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Where Should I Keep My Engagement Ring?

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Nov 082016

Getting to finally wear an engagement ring is so exciting: Not only is it a brand new accessory, it's one that symbolizes the love you and your fiancé have for one another, and the chapter in your lives that is about to begin. But, as you've probably guessed, this fancy bauble isn't something you can just toss into your jewelry box or slip off and leave on your desk if your fingers need a break. So where should you keep your engagement ring, to make sure it's safe? We've got a few ideas.

One of the first things you should do when you get engaged is go purchase at least two ring dishes (one for your bathroom, one for the kitchen) so you have a designated place to put your ring when you're doing things like washing your hands or making dinner. Set the dish far from the sink so there's no chance of it falling in, as well as out of the way so it doesn't get knocked over. Then remember to put your ring in the dish whenever you take it off!

Put the box your ring came in on your bedside table (or grab another ring dish) so you have a secure place to put your ring at the end of the day, and know where to find it when you get up in the morning.

You should also consider getting a ring dish for your desk at work. The last thing you want is to lose it in a jumble of papers (or accidentally slide it into a filing cabinet or the trash!) on a busy afternoon. And if you've gotten in the habit of applying hand lotion a few times a day, you don't have to worry about piling your jewelry next to your keyboard if you have a special place to stash it, instead.

If you're heading out of the house and don't feel comfortable wearing your ring at your destination, either put it back in the ring box and tuck it into a drawer, or look into getting a small safe to keep in the back of your closet. Consider one that's fire- and water-proof and large enough to fit a few documents: You'll be able to keep your marriage license in there when the time comes, too!

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What You Need to Know Before You Buy Your Engagement Ring Online

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Nov 012016

We buy almost everything online, nowadays, from clothes to accessories, even groceries and electronics. That's why some people are even browsing diamond rings online in hopes of finding the perfect engagement ring, at the perfect price.

So if you're committed to ditching store hopping for online browsing, here are 6 things to know before you press the buy now button on an engagement ring you found online.

1. Do Your Research
Just like you would for a brick and mortar store, be sure to do your research on the online store. Read reviews from past customers and search credible sources to find out more about them.

2. Go In Person First
If you have your eye on the perfect ring, see if you can find it at a store in-person, even if you plan to buy it online. That way, you can confirm what it looks like and if it's the ring you really want to buy.

3. Make Sure You Know Specifics
Be sure to know exactly what you are buying. When you buy a diamond, you'll want to know the cut, the carat weight, color, and clarity. Look for specifics on each of the 4Cs and don't settle for knowing just the "range."

4. Find a Grading Report
Find out if the diamond comes with an Independent Grading Report (GIA). That will give you an unbiased analysis of the diamond's 4Cs and since the value of the diamond is largely based on quality, the objective assessment of the 4Cs is critical.

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5. See the Payment Options
If you can pay with your credit card, you may have added protection if there's a problem with the purchase, since most credit card companies provide recourse.

6. Learn More About the Seller
Know the facts about the business, such as how long they have operated for, what the return policy is, how long it takes to ship, and more.

Jen Glantz is a "Professional Bridesmaid" and the founder of Bridesmaid for Hire. She's the author of All My Friends Are Engaged and frequently wears old bridesmaid dresses to the grocery store and on first dates.

How to Help Your Friend’s BF Pick Out an Engagement Ring (Without Ruining the Surprise!)

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Oct 312016
Hate the Engagement Ring

Photo: Getty Images

There's nothing more exciting than getting a call or text from your best friend's boyfriend saying he's ready to pop the question and needs your help. Now it's time to help him find her the perfect engagement ring. What's the best way to make sure he gets something she'll love, without ruining the surprise? Our experts have a few tips.

Your best friend is about to get engaged! Heading to the jewelry store with your friend's boyfriend is definitely an adventure. You're in a unique position to help him find something she'll really love and be excited to wear every day, but you also need to keep a secret so you don't spoil the proposal when the time comes.

If your friend's boyfriend came to you for help, there's a good chance she's already told him that you're the person to ask, so let your knowledge of her style, likes, and dislikes guide you. Of course, if the two of you have gone "browsing" together before, you might know exactly what she likes (and may even have pictures of rings to back it up!). Start by reviewing any information she's given you, whether it's sharing a post on Instagram or an entire secret Pinterest board, with her boyfriend so that he'll have the same information and inspiration. Then, with his budget and his own tastes in mind, head to the store. Work with a salesperson to find the perfect intersection of what your friend loves, what her boyfriend loves, and what fits within his budget. That might mean a slightly smaller center stone to leave room for a pavé band, or helping him customize something if she's fond of unique and less-common shapes or cuts.

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Even if the two of you have never really discussed rings, use what you know about her style and personality to help guide his shopping. If most of her jewelry is delicate, she probably won't love a more ornate setting. Does she exclusively wear gold? He'll probably want to stay away from platinum settings. While her boyfriend may have picked up on some of these things, there are a lot of details that girls notice more explicitly, so share your insights!

And of course, if he doesn't know her ring size, you're the best person to ask. It would be MUCH less suspicious if you encouraged her to try on your own engagement ring and then gauged whether it was too big or too small than if he simply asked her ring size.

Last but not least, be subtle! Keep your excitement about the impending engagement on the down-low until after he's popped the question — then feel free to squeal in delight the first chance you get!

Here’s How to Protect Your Engagement Ring On Your Honeymoon

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Oct 202016
Times You Should Remove Your Engagement RIng

Photo: Getty Images

You love your engagement ring almost as much as you adore your partner. So it goes without saying you'd never want anything to happen to it. But your honeymoon — in addition to being the best vacation ever — could be just the place for something bad to happen to your engagement ring or even your wedding band.

Why? If you're taking a tropical vacation, you could dull the shine of your sparkling diamond with sunscreen — or, much worse, your slightly-loose diamond could get swept away while you're swimming in the ocean. Let's say you're traveling from city to city, and hotel to hotel, on an epic adventure across Europe: You could leave your ring behind on a bathroom counter, never to be found again. And if you're traveling to a high-risk area, your engagement ring could simply get stolen.

But you can't spend your honeymoon worrying about your ring. And luckily, it's actually quite easy to keep your ring safe while you travel with these tips from James Allen and Michele Sigler, the happily married cofounders of James Allen.

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1. Inspect and insure your ring.
Before you board a plane, take your engagement ring to be serviced and inspected. Bring it back to the jeweler where your ring was purchased, and they'll check for any defects, such as a loose stone or an ill-fitting band. As Sigler points out, "it's better to catch a loose stone before you go than lose it during a trip." If you don't already have your ring insured, now's the time to do it, too. While you don't want to have to replace your ring, you'll be glad you can in case it gets lost, Sigler says.

2. Take it off.
Yes, you want to wear your ring. But, "When you're at the beach or on an excursion such as hiking or snorkeling, you can accidentally damage the setting," Allen says. And you definitely don't want that. "We also suggest removing your ring while you're getting ready, because sunscreen and perfume can cause grime to build up and reduce the sheen of your diamond or gemstone," adds Allen.

3. Lock it up.
When you remove your ring, don't just set it anywhere. Sigler and Allen advise that you take advantage of your hotel room's safe whenever you're not wearing your rings. Alternatively, if you're not comfortable wearing your engagement ring at all on your honeymoon, it's best to leave it at home — also locked in a safe place — and wear only your wedding band on your trip. "It still says, 'I'm married,' without risking the much more expensive engagement ring," says Sigler.

7 Things Recent Brides ALWAYS Say to Newly Engaged Girls

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Oct 192016
engagement ring selfie

Photo: F. Silverman Jeweler via Twitter

Congrats, you're engaged! But are you prepared for the onslaught of wedding advice that's about to come your way? All well intentioned, of course, albeit somewhat overwhelming and annoying at times (go ahead and get used to it now though). Turns out, recent brides are the worst offenders — trust us, we know. Here are the seven things they're bound to tell you — and you'll get totally sick of hearing — once he puts a ring on it.

1. "You better book your venue NOW!"
And your photographer and your caterer and your DJ and your videographer and like every other major vendor before they all get booked up. For someone that has never been married before, this type of advice is actually helpful and extremely eye opening. Because who knew all the Saturdays a year from now at the venue you're obsessed with would already be reserved? Like WTF is that.

2. "Oh don't worry, you can expect half the people you invite to RSVP no."
Err, will this one really depends girls. For brides that had big weddings (think 300 plus), chances are half the people they originally invited did in fact decline. If you're keeping it small though (think 100 peeps or less), you can't really count on half your guest list RSVP'ing no, more like 20% if not less. Our rule of thumb is to never invite more people than your venue can hold or that you can realistically afford.

3. "OMG you have to register for..."
Insert their personal must-haves here. It's like thanks for the advice, but more often than not, no thanks. What you add to your registry is completely dependent on your own unique needs as a couple, which can be the polar opposite of your friends. So while it's nice of her to want to dish out registry advice, just smile and nod and say you'll definitely check it out.

4. "Get yourself a wedding planner stat."
This one is especially true for destination brides and, let's be honest, any bride with a budget to spare. Wedding planners are worth their weight in gold solely for the vendor recommendations alone, not to mention all the little details they take care of and reminders they send you to get shiz paid for. Veteran brides are well aware of this so oftentimes it's their first piece of advice.

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5. "Oh, just wait." Or "Get ready for..."
Unfortunately, the aforementioned phrases are usually in reference to all the stress and drama that's bound to come when you're planning a wedding. So yeah, just wait (as annoying as it is to hear that LOL).

6. "You have to hire a videographer!"
It's one of those things you'll hear practically every bride say: a videographer is an absolute must. There's simply something about capturing those precious marriage moments on film that photos don't do justice to. So our advice? Take their advice and get yourselves a videographer girls. After all, not hiring one is a lot of brides' biggest regret!

7. "Savor every moment because it goes by SO fast!"
Totally cliché, but once you get married we can almost guarantee you'll be telling recently engaged girls the same exact thing because, well, it's true. The wedding really does go by in a flash and is like one big blur of awesomeness that you'll want to soak in every single second of. So be present, live in the moment and savor all the memories and good times.

How to Choose the Engagement Ring Setting That’s Right for You

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Sep 302016
scott kay sponsored

Photo: Courtesy of Scott Kay

So your longtime love just popped the question, no, not THAT question, the one that comes before it — do you want to go ring shopping together? Before you take that adrenaline rush and head out to find the engagement ring of your dreams, there are a few things to take into consideration. First and foremost, it all starts with the setting. You need something to make sure you're shining bright, right?

Bezel, tension, pave, cluster, bar, channel: the options are endless and sometimes a bit daunting! So where's a future bride-to-be to start? Consider these five points before deciding what engagement ring setting is right for you.

Consider the Wedding Ring
Sure, it's easy to get caught up in the diamond madness but don't forget the ring that will symbolize your eternal commitment. Consider the type of wedding band you would like and how you plan to wear your engagement ring after the wedding. Do you want rings that stack on top of each other? Would you like to wear a wedding band that matches your engagement ring? Or will you be wearing the engagement ring on your right hand and letting a sparkly diamond wedding band do the talking? It's important to think about what band you might be wearing for the rest of your life before you decide on the engagement ring that kicks off that magical time in your life.

Invest in a Set
Designers like Scott Kay have thought ahead and planned collections that offer matching wedding bands to your engagement ring, if that's the direction you want to go in. Choose the engagement ring, your wedding band, and his wedding band with a collection like Scott Kay's Namaste (above) that offers all three in coordinating styles.

Think About Your Lifestyle
Are you the type who will not be caught dead without your engagement ring, even in the sweatiest of dance cardio classes? Or do you spend more time at the blow dry bar than a barre class? A bezel set might be right for you if you live a more active lifestyle since it encircles the diamond. If you're dead set on a classic prong setting with a solitaire diamond you can still get the look with a round bezel setting, that won't potentially snag on clothes like a prong.

scott kay embrace

Photo: Courtesy of Scott Kay

Diamonds Upon Diamonds
Are you planning on having a single stone or have you always dreamt of a diamond surrounded by sapphires? How many stones you'll wear on your finger will definitely influence the type of setting you choose. And a pave setting will add even more sparkle to your sparkler. And if want that ring to shine even more you might want to consider a stone set in a halo of even more diamonds, like this stunner from Scott Kay's Luminaire collection.


Photo: Courtesy of Scott Kay

The Meaning Behind Your Setting
This is the biggest piece of jewelry you'll purchase in your lifetime so you want every aspect of it to carry meaning. Look for special touches that carry a deeper connection, like Scott Kay's Embrace collection featuring links in the rings' band and setting which symbolize: "Linking my heart to yours I promise to share ONE SOUL, ONE LOVE, ONE LIFE together." Who needs an engraving when your ring is already that meaningful?

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Should I Take My Engagement Ring on Our Honeymoon?

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Sep 292016
Reasons to Postpone Honeymoon

Photo: Getty Images

Once you've got an engagement ring on your finger, you might never want to take it off. And while that's a great idea when you're out around town, you might be nervous about bringing it with you on your honeymoon, especially if you're traveling internationally. Should you listen to your fears and leave your ring at home, or can you not even imagine celebrating your marriage without such an important symbol on your finger? We turned to the experts for a few things to keep in mind when deciding if you'll wear your engagement ring on your honeymoon.

Deciding whether or not to bring your engagement ring on your honeymoon requires a little proper planning before you head to the airport. We spoke to James Allen and Michele Sigler, the co-founders and husband-and-wife team behind James Allen to get insight from jewelry pros on what to consider before you take off. Here are four tips they say every bride should keep in mind when traveling with her engagement ring.

Insure Your Ring
If you didn't get jewelry insurance right when your engagement ring was purchased, make sure to do so before heading on a trip. It's better to be safe than sorry in case anything happens! You should also head to the jeweler to have your ring serviced and inspected. This way any loose stones can be caught and repaired before they have a chance to fall out of the setting.

Wear Your Ring Strategically
If you do bring your ring with you, know when to wear it — and when to take it off. If you're heading out for an active excursion like a hike or SCUBA trip, you're better off leaving your ring in your hotel room so you don't damage your ring during strenuous activity. Going to the beach? Sand and sunscreen can cause grime to build up on the stone and inside the setting, so at a minimum you should tuck your ring into your bag when you're lathering up.

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Lock It Up
Whether you're leaving it behind during an afternoon activity, heading to the spa, or just going to sleep, be sure to store your ring in the safe in your hotel room any time you aren't wearing it.

Rock Your Wedding Band
Not comfortable bringing your engagement ring with you? Totally understandable! You can still wear your wedding band even if you decide to leave your engagement ring at home. It still says "I'm married!" without risking your more expensive engagement ring.

13 Fabulous Manicure Ideas for Every Engagement Ring Style

 Engagement Rings, Hair & Beauty, Wedding Beauty  Comments Off on 13 Fabulous Manicure Ideas for Every Engagement Ring Style
Sep 292016
Engagement Ring Matching Manicures

Photo: Elisa Bricker

Congratulations, you said "yes!" There's nothing more exciting than having your true love get down on one knee and offer you an engagement ring. But of course, now you're thinking about the engagement ring manicure! From announcing your new fiancé
status, to your engagement party and all the engagement ring selfies in between, rocking a flawless manicure is an absolute must as soon as you get engaged. But what manicure goes with each engagement ring style?

There's never been a better time to express your personal style through your engagement ring. From a rose gold band, to a stunning tear drop shaped diamond, to an art deco masterpiece, your ring says a lot about you, and so should the mani that goes with it. Matching your manicure to your engagement ring will give a fun, cohesive effect and will really stand out.

Below, see 13 of the best ring-inspired manicures.

Engagement Ring Manicure Rose Gold

Photo: Courtesy of Valley NYC via Instagram

Rose Gold Metallic Ombré
Rose gold rings have become a huge trend and the flattering color looks amazing on every skin tone. Try this rose gold metallic ombré to make your ring pop.

Engagement Ring Manicure Geometric Design

Photo: Courtesy of Julep Maven via Instagram

Gold Geometric and Nude
The classic yellow gold band will look great against a manicure with taupe touches and a bold graphic style.

Engagement Ring Manicure Gold Bling

Photo: Courtesy of Ashley Crowe via Instagram

Gold Bling
For shining gold bling try this bold glittery and glam manicure.

Engagement Ring Manicure Silver

Photo: Courtesy of Madeline Poole via Instagram

Silver on Taupe
Match your sliver band to this funky silver on taupe manicure.

Engagement Ring Manicure Silver Bling

Photo: Courtesy of Madeline Poole via Instagram

Silver Bling
For truly glam silver nails, add a layer of perfectly lined up sequins.

Engagement Ring Manicure Marble

Photo: Courtesy of OPI via Instagram

Bronze Marble
A modern ring deserves a modern marble manicure. Layers of a coppery golden polish make this marble perfectly metallic.

Engagement Ring Manicure Nude

Photo: Getty Images

Nude with Silver Accents
Who says your nails can't get a rock too? Adding small crystal accents makes this nude manicure really pop.

Engagement Ring Manicure Sapphire

Photo: Courtesy of Valley NYC via Instagram

Sapphire and Silver
Engagement rings with stones other than diamonds have become more and more popular, match your sapphire to this sapphire manicure.

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Engagement Ring Manicure Art Deco

Photo: Courtesy of Primp & Polish via Instagram

Art Deco Black and White
A bold Art Deco band demands a matching Art Deco manicure.

Engagement Ring Manicure Almond Shape

Photo: Courtesy of Fleury Rose via Instagram

Almond Shape
Match your tear drop diamond with elegant almond shaped nails.

Engagement Ring Manicure Mixed Metals

Photo: Courtesy of Julep Maven via Instagram

Mixed Metal
Mixing metals always works. Set your ring apart with this gold and silver manicure.

Engagement Ring Manicure Pearls

Photo: Courtesy of Jnaiiils via Instagram

Pearl Accents
A vintage gold and pearl ring needs to be matched up with this pearly manicure.

What’s the Best Way to Drop Hints About the Engagement Ring I Want?

 Engagement Rings, Etiquette, Wedding Etiquette  Comments Off on What’s the Best Way to Drop Hints About the Engagement Ring I Want?
Sep 282016

You've found someone you love, and this feels like forever. Is there anything more exhilarating? And of course, talking about marriage means you've got some shopping to do — engagement ring shopping, that is! While some couples opt to shop together, others would prefer that The Ring be a surprise. So what's the best way to drop hints and make sure you get a ring you'll love? We've got a few ideas, straight from the experts.

You have a few options when it comes to subtly (or not-so-subtly) dropping hints about your dream engagement ring. The first is to enlist a friend. The two of you can head out to look at rings, then your BFF can take notes to share with your significant other. This will help steer him or her in the right direction, without the two of you having to head to the jewelry store together.

The next? Doing a little research on your own and leaving clues around the house. That could mean websites up on your laptop, magazines open to specific pages on the coffee table or, for the most bold of brides-to-be, a picture stuck to the fridge. Hey, you've got to share your inspiration somehow!

If you really want to narrow things down (and get a little inspiration of your own), you could always turn to Reverie, a new website that combines Pinterest with a personality and style quiz to help narrow down what you might like, then inspire you with all sorts of gorgeous rings that fit your specifications. Create a profile full of rings that caught your eye, as well as important specifics like your ring size, whether you'd prefer a diamond or a different stone, the stone's shape, metal preference, and setting (from a classic solitaire to a double halo). While you can't shop directly from the site (yet!), it's full of pictures of real life engagement rings, not ultra-photoshopped brand images, so you'll get a real idea of what you do and don't love. Once you've gotten your profile where you want it, you can share your inspiration board and specifics directly with your significant other, so they know exactly where to start when they head to the jewelry store.

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These Sapphire Engagement Rings Will Brighten Up Your Wednesday

 Engagement Rings  Comments Off on These Sapphire Engagement Rings Will Brighten Up Your Wednesday
Sep 282016
sapphire engagement rings

Photo: Laura Ivanova

Step aside Kate Middleton, it's someone else's turn to shine in a modern blue sapphire engagement ring! Duchess Kate sparked a trend with her blue sapphire engagement ring (which was Princess Diana's ring previously) and we have no shortage of love for September's birthstone. Aside from being visually stunning, sapphires make the ideal "true blue" choice for an engagement ring — the stone symbolizes honesty, and fidelity. Plus it makes a pretty spectacular "something blue" on the wedding day. From classic Victorian-inspired styles, to rows of sapphires fit for the most modern of brides-to-be, we've got 10 sapphire engagement rings that will make a serious statement!

sapphire engagement rings trumpet & horn

Photo: Courtesy of Trumpet & Horn

1. Speaking of making a statement — can we take a moment to ogle at Trumpet & Horn's Victorian-inspired sapphire Tiara ring? Rose gold, diamonds, and a tear drop blue sapphire have us swooning over the romantic ring.
(Sapphire tiara ring in 18k rose gold, $6,750, Trumpet & Horn)

sapphire engagement rings jennie kwon

Photo: Courtesy of Jennie Kwon

2. This emerald cut sapphire comes layered in bands of white and black diamonds, perfect for the girl who loves to stack her rings.
(Sapphire multi band ring, $1,850, Jennie Kwon Designs)

sapphire engagement rings sydney evan

Photo: Getty Images

3. Modern brides-to-be look no further than this Sydney Evan block pave blue sapphire ring. This architectural design is sure to have everyone asking about your new bauble (as if they wouldn't already?).
(14k gold block sapphire ring, $3,565, Sydney Evan available at Bergdorf Goodman)

sapphire engagement rings claire pettibone

Photo: Getty Images

4. Claire Pettibone's collection for Trumpet & Horn is a bohemian bride-to-be's dream come true! Inspired by the designer's love for vintage materials, the collection features gemstones — including sapphires — in Pettibone's signature heirloom-inspired settings in white, yellow or rose gold. This vintage-inspired purple sapphire ring is so exquisitely unique, your ring will definitely be the standout amongst the #EngagementRingSelfies on Instagram.
(Nightingale purple sapphire platinum ring, $17,200, Claire Pettibone for Trumpet & Horn)

sapphire engagement rings azlee

Photo: Getty Images

5. This sweet Azlee ring gives us shades of blue by pairing a sapphire with an aquamarine and white diamond. We love how delicate the stones look climbing up (or down) the ring finger.
(Single burst ring 18kYellow Gold, blue sapphire, aquamarine and white diamond, $840, Azlee)

sapphire engagement rings walters faith

Photo: Courtesy of Walters Faith

6. Can't part with the idea of a diamond ring? We feel you. How about considering a sapphire wedding band to pair with your sparkler? A row of delicate blue sapphires will definitely add a wow factor to your ring finger.
(Grant 18k sapphire band ring, $1,750, Walters Faith)

sapphire engagement rings danhov

Photo: Courtesy of Greenwich Jewelers

7. A pink sapphire? Yes, you read that right! A padparadscha sapphire is extra special for its pinkish-orangeish hue! We guarantee you'll feel super unique strutting this bauble around your finger.
(Padparadscha sapphire ring, $12,100, Danhov available at Greenwich Jewelers)

sapphire engagement rings single stone

Photo: Courtesy of Single Stone

8. This Asscher cut sapphire set in oxidized yellow gold and silver screams rustic and vintage-inspired. Another super unique option for the engaged lady looking to make a statement.
(Lily sapphire ring, $5,800, Single Stone)

sapphire engagement rings blue nile

Photo: Courtesy of Blue Nile

9. This oval sapphire is straight up giving us Kate Middleton vibes. Classic, tasteful, and vintage feeling, we bet this gorgeous rings even gives you Duchess Kate level shiny locks. One can dream right?
(Oval sapphire and pave diamond ring, $7,900, Blue Nile)

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What Your Colored Engagement Ring Really Means

sapphire engagement rings gemvara

Photo: Courtesy of Gemvara

10. Go big or go home, right? Well that's our thinking when it comes to sapphire engagement rings. Let your blue bauble standout flanked by diamonds on each side, and surrounded by even more diamonds in a halo.
(Round cut blue sapphire ring, $6,095, Gemvara)

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