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7 Ways to Customize the Inside of Your Groom’s Suit Jacket

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Aug 112016

Boys just wanna have fun too! So go ahead, and let your groom get a little playful with his wedding style. While having special dates like your big day etched into the inside of his jacket is a no-brainer, we suggest thinking outside the box with these fabulously fun and creative ideas to customize his wedding suit.

Song Lyrics
Kourtney Marquis, founder of Marquis Events in Philadelphia, suggests having some of the lyrics from the couple's first dance song sewn into the groom's suit, along with the date of the wedding. "For example, the lyrics in the photo above is from the song 'Then' by Brad Paisley," Marquis says. Aww.

A Favorite Quote
Whether it's a line from a presidential speech, your favorite movie or a saying that his grandmother used to repeat, including a meaningful quote in the lining of the groom's suit jacket is a great way to inspire and motivate him on his wedding day, points out Courtney Geigle, co-founder of My Wed Style.

Love Letters
Go big or go home, right? Justin Delaney, CEO of online tux rental site Menguin, tell us that they're currently in the midst of making a suit for a friend where the lining is composed of his love letters to his wife. Now, that's commitment!

Your Wedding Hashtag
For the playful groom with a sense of humor, why not get your wedding hashtag embroidered on the inside of his suit? "Couples are so sweet and creative now with their hashtags. It used to be just a combo of the names and dates but now people really work to say something specific about themselves in the hashtag," notes Rachel Jo Silver, Founder of Love Stories TV. And for that reason, it's definitely worth making it permanent.

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A Line From Your Vows
Nowadays, the norm is to write your own vows. "The most special, memorable line makes a great inscription inside a jacket and great memory for years to come," tells Silver.

A Bible Verse
For the religious bride and groom, Kerrie Hileman, founder of White Magnolia Bridal Collection, recommends picking a bible verse that means something to your relationship. "One of my favorites, for example, is 1 John 4:19: We love because He first loved us," she says.

A Special Memory
Remind the groom of a special memory you share, like a first date at the planetarium or a sailing race, by embroidering a little image into the inside of his wedding jacket, like in this case, a constellation or a boat, suggests Geigle. "It'll bring you back to the beginning of your relationship and where the sparks first flew."

Can My Groom Wear a Tux to Our ‘Cocktail Attire’ Wedding?

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Aug 022016
cocktail attire advice

Photo: Phil Anema of Christian Oth Studio

Wedding dress codes are complicated for everyone, including the bride and groom. You know not to shop for super-formal ball gowns for your beach wedding, and there are some groom looks that are more appropriate for a daytime celebration than an evening in a ballroom. But cocktail attire? That's a gray area that's often open to interpretation (and input from the type of venue and season you've chosen). So even if your wedding is cocktail attire, is it okay for the groom to wear a tux? Our experts weigh in.

While tuxedos are usually reserved for black tie events, if your wedding dress code is "cocktail attire" but will run on the dressier side, your groom should be able to pull off a tux. You have a few options for keeping his look from appearing as though he's dressed for a different event entirely.

The first option is to have the groomsmen wear suits that are the same color as the groom's tuxedo (most likely black). By having them dress down slightly while still matching, he'll stand out as the man of the hour, whereas an entire wedding party in formalwear could make guests feel underdressed.

Another choice is to have him wear a non-traditional tuxedo. Navy blue tuxes are all the rage, and look sharp with black lapels and a black bowtie. He could wear a full navy blue tux, or black pants with a navy tuxedo jacket. Tuxedos also come in charcoal gray, which are a modern option that's a little more casual.

And of course, remember that it's your wedding! If the two of you want to dress a little more formal (and it fits with your theme and your venue), by all means, go for it! No one will fault a bride or groom for wanting to dress up on their wedding day.

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4 Accessory Mistakes Grooms and Groomsmen Make

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May 292015
Grooms Style

Photo: The Black Tux

Every bride knows that accessories can make or break a big day ensemble. For example, the wrong color tie could completely throw off your groom's entire look, while the right one could take his wedding suit up a notch or two. Because boys can sometimes be a bit clueless when it comes to the whole fashion thing, we hit up the dapper founders of The Black Tux, Andrew Blackmon and Patrick Coyne, to get a little style advice.

For grooms and groomsmen, unique accessories are an easy way to subtly customize your look, they say. "While you definitely don't have to play it safe, you should make sure to not go too over the top, as the last thing a bride wants is someone sticking out like a sore thumb in group photos." We concur! With that said, here are a few accessory rules to school the men in.

Shoes: Let's face it; plastic shoes are simply not comfortable. "If you have to rent plastic however, at the very least, double check that you have the right size or you could end up looking like you're wearing shiny clown shoes," warns Coyne. Better yet, splurge on real leather and your feet will totally thank you later.

Ties: First things first, you'll want to pick a tie that doesn't clash with the bridal party's dresses and accessories, cautions Coyne. Stick to a matching or complementary (think lighter or darker) shade. Neckwear is by far the best way to add color or prints to the groomsmen style, he notes. "Some of our favorite go-tos are gingham, plaid or a subtle variation of black. Linen and chambray options are great for warm weather weddings, and knit bow ties give some dimension to the look."

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Socks: This one is largely up to the bride and groom. Of course, a traditional plain pair of socks will never go out of style though. If you decide to channel the popular trend of each groomsmen sporting a unique pair of colorful or patterned socks, just make sure there's some consistency across the board. For example, each groomsmen could wear striped socks in a different color or similar colored socks in all different patterns.

Everything else: "When it comes to cufflinks, studs, tie clips and pocket squares, we always encourage grooms and groomsmen to choose something out of the box or that reflects their interests," says Blackmon. He added, "Many people try to accessorize to the nines, but in the end, less really is more. If you do decide to add some flair, it shouldn't overpower your tuxedo."

Vote Now for the Brides Live Wedding 2015 Menswear Look!

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May 152015
Brides Live Wedding 2015 Groom Groomsmen Attire

Photo: Courtesy of Men's Wearhouse

Brides Live Wedding 2015 is well underway, with voting for the wedding details halfway complete! Our dream destination wedding is coming together quite nicely, all thanks to your help!

We've taken care of the girls, so now it's time focus on the guys in this year's Brides Live Wedding. Our groom Sean and his groomsmen, after all, have to look just as good as Katie and her bridesmaids will come the big day! Which is exactly why we enlisted Men's Wearhouse to provide our groom and his groomsmen their wedding-day look. From a classic black tuxedo to a beach-ready tan suit, help choose which menswear look will star in our wedding by reading about each style and voting on your favorites below!

Calvin Klein Black Two-Button Framed Notch Lapel
A classic black tuxedo paired with a satin-edge notch lapel will have the groom looking his best.

Joseph Abboud Gray Two-Button Framed Notch Lapel
The latest gray tuxedo from Joseph Abboud is the perfect blend of fit, style, and cool.

Pronto Uomo White Two-Button Framed Peak Lapel
Unique, stylish, and fun, an all-white tuxedo makes a sophisticated statement.

Pronto Uomo Tan 2-Button Notch Lapel Suit
For a casual summer wedding, a tan suit is perfectly effortless and understated.

Voting for the Brides Live Wedding groom and groomsmen look will be open until Monday, May 18. Stay tuned to vote on the rest of the wedding details, too — voting for our bride's big-day beauty look begins Tuesday, May 19!

What to Do When You Hate What Your Groom Wants to Wear

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May 152015
Dumb and Dumber Wedding Attire

Photo: New Line Cinema/Courtesy Neal Peters Collection

So your groom wants to wear an all white suit on your wedding day and all you can picture is Colonel Sanders standing at the end of the aisle? Before you jump the gun and tell him there's no way in hell he's rocking any such getup, try a gentler technique that won't leave his ego feeling bruised and may even result in a change of heart (woohoo!). Relationship expert and author April Masini offers three different tools to pull out of your pocket when you're just not that into his style.

Win him over with flattery
The old saying, you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar, definitely isn't something you should disregard, particularly in a situation like this, says Masini. "It makes a lot of sense, and it costs you nothing to butter him up and see if you can get him in the mood to consider your option." To do so, she recommends saying something along the lines of, "You're so handsome honey, and you look hot in everything you wear. I really like that, but I just think you'd look to die for in this tuxedo I picked out. Would you mind trying it? I'm going to have put myself on ice if you do because I know it's going to be over the top sexy on you!"

Strike a deal
According to Masini, deal making is one of the best tools you can have in a marriage. For it to work however, you must be prepared to be just as generous as he's willing to be, she warns. "In other words, if it doesn't feel like you're sacrificing too, it isn't a good deal." So how do you get the conversation started? Here's what she suggests: "I know you love that plaid tuxedo babe, but it's not the way I figured we'd get married. Is there something I can trade you for not wearing it?" Then let the negotiations begin.

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Decide to simply let it go
You win some and you lose some, so first ask yourself if this is a battle that's really worth fighting. "Marriage is the melding of two people, two styles and, in some cases, two sets of clothing sensibilities," points out Masini. "Can you find it in your heart to marry someone who's awesome and wants to wear something you hate to the wedding? Can you conjure up your sense of humor and imagine that one day you may have little kids together, who have that same sense of style?" After all, it's often better to embrace your differences and learn to live with them, than to stifle something that's possibly not a true deal breaker, she notes.

5 Mistakes Groomsmen Make When Renting Suits and Tuxes

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May 072015
Common Groomsmen Suit Rental Mistakes

Photo: The Black Tux

After a little bit of nagging, you've finally managed to convince your guy to go with his boys to rent their tuxes. Now, how do you ensure they come back looking like a million bucks and not like they stepped straight out of the movie Boogie Nights? To get some answers, we turned to the founders of The Black Tux, Andrew Blackmon and Patrick Coyne. See what they have to say on the topic, and find out what the most common suit and tux rental mistakes are.

Getting the Wrong Size
When it comes to suit rentals, finding the right fit is a huge issue for groomsmen. "A flattering fit can be hard to come by in your typical stores, especially when today's groom is looking for a slimmer style and more custom feel," points out Coyne. To nail the look, he suggests having your groomsmen look out for these cues. "Shoulders should be close to the body but not constricting. Sleeves should be long enough to show a quarter to a half-inch of shirt with your arms at your side and your jacket length should end at the base of your thumbs (with your arms at your side)."

Waiting Until the Last Minute
It's things like this that can turn a sweet as sugar bride into a full-on bridezilla. The longer you wait to get fitted and place an order, the more you stress out the bride-to-be, who has other things to worry about, explains Blackmon. "Do your friend a favor and go as early as possible once you know the group style and look. Same goes for returns; mail or bring back your rental the day after the wedding or you could be charged a delay fee," he warns.

Neglecting the Classics
While this one is obviously up to the bride and groom too, both Coyne and Blackmon recommend choosing a tux or suit for your groomsmen that will stand the test of time. "Rather than picking a unique or crazy colored suit, we always advise our wedding parties to stay within the spectrum of stylish classics," notes Coyne. Think light or charcoal grey, midnight blue, navy or black. "These colors will look tasteful and sophisticated, contrasting nicely and letting the bride shine on her big day." The groom and his party can, of course, have some fun with options like slim suspenders, a standout bow tie or a shawl collar tuxedo.

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Selecting Overused & Outdated Styles
Unfortunately, renting from some of the big-box formalwear stores often means a single suit or tuxedo may have been worn up to 50 times! "This wear and tear really shows, and worn out polyester is definitely not a good look or feel," cautions Coyne. "In most cases, the high price rental doesn't match the low quality, and you're better off going somewhere else." If you're pigeonholed into renting from a specific store though, he suggests trying to request a lesser worn suit or tux.

Forgetting to Check Your Pockets
Before your groomsmen turn in their rentals, remind them to check their pockets for belongings. "At The Black Tux, we've seen it all, from best man speeches to red carpet tickets for the Oscars," says Blackmon.

Simple Ways to Channel the Mismatched Groomsmen Trend

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Mar 192015

Why let your bridesmaids have all the fashion fun? Nowadays, guys are starting to get their friends in on the mismatched groomsmen trend too, and we, for one, couldn't be more supportive! It's a wonderful way to let the boys express themselves in something they feel comfortable wearing (and perhaps, already own), all the while still keeping the look cohesive enough to make for anything but basic photos. If you're searching for some seriously stylish inspiration, we've got all the ideas you could possibly need, courtesy of Chief Creative Director for Men's Wearhouse, Joseph Abboud.

1. Differentiate the accessories
The simplest way to achieve the not so matchy-matchy look? Switch up the accessories, such as the vest and tie, says Abboud. "By choosing from a spectrum of colors in the same color family, groomsmen can easily have different looks but not appear as mismatched." For example, if your bridesmaids are wearing navy, he recommends having the groomsmen select from a vest and tie set that's navy, sky blue or royal blue. Give them the option to choose their favorite shade and everyone wins.

2. Make a statement with ombré
This one might be a bit harder to coordinate if your guy has a ton of groomsmen, however, for a party of five or less it can look truly awesome. "Creating an ombré effect with your entire bridal party allows you to select from a gradient of shades of the same color and makes mixing and matching the accessories easier," points out Abboud. If you do decide to go this route, you can always keep the accessories the same and simply have the groomsmen wear various shades of grey, black, blue (or whatever color you choose) suits.

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3. Try a tonal range of colors
If all out ombré is too difficult to organize and the groomsmen already own suits in your preferred hue, try a tonal range of colors, suggests Abboud. Instead of black, grey and white suits, which could clash, have everyone wear whatever color grey suit they have hanging in their closet right now. Chances are, you'll get a good mix of shades, with some groomsmen "matching" more so than others, making the entire group look perfectly imperfect.

4. Go bold with different colored suits
Feeling adventurous? Have your groomsmen sport mismatched suits that are different without being too different, if you catch our drift. For instance, black, navy and charcoal aren't the same color, yet still pair nicely together. "Accessories, such as socks, pocket squares, studs and cuff links can all be coordinated to create a cohesive, dynamic look," notes Abboud.

5. Mix bow ties with ties
Stray ever so slightly from the standard matching groomsmen look by changing up the neckwear, advises Abboud. "Mixing bow ties with ties and sticking with a color palate but choosing different styles, textures and patterns can be really fun." In fact, this is Abboud's favorite way to channel the trend and we're totally on board with it too!

Non-Floral Boutonnieres Your Groom Will Love

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Mar 172015

It's only fair that your groom looks every bit as stylish as you, and a great way to make sure he stands out is to have him wear a fashionable boutonniere. And while floral bouts are always lovely, let's face it — not all guys are into flowers. So if that's the case, then opt for a unique, non-floral boutonniere that complements his personality and interests. Here are some of our favorites.

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Felt (above): For this groom's nuptials, he sported a felt boutonniere shaped like South Africa as a nod to his home country.

Nautical Rope: If you're marrying by the sea, fashion simple knotted boutonnieres using lengths of rope.

Mini Chalkboards: Groomsmen donned miniature framed chalkboards handwritten with their initials.

Noisemakers: For a more whimsical and unexpected idea, turn festive noisemakers into boutonnieres.

non-floral boutonniere ideas

Photo: JPP Studios

Golf Tees: If your groom is an avid golfer, tie several colorful wooden tees together to form a sporty decoration for his lapel.

Legos: Pay homage to his favorite all-time favorite movie with a Lego Yoda boutonnieres.

Should the Father of the Bride Match the Groomsmen?

 Etiquette, Father-of-the-Bride, Groom Style, Grooms, Groomsmen, Wedding Etiquette  Comments Off on Should the Father of the Bride Match the Groomsmen?
Feb 112015
Father Of The Bride Matching Groomsmen Attire

Photo: Guy Calaf for Christian Oth Studio

Your ceremony may only last for 30 minutes, but wedding photos last a lifetime. So does your wedding party need to wear perfectly complementary looks to create beautiful big-day pictures? For example, what if your husband-to-be and his groomsmen are wearing matching ties, should your dad wear the same one? Our etiquette experts weigh in.

Coordinating clothing and accessories for the groomsmen and bridemaids may be an aesthetically pleasing choice for your wedding, but your father's attire falls under a separate category entirely. Your dad is performing the task of giving you away to your future husband, so he should be allowed to accessorize as he sees fit. However, there are other ways to create a uniform appearance for pictures. You might suggest a tie in the same color family as your fiancé and his groomsmen to your father, which would appear seamless in pictures but allow your dad to express his own style.

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If it is important to yourself and your groom that your father is figuratively included in the wedding party by sporting a matching tie, make the suggestion to your dad, but remember to honor his wishes if he politely declines.

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