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Do I Need a Flower Girl and a Ring Bearer?

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Jun 092016

When you're planning your wedding and deciding on your cast of characters, you may have no problem figuring out the group of friends and family members that you'd like as your party of groomsmen and bridesmaids. But when it comes time to figuring out if you're going to have a flower girl and a ring bearer, you may get stopped in your tracks — especially if you don't have any young friends or family members to take on that role.

But rest easy, bride-to-be: You don't have to have a flower girl or a ring bearer, especially if you don't have anyone in mind for the role. You can either choose to skip having those two roles all together, and ask a groomsmen to be in charge of your rings, or you can get creative. By creative, I mean doing away with the age stigma attached to these roles and giving the honor to another friend or family member that's not a bridesmaid or groomsmen. You can even give this role to a pet, who is trained and able to follow the cue of when to walk down the aisle and meet you.

Having a ring bearer and a flower girl is a wedding tradition that dates back to the olden days — you may consider it outdated and instead decide to create a new tradition of your own. If you're feeling bold and want to make your ceremony processional something that is truly one of a kind and personal, you can mix up who you have walking down the aisle or even how the aisle is shaped.

Either way, if you don't have someone in mind for the flower girl or ring bearer role, it's okay to skip it. Your wedding guests will hardly notice or remember once they lock their eyes on that beautiful bride taking her first steps down the aisle.

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Jen Glantz is a "Professional Bridesmaid" and the founder of All My Friends Are Engaged and frequently wears old bridesmaid dresses to the grocery store and on first dates.

7 Adorable Outfits for Infant Flower Girls and Ring Bearers

 Flower Girls, Kids, Ring Bearers  Comments Off on 7 Adorable Outfits for Infant Flower Girls and Ring Bearers
May 312016

Is there anything cuter than including babies in weddings? Whether you're using the terms "flower girl" and "ring bearer" pretty loosely (it's hard for them to carry rings and toss petals when they can't walk!) or are having your sister-in-law carry her new son down the aisle, there's nothing quite so aww-inducing! And that's before you get around to picking out the tiniest formalwear you've ever seen — itty bitty tuxedos and clouds of tulle are sure to put a smile on your face! To make sure your littlest attendants are as well dressed as you and your wedding party, we've rounded up some of our favorite wedding attire for tiny tots.


Photo: Courtesy of Boden

Boden Baby Floral Dress
We fell in love when we discovered Boden's baby and children's line. This floral dress, complete with a collar, eyelet trim, and matching ruffled diaper cover, is just the thing for a little girl with a summer full of wedding plans. (Baby Floral Dress, $52.50, available at Boden)


Photo: Courtesy of H&M

H&M Dotted Tulle Dress
For a girl who loves sparkle, this dress has just the right dose of shimmer, on a soft tulle that won't scratch little arms. Add matching silver flats (and a sweet sweater if the weather calls for it), and she'll be the chicest baby in the room. (Dotted Tulle Dress, $14.99, available at H&M)


Photo: Courtesy of Target

Target G-Cutee Oxford Shirtall
Don't worry, we haven't forgotten the little guys! This little oxford onesie is perfect for a summer wedding — and comes with an attached pastel bowtie for an extra dose of style! (G-Cutee Oxford Shirtall with Bowtie, $24.99, available at Target)

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04-Magic Tulle

Photo: Courtesy of Magic Tulle Couture

Magic Tulle Couture Flower Girl Tulle Dress
There's a reason you've seen dresses like this one all over Pinterest — they're one of the cutest ones we've seen! The huge tulle skirt will transform any flower girl, from an infant to a 12 year old, into a fairy princess, and the huge selection of colors means there's sure to be one that's a perfect fit for your wedding day. (Flower Girl Tulle Dress, from $39.00, available at Magic Tulle Couture)

05-Twice As Nice

Photo: Courtesy of Twice As Nice Baby

Twice As Nice Baby Special Occasion Vest
For a dapper little ring bearer, these onesies customized with fabric vests (complete with buttons!) are too sweet to pass up. From tweed to seersucker, you're sure to find an option that's a perfect fit for your theme. (Special Occasion Vest, from $25.95, available at Twice As Nice Baby)

06-Pink Perfect

Photo: Courtesy of Pink Perfect

Pink Perfect Gold Sequin Flower Girl Dress
What little girl wouldn't look adorable in a dress covered in sequins? The shimmery bodice and soft tulle skirt are the perfect silhouette for twirling. Add a floral accent and a matching headband, and she'll be ready for her moment in the spotlight! (Gold Sequin Flower Girl Dress, from $35.00, available at Pink Perfect)


Photo: Courtesy of Macy's

Lauren Madison 4-Piece Tux
We don't think anything could be cuter than a baby in a tuxedo. The tie! The tails! The satin trim! Because even babies need to follow that black tie dress code. (Baby Boys 4-Piece Tux, $65, available at Macy's)

BRIDES Chicago: Where to Find Flower Girl and Ring Bearer Attire

 Chicago, Flower Girl Dresses, Flower Girls, Illinois, Jewelry & Accessories, Local  Comments Off on BRIDES Chicago: Where to Find Flower Girl and Ring Bearer Attire
May 252016

Looking to up the cuteness factor of your ceremony? Nothing beats dressed-up flower girls and ring bearers walking down the aisle before you. Here are a few spots around the city to find formal duds for the little ones in your wedding party.

Gigi's Closette
The Glenview boutique has been a staple among North Shore shoppers for over 40 years, so much so that it's not unheard of for a woman to turn to Gigi's to buy her prom dress, wedding dress, and her MOTB dress. The boutique essentially serves as wedding-attire headquarters and showcases plenty of flower girl options from designers like Dessy and Joan Calabrese. Read real brides' reviews here!

Formally Modern Tuxedo
Little ones tend to outgrow clothes before they're able to put them on a second time. That's why there's reason to believe your ring bearer's parents will prefer to rent a suit rather than splurge on one he'll never fit in after your wedding day. Formally Modern Tuxedo stocks rentals to fit toddlers as young as three years old. If your ring bearer is even younger, the shop also sells suits for nine-month-old boys. Read real brides' reviews here!

Little girl dresses at the Gold Coast boutique shine just as much as the bridal gowns and glittery accessories. You'll find everything from long-sleeved lace styles suited for elegant weddings to more casual maxi dresses for the pint-sized set to wear to outdoor nuptials. Beyond that, BHLDN's stocked with the extras to prepare them for their important job, including velvet pillows for the ring bearer and baskets for the flower girl to stash her petals.

With silk taffeta ruffles and pleated chiffon dresses for her and three-piece seersucker suits and jacket-and-shorts combos for him, J.Crew has a range of styles that'll cue a chorus of "awww"s from your guests. Bonus: Mom and dad probably have their child's J.Crew sizes memorized, which makes shopping a breeze.

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Bella Bianca Bridal Couture
The bridal boutique, which has locations in the Gold Coast and in west suburban Oak Brook, carries three flower girl dress designers. Dessy Girls dresses match Dessy Collection bridesmaid dresses to keep the look cohesive, US Angels has voluminous chiffon skirts to make your flower girl feel like a princess, and Watters Girls has dresses in a range of colors so you're sure to find one that matches your maids. Read real brides' reviews here!

Bebe Elegante
The Lakeview boutique is a trusted destination for special occasion outfits for children, whether they're being dressed for a baptism, first communion, or a wedding. Count on the shop to have a selection of options that fit your wedding theme, such as a tulle dress for a romantic wedding and a classic suit for a contemporary affair.

For more darling dresses and wedding day attire for your bridal party, groom, or even yourself, head to our Chicago Dresses page!

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How to Handle a Rebellious Flower Girl or Ring Bearer

 Etiquette, Flower Girls, Wedding Etiquette, Wedding Guests  Comments Off on How to Handle a Rebellious Flower Girl or Ring Bearer
Feb 282016
what to do about rebellious flower girl or ring bearer

Photo: Anna Palma

They're one of the cutest parts of a wedding, but flower girls and ring bearers can also be some of the most needy and hard-to-handle members of a wedding party. They're tiny, energetic, need snacks and attention, and aren't quite old enough to power through if they haven't had their nap. So what can you do if some of the littlest members of the wedding party aren't so excited about their big moment? Our experts have a few tips.

If it's a slightly older child, the best place to start is always with snacks. Natural gummy snacks are a great option (and are more parent-friendly than the artificial variety). Hand a few out to the ring bearers or flower girls before the ceremony, and put extras in a bag beneath a seat in the first or second row (the mother of the bride, mother of the groom, or a grandmother's seat). Be sure to let the occupant of the seat know they're on snack duty, of course! Then let the kids know that they can have a few bites now, and will get more once they've finished their job.

If your flower girl or ring bearer is younger, pair them up with an older wedding party member (either an additional flower girl or ring bearer or someone like a junior bridesmaid or usher) to head down the aisle. That very cool big kid will be able to lead the way, as well as set a good example and provide some encouragement.

If Mom or Dad is in the wedding party, be prepared to make a last-minute change to the processional in the event of an inconsolable flower girl or ring bearer who really insists on being carried. If you're concerned whether the youngest members of your wedding party will be able to get down the aisle alone, you may want to build this in to your processional plan from the get-go.

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And what if, halfway down the aisle, all of the oohs and aahs and strangers simply becomes too much and there's a meltdown? First of all, remember how incredibly adorable these photos can be! Then just roll with it. Whether Mom leaves the altar for a moment to come to the rescue or Grandpa steps out of his seat, it's usually nothing a familiar face can't fix.

6 Creative Ribbon Wands for Your Littlest Attendant

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Feb 192016
flower girl ideas ribbon wands

Photo: Buffy Dekmar

Send your youngest attendant down the aisle with a party accessory she'll love — a ribbon wand! Browse these six fun takes on the idea and you're sure to find one your flower girl will be excited to carry during the ceremony.

Ivory Ribbon Wand (above): This darling (and barefoot!) flower girl carried a wand of simple ivory-colored ribbons down the aisle.

Baby's Breath Ribbon Wands: For a little more embellishment, add a tuft of baby's breath to the tops of each flower girl's ribbon wand (love the matching flower crowns!).

Ombre-Colored Ribbon Wands: Instead of ivory, you could choose various shades of ribbon to match your wedding's color palette.

flower girl ideas ribbon wands

Photo: Kate Headley

Full-Size Ribbon Wands: If your flower girls are a bit older, have them carry a longer wand for more impact as they walk down the aisle.

Floral Ribbon Wand: For a fresh spin on a ribbon wand, have your florist tie fresh flower buds at the ends of the ribbon strands.

Sparkly Ribbon Wand: Your flower girl will fall in love with this crystal-studded floral ribbon wand.

Adorable (and Affordable) Dresses for your Flower Girl

 Flower Girl Dresses, Flower Girls, Kids, Planning Tips  Comments Off on Adorable (and Affordable) Dresses for your Flower Girl
Feb 092016

She may be the tiniest member of your wedding party but that doesn't make her any less important! Your flower girl will be the last person your guests see walk down the aisle before you make your grand entrance. So an adorable dress is a must!

But let's be honest, no bride wants to ask the flower girl's parents to spend over $100 on a dress. Especially since they most likely will only have a chance to wear it the one time before they grow out of it.

Well have no fear! We've done the work for you and found the cutest frocks that won't break the bank.From princess gowns to simple party dresses, there's something for every wedding style.

flower girl dress chasing fireflies

Photo: Courtesy of Chasing Fireflies

This chiffon dress with tulle petal skirt is the sweetest option if your flower girl is too small to throw petals herself.($80, Chasing Fireflies)

flower girl dress childrens place

Photo: Courtesy of The Children's Place

This little number's floral accents on the bodice give a special nod to the girl's wedding duties. ($35, The Children's Place)

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flower girl dress hm

Photo: Courtesy of H&M

A glittery skirt will be a fan favorite for the little girl who loves a little sparkle. ($40, H&M)

flower girl dress nordstrom

Photo: Courtesy of Nordstrom

Perfect for a southern wedding, this striped petticoat dress will make your flower girl the belle of the ball. ($68, Sorbet available at Nordstrom)

flower girl dress davids bridal

Photo: Courtesy of David's Bridal

This satin tea-length gown is so elegant. And you can buy a sash in any color to match the rest of the bridal party! ($79, David's Bridal)

flower girl dress light in the box

Photo: Courtesy of Light In The Box

The crystal belt on this gorgeous grey tulle dress adds the perfect amount of bling. ($55, Light In The Box)

flower girl dress abercrombie

Photo: Courtesy of Abercrombie

A simple lace shift is perfect for any laid-back outdoor wedding. ($50, Abercrombie)

forever 21 flower girl dress

Photo: Courtesy of Forever 21

Don't want the traditional white? This coral rose dress is an adorable alternative. ($30, Forever 21)

flower girl dress alex alexa

Photo: Courtesy of Alex and Alexa

Let the little one be your something blue in this polka dot frock. ($43, Mayoral available at Alex and Alexa)

flower girl dress jet

Photo: Courtesy of Jet

The ultimate princess dress! Pearls? Check. Crystals? Check. Bow? Check. Tiered Full Skirt? Check. What more can a little girl ask for? ($64, Kids Dream available at Jet)

Holiday Gift Guide: Perfect Presents for the Little Ones in Your Life

 Favors & Gifts, Flower Girls, Kids, Ring Bearers  Comments Off on Holiday Gift Guide: Perfect Presents for the Little Ones in Your Life
Dec 042015

Admit it, sometimes the littlest ones are the hardest to shop for on your holiday list. If you've invited them to be a part of your big day, you want to make them feel even more special. We've made it easier with great gifts for all the babies, toddlers, and tweens in your life. These fun toys and games, will be perfect for your favorite littles, and may just have you wishing you were a kid again.

Kids Holiday Gift Guide Hearst Blanket and Pillow Set

Photo: Courtesy of Twinkle Twinkle Little One

If you have a flower girl who still needs to be carried down the aisle, this Tanna Hearts Blanket and Pillow Set will be a cozy reminder of how much you love her. ($66, Twinkle Twinkle Little One)

Kids Holiday Gift Guide Dog Flashlight

Photo: Courtesy of CB2

How's this for a bright idea? If your ring bearer is afraid of the dark, an LED Dog Flashlight will be the boy's best friend. ($7.95, CB2)

Kids Holiday Gift Guide Emoji Stickers

Photo: Courtesy of iDecoz

What do you buy the tween who has it all — including the newest iPhone? Emoji Home Button Stickers help them bling out their phone with a rotation of six smilies. (We won't tell if you buy a pack for yourself!). ($4.99, iDecoz)

Kids Holiday Day Gift Guide Dinosaur Robot

Photo: Courtesy of Bed Bath and Beyond

Forget remote-control cars. This Bluetooth-enabled MiPosaur robot has evolving intelligence so it can be trained to sit, stand, dance, play games, and perform tricks. ($119.99, Bed Bath and Beyond)

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Kids Holiday Gift Guide Color My Own TeePee

Photo: Courtesy of Joss & Main

The Color-My-Own TeePee is the ultimate indoor hideaway. After they paint the canvas, get bonus-points by treating them to s'mores and a book inside the tent. ($123.95, Joss & Main)

Kids Holiday Gift Guide Laser Tag

Photo: Courtesy of Overstock

You might lose your fiancé for a few hours to this one: The Smithsonian Electronic Laser Tag Set turns any spot (be it your in-laws house or your backyard) into a two-player infrared battlefield. ($22.50, Overstock)

Kids Holiday Gift Guide American Girl Baking Set

Photo: Courtesy of American Girl

When they're ready to move on from their Easy-Bake Oven, gift them a "grown-up" American Girl Baking Essentials Set. Complete with a mixing bowl, whisk, measuring cups and spoons, rolling pin, and spatula, it's ideal for baking holiday cookies with their favorite doll (and you) by their side. ($59.50, American Girl)

Kids Holiday Gift Guide Crayon Necklace

Photo: Courtesy of Kikkerland

Candy necklaces are so 90s. This year's hot neckwear? A crayon necklace they can wear for color, and use to color some great art for your fridge. ($11, Kikkerland)

Kids Holiday Gift Guide Coal Chewing Gum

Photo: Courtesy of Paper Source

Even if your nieces and nephews made Santa's nice list, the whole family will get laughs when you stuff a box of Coal Bubble Gum into their stocking. ($5.50, Paper Source)

How to Coach a Shy Flower Girl to Walk Down the Aisle

 Flower Girls, Planning Tips, Wedding Ceremonies, Wedding Etiquette  Comments Off on How to Coach a Shy Flower Girl to Walk Down the Aisle
Aug 212015

There's perhaps nothing more adorable than a grinning flower girl toddling down the aisle, tossing rose petals and garnering giggles as she goes — so cute she'll almost steal the show. But to win over your guests, she has to be willing to walk down the aisle in the first place. If you worry your flower girl is too shy to take the first step, we've got the expert tips that will make her want to take that special walk.

Choose the right flower girl
You can coach a shy child down the aisle, but there's no fix for immaturity. So while you may love your niece, for example, it might be best to assign her a different role if she isn't responsible enough for this one. "I actually advise couples to take personality and maturity into account more so than chronological age," explains Emilie Duncan, owner of Emilie Duncan Event Planning in Columbus, Ohio. Talk to the child's parents to gauge whether she can handle it. Or, if she's old enough, "you might ask her, too," says Duncan. "She might have a strong opinion one way or another."

Let the parents know the plan
Some venues simply don't allow rose petals to be tossed. Be sure to check, and if your flower girl won't be doing a traditional petal toss, let her parents know "as soon as possible so the little girl isn't practicing 'incorrectly,'" advises Duncan. In place, have your flower girl practice with a flower wand, crown, or sign. It's better for her to know what she'll be doing, rather than find out at your rehearsal that "what she'd been practicing for so many months was wrong," says Duncan. "I've seen tears when an already-nervous flower girl finds out she isn't tossing anything."

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Have her walk toward some she loves
Allow the flower girl's parents or her favorite relative to stand where you'll exchange vows before she takes her first step. "If there is someone that the flower girl knows at the end of the aisle — someone she can walk to — that usually makes her feel more comfortable," Duncan explains. "It also helps if I, as a planner, can tell them they should just head toward Dad or Mom or Grandma or Uncle Jon."

Change your lineup
If you're worried your flower girl might "freeze or have a meltdown" midway down the aisle, it's best to have her precede your maid of honor, not you, suggests Duncan. "That way, if the little one is in a pool of tears in the middle of the processional, the bride isn't the one grabbing her hand or picking her up!" she explains.

Most importantly, don't stress out over whether your flower girl will be cute or cause a scene. "In the end, the reality of working with kids is that they are totally unpredictable and couples have to be willing to just let whatever happens happen — we can't control how the kids react!" Duncan says. "If a flower girl dissolves into a pool of tears at the back of the aisle, or they lay down in middle and start making a snow angel in the petals, the couple has to be willing to laugh it off and chalk it up as a story to tell when the flower girl gets married!"

How to Let a Friend Know Her Daughter Won’t Be Your Flower Girl

 Etiquette, Flower Girls, Kids, Wedding Etiquette  Comments Off on How to Let a Friend Know Her Daughter Won’t Be Your Flower Girl
Aug 152015

Many moms with girls under the age of 10 dream of their daughter being selected as a flower girl for a wedding; after all, witnessing the happiest day of a bride's life and sharing in the celebration offers an unequivocal experience for young children. Not to mention, what could be cuter than having your little one dress up, throw some flower petals, and walk down the aisle. But what happens when a bride has promised the position to her niece in lieu of a friend's daughter? Our etiquette experts weigh in on the art of gently letting down a would-be flower girl.

You have an incredibly valid excuse for passing over your friend's daughter for the role of flower girl. Family always comes first, and both your friend and her daughter should understand that a niece takes precedence over a family friend. In this case, sitting down with your friend and explaining the truth behind the decision is absolutely the best course of action. Your friend will likely understand the predicament and support your decision.

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On the other hand, you may wish to consider the possibility of including two flower girls in your processional. If your wedding is large enough, guests will think nothing of two young ones sharing the role of flower girl in lieu of one. Should you choose to limit your wedding party to one flower girl, there are other ways to involve your friend's daughter in the festivities. Perhaps your friend's daughter is old enough to take on the role of junior bridesmaid, and can therefore be a part of the wedding in that manner. Whatever direction you choose to take, remember that the occasion is your wedding day, and your choices will be respected by those who truly love you.

The Best Role to Give a Little Sister Who Is Too Old to Be a Flower Girl and Too Young to Be a Bridesmaid

 Bridesmaids, Etiquette, Flower Girls, Wedding Etiquette  Comments Off on The Best Role to Give a Little Sister Who Is Too Old to Be a Flower Girl and Too Young to Be a Bridesmaid
Jul 252015

Your family should be an integral part of your wedding, but finding a place for each and every loved one is easier said than done. Case in point: a sister who has outgrown the role of flower girl but hasn't quite reached the maturity required of a full-fledged bridesmaid. Our etiquette experts weigh in on the perfect post for a sibling who craves a spot in the ceremony — without all of the pressure.

If your younger sibling is too young for a bridesmaid role but well beyond her flower girl years, the position of junior bridesmaid may be the perfect fit. By taking on the role of junior bridesmaid, your younger sister can join the bridal party and enjoy the experience of participating in the wedding from start to finish without the overwhelming responsibilities often taken on by the bridesmaids. A junior bridesmaid may occasionally assist on small wedding planning tasks and events, but her primary task is to saunter down the aisle with the wedding party sporting a more modest rendition of the dresses selected for your bridesmaids. You can, of course, cater the role to both you and your younger sister's preferences, whether heavy involvement in the wedding is desired or not. Whereas your bridesmaids themselves are major players in your wedding, a junior bridesmaid performs a supporting role that is equally significant but markedly less stressful.

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An older junior bridesmaid may take on more of a role in the pre-wedding festivities. Your engagement party, bachelorette bash, and impromptu planning sessions are all fair game if your sister is amenable and is old enough to contribute to the experience. Bestowing the role of junior bridesmaid on your sister is a wonderful way to include her as you take the next steps in your life.

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