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Wedding Lessons From Our Favorite Spooky Brides (Just In Time For Halloween!)

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Oct 252013
Halloween wedding guests

Photo: Lisa Berry

It doesn't matter if you're getting married on Halloween or smack-dab in the middle of summer. Horror-movie brides rock some truly fierce wedding-day looks! What can a bride-gone-wrong teach you about beauty and fashion for your wedding? While you might not want to rock pasty skin and spiders on your big day, these scary ladies are good to keep in mind for avoiding wedding-day blunders, and keep you looking your best.

Miss Havisham

Miss Havisham

Photo: Getty Images

The creepy spinster of Charles Dickens' Great Expectations (and its many film adaptations) refuses to take off her ripped and ratty wedding dress, even years after a disastrous trip down the aisle (which, trust us, is not going to happen to you with these tips!). Surprisingly, there's a lot a bride can learn about how to pick and care for her own dress, like:

DO pick a dress that you'll feel comfortable spending a lot of time in. While you might not wear it nonstop for decades like Havisham, weddings are full day (and night!) affairs. During your fittings, make sure nothing is poking, prodding, itchy or scratchy.

DON'T forget to get your wedding dress cleaned and preserved (if you want to have it for years to come). A dress hanging in a closet is prone to discoloration, wear, and rips over time.

The Bride Of Frankenstein

Bride of Frankenstein

Photo: Getty Images

Not many people can pull off a towering black beehive and a dark lip, but the Bride of Frankenstein is one of them. If you're having trouble deciding on hair and makeup, take some tips from this striking bride:

DON'T shy away from a strong hair or makeup look. You still want to look like yourself, but it's a big day, so you rock some big makeup!

DO schedule a trial run on your hair and makeup before the big day, especially if you're trying something new. You want to make sure you look fantastic, not frightening, and ironing out any kinks before the actual wedding will help the whole day run smoother.

The Corpse Bride

Corpse Bride

Photo: Getty Images

The Claymation star of Tim Burton's musical manages to look great even from beyond the grave. Want to steal a little of her style? All you need to do is:
DO try new ideas for your "something blue". We're not saying to dye your hair like the Corpse Bride (though that would be pretty cool), but try a blue-tinted gown, racy turquoise lingerie, or azure shoes.
DON'T be afraid of unconventional accessories, like a dried flower crown or lacy, fingerless gloves like the Corpse Bride's.

Keep in mind, these tips aren't just for Halloween (and can work well for your bridesmaids, too!) While undead brides might be frightening, there's no reason planning your wedding should be!

—Caitlin Van Horn

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6 Ways to Weatherproof Your Wedding Hairstyle

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Sep 022013
Products to help with frizzy wedding hair

Photo: Yasu + Junko

Sticky and humid conditions mean frizzy locks, while dry and scorching temps can flatten your style. Here are the tips and tools to keep volume under control.

Get comfy in that chair
For brides in both humid and arid pockets of the country, patience is key: While it's no fun to sit through a lengthy blowout when it's 90 degrees outside, hair has to be bone-dry to hold a set, whether it's a chignon or bouncy waves. "When hair is moist, it's heavy," says Ouidad Salon senior stylist Morgan Willhite. "That weight can collapse an updo."

Have a cocktail
Chances are you'll need more than one hair potion to achieve the look you want. That can mean layering—e.g., a gel followed by a serum. But it can also mean mixing two products together to create a customized cocktail. Why the double whammy? "I don't care how great it is; one product can't do everything," says salon owner Antonio Prieto. Cocktailing is key during the tricky summer months, so if that's when your wedding is, be sure to address it in your hair trial.

For frizz prevention, apply gel or serum liberally
"Be organized with your application," advises Willhite. "If you have a lot of hair, sectioning first is a great idea."

To short-circuit flopping, rollers are the bomb
In Denver, where dry heat can make hair droop, salon owner Matthew Morris swears by hot rollers. "They really make the style last," he says. His other big-hair musts: Volumizing shampoo and thickening spray.

Don't overdo it
One mid-reception blast of hairspray or dab of flyaway tamer is fine, but don't go overboard with the touch-ups. "A lot of brides go crazy, and their hair winds up looking crispy," says Prieto. "If there's a little bit of frizz, it's okay." Seriously. It's okay.

Gentle at-home keratin treatments

Photo: Yasu + Junko

Consider keratin
Though the recent "keratin controversy" turns out to be more of a health issue for salon staffers than clients (refresher: The Brazilian Blowout came under fire in 2010, when stylists using the company's formaldehyde-based hair straightener complained of nosebleeds), it paved the way for a host of gentle, formaldehyde-free at-home retexturizers. One application of Bumble and Bumble's new defrizzing Concen-Straight Smoothing Treatment (above, right; $45) lasts for 30 shampoos, and it can be deployed in tandem (or not) with a salon treatment of the same name. Similarly, Pure NV BKT Keratin 2 Go ($50) is the take-out version of the company's straightening services. Salon Sally Hershberger Keratin RX (above, left; $24) is even milder; infused with what Hershlberger calls "cashmere extract," it can be spritzed on every day. Now we can all breathe easier.

—Dana Wood

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Pinterest Wedding Hairstyle We Love: A French-Braided Side Bun

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Jul 022013
Wedding Hairstyle Idea French Braided Side Bun

Photo: Rylee Hitchner

This French-braided bun is a little bohemian, a little fashion forward—and complements practically any face shape (perhaps making it a perfect bridesmaid style, too). If you're a French-braiding whiz, it's also an easy style to do yourself. Helpful hint: Prep with a texturizer. It will be much easier to style, and the braid will stay in place better. Try one of our favorites, Bumble and Bumble Texture Creme.

Check out 9 more gorgeous wedding hairstyles snagged from Pinterest—along with tips for getting each look—in the complete slideshow.

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Pinterest Wedding Hairstyle We Love: A Twisted Low Bun with a Flower Crown

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Jun 212013
Wedding Hairstyle Idea - Low Bun with Flower Crown

Photo: Paper Antler

This bride's romantic vintage aesthetic was perfect for her ceremony at a historic church in Atlanta, followed by a reception at a courtyard with a Tuscan feel. From the intricately twisted bun and simple wreath to the lace gown with a deep V-neck, this is all about the back view. Want to test-drive the look? Her style requires many bobby pins, so use U-shaped pins that are the same color as your hair; they'll blend in seamlessly.

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