

Behind-the-scenes pictures of Christina Ricci's Givenchy wedding dress

Photo: Twitter

See more: Romantic Wedding Dresses Inspired by Downton Abbey's Lady Mary

Givenchy creative director Riccardo Tisci designed the form-fitting gown for Ricci, while photographer Anthony Vazquez snapped both the wedding and her poses.

A body-hugging gown is an inspired choice for a city wedding like Ricci's or a sophisticated, retro-style soiree. Just add a veil-friendly sleek updo, you'll acheive a timeless, celebrity-worthy wedding-day look.

—Terri Pous

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Did Kerry Washington Get Pregnant on Her Honeymoon?

 Celebrity Weddings, Celebrity Weddings & Style, Honeymoons  Comments Off on Did Kerry Washington Get Pregnant on Her Honeymoon?
Oct 302013
Kerry Washington is pregnant

Photo: Getty Images

After several months of flowy dresses and much speculation, Kerry Washington confirmed today that she is pregnant!

The Scandal star and her NFL player husband Nnamdi Asomugha are expecting their first child. According to friends of the couple, the Emmy-nominated Washington is four months along.

See more: Phillip Lim's Dream Honeymoon Packing List

For those haven't counted backwards on their fingers yet, here's a little math: Washington and Asomugha secretly married in Hailey, Idaho, almost exactly four months ago, on June 24. By the time the news leaked over July 4 weekend, the pair was already happily married and, based on this tweet, likely on their honeymoon.

Though the timing means that Washington wasn't secretly a pregnant bride like Drew Barrymore, Camila Alves or (potentially) Olivia Wilde, she does join the ranks of stars like Evan Rachel Wood, whose due date was almost exactly 9 months after her wedding.

See more: The Best Honeymoon Resorts Around the World

Obviously, we'll never find out the truth about the timing. All other TMI issues aside, Washington is notoriously tight-lipped about her personal life, as an interview in Glamour's September issue confirmed. The Django Unchained actress said she had "learned through experience" that talking about her personal life just "doesn't work" for her.

"I've had earlier times in my career when I did talk about it," she told the magazine. "But I couldn't just turn around and say, 'I only want to talk about the good stuff, but not the bad stuff.' So I just thought, 'Okay, no more.'"

Regardless, for newlyweds who don't want that kind of nine-month wedding anniversary present, here's some advice: Brides taking birth control pills should make sure to pack them in their carry-on and not in checked luggage in case that baggage gets lost in transit. And, of course, brides should be mindful of their cycles when planning their wedding and honeymoon.

—Terri Pous

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Once a Kardashian, Always a Kardashian? Kim’s Suprising News About How She’ll Change Her Last Name

 Celebrity Weddings, Celebrity Weddings & Style, Kim Kardashian, Wedding News  Comments Off on Once a Kardashian, Always a Kardashian? Kim’s Suprising News About How She’ll Change Her Last Name
Oct 302013
Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are Engaged

Photo: Getty Images

And the juicy Kimye wedding news keeps on coming!

At her 33rd birthday party last Friday night, Kim Kardashian reportedly told E! news that she will be taking Kanye West's last name when the duo exchange "I dos." The reality starlet will, however, keep Kardashian in the mix, using it as a middle name. "It'll be Kim Kardashian West," the newly-engaged mom told the network. After all, who is Kim without the name Kardashian following swiftly behind?

See more: Design Your Dream Engagement Ring!

Kim isn't the first Kardashian to take a beau's surname. Big sister Khloe made a similar move when she married Lamar Odom, officially becoming Khloe Kardashian Odom. And momager Kris took now-separated husband Bruce Jenner's name back in the day (although, just last season on Keeping Up With the Kardashians the mogul-maker was considering re-adding Kardashian to make her family image more cohesive).

See more: Engagement Rings with Large Center Stones

Unlike with her marriage to Kris Humphries—within the short-lived 72 hours she was never called Kim Humphries—it seems like the Kim's all in for a long-lasting Yeezy marriage. In addition to taking his name, she's letting the Yeezus rapper have whatever he wants for their big day.

Maybe motherhood has softened the star. Or maybe Kardashian is taking a page from Jay-Z's book—the rapper, and close friend and collaborator of West's, took on Beyonce's surname as a middle name when the hip hop royalty wed. Both Jay-Z and Beyonce use "Knowles-Carter" as a last name.

If, like Kim, you are planning to change your name post-nuptials, there are a few online tools that should make the process seamless. Try MsNowMrs.com, an online tool that, after answering a few easy questions and paying $29.95, helps you swiftly change your name legally. Famed New York bridal salon Kleinfeld also offers a simple, one page online application that helps you change your name.

—Lauren Frankfort

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