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BRIDES New Jersey: Unique Treats to Serve at Your NJ Wedding

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Nov 122016
NJ Sweets

Photo: Getty Images

Sure, the Garden State is known for producing some of the freshest fruits and veggies on the east coast — but it can sure hold it's own when it comes to sweets, too. Delectable cupcakes, candy, popcorn, doughnuts — you name it — we've got it. So, if you're looking for some uniquely New Jersey items to be a part of your big day, look no further than our favorite NJ sweet treats.

Jaret's Stuffed Cupcakes (Above)
With three locations in NJ and one in NY, Jaret's Stuffed Cupcakes evolved from what first began as a café, to now expanding into four cupcake bakeries. Combining a love for dessert with a unique twist, their decision to "stuff" cupcakes has (of course) begun to take NJ by storm. With favors including the Bada Bing (chocolate cupcake stuffed with mascarpone, espresso custard and topped with amaretto whipped cream and a cherry) and the Conor's Dream (vanilla M&M cupcake stuffed with M&M caramel custard topped with chocolate whipped cream and sprinkles) Jaret's combines traditional dessert and candy flavors in an untraditional way — because the only thing better than a cupcake, is a stuffed one! Read real brides' reviews here!

Rainbow Cookie Donuts
You may have seen these making their way around the Internet after going viral for their new Rainbow Cookie doughnut (for obvious reason.) Glaze Donuts in New Milford, NJ specializes in artisan doughnuts, created and made fresh each day. Never cooking with preservatives, high fructose corn syrup or artificial coloring, the Rainbow Cookie doughnut is inspired by the traditional 7-layer cookie that hails from Italian bakeries, but in doughnut form, smothered in a chocolate glaze, with chocolate sprinkles. You're wedding guests are sure to flip over these doughnuts.

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Saltwater Taffy
Nothing is more Jersey than saltwater taffy from the Jersey Shore. First becoming poplar on the Atlantic City boardwalk, this candy is created with a mixture of water, butter, salt, sugar, cornstarch, and corn syrup and coloring that results in chewy, sweet goodness. To add a touch of the Jersey Shore to your wedding, you can choose colors and flavors to compliment your color palate, gift boxed taffy as favors, or even include it in guest welcome bags. For the original, you can order from Fralinger's, though many New Jersey candy shops sell their versions, too.

Johnson's Popcorn
Another coastal favorite, Johnson's Caramel Popcorn is a staple of boardwalk grub that your wedding guests are sure to love. Since 1940, Johnson's has been hand-mixing popcorn right off the sand, filling the Ocean City boardwalks with the sweet smells of sugary goodness. If you can't make it to Ocean City to stock up for your big day, their online ordering system couldn't be easier. (Be sure to order some extra to enjoy for yourselves!) Read real brides' reviews here!

Want more goodies to help cherish memories of your big day? Browse for ideas on our New Jersey local favors page.

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Love Marble Home Decor? You’ll Swoon Over These Trendy Marbled Wedding Cakes

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Sep 282016

If you love the modern-minimalist look, take cues from the home-decor world and opt for a wedding cake decorated with marbleized fondant. The elegant swirled pattern of marble gives your wedding cake a sleek stone-like effect and the end result is utterly stunning. These six takes on this wedding cake trend prove our point.

Autumnal Accents (above): This pretty design by Hey There, Cupcake features a marbled bottom tier and a spray of sugar flowers in fall hues.

Carrera Marble Tiers: Swirls of soft grey plus a chic sugar anemone? This confection by Sugared Saffron Cake Studio is utter perfection.

Hexagon Tier: The pale marbled tiers resemble a slab of cut stone while the hexagon-shaped bottom tier adds visual interest.

Chocolate Marble: Delectable chocolate-marble tiers are embellished with a trail of incredibly realistic-looking sugar flowers and berries.

marbled geometric weddingz cakes

Photo: Sweet Bakes

Contemporary Cake: This beautiful design by Sweet Bakes features striking marbled tiers and a pair of garden roses as a garnish.

Sugar Flowers: Mix things up by accenting the marbled cake tiers with mod-looking sugar flowers.


BRIDES Dallas: 4 Wedding Cake Alternatives That Will DEFINITELY Impress Your Guests

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Sep 272016

Weddings have slowly moved from cookie-cutter to deliciously unique over the years, so if you're anything but traditional you'll love these wedding cake alternatives. For the bride that dares to be different, any of these alternatives are sure to please your guests. Here are some wedding cake alternatives found in Dallas for your big day.

Indulge in a Candy Bar
Candy bars give your guests a variety of options and a make everyone feel like a kid again. Sweet Tooth Candy Bar Co. based out of Crosby, Texas will do all of the leg work to make your candy buffet dreams come true with custom signs and colorful candy options. Simply work with them to customize candy selection, design, and themed accessories — and they'll do the setup and take down. Read real brides' reviews here!

A Chocolate Fountain
For the chocolate and fruit lover, FS Fruit Arrangements & Snacks creates elaborate and eye-catching fruit arrangements that are anything but traditional. Pair your customized fruit creation with a chocolate fountain and your guests will be saying "What cake? Who needs a cake!?" Besides being a total Pinterest-worthy moment, the fruit gives your guests a healthier option to nibble on while the fountain looks truly spectacular.

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An 'Mmm Mmm Good' Pie Station
Pies are a great in-between option for those that really just don't love cake would like to cut into something during the big cake reveal.Emporium Pies in the Bishop Arts District specializes in handmade scrumptious pies without artificial preservatives, hydrogenated oils, dyes, or corn syrup. Guests will rave about this culinary treat — and, it's almost a guarantee that you won't be left trying to figure out what to do with leftovers.

Aesthetically-Pleasing Cupcakes
Cupcakes are a fun cake alternative because they give you and your guests many more flavor options to choose from — while still being just as delicious as cake. Create beautiful and creative spreads or stack them on tiered dishes for a bakery-type display. Dallas' well-loved Sprinkles cupcake shop is an essential pick for the cupcake-loving bride. For the bride that wants to personalize the treats so they match wedding décor, Sprinkles will create a custom design for each bite. Read real brides' reviews here!

Check out more local bakeries for all of your big day sweets here!

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These Geometric Wedding Cakes Will Totally Amaze Your Guests

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Sep 222016

If you're having your wedding in a contemporary setting like a loft or art gallery, complement the modern space by incorporating geometric patterns like squares, hexagons, and triangles into your wedding cake design (don't forget to add a touch of gold for a more luxe look!). Get inspired for your own geometric wedding cake with these six unique and creative examples (guaranteed to wow your guests!).

Marbled Cake (above): The marbled fondant tiers and gilded geometric accents were inspired by the pattern on the couple's wedding invitation. Cake design by the Cake Whisperer.

Chic Paint-Splattered Cake: Modern-minimal tiers are decorated with subtle flecks of paint and a sculptural applique.

Watercolor Cake: Gold-painted fondant triangles add a bit of edge to this pretty, pale-pink-and-green watercolor confection by Jay Qualls of The Frosted Affair.

modern geometric wedding cakes

Photo: Ali & Garrett

Modern & Chic Wedding Cake: A hexagon-shaped middle tier adds visual interest to this stylish cake by Sweet Indulgence.

Contemporary Cake: This fresh, fun take on a wedding cake features bright colors and geometric shapes to make a modern statement.

Watercolor Details: The combination of the textured watercolor details and golden geometric shapes is chic and unexpected.


The Do’s (and Serious Don’ts) of Freezing Your Wedding Cake

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Sep 152016

Wedding cake (hopefully unlike marriage!) does not last forever. This means that if you've spent the last 10 years staring at a royal wedding slice you bought at an auction in your freezer, now is the time to throw that slice out. It's not a complete myth that you can preserve a piece of the eight-tiered cake you bankrolled for your special day, but there are rules. We asked cake designer/pastry chef Ron Ben-Israel and Chad Pagano, pastry chef instructor at the Institute of Culinary Education, to lay it out the factors to consider when freezing.

How the Cake Is Made
Under what conditions was the cake originally made? That's the number one question to ask when you're considering whether a slice of cake you preserve will end up being a big Petri dish. If a cake is handled in unsanitary conditions when it's being made, it will only take on more harmful bacteria once you trot it out in front of dozens of guests, leave it on the dance floor in open air, and later shuttle it home to shove into the freezer. However, Ben-Israel notes that if the bakery you hired is licensed by the Department of Health (and in his case, they use pasteurized eggs), you're already in a good place once it's time for the main event.

The composition of your cake also makes a difference. Fruit cakes (think: Downton Abbey-style) were originally made to last without refrigeration. Those were soaked in high-proof alcohol. That, combined with sugar, makes a natural preservative. Most cakes today — because of dairy and eggs — have to be frozen to last. To note, fondant cakes or cakes made with citrus curd layers preserve better than alternatives.

sprinkle wedding cake

Photo: Kelsea Holder

How the Cake Is Served
Pagano says the most danger occurs when a cake is transported to an event location. "I'm most concerned about the night of the event. Was it out on the table for eight hours in the sun at the park and then wrapped up?" If yes, you're risking contamination. No amount of freezing will kill that bacteria. If you're hosting your event at a catering hall that's 68 degrees inside, it's less likely to take on tons of extra bacteria during the ceremony and party.

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How the Cake Is Wrapped and Stored
The actual freezing process is not usually the problem, it's that "most people don't wrap the cake properly," says Ben-Israel.

Moisture is the enemy with freezing. Pagano recommends wrapping it as tightly as possible — "there's no such thing as overwrapping" — so that no additional moisture or bacteria collects on the cake. "Every time you open and close the freezer, you let moisture in," he says. "But they froze Walt Disney. If we had that freezer, the cake would be good forever." (Jury's still out on the Walt Disney freezing rumors, but it's true that cakes are great candidates for freezing if you control for contamination before preserving.)

The top tier of a cake, wrapped tightly in plastic wrap will be completely protected from air and freezer burn. "Eat it at the year mark, but not beyond then," says Ben-Israel. The decorative flowers, made out of sugar paste, basically last forever. "Sugar without moisture doesn't go bad."

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How the Cake Is Served on the First Anniversary
After a year is up, don't just take a slice from your freezer and put it on your counter to defrost. A day or two before the anniversary, move it to the refrigerator (still covered). After it's defrosted, remove it from the refrigerator and let it come to room temperature (still wrapped). You won't have that soft outside, frozen inside problem either.

Ben-Israel saw a client post on Twitter that she was diving into her cake three years after her wedding day. He tried calling her, tweeting her, texting her — anything to warn her she might get food poisoning. She uploaded a picture of the cake at the restaurant, smiling. No response.

"I watched her feeds for the next month to see if anything happened. I saw nothing. Everything seems to be fine."

Not that we would recommend doing the same. Memories last a lifetime; frosted cakes don't.

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Do We Have to Have a Wedding Cake?

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Sep 072016

Wedding cakes are a time-honored tradition that many couples choose to include on their big day, alongside things like white wedding dresses and beautiful flowers. But just as some people don't look their best in true white or would rather choose different décor elements than fresh blooms, not everyone loves cake! So if that's you, can you opt to skip the wedding cake altogether? Our experts weigh in.

If you don't want to serve cake at your wedding — whether it's to keep costs down or because you don't have a sweet tooth, would rather serve up doughnuts instead or any other reason — follow your heart. It's your celebration, so there's no reason to designate a chunk of your budget toward something you don't see as a crucial part of your wedding day. The great thing is, skipping the wedding cake doesn't mean your party has to be a dessert-free zone, nor does it mean you need to also skip traditions like the cake cutting or the first bite shared as husband and wife. We've got a few ideas that will more than make up for the absent tiered confection.

Instead of serving cake, look into alternative desserts that you love. You could offer an ice cream sundae bar, a spread of cookies and brownies, or your favorite flavors of pies. Are you a fan of more savory after-dinner options, like a cheese plate? Instead of setting out cheeses during cocktail hour, either have them arranged buffet-style after dinner, or have composed cheese plates delivered to each table. Include fresh fruits and squares of chocolate to pair with the different flavors. And if you're a cheese lover who hasn't seen a cheese cake before, prepare to be amazed! A coffee or hot cocoa bar is also a welcome end-of-the-night treat.

Don't miss out on the photo opp just because you aren't serving wedding cake. Slice into a pie or share bites of your favorite cupcake, or instead swap it out for a celebratory toast, linked arms and all.

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5 Expert Tips for Successfully Saving the Top Tier of Your Wedding Cake

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Sep 052016

What's better than delicious cake on your wedding day? Getting to enjoy that celebratory sweet again on your first wedding anniversary, of course! But anyone with a freezer knows that properly preserving food to eat a whole year later is a little more complicated than just throwing a few slices into a plastic bag. The good thing is, a little advanced planning and some intentional choices will make the process totally easy. Sure, freezing the top tier of your wedding cake is more about tradition than having a bite of cake that tastes as good as it did on your wedding day (which is why many bakers offer small anniversary cakes that you can purchase, freshly baked, when the time comes) — but it's a tradition that's totally sweet. We talked to Amy Beck, the owner, baker and designer of Chicago's Amy Beck Cake Design, to get a baker's perspective and inside tips on how to make that top tier last.

1. Decide if you're saving the top tier in advance.
"Let your baker know during your cake tasting and consultation if you plan to serve or save the top tier," says Beck. Why? "If you decide to save that top tier, you'll want to make sure the lower tiers will have enough slices to serve all your guests."

2. Don't worry about the design.
Thankfully both fondant and buttercream freeze well, so you don't have to sacrifice design for tradition. Says Beck, "Choose the cake design you love, then ask your caterer to properly box it up for you to take home."

3. Strategize flavors.
While both buttercream and fondant hold up well to the freezer, as do most cake flavors, not all fillings are created equal. "Cream cheese frosting and ganaches dry out quickly, which doesn't bode well for a year in the freezer," says Beck. Keep this in mind if you're offering several cake flavor combinations, so you can make sure the top tier is one that will stand the test of time, literally.

3. Plan accordingly.
"I always recommend that the top tier be boxed up immediately and set aside for the bride and groom," says Beck. "This avoids the chance of it accidentally being sliced and served!"

Freeze and defrost correctly.
Once you get your boxed cake home, wrap it in multiple layers of plastic wrap, then tuck it into a tight corrugated cardboard box to prevent the cake from getting crushed. But that's not enough! "Wrap the entire box in lots and lots of plastic wrap, too. This will help keep the cake moist and fight off freezer smells," Beck explains. Take the cake out of your freezer the day before your anniversary, and place it in the fridge for a full 24 hours to thaw. Then, place it on the counter for an hour so it can come to room temperature in time for dessert.

A Pro's Opinion
With all that in mind, does Beck recommend saving the top tier? "It's a very personal decision," she says. "For some, it's deeply rooted in tradition, while others might not find it as important. Either way, talk to your cake baker: They will be able to help you decide what's best for you!"

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Can We Bring Leftover Wedding Cake to Our Morning-After Brunch?

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Aug 292016

Cake is always a good idea, especially at a wedding. But if you're passing wedding cake during dancing instead of serving slices at the end of dinner, there's a good chance some guests will leave the reception before the cake is available, or won't realize there's dessert to be had. If your caterer opts to slice cake as needed (instead of cutting the entire thing as soon as it's brought into the kitchen), you may wake up the next morning with nearly a full tier waiting to be sliced. So here's the question: Can you wrap it up and bring the cake to your morning-after brunch as an extra sweet treat? Our experts weigh in.

Before you pack up your wedding cake to go, make a plan in advance. Ask your caterers to cut the cake as needed, increasing your chance of having a wedge of a tier left over instead of a pile of slices. See if your baker can provide you with a box you could use to transport the cake, and ask your caterer to wrap up any remaining cake at the end of the evening. Additionally, check in with your brunch venue. Some restaurants and venues may charge a fee to bring in outside food, even if you're buying out the entire space, so familiarize yourself with their policies before showing up with cake in tow.

If everyone is on-board, by all means bring the cake to your brunch! Let guests know that there will be extra dessert available, though it may be on a first come, first serve basis. Ask your brunch venue to slice the cake and set it out for guests to grab as they mingle, or place the cake on the buffet line so guests can serve themselves. Be sure to let your brunch venue know what you'd like them to do if there are still slices left over by the time the last guest has gone home. The cake probably won't be very fresh, so at this point it probably isn't worth saving any longer.

A quick note: Your brunch venue may not be familiar with wedding cakes. If your cake is covered in fondant that hasn't already been removed by your caterer, ask them to peel of the fondant layer before slicing into your cake so guests get cake and frosting without the gummy coating.

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These Are the Most Pinned Wedding Cakes on Pinterest

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Aug 242016

If there's one thing that gets us really excited here at BRIDES, it's wedding cakes (trust us, we've tasted quiiite a few in our day!). And after hunting down the most-pinned wedding dress and engagement ring on Pinterest, it only felt natural to check out what the top performers were in the confection department. To be honest, we expected more "trendy" cakes to be front and center on the list, but it turns out brides still appreciate the classics. Sorry, our beloved geode cakes!


The wedding cake with the most pins (97,300 to be exact) on Pinterest is this simple, four-tiered cake that is adorned with pink and orange roses and covered in what appears to be a white buttercream frosting. But what really sets this minimalistic cake apart from the rest is what's beneath it — a wide chunk of a tree with the names Lindsey and Jake carved out of the bark as a nod to the age-old tradition of couples marking their love in trees for years to come. Too cute.


Coming in at 68,600 pins, this adorable — and totally DIY — naked wedding cake is perfect for those with a sweet tooth. The spongy strawberry and cream tiers look beautiful in photos, but let's be honest, they look even better in our stomach. Nom.

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Much like our top contender, this wedding cake beams with understated elegance. Covered in a wonderful layer of white buttercream frosting and topped with a bundle of fresh flowers, it's easy to see why Pinners have gone nuts over its simple beauty.


This cake is anything but simple, with blue orchids trailing the side of the five-tier treat and intricate frosting designs grazing the white fondant. It clocks in at a total of 63,700 pins, which definitely makes sense when you catch sight of the too-cute penguin characters on the left-side corner.


Again with the simplicity! We're totally crushing over the tiny frosting dots on this three-tiered floral cake. It looks like Pinners are definitely into it as well, pinning it 61,500 times.

Here are three other cakes who scored rave reviews on our fave wedding planning social platform:

The key takeaway to these rather revealing stats? Well, it seems the simpler the better when it comes to your wedding day dessert (and your wedding décor TBH). That being said, we'll NEVER say no to a naked wedding cake covered in fresh peonies or a cake painted in gold. To each their own!

The Dos and Don’ts of Dessert Tables at Outdoor Summer Weddings

 Cakes, Food & Drink, Wedding Cakes, Wedding Catering  Comments Off on The Dos and Don’ts of Dessert Tables at Outdoor Summer Weddings
Aug 122016

It's your wedding, and you can have your cake and eat it too. You just want to make sure it melts in the mouth and not on the table, right? Right! To help that super cute dessert table of yours beat the heat at your outdoor summer wedding, we asked a few catering and pastry pros to share their genius tips and tricks on keeping sweets nice and cool.

Don't choose desserts that melt fast.
So yeah, ice cream is probably off the table, sorry brides (unless you have on-site refrigeration that is, then you're good to go)! Even a candy station needs to take the melt-factor into account too, notes Sarah Hall, President of Joel Catering and Special Events. "Choose classic summer sweets like saltwater taffy and old-fashioned lollipops, macaroons and Jordan almonds. They come in gorgeous colors and are melt-resistant."

Do consider outsourcing your dessert table entirely.
Instead, find a dessert food truck where everything can be kept at ideal temps until it's served, suggests Hall. "In New Orleans, for example, we have a gourmet liquor popsicle truck that is always a hit." You can do snow cones, ice cream or whatever your little heart and sweet tooth desire.

Don't forget to think about the frosting.
Turns out, high heat and frosting don't always mix. While your cake should be chilling in the air conditioning prior to being served, that doesn't mean it won't be exposed to brutal temps during transport, warns Hall. Thus, it's important to pick the right kind of frosting and filling (ask your cake designer about this!) and, if temps are really high and you're displaying it outside, steer clear of whipped cream and maybe even buttercream. "You could also have a faux cake for display, then serve sheet cake from the kitchen."

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Do use vanilla to keep the bugs at bay.
Did you know that insects don't like the smell of vanilla? According to Food Network Cupcake Wars Champion pastry chef and owner of Ava's Cupcakes, Michelle Spell, it's true! She recommends diluting 1 tablespoon of vanilla extract with 1 cup of water and wiping it on your tablecloth to prevent mosquitoes, black flies and ticks from tasting your sweets on the big day. "Some additional natural bug repellent options include spraying the table with white vinegar diluted with water (2 parts water, 1 part vinegar). This solution can be used all year round," she tells us. "Or simply use citrus and herbs. Slice into a lemon skin so the juice drips out. Add a sprig of mint or rosemary. It looks pretty, and bugs don't like it."

Do serve up fresh (and drip-free) fruit.
There's nothing like biting into a big slice of watermelon on a hot day! To keep the juices from dripping down your guests' dresses and suits though, Spell offers this advice: "First, cut a thin slice off the side to create a flat surface. Then, cut 1" slices horizontally and vertically so you're left with popsicle-sized slices. Kids (and adults) will be able to pull out pieces and enjoy without the juices spilling all over their mouths and hands." Another scrumptious idea? Choose fruit pies, crostatas and other delicious pastries that celebrate summer produce yet can stand up to the heat, advises Emily LeSuer, Catering Chef, Saltbox Kitchen Catering.

Don't dismiss dry ice.
Dry ice is your friend! If you can't imagine summer without a frozen treat and aren't down with a full-on dessert truck, then make it happen by setting up a cooler or bucket with dry ice and individual ice cream sandwiches, popsicles or mini sundaes, suggests LeSuer. "Replenish them as they are eaten and everything should stay cold."

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