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January 2016 - New Orleans Weddings - Reception, Venue & Planning

7 Tips for Choosing Timeless Bridesmaid Dresses

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Jan 312016

Photo: Galante Photo

Nothing ruins a wedding photo like a bunch of dated bridesmaid dresses! Similar to your wedding gown, you want something that's fashion forward and modern but utterly timeless. To avoid having your kids laugh out loud when you're flipping through your wedding album 20 years from now, take the advice of these stylish ladies and learn how to choose bridesmaid dresses that will look picture perfect far into the future.

Skip the trends
Just because crop tops and high-waisted skirts or flowered pattern dresses are in style right now doesn't mean they'll be chic 5, 10 or 20 years down the line, warns professional bridesmaid Jen Glantz of Bridesmaid For Hire. "Remember: trends fade, but pictures last forever, particularly the ones posted on the Internet!" Plus, you'd hate to find yourself looking back on photos a few years from now with your hands on your cheeks wondering what the heck you were thinking, right?

Walk a mile in the dress yourself
After picking a dress you like, spend some quality time with it yourself before having your bridesmaids order it, suggests Glantz. "Try it on, wear it around, take photos in it (this is really important) and attempt to bust a dance move. Basically, see if you're comfortable and confident in it," she advises. And if you're not? Well, on to the next one!

Get your girls' opinions
Because your BFFs will be the ones ultimately rocking the dress, ask for their opinions and get their help on picking it out, says Glantz. "Even if it's not something you love, if they love it, that will shine through on your wedding day and in photos."

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Let them pick a style that works with your theme
You choose the color and/or theme, then give your girls leeway to do the rest. That way they can pick a style that fits their body type and also fits in with your vision, notes Cammy Hebert, co-founder of Show Me Your Mumu. "If your girls are happy and confident in their dresses on your big day, a part of them will always love the dress and so will you."

Think long term
Remember to not only think in the moment but think forward. Think about how you might feel if you looked back at the photos years down the road, says Jessica Janik, founder of The Invisible Bridesmaid. In fact, she recommends applying this rule to bridesmaid dresses and everything else for the big day (think décor, your dress, etc.) if you want your wedding to be truly timeless.

Consider neutrals
Go bold with your flowers. As for your bridesmaids dresses, Kerrie Hileman, owner of The White Magnolia Bridal Collection, suggests steering clear of anything too trendy or bright that may go out of style in the future. If you're currently blushing over magenta or lime green, take into consideration how that will look on your bridesmaids too, adds Glantz. "Just because it's your favorite color doesn't mean it needs to be worn by the women you love the most in this world." True that!

Don't wait until it's too late
Start stalking Pinterest now and don't wait until the last minute to pick out bridesmaid dresses, urges Glantz. "Otherwise, when it comes down to crunch time, you'll settle for a look nobody will love."

Pregnant Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky Shows Off Her Baby Bump in an Adorable Instagram Photo

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Jan 312016
Ali Fedotowsky Baby Bump

Photo: Ali Fedotowsky via Instagram

We're full swing into another season of the Bachelor and when we're not glued to our TV screens, wondering who Ben Higgins will be choosing for a private date every Monday night, we're checking in with alums of the addictive franchise. Former Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky has ben quite the busy lady since her appearance on the show. Currently planning her walk down the aisle to radio host fiancé Kevin Manno and preparing for her little one on the way, Fedotowsky took a moment out of the wedding/pre-baby craziness to show off her growing baby bump, reminding us why we love her so much in the first place!

Previously, the mom-to-be hilariously dished on her pregnancy, joking "You see, last year, when we started planning our wedding, we couldn't find any good ring-bearers or flower girls, so we decided to make our own!" And now the former Bachelorette is hamming it up once again with a baby bump selfie posted to her Instagram. Dressed in a curve-hugging black outfit, Fedotowsky stands proudly beaming, with her hand resting on her mini bump. "That was a big lunch!" she hilariously captioned the photo. A big lunch, indeed!

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But that's not all! Better yet, the glowing mom-to-be is also promising to keep her fans updated on her pregnancy and upcoming wedding plans. Posting a cute as can be snapshot of her, her hubby, and their fur baby standing over her positive pregnancy test, she wrote that she'll be sharing her pregnancy story on her website.

"We can't believe that we are bringing this little life into this world," Fedotowsky previously told Entertainment Tonight. "It's so beautiful and exciting and terrifying all at the same time! But we're ready for it all!" And we're ready to hear about it! Be sure to keep us in the loop, Ali!

How to Tell Your Dad Who You’d Like to Have Walk You Down the Aisle

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Jan 312016
telling dad you want someone else walking him down aisle

Photo: Parker Young

From the moment their daughter is born, dads start dreaming about one day walking their little girls down the aisle. It's a tradition that is sweet and heartwarming, and you'll treasure those photos for years to come. But what if you're not that close with your dad, or there is someone else who means just as much to you who you'd like to have accompany you down the aisle? Here are our expert tips for letting your dad know you'd like to walk down the aisle a less-traditional way.

Changing the game plan for something like who will walk you down the aisle can be a sensitive subject, especially if you and your dad are really close and he's been waiting for this moment since you were in diapers. Whether you've decided you'd prefer to make the walk alone, are hoping your mom will be there on your other side so they can both escort you to the altar, or have a completely different person you'd like to have walk you down the aisle, be sure to tread lightly.

Before you and dad sit down to chat, think through your reasoning. Are you older, incredibly independent, or opposed to the idea of being "given away"? Were you raised by your grandfather, so you think he should have the honor? Or maybe you've got a stepfather you're just as close to as your biological one, and you're looking for a way to involve them both in such a momentous occasion?

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Once you've gotten down to the bottom of why you're leaning away from tradition, go see your dad in person, or at least give him a call — this is not a conversation to have via text or email! Let him know that, while tradition states that he would be the one to give you away, you have really thought about it and had a different idea that you wanted to discuss with him. If you're planning to have two people walk you down the aisle, let Dad know why this other person has earned that spot in your mind. If you're going to walk solo, or would prefer that someone else walk you down the aisle, think about other ways your dad could be involved in the ceremony. Maybe there's a reading you'd love him to share, or you'd like your parents to participate in lighting a unity candle.

If you and your father aren't particularly close, the decision to have someone else walk you down the aisle may not be much of a surprise. You should still give him a seat in the front row, but aren't required to give your dad a special role if it doesn't reflect your relationship with him.

In Season Now: Ranunculus Boutonnieres for a Winter Wedding

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Jan 312016

Always a favorite among brides, ranunculuses are starting to appear at the flower market right now. The pretty, soft-headed flowers feature delicate, densely whorled petals and come in an array of colors, from whites and creams and every shade of pink imaginable, to deep purple, magenta, and almost-black. Ranunculuses are a pretty hardy bloom, which is why many florists love incorporating them into boutonnieres (they can stand up to a lot of hugs!). So if you're planning a winter wedding, add a seasonal accent like silver berzilla berries or a velvet ribbon wrap to a simple ranunculus boutonniere, like these six examples shown below.

White Ranunculus Boutonniere with Greenery (above): Crisp white is always perfect for a winter wedding; finish it off with sprigs of fresh pittosporum greenery and a raw silk ribbon.

Pink Ranunculus Boutonniere with Velvet Ribbon: We love how the color of the rich, velvet ribbon complements this groom's burgundy knit tie.

ranunculus boutonniere ideas

Photo: Ashley Cox

White Ranunculus with Viburnum Berries: For a more formal look, pair a bright-white blossom with nearly jet-black berries (how good would this boutonniere look pinned on a black tux?!).

ranunculus boutonniere ideas

Photo: Cambria Grace

Burgundy Ranunculus Boutonniere: For a jewel-toned pop of color, pair a deep berry-toned ranunculus bloom with fresh sprigs of winter greens.

White Ranunculus Boutonniere with Snowberries: The addition of white snowberries and olive leaves gives this boutonniere design an elegant Tuscan feel.

White Ranunculus Boutonniere with Dusty Miller Leaves: Soft, velvety dusty miller leaves and silver-grey berzilla berries are the perfect wintry accents to a white ranunculus blossom.

5 Things All Happily Engaged Couples Have In Common

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Jan 312016
things all happily engaged couples have in common

Photo: Mary + Roy

You're floating on cloud nine, mesmerized by the bling of your new ring...until you realize just how much needs to get done in order to walk down the aisle.

Wedding planning stress can definitely cause tension between you and your fiancé. Yet, some couples make it all look so easy. Are they really that calm, united and blissful, or is it just a front? Here's what all happily engaged couples have in common.

1. They can see the big picture.
These loving couples stay grounded in the fact that a wedding is a party to celebrate at the core what's most important— the relationship! They most look forward to calling each other husband and wife at the end of the big day.

Though they can be very involved in the planning process, they maintain the mindset that the wedding is just one day, but the marriage is a lifetime together.

2. They tackle wedding stress as a team.
Wedding planning should be fun, but the reality is that many couples find it stressful. The engagement period can even tear poorly-matched partners apart. Strong couples are able to put the stress aside and grow closer during this fleeting time. That's because these future brides and grooms communicate effectively and come together over tense or uncomfortable topics.

For instance, making decisions about whether to invite dad's new girlfriend to the wedding, or planning a responsible financial budget allows for the further development of emotional intimacy. Happy couples aren't afraid to tackle the difficult issues and provide a sense of support and reassurance for one another, while solving problems together.

3. They have perfected the art of compromise.
These lovebirds are already on the same page about how they envision their big day. And if they disagree, they talk it out — respectfully. They have learned to compromise about wedding details, such as band or DJ, chocolate fountain or donut station, and barn or ballroom. That's because they care more about prioritizing each other's happiness than getting their way.

With perfectly matched pairs, their core values and preferences are aligned, so these decisions likely won't come as a surprise. Successful couples feel like they are marrying their best friend— they know each other inside and out.

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4. They imagine their married life together.
The happy, soon-to-be Mr. and Mrs. don't just talk about their wedding day, but they also spend many conversations fantasizing about what their marriage will actually be like! Many happy couples think about what their life will look like 5, 10, and 20 years down the road, and they can't wait to grow old together.

5. They don't put their lives on hold until the wedding.
These cheerful couples continue dating each other, having adventures, and building their lives together leading up to saying, "I do."

Although the wedding is something exciting to look forward to, they make it a priority to be present with each other and enjoy each moment. They continue to develop intimacy— a key ingredient to a happy relationship. They have mastered the work-life-wedding balance!

Samantha Burns, LMHC is a relationship counselor and dating coach at LoveSuccessfully.com. Follow her on Facebook & Instagram @lovesuccessfully

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban Dole Out Marriage Advice on the SAG Awards Red Carpet

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Jan 312016
Nicole Kidman Keith Urban SAG Awards

Photo: Getty Images

Is it crazy to say that, despite all the talented nominees and award hopefuls at last night's Screen Actors Guild awards, this perfect power couple totally stole the show? They certainly did in our book! Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban looked as gorgeous as ever on Saturday night's SAG red carpet (they did top our list of cutest celebrity couples, after all!), but it was their super sweet comments about their marriage that's got us seriously swooning.

Being married for almost 10 years is no easy feat in Hollywood — or anywhere really! But leave it to the ever-graceful Kidman and ultra-cool Urban to make being in-love seem so completely effortless. While strutting along the SAG awards red carpet, this terrific twosome opened up about how they've made it work for all these years.

"Just want it more than anything," Urban told Entertainment Tonight. "That's it, isn't it?" he asked, turning his gaze to his beyond-beautiful wife. "Yeah, prioritize it," Kidman confirmed.

"Also, as much as we love each other, we really like each other," the actress continued. "I'm speaking for myself, but that is a huge part of being married." Don't worry, Kidman! We have a feeling the guy by your side feels the same way.

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Eddie Redmayne Opens Up About His Baby on the Way During the SAG Awards

Finally, Kidman had one last comment to share that made our hearts go all aflutter: "Always, the first person I want to share anything with is him. It's true." If your hubby or fiancé, is that for you, too, consider yourself a lucky lady! (Seriously, go thank them right now!)

The couple, who is set to celebrate their tenth wedding anniversary come June, has quite a wealth of knowledge regarding marital success. Last year, Urban divulged how being present with his wife is key. "The moment right now is a gift, and that's why they call it the present. It's so true ... The only thing that's real is right now," he explained. "Let's get the cheesy quote out of the way, right?" Cheesy quotes be damned — these two are just too cute!

BRIDES New York: Ways to Incorporate Your Love of NYC into Your Wedding

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Jan 312016
incorporate nyc into out of state wedding

Photo: Ira Lippke for Ira Lippke Studios

Do you find that no matter where you travel (or live), your heart belongs to NYC? Yeah, us too. Don't worry! Even though you're not getting married in the city that never sleeps, you can "give your regards to Broadway" by incorporating bits of the Big Apple into your big day.

When it comes to food, New York City is home to some of the most delicious dishes in the world. While creating your wedding menu, it can be easier than you think to pay homage to your favorite city and its delicacies. For cocktail hour, serve a signature cocktail such as the "Big Apple-tini," Manhattans, or offer Brooklyn Brewery beers for your guests to enjoy. "Street meat" inspired kabobs as passed appetizers or even a New-York-themed captain's table can really wow your guests while transporting their taste buds to NYC. As for dessert, classic New York Cheesecake can do the trick, and the famed Magnolia Bakery also offers delivery of their delicious deserts throughout the country — straight from their world renowned Manhattan bakery to your venue.

Get your guests into a "New York State of Mind" by having the band or DJ play some city-inspired songs. Tons of artists draw their inspiration from the Big Apple, and you can too. New-York-City-themed songs span all generations and genres, so you can be sure to find the perfect fit for your celebration. For softer tunes during cocktail hour and dinner, consider songs recorded by famed NY musician Leonard Bernstein and the Columbia Symphony, Billy Joel's "Miami 2017" (ironic title, we know!), Sinatra's "New York, New York," or Duke Ellington's "Take the A Train." Ready to party? Jay-Z and Alicia Keys "Empire State of Mind" is a given, but native New Yorkers including Lady Gaga, 50 Cent, Carly Simon, Cyndi Lauper, Nicki Minaj, Lana Del Rey, and Christina Aguilera are all artists you can put on your playlist as part of your day.

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Send your guests home from your wedding with a token of your gratitude AND a piece of the city. Candy apples, mini-city snow globes, or custom favors handcrafted by your favorite NYC vendors are just a few options. Candy from the world's largest confectionary emporium, Dylan's Candy Bar, that originally opened in NYC, is sure to please not only your guests, but anyone with a sweet tooth, too! By choosing NYC-themed favors, you will not only pay tribute to your favorite city, but you'll also share your love for it with the people closest to you.

There are tons of ways to pay tribute to the NY Metro while deciding upon your big day décor. Whether you prefer subtle touches or a full-blown NYC theme, the possibilities are endless. Some of our favorites include taxicab placeholders, naming (instead of numbering) the tables after different streets or your favorite city spots, MetroCard-inspired place cards, Manhattan-themed photobooth props, or Broadway-Playbill-inspired programs. Mix these touches within a classic black and white color scheme or even pops of Tiffany blue to complete your aesthetic.

Do you "bleed blue," or is your fiancé a total NYC-sports fanatic? Whether it's Yankees or Mets, Rangers or Islanders, Knicks or Nets, or Giants or Jets, you'll want to grab your favorite sports jersey, hoodie, or hat and keep it on hand while taking wedding (or engagement) photos. Throw it on for a few shots to show your support of your favorite NY team on the most important day of your life.

Want to see more ideas on how to plan your NYC themed wedding? Check out our New York City Vendors page to help plan your dream NYC wedding!

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SAG Awards 2016: The 6 Sweetest Couples on the Red Carpet

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Jan 312016
Sofia Vergara Joe Manganiello SAG Awards

Photo: Getty Images

Hello, lovers! Of course Saturday night's SAG awards was full of Hollywood's hottest talent, but Hollywood's hottest couples were also there to take over the red carpet in full force! We can't get enough of these cuties and neither could the paparazzi's flashing cameras.

From married sweethearts to dating darlings, we couldn't keep our eyes off these smitten A-listers during the Screen Actors Guild awards. Newlyweds Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello seemed very much still in the honeymoon phrase with their lovey-dovey glances. Meanwhile, longtime loves Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban were no less adorable with their beyond charming red carpet interview.

Without further ado, here are our six sweetest couples of the 2016 SAG awards!

Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello (Above)
Fresh off their wedding bliss (the pair was married in a luxe ceremony over Thanksgiving weekend), this sultry couple couldn't stop with all the loving glances and romantic embraces, looking every part the newlyweds they are.

Eddie Redmayne and Hannah Bagshawe Baby

Photo: Getty Images

Hannah Bagshawe and Eddie Redmayne
It was a big night for Eddie Remayne! Not only did he snag a Best Actor nominee for The Danish Girl, but this was also his first red carpet appearance with his wife since the couple announced that they were expecting. Didn't know that hubbies also get that pre-baby glow!

Off to the SAG Awards. It's crazy that we have already been named the best dressed couple! We haven't even arrived yet!

A photo posted by Jesse Tyler Ferguson (@jessetyler) on

Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Justin Mikita
This dapper duo has been one of our fave celebrity couples since their 2013 New York City wedding. "It's crazy that we have already been named the best dressed couple!" the actor joked on Instagram, before hitting the red carpet. You are in our book, Jesse!

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Sarah Silverman SAG Awards

Photo: Getty Images

Sarah Silverman and Michael Sheen
The funny lady and the Masters of Sex actor made for a stunning twosome at the SAG awards and Silverman's comment on her Vivienne Westwood gown has got us hoping for wedding bells in their near future! "Carrie wears [Westwood] to her wedding!" the comedienne told E!, referencing Sarah Jessica Parker's Sex and the City character. What are you trying to tell us, Silverman?!

Nicole Kidman Keith Urban SAG Awards

Photo: Getty Images

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban
Nicole Kidman was eager to chat about her role of Grace Kelly in Grace of Monaco. "My mom adored her," Kidman told E! News. "You know, you could fall into the Marilyn Monroe camp or the Grace Kelly camp, and my mom was the Grace Kelly camp." Turing to her hubby, she asked which camp he was a member of. "The you camp!" Urban replied. Quit it with the cuteness, guys!

Christian Bale SAG Awards

Photo: Getty Images

Christian Bale and Sibi Blazic
They may have been married for 15 years now, but this stunning couple seems just as in-love as ever. Even with all the excitement, the suave actor only had eyes for his gorgeous wife on Saturday night, as they shared a smooch in the audience. The man might not have won the SAG award for his role in The Big Short, but with a marriage that happy, these two are winners in our eyes!

Eddie Redmayne Opens Up About His Baby on the Way During the SAG Awards

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Jan 312016
Eddie Redmayne and Hannah Bagshawe Baby

Photo: Getty Images

Eddie Redmayne walked onto the red carpet of the Screen Actors Guild awards as a nominee for Best Actor, but we have a feeling that he'll soon be winning the trophy for Father of the Year. (Is there even such a thing? Just imagine how adorable that red carpet would be!) The dad-to-be opened up on Saturday night's SAG awards red carpet about his baby on the way and he couldn't sound more excited about his growing family.

The news broke right around Christmas that Redmayne and his wife, Hannah Bagshawe, were expecting their first child and now we're finally hearing from this daddy-to-be about their little one. "Hopefully it's all going according to plan. Hannah seems really well," the Best Actor nominee told Entertainment Tonight of his wife's pregnancy. The pair wed in December of 2014 in a hush-hush ceremony at the luxe Babington House in Somerset, England, making the pregnancy announcement coincide with their first anniversary. Sounds like it was quite a December for these two!

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"We don't know the sex of the baby," Redmayne admitted, but that's certainly not stopping them from already dreaming up baby names! "In the middle of the night last night... at 4 in the morning, we started mumbling names to each other." This adorable twosome — ahem, soon-to-be threesome — is just too darn cute!

Besides starring in the acclaimed true story drama The Danish Girl and the upcoming Harry Potter spinoff Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Redmayne has also been hard at work preparing for his little one. "We have this sort of dream of like wooden toys, and all that, and everyone's like, 'Yeah you always start off like that, but you end up with like iPhones!''" the actor joked with E! News. Well, at least the new baby will be able to watch daddy at work!

Welsh Bridal Custom

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Jan 312016
Welsh brides give their bridesmaids sprigs of myrtle for their bouquets. According to custom, if the plant roots and blossoms, they will marry soon. If you have Welsh ancestry, try incorporating myrtle into your bouquets and flower arrangements.

For more Wedding tips, visit http://Wedding.lifetips.com
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