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May 2015 - New Orleans Weddings - Reception, Venue & Planning

7 Cool Ways to Serve Beer at Your Wedding

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May 312015

If you and your groom are beer aficionados, serve up your favorite brews to guests in a fun, unexpected way. Whether it's a tasting station with growlers of your favorite locally made beers or a whimsical canoe filled to the brim with bottled beers on ice, consider these creative ways to incorporate beer into your cocktail hour.

Wood Beer Station (above): At this Sonoma wedding, guests helped themselves to beers from a salvaged wood-trough beer station.

DIY Beer Bar: This couple rolled up their sleeves and built their own beer bar so guests could help themselves to their favorite craft brews on tap.

Keg: Keep it simple by displaying kegs of your favorite beers for guests alongside personalized pint glasses (which double as favors!).

Wheelbarrow: If you're hosting a rustic wedding in a farm or barn, then turn a humble wheelbarrow into a clever drink display.

creative ways to serve beer

Photo: Jeff Sampson

Boat: Fill a canoe with ice and display your favorite bottled beers—perfect for a casual summer wedding.

Craft-Beer Tasting: If you and your groom are into beer, create a tasting station with growlers of your favorite craft brews.

Bathtub: This couple displayed beers in an antique bathtub during cocktail hour at their vintage-themed wedding as a clever nod to Prohibition.

24’s Eric Balfour Marries Girlfriend Erin Chiamulon! See Their Wedding Photos

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May 312015

A photo posted by Mindy Weiss (@mindyweiss) on

Longtime lovebirds Eric Balfour and Erin Chiamulon tied the knot Saturday in a "romantic ceremony before an intimate group of friends and family," according to People.

The 24 actor and fashion designer — who were introduced through their mothers — wed at a private estate in Pacific Palisades. An Instagram image, shared by the couple's wedding planner, Mindy Weiss, shows the 31-year-old bride in a custom lace Monique Lhuillier gown. The dress also featured a beautiful back detail and bow, captured on Instagram by jewelry designer Claire Winter Kislinger. The 38-year-old groom wore a custom Zegna tuxedo and classic bow tie.

Balfour and Chiamulon, who together own and design the active wear line Electric & Rose, envisioned an "outdoor romantic dinner party with dancing under the stars," People reports, and it would seem they had just that.

A photo posted by Mindy Weiss (@mindyweiss) on

Instagram images show abundant tablescapes of vibrant pink peonies and red roses surrounded by driftwood, candles and lace. Whimsical décor — think silver birds — also dotted the table tops.

A photo posted by Mindy Weiss (@mindyweiss) on

According to Weiss, the ivory floral lace table cloths were made by the bride's mother. And the couple's theme continued onto the menus, which featured illustrations of flowers, acorns and even sea shells.

A photo posted by Mindy Weiss (@mindyweiss) on

The couple gave their guest homegrown oranges, displayed nearby a handwritten note that said, "Orange you glad you came to our wedding?" as favors.

And for their first dance as husband and wife, the couple took a twirl beneath the stars to Stevie Wonder's "As."

Should You Offer Kid-Friendly Wedding Favors?

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May 312015

Selecting your wedding favors is always a more complex process than it may initially seem. Should you go the DIY route? Or should you offer something edible? What about skipping them all together or asking guests to donate to a charity in lieu of gifts? The options are almost endless. Wedding favors should be thoughtful and particular to the taste of your guests, but what is a bride to do when her smallest attendees can't partake in an alcoholic gift? Our etiquette experts weigh in how to please guests and their children with wedding favors.

Though you are by no means obligated to present the children of your wedding guests with lavish favors, offering a small, child-friendly memento of the occasion is a thoughtful gesture, and one that your attendees won't soon forget. A modest gift is just the thing to make a child feel welcome at a grown-up affair.

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Feel free to take a whimsical route with your offerings, such as providing a DIY candy bar where children may create a bag of their favorite goodies to take home, or setting up a photo booth where kids and adults can document the celebration and take home their pictures. If you do choose to host children at your wedding, creating an atmosphere that is accessible for little ones will make your nuptials infinitely more engaging for all of your guests.

Personalized Guidebooks As Bridal Shower Favors

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May 312015
Have you ever talked to a tourist or visitor to your area who goes on and on about the great places they've seen, places you've never even heard about? Oftentimes we don't know what's available to us in our backyards so wouldn't it be great to create a “Things To Do On Saturdays” guidebook to give out as bridal shower favors? Do it up nice and make it look like a menu at a fancy restaurant, or like a page right out of a tourism guidebook. Make sure to add a note that you'd be happy to accompany the bridesmaid as her “date” unless, of course, she can get one of her own.

If you're not sure how to get started with this unique bridal shower favor, start by actually consulting a local guidebook. Nothing says you have to make every list exactly the same. It's probably best if you turn these into personalized bridal shower favors keeping in mind the likes and dislikes of your bridesmaids. For example, if one of your bridesmaids claims to get a rash whenever she listens to country music, it's probably not worth pointing out any concerts coming to the area.

Visit the local tourism office for a guidebook on your town or city and pick out between six and ten neat things to do that your girlfriends didn't already know about, or think about recently. For the active friend, you could make note of nature trails, parks, etc. For the shopaholic friend, point out some of the top stores or malls in the area. Self-made guidebooks make great inexpensive bridal shower favors!

For more Wedding tips, visit http://Wedding.lifetips.com

May 302015
Moroccan Wedding Decor Inspiration

Photo: Melissa Jill

If you love the bold, sultry look of a Moroccan wedding, but can't exactly afford the plane ticket for a destination ceremony, don't sweat it — whether you're getting hitched in Morocco or Memphis, you can still get the look and feel of a lush tented oasis with bold colors, brass lanterns, breezy fabrics and a few other simple statement pieces.

Set the stage for your themed party with bold, unique invitations — modern fonts and organic patterns will give guests a taste of what's to come.

The décor should be anything but subtle: add fringed pillows and gauzy curtains around the dining area — like Poppy Delevigne did at her Marrakech wedding. Cover long tables with greenery-filled centerpieces and place floating blooms in hammered brass bowls on the bar. To make your bash feel fresh and modern and not overly themed, balance the bold touches with simple glassware and neutral china.

Other special touches you can incorporate? Accessorize your flowing white wedding dress with bright, colorful shoes and ornate jeweled earrings (which perfectly accent a sophisticated updo like this one). Slice into one of our favorite wedding dessert trends happening right now: Mosaic cakes that feature a brilliant array of intricate hand-cut edible tiles. Then, leave guests with a delicious favor they'll love: special, made-to-order treats that sparkle with color.

Dreaming of a different kind of celebration? Not a problem! Check out more beautiful inspirations boards to inspire you on your big day.

Want more genius planning tips? For the best wedding dresses, advice, and big-day inspiration, pick up the BRIDES June/July 2015 issue, on newsstands now and available for download here!

1. Lantern, $595, L'Aviva Home; 2. Favor, Sugar cookie, price upon request, Maggie Austin Cake; 3. Earrings, $175, Holst + Lee; 4. Shoes, $1,595, Brian Atwood; 5. Centerpiece, Hammered antique brass bowl, starting at $65, Jamali Floral and Garden Supplies; 6. Invitations, "Marra-kiss!", $5,000 for 100, Cheree Berry Paper; 7. Pillow, "Heidrun", starting at $110, Shiraleah.

Love the idea of a Moroccan-style wedding? Get inspired by this Mediterranean wedding video!

How to Safely Store Wedding Gifts at a Shared Venue

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May 302015

Photo: Readyluck

Your wedding is about celebrating a relationship that stands the test of time, not how many wedding gifts you can score in one 24-hour period. However, you want to make sure none of them go missing during your celebration. But how can you prevent thievery when you're sharing your wedding venue with other nuptials? Our etiquette experts weigh in on how to prevent a wedding-day heist.

First, strongly consider advising your guests to send their wedding gifts to your home instead of placing them in harm's way at the ceremony itself. If your gifts are safely tucked away at your house, you will have significantly less to fret over on the big day.

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Next, nominate a gift monitor to handle presents at your nuptials. Whether the monitor is your maid of honor, sister-in-law, or wedding planner, the nominee should be reliable and sensible; placing your gifts in the hands of an irresponsible guest is no better than leaving gifts unguarded in the entrance hall of your venue.

Finally, find a remote closet or room where you can secure gifts. Ideally, the space should be under lock and key, so as to prevent passerby from wandering in and making off with a gift. It's important to speak to the venue representative before your big day to get this sorted out.

Scandal Star Tony Goldwyn Is the Latest Celebrity Wedding Crasher! See the Pic

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May 302015

A photo posted by Bethany (@maypolestudios) on

You may know him as President Fitzgerald Grant on the hit ABC show Scandal — but to one couple, Tony Goldwyn was the guy who made their wedding dreams come true.

Couple Kyler Queen and Caroline Colcomb, along with their wedding party, spotted the actor as they road in their Chicago-roving wedding trolley. As they passed by the Art Institute of Chicago, the bride tells Us Weekly, "My friend ... saw Tony standing outside with his wife. Being huge Scandal fan — and Team Fitz members — she excitedly pointed him out."

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But the determined party didn't stop with a simple celebrity sighting. "Kyler, my now husband, being the spontaneous and loving man he is, stopped the driver and bolted out in the pouring rain," said Colcomb. "No one really knew what his plan was, but moments later we see him walking back under an umbrella with Tony in tow."

Us Weekly reports the star-struck groom addressed Goldwyn as "Fitz," and asked the actor to accompany him back to the trolley and his bride for a photo opp, which was captured by Maypole Studios Photography.

"He was such a good sport," Queen said. "He was very patient and extremely kind. Definitely a moment that we will not soon forget!"

Goldwyn, who co-stars with red-carpet favorite Kerry Washington, likely understood just how important the moment was to the newlywed couple. The actor himself has been married for nearly three decades. Together, Goldwyn and his wife, production designer Jane Musky, have two daughters.

Put A Stamp On It

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May 302015
Here's something you probably never thought of…giving commemorative or collectible stamps as unique bridal shower favors. Whether your bridesmaid plans on using the stamps, or starting a stamp collection, there's no question that this gift idea is not something you'll see at every bridal shower. The neat thing about stamps is that you can get everything from sports related stamps, stamps with comic book themes, pop culture themes, political, nature-based and everything in between. This makes it easy to personalize the bridal shower favor to match the personality and interests of the bridesmaid or maid of honor.

These days, you can even personalize stamps with your own photograph. If you think your bridesmaids might appreciate seeing their glowing faces on a stamp, you might want to consider going that route. The trick here will be getting the photographs without your friends knowing what it's for.

Is one of your bridesmaids a Disney freak? For less than ten dollars you can buy her a pane of 20 stamps depicting Disney characters. Some of the vintage Disney stuff makes great collectibles! Other collectible stamp themes include art, nature, history, movies, and cars.

Giving the gift of stamps involves a bit of a setup. You can't just hand over panes of stamps to your friends and expect them to be thrilled out of their minds. What you need to do is work up to it. Give a little speech at the bridal party about how you'd like to see the art of letter-writing come back into vogue. Sure you can email and text message, but there's something much more intimate about writing a letter to your best friend. If you want something different, there's no question that stamps make the ultimate unique bridal shower favors.

For more Wedding tips, visit http://Wedding.lifetips.com

We Asked, You Told: How Brides Really Feel About Their Mothers-in-Law

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May 302015
Mother-in-Law Problems

Photo: Getty Images

You've probably seen the movie Monster In Law and heard all of the mother-in-law horror stories in the book: Nosy meddling, commandeering of the wedding planning, dismissing feelings, and so on. But do they get a bad rap? Are nightmare mothers-in-law the exception, not the rule, these days? We asked real brides on our Facebook page to sound off on their true feelings and their responses might surprise you:

"I love my mother in law to pieces. She's treated me with kindness and respect since we first met. And my husband respects and loves her, as he should. That's how I knew he'd be the same with me." — Mayela Lopez-Ford

"She doesn't show affection in the traditional way. She hates hugs. But she always makes me a vegetarian meal when she cooks for my husband. If I am not with him, she sends a dish home for me." — Elysia Ames Mathias

"If I would have met her any other way I would be friends with her and still come and visit her." — Mandi M. Blevins

See more: 4 (Painless) Ways to Bond with Your Future Mother-in-Law

"Mine wasn't the greatest in the beginning but we are starting to grow on each other...I think." — Jazz Lewis

"Mine's the best!! She's my drinking buddy!" — Megan Bradley

"I'm only engaged but my future mother in law is wonderful. She isn't the type that sticks her nose in our business at all and I feel like I can talk to her. We have been together a long time and so far I think I'm pretty lucky." — Debby Menges

"Can't stand mine! She is so mean and miserable and has mood swings from hell!" — Melissa Hutson

"She is wonderful...she raised the most amazing man I have ever known, and I am so lucky to have them both in my life!" — Rachel Milstead

"I love my mother-in-law. We're like two peas in a pod." — Alexandria Kelly

May 292015
Celeb Bridal Beauty Britt Robertson Olivia Palermo Emma Stone

Photo: Getty Images

Summer is so close we can practically feel it, and with it brings a fresh crop of beauty inspiration. Britt Robertson is actually, literally glowing, Olivia Palermo has that subtly highlighted-hair-and-tawny-skin pairing down pat, and Emma Stone, for example, shows us how fair-skinned brides can add a little color to their complexions. Here, the red-carpet beauty looks we loved this week.

Britt Robertson at the Tokyo premiere of Tomorrowland: Maybe her huge grin has something to do with it, but Britt is radiant. The key to getting her seemingly perfect complexion starts with moisturized skin. (Celeb makeup artist Daniel Martin once told us he always uses By Terry's Cellularose Brightening CC Lumi-Serum before applying foundation.) Then, forgo blush and use a highlighter on the apples of your cheeks. Add bronze eye shadow, a sheer, bronze lipstick, and you're good to go, or, you know, glow.

Olivia Palermo at the 30th anniversary party for Tommy Hilfiger: There's a way to go bronze without looking full-on orange, and it's this exact picture of Olivia. To emulate her chic, sun-kissed appearance, try pairing rose-toned blush and lipstick with a light layer of bronzer. (The pink tones will keep you looking natural while still adding color to your complexion.) Make it evening ready by adding brown soft, smoky eye makeup and a wispy, center-parted ponytail with a few strategic highlights framing your face. It will look like you've just returned from a day at the beach!

See more: A Chic Update on the Classic Bridal Bun

Emma Stone at the Los Angeles premiere of Aloha: Fair-skinned brides can wear nude lipstick without looking washed out. Just take Emma's lead and warm up your complexion with peach blush and bronze eye shadow. (A bit of white eyeliner in the inner corners of your eyes won't hurt either — it instantly makes you look wide awake.) Also: Make sure your lips are exfoliated and thoroughly moisturized before applying lip color, because nude lipstick can make dry patches look super obvious.

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