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5 Things Newlyweds Can Learn from Carrie Underwood’s Happy Marriage

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Nov 112013
Carrie Underwood Happy Marriage Secrets

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We've admired Carrie Underwood ever since she set foot on the American Idol stage nearly ten years ago. Not only is the country crooner insanely talented and genuinely sweet, she proves herself as an endless source of style inspiration every time she sets foot on the red carpet. Lately, we've been looking to the "Blown Away" singer for more than just her vocal chops and wedding-worthy white dresses—her three-year marriage to hockey player Mike Fisher gives us faith in all things love and Hollywood.

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The public pair appear as madly in love as ever, and as Underwood revealed in a recent interview with Redbook, what really makes her marriage work is trust. Below, we outlined the secrets behind a happy marriage—country-music star Carrie Underwood style.

1. Trust
Trust should be the basis of every marriage, so it's no surprise that it's the number one tenet of Underwood and Fisher's relationship."If he goes to a bar with his friends, a tabloid is going to report about it. Same goes for me," the singer told Redbook magazine. "Trust is what it is."

2. Prioritize
In an interview this past April, Underwood told People that if need be, she'd drop everything for her hot, hockey-playing hubby. Just like power couples Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban and Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger have recently shared, making time for a spouse is key when careers rely on travel. When push comes to shove, Underwood makes her man her first priority—especially because their busy schedules don't allow for a lot of time spent together. "You just have to make that your number one priority," the singer said. Of course, this doesn't mean give everything up for your husband, but it does mean that you must make sure your relationship never falls to the wayside.

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3. Know What Your Man Likes
It's clear from her steamy red carpet looks—we're talking high slits to show off her killer legs and sexy backs—that Underwood knows how to make her man happy. Just looks at that major leg action in her CMT Awards ensemble above! Playing up your best assets will not only give you a constant confidence boost, it will show your husband that no matter how many years pass, you still like to dress up for him now and again.

4. Communicate
These two are constantly on the go, so just like Underwood prioritizes her pro-hockey hubby, she also makes sure that when they are together, they truly take advantage of that time. "You see each other when you can and you talk to each other as much as you can," the singer told People back in April. "You just have to commit and make it work." Even if you're marriage isn't separated by miles, it's important to communicate as much as often. Most fights can be avoided by appreciating time spent together, and clearly expressing how you feel and what you're thinking—everything from the mundane day-to-day happenings to deeper thoughts and fears.

5. Support
Whether it's attending the Country Music Awards or sitting sidelines at an ice rink, these two know how to support one another. You don't necessarily have to share the same interests or careers, but as long as you show up and support your loved one it will make them, and ultimately you, a whole lot happier.

—Lauren Frankfort

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