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9 Father’s Day Gifts for Every Type of Father of the Bride (or Groom)

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Jun 152016
Fathers Walking Daughters Down the Aisle

Photo: Parker Young

If you're in the throes of wedding planning, chances are family tensions and stress levels are at an all time high (and bank accounts are being stretched to their limits). Whether your dad is hands-on with the guest list, or need only be told where and when to show up for your walk down the aisle, it's never too late to say "thanks" with a Father's Day gift totally tailored to his interests. So go ahead and show the love with one of our favorite unique father's day gift ideas.

Varidesk Standing Desk

Photo: Courtesy of VARIDESK

For the Workaholic Dad
Regardless of your dad's profession, he probably spends most of the day seated in an office staring at a computer screen — followed by more sitting, this time on the couch at home watching "Sports Center." Give him a wellness boost with the VARIDESK Pro Plus 36, a zero-assembly-required standing desk that adjusts with no effort whatsoever. Simply hold two levers and the desk moves up and down to a custom height. If you hear through the grape vine that he's doing more sitting than standing, we suggest reminding him that you burn one more calorie a minute when you're on your feet — and he wants to look good on the big day, right? ("Pro Plus 36" standing desk, $395, VARIDESK)

Loccitane Gift Sets

Photo: Courtesy of L'Occitane

For the Well-Groomed Dad
Whether your dad's regimen is limited to Gillette razors and two-in-one shampoos or goes so far as to include beard oils and hair wax, we promise there's something for him at L'Occitane. The Provençal beauty brand has been turning out cult-favorite products for four decades, and is unmatched when it comes to making luxe ingredients work for both men and women. Case in point, the L'Occitane Collection, a chic gift set with soap, eau de toilette, and shower gel for hair and body, with notes of invigorating nutmeg and calming lavender. Or the Cade Collection, an essential grooming kit (fragrance, shaving cream, shower gel, and after-shave balm) in a masculine blend of juniper, sandalwood, spicy pink pepper, and rosemary that you make just keep for yourself. ("L'Occitane Collection" gift set, $65, L'Occitane; "Cade Collection" grooming kit, $65, L'Occitane)

Game Golf Live

Photo: Courtesy of Game Golf

For the Golfing Dad
While spending a day in knee-length shorts trying to hit a tiny ball into an even tinier hole may be your idea of hell on earth, for most dads it means four hours of uninterrupted bliss. Help yours improve his game with Golf Game Live, the latest wearable technology favored by PGA pros like Lee Westwood and Jim Furyk. The set — composed of a small device worn on the belt and small tags that attach to the grip of each club — pairs with a mobile device or smart watch to track a player's strokes. Meaning your dad can instantly review a shot, measure its distance, and see how his performance stacks up against his own stats and the average among other players with the same handicap (the app is also filled with tips to help improve overall play). And if you're also a golfer, we recommend buying your own unit, so you can challenge dad to more than just putting competitions out on the course. ("Game Golf Live" tracking device. $199 special Father's Day pricing, Game Golf)

Spectra Global Carry-On

Photo: Courtesy of Victorinox

For the Traveling Dad
If business trips are part of your dad's regular work schedule, he's probably tired of schlepping a carry-on between gates. Lighten his load by giving him the mother of all suitcases: The four-wheeled Victorinox Spectra Global Carry-On. With a polycarbonate frame that's both lightweight and super durable, your dad will be able to move through the airport at lightning speed and stow all his travel essentials in that ever-shrinking overhead bin, you'd be surprised how much fits inside. (Not to mention it comes in sleek limited edition colors like Alloy Grey and Stone White, to up his style quotient). If dad insists he needs access to a laptop or work docs in-flight, there's also the Spectra Dual-Access Global Carry-On, with an instant-access front compartment with tons of pockets and organizers — because no one wants to open their whole suitcase in the middle of the aisle. ("Spectra Global" carry-on luggage, $299.99, Victorinox; "Spectra Dual-Access Global" carry-on luggage, $349.99, Victorinox)

Lagostina Risottiera

Photo: Courtesy of Lagostina

For the Wannabe-Chef Dad
One thing all dads should know: Grilling is not the same as cooking. Just because he can turn out a perfectly medium-rare fillet on his Weber grill doesn't mean he's Emeril Lagasse. So if your dad fancies himself a whiz in the kitchen, challenge him to up the ante by giving him the Lagostina Risottiera, a stunning risotto pan that's handcrafted in Italy, because only when you can cook a perfect risotto do you have the right to call yourself a chef. ("Risottiera" pan, $199.99, Lagostina)

Fitz and Floyd Lincoln Pyramid

Photo: Courtesy of Fitz and Floyd

For the Oenophile Dad
Whether your pops takes an annual pilgrimage to Bordeaux or his version of a fine vintage is Two Buck Chuck from Trader Joe's, the Fitz and Floyd Lincoln Pyramid 5-Piece Wine Set is the perfect vessel for his favorite vino. Each hand-blown glass has a long, thin stem and a modern shape, and the decanter easily holds a full bottle, so all he needs to do is pour and serve (and repeat). ("Lincoln Pyramid" 5-piece wine set, $59.99, Fitz and Floyd)

Fitbit Blaze

Photo: Courtesy of Fitbit

For the Health-Conscious Dad
Even if your dad already has a Fitbit band, chances are he'll still want the shiniest new model, Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch. Available in black, blue, and plum, this Bluetooth powered fitness tracker monitors heart rate, tracks sleep, records exercise stats (also displayed in real-time), counts calories burned, and alerts you when calls, texts, and other notifications come through on your phone. ("Blaze" smart fitness watch, $199.95, Fitbit)

Sengled Light Bulbs

Photo: Courtesy of Sengled

For the Music-Loving Dad
Tired of hearing your dad complain that his surround sound is breaking down? Bring him into the 21st century with Sengled, a company that embeds wireless speakers into light bulbs. Confused? Here's how it works: Sengled created energy efficient LED bulbs that also contain speakers powered by JBL Bluetooth technology. Simply plug in your bulb to a ceiling socket or lamp, download the app, pair the Master bulb with your smart phone via Bluetooth, and adjust both the brightness of the light and the level of sound directly from your device. Pick him up a Solo unit — essentially a one-and-done bulb plus speaker he can use in, say, his home office — or go big with a Pulse by Sengled pair, which connect to up to seven satellite bulbs. The result: a tricked out surround system in the palm of his hand — just no Frank Sinatra on repeat, please. ("Pulse Solo" Bluetooth lightbulb, $59.99, Sengled; "Pulse Pair" Bluetooth lightbulb, $149.99, Sengled)

Oculus Rift

Photo: Courtesy of Oculus

For the Video-Gamer Dad
If your dad is like Kevin Spacey in House of Cards and prefers to unwind after a long day of work with a few rounds of Halo, look no further than Oculus VR. The virtual reality company — bought by Facebook for $2 billion in 2014 — is making waves with its wearable 3D technology, built into a sleek headset to let you play video games, watch movies, step inside photographs, and more. The latest version of their hallmark design, Oculus Rift — which looks like a pair of fancy ski goggles and pairs with a PC computer — touts new sensors to monitor your head motions and adjust the 3D image (the same way what your eyes adjust IRL when you tilt your head left and right). If dad can't wait until the August ship date for his shiny new toy, opt for the Gear VR, powered by Samsung, which is compatible with any Samsung Galaxy phone for gaming on the go. ("Rift" headset, $599, Oculus; "Gear VR" headset, $99, Oculus)

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Everything the Father of the Groom Might Be Responsible for at the Wedding

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May 272016
father of the groom

Photo: Getty Images

Moms get most of the attention when it comes to wedding day roles. Whether they're zipping their daughter into her dress or dancing with their son, they've got a lot to do! Even the father of the bride has a big role (walking his daughter down the aisle!). But what about the groom's dad? We asked our experts about the role of the father of the groom.

The groom's parents often host the rehearsal dinner, which is the groom's father's opportunity to act as host for the evening, helping plan the event in honor of his son.

If the groom and his father are close, he might want to invite his dad to join him as he and his groomsmen get ready the morning of the wedding, whether it's an early round of golf or hanging out and watching football as they put on their tuxedos. He'll be extra handy when it comes time to tie the groom's bowtie!

At the ceremony, the groom's father's biggest role is to walk his wife, the groom's mother, down the aisle. If the groom's parents are divorced and the father is remarried, he should escort his new wife down the aisle and to her seat.

If the bride and groom are having a receiving line, he should participate as well, standing alongside the bride's parents and welcoming guests. Even if the groom's family isn't contributing to the cost of the wedding, the groom's parents should act as co-hosts, welcoming everyone and making sure they're comfortable throughout the evening.

At the reception, the father of the groom should be prepared with a toast if requested by the newlyweds. This toast usually takes place shortly after the father of the bride's toast.

Once dancing starts, the father of the groom should make a point to dance with the bride, as well as the bride's mother. Throughout the evening, he should socialize with his guests as well as with his new in-laws — you're all family now!

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