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Nov 102016
Reasons To Take A Pre-Wedding Vacation With Your Fiance

Photo: Getty Images

Taking a honeymoon has been a common part of getting married for hundreds of years. But, the idea of vacationing as a couple before the wedding is a relatively new trend. "Some call it a mini-moon and some just call it a vacation, but either way, we are in favor of this retreat before the big day for many reasons," says Jennifer Stuart of Explorateur Travel. Here are six good excuses to take time as a twosome before you dive into the fanfare surrounding the big day.

1. To hit the reset button on romance
It's no surprise that the ginormous task of wedding planning can take a toll on your romantic life as a couple. Nights and weekends that were once spent enjoying candlelit dinners or frolicking around your neighborhood are now taken up with appointments and endless decision-making. "It can be easy to temporarily forget about romance while deciding between crudités and passed hors d'oeuvres or buffet vs. plated dinners," Stuart says. So use this as the best excuse to take yourselves back to the frame of mind where it all began — simply enjoying each other's company.

2. To cool off
While you might want to rev your engines for one another, it's also important to chill out and kick back while getting some time away from your bridesmaids, groomsmen, families, work, and so on, says Stuart. Forget the frustrations you've been dealing with up until this point. De-stressing and escaping any family drama is key, says custom luxury travel and lifestyle experience expert Chloe Johnston. So sip a glass of wine or step into the spa and cool off for a minute.

3. As practice for the honeymoon
Whether or not you've already traveled far and wide with your soon-to-be-spouse, a short trip before the wedding will help you determine your individual or joint preferences when it comes to jet-setting. Think of it as practice or a dry run for the honeymoon, Stuart says. Do you like to plan every meal and tour ahead of time, or leave space for being spontaneous? Sleep in or get up early to beat the crowds? Figuring this out on a pre-trip will help you plan your perfect itinerary for the honeymoon itself.

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4. For some rare one-on-one time close to saying "I do"
This is especially true for couples who aren't planning to get away immediately following their wedding, or for those who have a destination wedding and find themselves surrounded by family and friends 24/7 the week before or after the event. "You have your wedding somewhere lovely that not everyone lives, so once they're all together they want to stick around!" jokes Rachel Jo Silver of Love Stories TV. And it happened to her. "Since all my nearest and dearest were in town I didn't want to leave them all to jet off on a honeymoon. It would have been smart for my husband and I to take a little mini vacay, just the two of us, a week or two before the event to catch up, slow down, and gear up for the big event."

5. To discuss last-minute details
Chatting about guest favors and RSVPs at the end of a long day at the office isn't all that appealing. But talking last-minute details over poolside cocktails or during a relaxing stroll on the beach is an entirely different experience. Getting away from it all will help you focus, so you can nail down any pending items and then get back to enjoying yourselves, says Stuart.

6. To soak up the final moments of being engaged
Whether you're engaged for a few months or a couple of years, the time you get to call each other fiancé will go by in the blink of an eye. "It can all happen so, so quickly. The proposal, the engagement, the ceremony. Take a minute to enjoy being engaged! That shiny, bright, and new feeling is so precious and important to creating a foundation for a hopeful marriage," Stuart says. Taking a mini vacation is a chance to revel in the engagement and also get excited for all that's to come — especially the wedding!

The 6 Most Common Wedding Fights, According to Real Couples

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Oct 212016
We Fought Over Wedding Planning.jpg

Photo: Getty Images

While getting engaged and planning a wedding can be the most exciting time in your life, it can almost be the most stressful. And when couples don't agree on one (or many!) topics surrounding wedding planning, it can be quite an intense time during the engagement period. The good news, however, is if you can get through this, you'll get through anything. Here, six couples share their most common wedding fights — and how they solved them amicably.

1. Different Dreams for the Wedding Celebration
"He wanted to elope and I wanted a big party. So we compromised. We got married while in Hawaii on vacation, then a few months later had a huge blow-out for 100 people in a local restaurant." —Peggy

2. Not Caring Enough About the Wedding
"For months and months I railed at him because he didn't seem to care about any details of the wedding — how many people we had, who the photographer would be, what kind of flowers we had… I was infuriated. Finally his mother took me aside and said, 'He feels the wedding is your day so he wants to defer.' I went to him and said, 'What I want is for you to have what you want as well. Is there anything you have a preference for, sweetheart?' It turned out the one thing he really cared about was having his dog present at the ceremony. I said, 'Sure', and went back to planning every other detail." —Kimmy

3. The Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties
"My issue was that Andy wanted a blowout bachelor party. I felt at 32 and 33 respectively we weren't kids and there was no need for him to act like a college freshman at a frat party. But it was something he really wanted and it wasn't fair of me to put the kibosh on his dream. So we compromised — he did the party 10 days before the wedding so he and his groomsmen could fully recover. He also texted me throughout the evening so that I wouldn't worry. Even when he's a little drunk, my guy is considerate." —Tina

4. Budget
"I argued over not wanting to spend a huge amount (since he was paying for it all) and being truly content with settling on a backyard wedding. That felt appropriate since I am his second wife (his first passed away), even though I just got married this year at age 46 for the first time. He argued adamantly because he wanted me to have my dream wedding, insisting that I absolutely need and should have what I want. Who argues like that? I wanted what was best for him and he wanted me to have the same. We duked it out. He won. And he won my heart ten thousand times over. So the wedding became an exercise in letting myself be loved. The best gift a husband could ever give." —Elizabeth

5. Religious versus Non-Religious Ceremony
"I wanted a civil service and he wanted a religious ceremony. This led into serious discussions that it was really important for us to have about what religion meant to each of us. I gave into the religious ceremony since he wanted it so much and he gave in on other matters that were more important to me. Our pre-marital argument was an invaluable primer in how to communicate." —Sheila

6. The In-Laws
"His mother was a nightmare, threatening to take over everything. I held my tongue for months and acted out toward him passive aggressively. He finally said, 'Hon, what is really going on? A 'zilla has replaced my sweet Nancy.' I admitted to him that his mom was driving me crazy but I didn't feel it was my place to confront her. He did the deed, his mom quieted down, and I walked down the aisle more sure than ever that I had made the right choice in a life partner." —Amy

Sherry Amatenstein, LCSW is a New York City-based marriage therapist and author.

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7 Things Recent Brides ALWAYS Say to Newly Engaged Girls

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Oct 192016
engagement ring selfie

Photo: F. Silverman Jeweler via Twitter

Congrats, you're engaged! But are you prepared for the onslaught of wedding advice that's about to come your way? All well intentioned, of course, albeit somewhat overwhelming and annoying at times (go ahead and get used to it now though). Turns out, recent brides are the worst offenders — trust us, we know. Here are the seven things they're bound to tell you — and you'll get totally sick of hearing — once he puts a ring on it.

1. "You better book your venue NOW!"
And your photographer and your caterer and your DJ and your videographer and like every other major vendor before they all get booked up. For someone that has never been married before, this type of advice is actually helpful and extremely eye opening. Because who knew all the Saturdays a year from now at the venue you're obsessed with would already be reserved? Like WTF is that.

2. "Oh don't worry, you can expect half the people you invite to RSVP no."
Err, will this one really depends girls. For brides that had big weddings (think 300 plus), chances are half the people they originally invited did in fact decline. If you're keeping it small though (think 100 peeps or less), you can't really count on half your guest list RSVP'ing no, more like 20% if not less. Our rule of thumb is to never invite more people than your venue can hold or that you can realistically afford.

3. "OMG you have to register for..."
Insert their personal must-haves here. It's like thanks for the advice, but more often than not, no thanks. What you add to your registry is completely dependent on your own unique needs as a couple, which can be the polar opposite of your friends. So while it's nice of her to want to dish out registry advice, just smile and nod and say you'll definitely check it out.

4. "Get yourself a wedding planner stat."
This one is especially true for destination brides and, let's be honest, any bride with a budget to spare. Wedding planners are worth their weight in gold solely for the vendor recommendations alone, not to mention all the little details they take care of and reminders they send you to get shiz paid for. Veteran brides are well aware of this so oftentimes it's their first piece of advice.

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5. "Oh, just wait." Or "Get ready for..."
Unfortunately, the aforementioned phrases are usually in reference to all the stress and drama that's bound to come when you're planning a wedding. So yeah, just wait (as annoying as it is to hear that LOL).

6. "You have to hire a videographer!"
It's one of those things you'll hear practically every bride say: a videographer is an absolute must. There's simply something about capturing those precious marriage moments on film that photos don't do justice to. So our advice? Take their advice and get yourselves a videographer girls. After all, not hiring one is a lot of brides' biggest regret!

7. "Savor every moment because it goes by SO fast!"
Totally cliché, but once you get married we can almost guarantee you'll be telling recently engaged girls the same exact thing because, well, it's true. The wedding really does go by in a flash and is like one big blur of awesomeness that you'll want to soak in every single second of. So be present, live in the moment and savor all the memories and good times.

BRIDES Washington DC: The Best Engagement Photo Shoot Locations

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Oct 062016

In a place that's as iconic as Washington D.C., it's hard to get a shot that doesn't scream tourist (can we say National Monument backdrop, anyone?). Even though kitsch is fun for a photo or two, we can bet you want something a little more personalized for your big engagement photoshoot. To get photos that are as unique as you and your fiancé, head to one of these slightly less chartered destinations right in the heart of the city.

National Cathedral Washington DC

Photo: Getty Images

The National Cathedral
The working cathedral (whose full name is the Cathedral Church of Saint peter and Saint Paul in the City and Diocese of Washington) closely models other soaring structures built in the Neo-Gothic style with two towers decorated with multiple spires and protective gargoyles. Even though shots in the front of the cathedral and around its manicured gardens are popular, the best views (and photo opportunities) come from the top of the bell towers, which offer sweeping vistas of the tree speckled skyline of Wisconsin Ave. Read real brides' reviews here!

Union Station Washington DC

Photo: Getty Images

Union Station
Although it's bustling with commuters and tourists alike, the soaring, ornately decorated ceilings, floor to ceiling windows and vintage look of railway stations past greatly make up for the busy atmosphere. To avoid some of the crowds, skip morning and early evening as that's prime rush hour. Instead, go in the middle of the afternoon or on the weekend so there's last chances for a photobomb. Read real brides' reviews here!

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Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum

Photo: Courtesy of Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum via Facebook

Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum
If you and your fiancé are space and science nerds, snap your photos in the National Air and Space Museum in Vienna, Virginia. The three- floor museum is decorated with all of the astronaut helmets, vintage aircrafts (like one of the first aircrafts ever created) space ship memorabilia and contemporary and historic air traffic control towers awaiting exploration. Plus, the high factory-esque ceilings and dangling array of hanging aircraft create the perfect backdrop for couple photos.

Barracks Row Washington DC

Photo: Getty Images

Barracks Row
Barracks Row has come a long way in the past few years, but the row still has plenty of exposed brick and colorful buildings for an incredible backdrop. The five blocks that stretch south of Pennsylvania Ave now boasts hundreds of boutiques, restaurants and bars (most locally owned) with all of the exposed brick, hanging pipes, brightly painted facades and quirky street art you'd expect. For the best light and to capture the colors of the street, go at sunset.

Need a local photographer to capture all those sweet engagement snapshots? Browse dozens of DC wedding photographers here!

UPDATED Find Local Vendors Button

Dancing with the Stars Pros Emma Slater and Sasha Faber Just Got Engaged on Live TV!

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Oct 052016

Forget the infamous disco ball trophy! Dancing with the Stars pro Emma Slater was prized with something just as special and sparkly on Tuesday night's episode of DWTS, when her fellow dancer Sasha Faber dropped to one knee and proposed right there on live TV! And that engagement ring is scoring straight tens from all of our judges. Here's how the over-the-top public proposal went down...

After being sent home last week, Slater returned to the ballroom floor last night to perform a dance with Faber. But little did she know that it was all an elaborate rouse for her sweetheart to pop the question!

"Sasha, I've always thought you had the potential to actually host," DWTS host Tom Bergeron began, after the couple performed their routine. "So I'm going to give the show over to you." Squealing with nervous delight, Slater looked on smiling as Faber took the mic. "I've been meaning to do this for such a long time," the dancer said, dropping to one knee and revealing the engagement ring from his back pocket. "I love you so, so much. Will you marry me?" And if the moment couldn't get anymore picture perfect, as Slater exclaimed her "yes" and the two embraced, streamers poured down from the ceiling and a giant screen flashed "She said YES!" behind them.

Emma Slater and Sasha Faber Engaged

Photo: Emma Slater via Instagram

Derek Hough and the rest of the DWTS cast soon rushed to hug the newly-engaged duo and fawn over the bride-to-be's new bling — what looks like to be a morganite engagement ring with a halo and pavé diamonds decorating the band. Ahh-maze-ing...

"I really, really like colored stones and I saw this and it was kind of like a vintage, dusky kind of color and I love that," Slater later shared with Entertainment Tonight, after the engagement excitement died down. "It was the same color that my mom had for her wedding ring and I love it. It's everything."

But back to that epic televised surprise! How did Faber even manage to pull it off? "I was dying, I'm not gonna lie," the dancing pro said of his pre-proposal nerves. "I touched my hands and they were sweating, and I was like, 'Oh my god, I've still got to do this dance. And then I've got this in my pocket, what if it falls out? I didn't know what to expect."

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Meanwhile, his bride-to-be was totally overwhelmed by the magical moment. "As soon as [our dance] was over, I felt his energy get even worse, like even more nervous than when we danced, and I thought that was really strange." Slater explained. "I turned to Sasha and he turned to me, and I was like, 'Ahh!' He didn't even say one word and I think I started to hyperventilate and do all that really like, ugly crying stuff, which I'm sure I'm going to regret, but it was the best day of my life!"

Hey, the best is still yet to come — a.k.a. their sure-to-be beautiful wedding day! We're already envisioning their obviously fabulous first dance...

First picture of the ring! #Emsha is our everything goals right now. ???????????????? #DWTS

A photo posted by Dancing with the Stars (@dancingabc) on

OITNB Star Samira Wiley is Engaged! And We Are Loving Her Engagement Ring

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Oct 042016
Samira Wiley is Engaged

Photo: Getty Images

She's exchanging her orange jumpsuit for wedding white! Orange Is the New Black star Samira Wiley is engaged, so break out the hooch — it's time to celebrate! The actress' girlfriend, Netflix series writer Lauren Morelli, just popped the question and Wiley revealed the news via an Instagram engagement ring selfie so cute it should be illegal.

Poussey has officially checked out of Litchfield (it's not a spoiler if it's been months, y'all...), but Wiley is still quite married to OITNB — literally! — with the news that she's set to wed the series' writer. The pair first met on the set of the hit show, back when Morelli was still married to her ex-husband. Then in May 2014, Morelli penned an emotional essay where she stated that writing for the series helped her come to terms with her sexuality, openly admitting that she was in fact gay. Soon after her divorce from her husband, Wiley and Morelli went public with their relationship, bestowing upon us their sheer adorableness and showing the world what love is.

Orange is the New Black

Photo: Giphy

Since then, the pair has been posting cutesy couple photos all over the 'Gram, but it's their latest pic that's got us squealing with delight — mainly for the new special sparkler on Wiley's finger! The actress revealed her nuptial news on social media today with a picture that features the couple with mile-wide smiles and Wiley showing off her diamond engagement ring. "Yes," the actress captioned the too-sweet snapshot.

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The chicly simple engagement ring totes a princess-cut diamond, uniquely sitting vertically on the band. And despite tons of squinting, we can't quite make out whether the band is gold or if it has teeny tiny baguettes, but obvi we're hoping for more bling. Could one ever have too much?


Photo: Giphy

Wiley isn't the only OITNB star planning to tie the knot. Lea DeLaria (a.k.a. Big Boo) is engaged to fiancé Chelsea Fairless with the big day set for January 8, 2017. Their co-star Uzo Aduba has already signed up to play wedding singer at DeLaria's nuptials, but we're already dreaming up a million other ways to bring Litchfield to Wiley's wedding venue. Toilet paper veil, anyone?

Orange is the New Black Gif

Photo: Giphy


A photo posted by Samira Wiley (@whododatlikedat) on

#wcw @lomorelli all day.

A video posted by Samira Wiley (@whododatlikedat) on

How to Know If You Have Pre-Engagement Anxiety (Yep, It’s a Thing…)

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Oct 012016

You get an inkling the proposal's imminent. Or you're been talking about it for months, and you can sense that your guy's close to pulling the trigger. Suddenly, your mood nosedives. You become a nervous wreck. Your mind races and you feel really anxious — about everything. This is SO not how you expected to feel on the eve of your marriage proposal, and yet you do.

Why? Once you know that the proposal is in fact coming, you're finally free to take the focus off of "Will he ever propose?" The result: You now have the mental and emotional space to consider the consequences of said coveted proposal.

It can be a whirlwind processing through all the changes in your identity and relationships this imminent proposal will cause: What's it like to be a fiancé? To plan a wedding? To become a wife? How's your mom going to react? Your dad — can he handle it? How will your single girlfriends respond? (You remember the jealousy and sadness you always felt when another friend got married and you don't want to cause them that pain.) Who's going to be in your bridal party, and what does that say about your friendships? What does it mean to have him become your husband? To link your life forever with this great guy (who, because he's a human being, has all these annoying and difficult qualities as well)? With his family? What's it actually like to be engaged and get married?

In short: How is this going to change my life?

These are worthy and important questions to ponder, consider, and work through. Doing this emotional work can make you feel anxious, sad, scared, and overwhelmed. It's all normal and necessary to help you make the psychological transition from single woman to married woman.

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For some women, this process begins when you get wind that the proposal's actually, truly, and finally coming. It's disappointing and upsetting to be feeling topsy-turvy when he's about to get down on one knee.

Or you can think it this way: You're an overachiever, just getting a head-start on the emotional work every bride has to do.

Allison Moir-Smith is an author and bridal counselor who specializes in engagement anxiety and cold feet.

9 Subtle Signs He’s Probably Going To Propose Soon

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Sep 302016
Signs He's Probably Going To Propose Soon

Photo: Getty Images

You know he's the one, but does he feel the same? You think he does, but you've noticed he's been acting a little strange lately — not just "strange because he's a man," but strange.

Well, it could be that your main heartthrob is about ready to pop the question! Yes! But we're not too excited, are we? Yes, we are! Here are nine signs he's probably going to propose soon.

1. He doesn't dismiss your hints.

He Doesn't Dismiss Your Hints

There's nothing worse than a woman haggling a man over an engagement ring when he has no intentions of popping the question. So if you start dropping hints about ring styles you love, and he looks at you with adoration and not, "Not this nonsense again," he might be ready to buy you a sparkling gem of a ring.

2. He plans his future with you in it.
If he's talking about his future and not referencing it as, "One day down the line" or "When the time comes," but instead is speaking about his life plans with you directly in line, he's ready to commit to you for the long haul. Don't be surprised if you find him on one knee, with a ring in one hand and yours in the other.

3. He makes a point to bring you around more.

He Makes A Point To Bring You Around More

Are you suddenly BFFs with his family? Are the family invites to events and dinners pouring in? Are you meeting obscure family members that he barely references or family members that he adores even if they live miles away? He's grooming them — and you. Letting everyone get a chance to really know you is a sure sign he wants you around forever.

4. He's working overtime.

Is he suddenly not available to cuddle and hang out so much because work is running him ragged? Does he seem a little stressed or tired? He may be working overtime to provide your hand and finger with the best ring this side of town.

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5. He's suddenly being secretive.

Hes Suddenly Being Secretive

Is he being secretive, but not in an angry way? Simply taking steps to go somewhere or hunting online, yet refusing to let you look? Someone may be ring shopping.

6. He refers to you as "the wife."
If he calls you "The Wife," and not in an annoying or sarcastic way, he's putting vibes out into the world that he already sees you as his special lifelong love. A ring is the next natural step.

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7. He asks you about your future.

He Asks You About Your Future

Suddenly, homeboy is talking to you about your future wants. We all know men can avoid deep conversation and commitment like the plague, but if he's reaching out to you to open the conversation, he's putting the feelers out to see if you're ready and willing to be with him forever.

8. All his friends are getting married.

Does he surround himself with a ton of married guys or have friends who are about to walk down the aisle? This is a man whose core group values commitment, which most likely means so does he. The bachelor is most likely not schmoozing with a bunch of married guys because he needs people to go out and flirt with. If your guy is hanging with committed dudes, he wants a commitment as well.

9. He tells you straight-up.

He Tells You Straight Up

If you're the eager beaver looking for some reassurance of his commitment to you and he's willingly sharing that he's in it to win it, then be patient. That ring will come.

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This article originally appeared on YourTango.

This Couple’s Princess Engagement Photos Are Totally Magical

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Sep 292016

Who said that love at first sight is only the stuff of fairytales? Yalonda and Kayla Solseng took that happily ever after dream right out of the pages of a storybook and into IRL — princess dresses, glass slippers, and all! For their engagement photos back in June, Yalonda and Kayla donned Disney princess dresses for a fairytale-inspired shoot, putting their own spin on the storybook tales.

Once upon a time, two lovely ladies bonded over their love of the ABC hit Once Upon a Time and fell head-over-heels in love. "That show rewrites fairytales and this was our modern-day fairytale," Kayla explained to The Huffington Post. That fairytale began two and a half years ago, when Yalonda and Kayla met on Plenty of Fish. "Our connection was like none other," Kayla said. After the pair first met in person in March of 2014, they became instantly inseparable. "We couldn't get enough of each other!" she continued.

LGBT Disney Princess Engagement Photos

Photo: Taylor Snyder Art & Photography

Disney Princess Themed Engagement Photos

Photo: Taylor Snyder Art & Photography

After nine months of dating, Yalonda proposed with a custom storybook that she had written and illustrated, depicting their own love story. "At the end I asked Kayla, 'Will you be my happily ever after?'" remembers Yalonda. And what's a happily ever without some princess ballgowns?

After writing their own fairytale, this couple put a modern-day spin on two of the classics, dressing up as Belle from Beauty and the Beast and Cinderella for their engagement shoot with photographer Taylor Snyder. The couple headed to Minnesota's Romantic Moon Events Center in their gorgeous gowns, where they lived out their fairytale fantasy, frolicking in the fields.

LGBT Princess Themed Engagement Photos

Photo: Taylor Snyder Art & Photography

Disney Themed Engagement Photos

Photo: Taylor Snyder Art & Photography

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Their fairytale came full circle when Yalonda and Kayla tied the knot earlier this month at the same romantic outdoor venue. The coolest part of this love story? The brides hope that it inspires other LGBT couples to live out their own version of happily ever after, too. "Kids want to be the characters they grow up with but when none of the characters represent you, then you feel alone," said Yalonda. "I want our photos to be shown to kids and families as a way of saying it's okay to be who you are. It's okay to be with the person you love."

LGBT Disney Themed Engagement Photos

Photo: Taylor Snyder Art & Photography

WAGS Star Nicole Williams’ $250,000 Engagement Ring Is INSANE

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Sep 272016
Larry English and Nicole Williams

Photo: Getty Images

NFL players always manage to score major touchdowns when selecting the perfect engagement ring for their brides-to-be, and Larry English is no exception. The defensive end recently proposed to his girlfriend, WAGS' Nicole Williams, with a dazzling diamond that would rival any old Superbowl ring. Seriously, her new beautiful engagement ring is HUGE. And we have all of the details on that megawatt rock!

The WAGS star (that's wives and girlfriends of professional athletes for the non-reality show obsessed) is updating her show status from girlfriend to wife-to-be after her longtime love finally got down on one knee on the recently-aired season two finale of WAGS. After four years of dating, English surprised Williams while she was in Thailand for an epic proposal — and with a ring to match!

"I really felt like I had to come over here because you didn't have nothin' to wear on your left hand. So I felt I needed to come over here to bring you something to weigh your left hand down a little bit more," English told his new fiancé, slipping a seriously stunning Ritani engagement ring on her hand.

Williams of course said yes and now has a major piece of bling to show off! According to People, English spent months designing the custom engagement ring for his fiancé. The flawless center stone, an oval-cut diamond, weighs in at 5.14-carats and sits on an 18-carat rose gold band covered with over 100 smaller round-cut stones. The total cost? Over $250,000. We're fanning ourselves over here...

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"This is the one thing that Nicole will wear every day for the rest of her life," English told E! News of the design process, adding that he requested the addition of the finished ring's halo as it gave the piece "a romantic and vintage-inspired look." The groom's biggest concern? "I want to make sure it sparkles," he said.

That it most definitely does!

She said yes.... looks good on u babe.????

A photo posted by Larry English (@larryenglish_) on

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