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Analyze This: One Bride Shares Her Experience with Pre-Maritial Counseling

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May 172015
Analyze This Pre-Marital Counseling Tips

Photo: Getty Images

Shortly before my wedding I stumbled upon an unusual sight: My fiancé, Andrew, was sitting on our couch. But instead of watching a Yankee game or a golf tournament, he was reading Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus, a self-help book recommended by Rabbi John Rosove, our officiant. We'd decided to have a Jewish wedding and a week earlier has met with the rabbi at Temple Israel of Hollywood to discuss the nature of our relationship. Apparently, Andrew was taking the homework seriously.

The average American engagement lasts 14.5 months, and couples spend most of it focused on planning the most special, personal, kick-ass party celebrating their decision to spend their lives together. What gets less attention is what happens afterward, when that life beings. In the lead-up to the big day, friends and family ask about flowers and the dress but never about how you envision your future together or whether you have a savings plan. Occasionally, one may throw out a perfunctory "Are you excited to be married?"

Still, those hard questions need solid answers before you walk the aisle, and that's where premarital counseling comes in. "The main purpose is for the bride and groom to say things aloud that they hadn't before and to unearth any areas of concern," explains Rosove, who spends two to three hour-long sessions with engaged couples. "There's no perfect relationship. You need to address troublesome issues because they don't go away."

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This may sound like work, and the process isn't always comfortable. (It wasn't for us, especially when the rabbi's questions about finances were met with nervous giggling. Ah, creative freelance types.) But it can provide critical tools for the future. "It's not meant to be a burden," says Reverend David Monteleone of Saint Joseph Roman Catholic Church in Mendham, New Jersey, whose Pre-Cana program — the Catholic church's premarital counseling — includes a long questionnaire given to the bride and groom separately, then graded and flagged for follow-up, and a sit-down session with a married couple, priest, or deacon, individually and as a couple. "It should enrich your life and help your enter marriage without false expectations."

For me, what was most illuminating about the process was the way Andrew threw himself into it; I saw how committed he'd be to keeping our marriage strong.

A similar thing happened to my friend Devon Whitney, who was starry-eyed over her fiancé, Stefan, when they began two intensive days of counseling with the Episcopal priest at Stefan's childhood church. "The priest encouraged us to get real about how we'd share money and domestic roles or handle a crisis," she says. "I don't know if there's any way to anticipate the hurdles you'll face, but it's useful to have someone knock you out of the fog and ensure that your love can withstand hard and unexpected problems.

Nora Zelevansky is the author of the novel Semi-Charmed Life and has written for Vanity Fair, Elle, and T magazine. She lives in Brooklyn with her husband, Andrew, her one-year-old daughter, Estella, and a big-boned cat named Waldo.

This article originally appeared in the April/May 2015 issue of BRIDES.

May 102015
Relationship Bootcamp, How to Leap Into Commitment

Photo: James Wojcik/Trunk Archive

Alison A. Armstrong, the author of The Queen's Code, has helped millions of women and men learn to communicate better. For her second installment of her Marriage Bootcamp series, Armstrong explains that men and women approach commitment differently, but if you can learn to bridge the gap, you're on your way to a very happy Rest of Your Life.

"I've had moments of doubt about my relationship come out of nowhere," Laura, newly engaged in Katy, Texas, wrote to me. Things about her fiancé that had bugged her a little when they were dating were starting to look like serious problems when she thought about enduring them every day for the rest of her life. These doubts scared Laura because, like many brides-to-be, she has bought into one of the biggest marriage myths of all: that men are the ones with commitment issues, while women are naturals at it, making even the hint of cold feel like a serious red flag.

In reality, the opposite is true. Since your engagement, have you noticed that your fiancé has become more attentive? More protective? And more focused on being able to provide for you long-term? This is because no matter how long it took him to pop the question, he now considers himself responsible for you, for taking care of you and providing for you. Yes, it sounds old-fashioned — and it is! But even if you're the one with the fat paycheck and black belt in karate, men have an evolutionary imperative to provide and protect. And when you got engaged, you became the cornerstone of his life. In his mind, he's already married to you. He's committed to you as a whole package, which means hes accepted everything you are and everything you're not. He doesn't expect you to be perfect. He's decided you're just right for him.

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But for women, commitment is a different animal. People say that when a man and women get married, she's hoping he'll change, and he's hoping she won't. It may be a cliché, but there's truth to it. In more than 20 years of coaching couples, I've found that while men commit by accepting everything about you at once, women commit one acceptance at a time — and that can take a while. I've met women whose weddings happened 20 years ago but still aren't truly married because they've spent all that time resisting their husband's behaviors, needs, and values. Their husbands are aware of it and feel confused and disempowered because they thought they'd been accepted too. This harms the couple's ability to trust and connect with each other.

Does this mean you have to put up with everything about him unconditionally? No way! Think of your engagement as a commitment to committing, and get busy accepting what you can and working on what you can't. The more you do this between now and your wedding, the more confidently you'll walk down the aisle and the more prepared you'll be for that tricky first year of marriage.

When I explained this to Laura, she asked a good question: "How do you know which doubts are serious signs of trouble and which are just a normal part of adjusting to the biggest leap of your life?" Answer: Determine what you can tolerate and what you can't. My definition of tolerate is to be able to be with, without any loss of respect, admiration, or affinity. Consider the behavior that's bothering you, and imagine it happening for the rest of your life. Can you live with that, without any loss of admiration, respect, or affinity for your husband? For yourself? This applies to small and large things, from how he keeps his bathroom to what he spends money on to his religion or spiritual practices.

When you come upon something that you can't — or won't — accept, use the Great Ask method to have that crucial conversation. (Go to brides.com/bootcamp for my column on how to master this critical relationship skill.) Start by saying, "I have a problem that I need your help with." Most women avoid the word problem because we have a compulsion to be perfect or to be seen as perfect. But it's key here because most men love to solve problems and may even feel a surge of energy just contemplating solutions. By contrast, issue sounds chronic and unsolvable; say it and you'll probably see his shoulders droop. Ditto for "I have a concern." So add "I have a problem" to your vocabulary, and practice saying it until you stop twitching.

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Then, strive not only to be understood but also to really understand. You're not listening if you're planning your response when he's talking. Ask him what this behavior, habit, or value provides him. And wait for his answer without further prompting or guessing. You may want to interrupt or move things along. Resist the urge! Learning the real why — instead of the reason you're assuming — may help you tolerate something about him that's different from your expectations, is inconvenient to you, or is not exactly as you'd prefer, you're that much more committed. Likewise, every time you're able to have him understand a change you truly need, you're giving him another way to "provide" for you.

Avoid dramatizing, but don't understate your problem. If something is a deal breaker for you, be straight about that. Saying "As much as I love you, this isn't something I can see myself living with" lets him know how much you need his help sorting this out. And you do need his help, because you've probably been unsuccessfully trying to resolve this on your own.

Side note: If you're wondering why it falls to you to do all this accepting and to initiate these hard conversations, there are two reasons. First, it's because this is a column for women; we're working on your half of the equation. Rest assured that when I'm addressing men, I give them plenty of homework! Second, we're talking about the process of acceptance, and his has already happened. His attention is now focused on the plan for your future, while yours, if you're like Laura — who, by the way, realized that her doubts were normal and is now happily planning her wedding — and so many women I've worked with, is on reassuring yourself that you can spend the rest of your life with this person, quirks and all.

The good news? Men expect life to include problems, so problems don't cause men to uncommit. An attendee at one of my panels put it this way: "When my wife and I got married, we struggled with our sex life. But I knew we had a long time to work it out." Of course, in our Happily Ever After fantasies, none of us would need to have these uncomfortable conversations with our spouse-to-be. But in an actual marriage, we often do as we grow and change as individuals and as a couple and deal with new situations. Thankfully, the more of these problems you work though, the more confidence you'll have in your ability to face them down together and the more you'll experience the freedom that comes with being really, truly commited.

This article appeared in the April/May 2015 issue of BRIDES.

The Big Reveal: 5 Sexy Wedding Dresses That Show Just the Right Amount of Skin

 Brides Magazine April-May 2015, Wedding Dresses  Comments Off on The Big Reveal: 5 Sexy Wedding Dresses That Show Just the Right Amount of Skin
Apr 262015
Big Reveal Wedding Dresses - V-Neck from Dennis Basso for Kleinfeld

Photo: Derek Kettela; Styling by Jenny Capitain

Most brides will tell you that when it comes to their bridal style, they're searching for a look that feels chic and sexy, yet still classic and demure. After all, you are tying the knot in front of your parents, grandparents, and closest friends, so you'll want to highlight your best assets without making your family cringe. Our favorite — not to mention trendy — way to show a little skin is with deep v details. From low necklines and plunging backs to unexpected cutout bodices, we found five slightly revealing looks that leave the rest to the imagination.

This gorgeous hand-beaded gown from Dennis Basso for Kleinfeld boasts a plunging v-neckline that still feels entirely ladylike. While the neckline does drop quite low, the narrower slit means you'll stay perfectly covered-up. Plunging V-neck gown with hand-beaded netting over silk organza with tulle A-line skirt, price available upon request, Dennis Basso for Kleinfeld.

Illusion V-Neckline from Angel Sanchez

Photo: Derek Kettela; Styling by Jenny Capitain

For a look that feels a little more modest, consider an illusion V-neckline. This option from Angel Sanchez appears daring but keeps you covered thanks to the sheer bodice and straps. Crepe sheath with tulle bodice and embroidered lace appliqués, $5,500, Angel Sanchez.

Ines Di Santo Wedding Dress Big Reveal

Photo: Derek Kettela; Styling by Jenny Capitain

Another sexy style? This Chantilly lace sheath from Ines Di Santo delivers both a daring and sweet vibe. Illusion sleeves give the impression of a cap sleeve gown in a look that's fit for winter or fall brides, too. And with a lower neckline and sheer bodice details, you'll capture this revealing trend while still being totally covered up. Chantilly-lace sheath with cameo-pink underlay, illusion sleeves, and lace cuffs, $7,040, Ines Di Santo.

Jim Hjelm Waist Cutout Wedding Dress

Photo: Derek Kettela; Styling by Jenny Capitain

To try the trend in a totally different way, consider sexy illusion cutouts at the waist. This Jim Hjelm gown proves that showing a little midriff doesn't have to be a bad thing. We love how this silk crepe gown looks with low cutouts just above a shimmering sash. Silk-crepe illusion dress with side cutouts and crystal-and-feather belt (sold separately), $2,409, Jim Hjelm.

Big Reveal Backless Hayley Paige Dress

Photo: Derek Kettela; Styling by Jenny Capitain

One last way we love showing a little skin? An open back, like on this studded option from Hayley Paige, keeps your look totally modest where it matters most and flashes serious style from behind. Net halter gown with illusion neckline, lace appliqués, and studded trim, $3,090, Hayley Paige.

For more beautiful wedding dress inspiration, check out our April/May issue, available on newsstands and for download now!

Apr 252015
Twofer Honeymoon Deals

Photo: Getty Images

Considering a two-stop post-wedding jaunt? Taking a multi-stop honeymoon is more affordable than you probably imagined. In fact, many airlines have offers that let you visit a couple of locations for the cost of just one ticket. To take your newlywed trip farther for less money, check out our favorite deals that let you see more for less.

Hawaiian Airlines
Fly to Japan, New Zealand, Tahiti, or other hot spots and you can chill in the Aloha State on the way. Bonus: If you wed during the Hawaii leg of your trip, the airline will knock five-percent off your guests' tickets and 10 percent off yours and your groom's through its Wedding Wings program. hawaiianairlines.com

Fiji Airways
Spend the first part of your 'moon sunning in Fiji, then continue on to Australia, New Zealand, or Samoa. fijiairways.com

Air Tahiti Nui
Choose the Tahiti Stopover program and you'll get round-trip tickets to New Zealand plus a layover in Tahiti, including three nights at the seaside Radisson Plaza Resort Tahiti. airtahitinui.com

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Air France
You can do Paris before flying to Barcelona or Berlin. Just use the multicity option on Air France's website to build a trip to any major stop in Europe. airfrance.us

Icelandair Stopover lets you spend up to seven days checking out glaciers and geothermal pools before hopping to one of 25 European destinations, including London, Madrid, and Amsterdam. icelandair.us

Heading to Bali, Cape Town, Mumbai, or any of Emirates' 140 other destinations? Opt for the Dubai Stopover deals and you'll score a free transit visa for two nights in that desert city plus airport transfers and hotel discounts? emirates.com

For more great travel advice be sure to check out our April/May issue, available on newsstands and for download now!

The Well-Dressed Cake: 6 Wedding Desserts Inspired by the Runways

 Brides Magazine April-May 2015, Cakes, Wedding Cakes  Comments Off on The Well-Dressed Cake: 6 Wedding Desserts Inspired by the Runways
Apr 192015
Black-and-White Striped Wedding Cake Inspired by Victoria Beckham Dress

Photos: Giovanni Giannoni; Romulo Yanes

When thinking of the perfect design for your big day dessert, look no further than your own bridal style. Literally! We asked six bakers to design confections inspired by our favorite looks from the spring ready-to-wear runways. The results are almost too pretty to eat. Almost. Share your wedding dress designs with your baker or steal one of these unique styles for a cake that's sure to wow.

For his take on the graphic sheath seen above, baker Jay Muse of Lulu Cake Boutique in Scarsdale, New York, chose to use the stripes sparingly. "It's more modern if you avoid pattern overkill," he says. Inspired by Victoria Beckham, Spring 2015

Botanical Inspired Wedding Cake by Maggie Austin Cakes

Photos: Giovanni Giannoni; Romulo Yanes

"The dress was inspired by a botanist's drawings, and I collect those kinds of prints!" said Washington, D.C., baker Maggie Austin, who created a near replica using two hot wedding cake trends: rice-paper flowers and "windowpanes." Inspired by Erdem, Spring 2015

Pink and White Garden Inspired Wedding Cake by A White Cake

Photos: Imaxtree.com; Romulo Yanes

Lauren Bohl White of A White Cake in New York City used pressed white fondant to represent this gown's lace fabric and a cluster of gum paste blossoms to stand in for the flower appliqués. Inspired by Luisa Beccaria, Spring 2015

White and Gold Wedding Cake by Nine Cakes

Photos: Giovanni Giannoni; Romulo Yanes

"My goal was to capture the flow of the fabric in the gold gum paste," says Betsy Thorleifson of Nine Cakes in Brooklyn. Concentrating the leaves on top, she lifted their edges to add softness and dimension. Inspired by Altuzarra, Spring 2015

Lace Wedding Cake by Lael Cakes

Photos: Giovanni Giannoni; Romulo Yanes

Brooklyn baker Emily Lael Aumiller of Lael Cakes can replicate the lace on any dress using custom silicone molds. "It's pricey, but you can cut costs by using smaller bits of lace or decorating just one tier," she says. Inspired by Valentino, Spring 2015

Blue-and-White Watercolor Wedding Cake with Floral Design

Photos: Giovanni Giannoni; Romulo Yanes

"I love my cakes tall and narrow — like this dress!" says Stevi Auble of Hey There, Cupcake! In San Diego. She used 3-D cutouts to add an avant-garde edge to her hand painted blooms. Inspired by Julien Macdonald, Spring 2015

For more great wedding cake inspiration, be sure to check out our April/May issue, available on newsstands and for download now!

Apr 182015
Ask Drew Barrymore Bridal Beauty Questions April May 2015

Photo: Doug Inglish/Brydges Mackiney

Brides beauty columnist Drew Barrymore — actress, producer, and founder of Flower Beauty — is here to answer your questions. This time, she's covering everything bridesmaids hairstyles, wedding-day zits, and how to play up your favorite features with makeup.

Q: My bridesmaids will all be wearing the same dress. Should they wear the same hairstyles too? Will it look weird if they don't?
You know how girls who wear school uniforms find ways to make them unique, using accessories and makeup? Your bridesmaids should be able to express their individuality too. Letting them each choose their own hairstyle lets them show who they are. Plus, they'll feel more comfortable. Your girlfriends are unique; no harm in letting them show it!

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Q: I'm terrified that I'm going to get a big zit on my big day! Have you ever had a pimple show up at the worst time ever? Any secrets to making one disappear?
Oh, gosh, I totally get this. I don't think there's anything that can bring me to my knees in ridiculous vanity like a zit. I shouldn't be so bothered by them, but it's my hang-up. And since they have different causes (stress, hormones, et cetera), I've never found a universal way to prevent them. So I usually cover them using concealer. My company, Flower Beauty, has a great stick called Skincognito, and Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer is also really good! The key is to find a formula that's creamy but lasting. Have one handy for emergencies (along with some pressed powder to dust on top to help anchor it), and that should ease your mind. But remember: Your smile will steal the focus from anything else! I promise.

Q: My green eyes are my favorite feature. How can I use makeup to play them up?
I have green eyes too! I find that the best way to enhance them is to use a colored shadow that makes them pop. First, define them with dark-brown liner on the waterlines and lash lines. Then add your shadow. Earth tones go well with other earth tones, so try a smoky taupe, deep aubergine, or sage green. Subtle is always good for the big day, so go light and let those green eyes shine bright and happy with love.

For more great beauty advice be sure to check out our April/May issue, available on newsstands and for download now!

Apr 162015
Bachelorette Party in New Orleans W New Orleans French Quarter

Photo: Courtesy of the W Hotel

Whether you're celebrating with your girls, your guests, or your guy, every night's a party in Nola. From where to stay with your girlfriends to how to have a New Orleans wedding just like Solange (and even the best spots to dine on your honeymoon), here's where to stay, what to eat, and what to do for every type of wedding-related getaway.

The Bachelorette Party
Stay: W New Orleans, French Quarter
Sleek and chic, this hotel has a prime location near the bars of Bourbon Street, a lush courtyard pool, and a buzzy gastropub featuring inventive spins on Creole street food. Doubles from $239.

Eat: Cane & Table
This French Quarter eatery, which dishes our Caribbean-inspired plates and rum-centric craft cocktails is perfect for tiki drinks with the girls.

Do: French Quarter
Hit the shops (Hemline, Saks), then head to Fifi Mahony's, a fun wig store and salon (rhinestone manis!), to beautify before you bar hop.

New Orleans Wedding Destination Hotel Monteleone

Photo: Courtesy of Hotel Monteleone

The Wedding
Stay: Hotel Monteleone
Old Hollywood glamour meets modern luxe at this French Quarter icon. Everyone from your grandmother to the groomsmen will love kicking back Zazeracs at the rotating Carousel Bar. Doubles from $199.

Eat: Ralph's on the Park
With balconies overlooking City Park, this is a gorgeous spot to raise a glass. Throw your rehearsal dinner in a private dining room and bask in the city's vibe.

Do: Marigny Opera House
Celebrate under the 40-foot-ceilings and stained-glass windows of this former Catholic church. If it's good enough for Solange...

New Orleans Honeymoon Destination Columns Hotel

Photo: Courtesy of the Columns Hotel

The Honeymoon
Stay: The Columns Hotel
An Italianate-style mansion dripping with southern charm, the Columns Hotel offers opulent antique-stuffed suites and a breezy front veranda where you can do Sunday jazz brunch and watch the streetcars trundle down St. Charles Avenue. Doubles from $170.

Eat: Restaurant August
Celeb chef John Besh reigns over the food-obsessed city with 10 restaurants in town. His flagship is the most romantic of the bunch, featuring a five-course French tasting menu full of local twists.

Do: City Park
Spend the day floating through its lagoons on a hand-crafted Venetian gondola. After dark, go to Irvin Mayfield's Jazz Playhouse in the Quarter for a cool '40s feel and hot live music.

For more great travel tips, be sure to check out our April/May issue, available on newsstands and for download now!

Apr 122015
Poppy and Sky Wedding Color Palette Inspiration

Photos: Charla Storey Photography; Nicholas Duers; Victo Virgile/Gamma-Rapho; Stuart Tyson

Spring and summer nuptials practically beg for an electric color palette. An unexpected combination we love this wedding season? Poppy and sky! Bold orange-red poppy hues pair perfectly with cool, airy sky blue to create a ceremony and reception space that feels current and chic but also a little whimsy and laid-back. So how do you make this fun color combo work for your big day? Here, we share our favorite poppy and sky wedding details to steal for your big day.

We found an elegant poppy-colored invitation from Papersoul that's the perfect way to invite guests to your big day. Since it features lots of swirling, white calligraphy, the unique hue isn't too overwhelming. Pair it white or sky blue inserts to keep your stationery style from leanings towards overly formal.

Dress your 'maids in either poppy or sky for a fun look they'll love and accessorize with the opposite shade. So, if you select a romantic pale blue bridesmaids dress, like this Donna Morgan dress, then pair it with a red shoe for a burst of color.

Your reception deserves a dose of color, too. Find centerpiece vessels in shades of poppy to fill up with your favorite blooms. Then, mix and match your dinnerware in the two shades for lots of eye-catching style. Another way to bring the colors into your reception space? These modern wire table numbers.

Not loving this palette as much as we are? Not a problem! Check out more beautiful inspirations boards to inspire you on your big day.

For more great wedding inspiration, be sure to check out our April/May issue, on newsstands now and available for download.

1. Wired Table Numbers, from $48 each, La Fabrique à Lettres; 2. China, "Venezia," $131 for a five-piece place setting, Vista Alegre; 3. Sugar Cookies, $6 each, Kalorama Cookie Company; 4. Bridesmaids' Dress, $290, Donna Morgan; 5. Invitation Calligraphy, $500 for a digital file, Papersoul; 6. Shoes, $395, Isa Tapia

Coupled Up: Engagement Ring-and-Wedding Band Pairings

 Brides Magazine April-May 2015, Engagement Rings  Comments Off on Coupled Up: Engagement Ring-and-Wedding Band Pairings
Apr 112015
Engagement Ring and Wedding Band Pairings

Photo: Doug Rosa

You may or may not have had some influence on what engagement ring your guy gifted you when he popped the question, but the wedding band? That bridal bauble can be entirely up to you. These ring duos are modern, gorgeous, and full of surprises — just like the lucky girl who gets to wear them. Here we share our favorite combinations for flawless fourth-finger style, from classic shapes and vintage looks to bohemian picks and more modern pairings, there's a perfect wedding band to match any engagement ring.

1. Me & Ro
This rose-cut diamond engagement ring showcases lots of shiny 18-karat gold, so it's only fitting to pair it with a similar, warm-toned band. We love the way the thin band of the engagement ring looks the thicker band, and what bride-to-be wouldn't want a little extra sparkle courtesy of five smaller diamonds? Rose-cut-diamond engagement ring, in 18-karat gold, price upon request, and matching band, $2,575, Me & Ro

2. De Beers
This princess-cut diamond engagement ring sits on a unique double platinum-and-pavé band — on one side, the diamonds are out, on the opposite, they face in. Paired with a similar thin diamond-encrusted white gold wedding band, you'll have lots of sparkle to show off in any engagement ring hand selfies! Princess-cut-diamond engagement ring with diamond pavé in platinum, from $4,350, and diamond band in white gold, $2,000, De Beers

3. Cartier
A round-cut diamond engagement ring will never go out of style, but for a look that's a little more interesting, consider a baguette-cut diamond band. Paired with a blingy platinum-and-diamond wedding band with both baguette-and-round-cut stones, this duo is a far cry from your mom's bridal gems. Diamond-solitaire engagement ring in platinum and diamond band in 18-karat white gold, prices upon request, Cartier

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4. Kwiat
Kate Middleton may have made non-traditional engagement ring stones cool again, but you can channel the trend in your own chic way with this sapphire-and-diamond beauty from Kwiat. Pair it with a matching band for a timeless look. Emerald-cut-diamond engagement ring with blue sapphires in platinum, $8,650, and matching band, $3,450, Kwait

5. Irina Ferry & Beverley K
This radiant-cut yellow-sapphire engagement ring is certainly a sparkler to behold! Set in an 18-karat gold-and-diamond band, rock it with a thin, unique band that features square, round, and triangle-cut diamonds. Radiant-cut-yellow-sapphire engagement ring in diamonds and 18-karat-gold, $7,250, Irina Ferry, and diamond band in 18-karat gold, $1,860, Beverley K

6. David Yurman
A ring with this much bling deserves a band equally as shiny. Wear your cushion-cut diamond engagement ring with a pretty twisted band for a style that feels similar yet can still be identified as a separate piece of jewelry. Cushion-cut-diamond engagement ring in platinum and diamond band, prices upon request, David Yurman

For more beautiful engagement rings, check out our April/May issue, available on newsstands and for download now!

Desert Bloom: 8 Breezy Dresses for Your Big Day

 Brides Magazine April-May 2015, Wedding Dresses  Comments Off on Desert Bloom: 8 Breezy Dresses for Your Big Day
Apr 082015
Desert Bloom Dresses, Samuel Couture

Photo: Noe Dewit; Styling by Deborah Watson

Searching for the perfect wedding dress to say "I do" to? Then look no further than these eight bridal beauties. Equal parts sexy and romantic, these easy, breezy textured gowns are heating up the wedding aisle. From classic sheaths and romantic A-line dresses to boho-inspired looks and elegant lace numbers, our cover girl Britt Maren models some of the prettiest looks we saw this season.

Delicate lace will never go out of style, but this illusion silk-organza-and-lace gown from Samuelle Couture (above) proves you can interpret the fabric in a trend-forward way. The beautiful open back, sheer skirt, and newly popular elbow-length sleeves make this beautiful wedding dress so different than your mother's lace gown. Silk-organza-lined dress with lace overlay and lace flower appliques, price upon request, Samuelle Couture

Desert Bloom Dresses, Yolan Cris

Photo: Noe Dewit; Styling by Deborah Watson

This silk-tulle gown from YolanCris is the epitome of modern romance. Paired with French lace details and pearl appliques, this flowing gown will seriously stun down your wedding aisle. Embroidered silk-tulle gown with French lace and mother-of-pearl appliques, $4,300, YolanCris

Desert Bloom Dresses, Vera Wang

Photo: Noe Dewit; Styling by Deborah Watson

Channel your inner flower child with this retro-inspired tulle gown from Vera Wang Bride. The straight neckline, layered skirt, and floral appliques speak to that beloved retro-vibe will still looking entirely chic. Tulle gown with flower appliques, price upon request, Vera Wang Bride; Sweater, Ryan Roche

Desert Bloom Dresses, Reem Acra

Photo: Noe Dewit; Styling by Deborah Watson

For a more formal look, we're obsessed with this Grecian-inspired wedding dress from Reem Acra. The twisted silk chiffon bodice is shows some skin yet still remains demure, making it the perfect fit for a spring or summer wedding. Draped silk-chiffon goddess gown with cut-out details, price upon request, Reem Acra

Desert Bloom Dresses, Monique Lhuillier

Photo: Noe Dewit; Styling by Deborah Watson

Maren's cover look, a beautiful lace sheath from Monique Lhuillier, is a classic we'll never stop coveting. The soft cap sleeves and dainty lace are perfectly feminine while still looking fashion-forward. Embroidered lace illusion cap-sleeved sheath, $6,900, Monique Lhuillier

Desert Bloom Dresses, Watters

Photo: Noe Dewit; Styling by Deborah Watson

Two-piece bridal looks have proved to be a lasting trend. This style pairs an incredibly voluminous tulle skirt from Watters with an edgy bra top and jacket. Layered tulle skirt, $1,250, Watters; Jacket, Brunello Cucinelli; Bra top, Tess Giberson

Desert Bloom Dresses, Houghton

Photo: Noe Dewit; Styling by Deborah Watson

Calling all bohemian brides! This simple silk crepe wedding dress from Houghton is perfect for your laid-back nuptials. As a bonus, the daring slit is totally customizable thanks to pretty Swarovski buttons, so go daring with exposed legs or fasten the skirt to open just below your knee. Silk-crepe-de-chine dress with Swarovski buttons, $2,950, Houghton

Desert Bloom Dresses Yolan Cris Crochet

Photo: Noe Dewit; Styling by Deborah Watson

Who knew a wedding dress with long sleeves and a high neckline could be this sexy? This YolanCris gown proves that lacey looks can feel so of-the-moment. Fine-crochet and lace dress, $4,300, YolanCris

For more beautiful wedding dress inspiration, check out our April/May issue, available on newsstands and for download now!

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