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The Photos From This Over-the-Top Halloween Wedding Are Blowing Our Minds

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Nov 012016
nieves zulberbuhler julio santo domingo

Photo: Instagram via Facundogarayalde

When you get married on Halloween, it's usually 'go big or go home' when it comes to theme: costumes, spooky decor, — the works. And to prove our point, television journalist Nieves Zuberbuhler and Argentinian socialite Julio Santo Domingo III got married in Brooklyn this weekend and threw a totally fabulous Halloween party-meets-wedding celebration.

The bride, an Emmy-winning producer for CBS' 60 Minutes and her groom created an enchanted-garden-meets-"Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" wonderland at the Pioneer Works art gallery in Brooklyn, per Page Six, over Halloween weekend. Their lavish, spirited nuptials (or should we say Monster Mash?) were equally matched by an opulent guest list; Princess Caroline of Monaco, Julia and Vladimir Reston Roitfeld, and Nacho Figueras were among those to attend.

Even though the crowd was dressed in over-the-top costumes all around (from unicorns to police officers to skeletons to ravens), the bride opted for a stunning off-the-shoulder white wedding dress by Brandon Maxwell while the groom rocked a traditional musketeer outfit (yes, with a sword and neckpiece to boot!).

"Brandon Maxwell is my favorite designer," the bride shared with Vogue about her wedding dress, which took a total of nine fittings that lasted several hours each. "He's also a talented stylist and photographer, so he planned every single detail of my wedding day — my dress, my hair, my jewelry, and my makeup. It was a treat to share this moment in my life with him," she explained.

So why didn't this Hallow's Eve-loving bride wear a costume even though she encouraged all of her guests to do so? Simple. "If I had walked down the aisle wearing a costume, I would have regretted it forever. I wanted something romantic, inspired by Pre-Raphaelite art," Zuberbuhler said about her nuptials, which took place at the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary Parish in Red Hook, Brooklyn. After the vow exchange, however, she slipped into light-up sneaks and a short white dress (which was actually her dress — CHOPPED short so that she could still be wearing it throughout the night!) to be more comfortable while rocking it on the dance floor at the reception.

"We cut it twice!" said Maxwell about his dress creation, noting that after the ceremony, they made some major scissored cuts. "We added shoulder straps and chopped off the train and sleeves. And then, at around 1:00 a.m., we made it into a minidress so she could wear her light-up shoes!" Now that is quite the commitment to wearing a wedding dress while still staying true to your own style.

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As far as decor, the dark purple lighting added to the eery ambience — complete with a flower wall, "full moon" lighting for a photo op, and a creepy crawly dessert bar and cake situation. To entertain the crowds, the band Oompa Loompa performed. It was truly a spectacular, over-the-top celebration that will definitely go down as one of the most dramatic and entertaining Halloween weddings in recent history. See below for more photos of the epic celebration!

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A stunning @ebomparola dress makes the perfect raven costume #nievesandjulio #wedding #halloween

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It was all a dream #happyhalloween #nievesandjulio * #enchanted #wedding

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And then Cher with Oscar #cherandoscar #nievesandjulio

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Pia and the flower mattress. #nievesandjulio

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Oct 262016

There's no better way to celebrate the eve of your October wedding day than with a haunted bash. Choose from chic Old Hallows Eve dé cor — think pumpkins and lace spider webs — or go for a full-on Halloween-themed rehearsal dinner with spooky treats and ghoulish centerpieces. Whatever haunt you choose, be it vampire fangs or candy corn shots, your guests will be howling at the moon for more. And they'll get it... the next day after you say "I do!"

Halloween Table Centerpiece

Photo: Courtesy of Sophia's Décor

Pumpkin Centerpiece
For a classic centerpiece, use mini pumpkins and pretty candles on top of a tray or runner. To up the spook-factor, use black or purple candles, then decorate the tray and pumpkin vines with plastic spiders. Get the DIY here.

Halloween Jello Shots

Photo: Courtesy of A Beautiful Mess

Candy Corn Jello Shots
Get the party started with a round of everybody's favorite Halloween candy — but in shot form. In three layers — made of condensed milk, orange Jell-o, and yellow food coloring — you're guests will get a sweet treat and a healthy dose of vanilla vodka. Get the recipe here.

Halloween Jalape??o Poppers

Photo: Courtesy of The Hopeless Housewife

Mummy Poppers
Give a nod to your mummy and mummy-in-law with these mummy jalapeño poppers. For a spooky serving trick, lay them on the table in a coffin-shaped tray or box. Get the recipe here.

Halloween Wedding Jack-o-Lanterns

Photo: Courtesy of Purple Ink Graphics

Wedding Jack-o-Lanterns
Pumpkin carving and Halloween go hand-in-hand, so make your creations wedding-themed this year. Carve your wedding date, your names, or a heart into some pumpkins for rehearsal dinner décor, or you can buy a set. (Custom carved pumpkins, $130 for 3, Purple Ink Graphics)

Halloween Sushi Idea

Photo: Courtesy of Chopstick Chronicles

Halloween Sushi
Ask the restaurant to serve your guests some haunted sushi. With the basic ingredients on-hand for regular sushi (mainly sticky rice, nori, and salmon) they can create a skull, pumpkin, or black cat. Get the recipe here.

Hallow Caramel Apple Slices

Photo: Courtesy of Domestically Blissful

Caramel Apples
You don't have to have your guests bob for apples at this Halloween bash. Instead, offer them dessert on a stick — in the form of chocolate and caramel covered apple slices. Plus, slices are much easier to bite into! Get the recipe here.

Halloween Lace Masks

Photo: Courtesy of Light in the Box

Masquerade Wear
If you feel uncomfortable asking guests to arrive in costume, offer them one instead! Place a lace masquerade mask at each seat (they're available in black and white) so everyone can get into the spirit! But find a special pair for you and your fiancé — you'll want to stand out at this ball. (Handmade lace mask, 99 cents each, Light in the Box)

Halloween Cocktail Recipe

Photo: Courtesy of Heather Christo

Bloody Punch
Hauntingly beautiful — and delicious — this blood orange punch is a classic Halloween treat without having to whip out the cauldron. Blackberry soda (and fresh berries) give it its chillingly dark color, and blood orange juice and lime lend a nice sweet and tart note. Oh, and did we mention the rum? Get the recipe here.

Halloween Vampire Teeth Napkin Holder

Photo: Courtesy of Oriental Trading

Fang-tastic Table Display
Take a bite out of this idea: Spray paint plastic vampire teeth silver then use them to hold napkins or escort cards in place. Your guests will be totally vamped, err..., we mean amped over this one! Get the DIY here.

Halloween Soup Recipe

Photo: Courtesy of A Food Centric Life

Spider Soup
There's something in my soup!? Don't be surprised if guests give a little shrill when you serve black bean soup with a sour cream spider web on top. Go the distance and add a spider-shaped piece of pumpernickel bread on the side for an extra fright. Get the recipe here.

Halloween Zombie Bowling

Photo: Courtesy of Happy Hour Projects

Zombie Bowling
If you're the type of couple who likes to incorporate games into your nights out, consider this dead-lightful one. Paint foam heads to look like zombies, then provide guests with the bowling ball. It's the easiest win over a zombie apocalypse they could ever ask for. Get the DIY here.

Halloween Cupcakes Recipe

Photo: Courtesy of Easy Baked

Broken Glass Cupcakes
No, the chef didn't cut his finger — but your guests might not be so sure. Red velvet cupcakes topped with sugar "broken glass" make for a frightfully delicious dessert. Be warned: You'll want to cut into more than one. Get the recipe here.

Halloween Table Runner

Photo: Courtesy of Sin in Linen

Spider Web Table Runner
Whatever your centerpieces, lay them on top of a lace spider web runner. And don't forget to include plenty of plastic spiders along the table to match. (Table running, $24.65, Sin in Linen)

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Halloween Vampire Cookies Recipe

Photo: Courtesy of The Girl Who Ate Everything

Dracula Cookies
Nothing is better than a cookie bar at your party — especially when it's one guests can really sink their teeth into. They'll be doing just that with these vampire-inspired cookies, made with red frosting, marshmallows, and almond sliver fangs. Get the recipe here.

Halloween Pumpkin Vase Idea

Photo: Courtesy of Jenny Steffens Hobick

Pumpkin Vase
For a classic look, use Halloween's standard gourd as a vase on every table. Just carve out the center and scoop out as much flesh as possible. Then add in seasonally colored flowers or go the spooky route and use black and purple roses. Get the DIY here.

Halloween Popcorn Bar

Photo: Courtesy of Catch My Party

Witch's Popcorn Bar
Double, double, toil, and trouble — you'll want to set up this popcorn bar on the double! Set up an area where guests can snack and fill plastic couldrons with various flavors of popcorn. Come up with creative names that sound like a witch's potion to label each cauldron. Get the DIY here.

Halloween Potion Candle Holders

Photo: Courtesy of KarensWineSeller

Potion Candle Holders
Speaking of potions, those apothecary witch's jars make pretty create candle holders. Use the best potion ingredients to light your table and scare your guests as to what's in their dinner. (Candle holders, $30 for 3, KarensWineSeller)

Halloween Pretzel Recipe

Photo: Courtesy of Dessert Now Dinner Later

Ghostly Pretzels
There will be no BOO-hooing over these sweet snacks! White chocolate covered pretzels with candy eyes will be the perfect treat (and yes, trick) to get your guests through the night. Get the recipe here.

Halloween Witch Hat Lights

Photo: Courtesy of Polka Dot Chair

Witch Hat Luminaries
Floating candles are one thing, but floating witches hat are a spook of another color. This magical display is easy to create with battery operated candles and fishing wire. And it adds the perfect charm to your wedding eve dinner. Get the DIY here.

Halloween Mummy Brie Recipe

Photo: Courtesy of Macheesmo

Mummified Brie
Cheese fiends will have this haunted affair all wrapped up. Start the meal off with a creamy brie, wrapped as a mummy in phyllo doe and topped with olive-green eyes. Add raspberry or blackberry jam to the inside for one "bloody" surprise when everyone cuts in. Get the recipe here.

6 Couples Halloween Costumes That Are Too Perfect for 2016

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Oct 242016
Rob and Chyna

Photo: Courtesy of E!

It's everyone's favorite time of year: Halloween, which means you and your fiancé get to dress up as your alter egos. And let's face it, 2016 has been a pretty exciting year for inspiration between movies, political events, celebrity couples, and yes, even mobile apps. So grab your partner and get working on one of these totally-timely Halloween costume ideas for couples.

Rob and Chyna (Above)
It seems every years is all about the Kardashian sisters, but 2016 belonged to their brother Rob and his fiancé Blac Chyna. And we know you've been watching their ups and downs play out on both their new TV show and social media. Give a nod to the expecting couple by dressing as them this Halloween.

For Rob: He's got it easy with this one. Wear fake tattoo sleeves, black pants, a black t-shirt, and Rob's signature ball cap.
For Chyna: Choose a tight dress and stuff it with a pillow to emulate Chyna's baby bump. Or, if you want to fashion yourself after one of the couple's more well-known photo shoots (pictured above), create a baby bump with the fake tattoo "Baby On Board," peeking through a black tank and black pants.

Stranger Things

Photo: Courtesy of Shrimp Salad Circus

Stranger Thing's Eleven and Mike
Admit it: You and your fiancé binged Netflix's Stranger Things within 48 hours. And you couldn't help but fall in love with badass Eleven and her beau Mike. While we can't promise you an adventure into the Upside Down — or Eleven's superpowers for that matter — we can promise a lot of thumbs up for this costume.

For Eleven: Find a shortly cropped wig, or cut a brunette wig to a buzz cut. Put on a pink, '80s style dress with a white color, then top it off with a blue jacket. Add a little fake blood "nosebleed" for full effect.
For Mike: A striped polo shirt with white collar, topped with a khaki jacket. Add khaki pants or '80s-style jeans and sneakers. For the full effect, push a bike around with you.
Get more DIY instructions here.

bad hombre nasty woman

Photo: Courtesy of Etsy

Bad Hombre and Nasty Woman
As a nod to the oh-so controversial 2016 election, without going as straight up Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, we love the idea of dressing up as two of the most memorable memes to come out of the third and final presidential debate. Whichever candidate you're voting for, you have to admit these t-shirts from EpicTees4You's Etsy shop make a super topical AND ultra-easy Halloween costume for you and your future spouse. Pair them with the accessories of your choosing and you're good to go for an epic and memorable Halloween costume.

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Pokemon Go

Photo: Courtesy of Jet.com

Did you and your fiancé fall hard for the PokemonGo app this year? Celebrate your love of capturing Jigglypuffs by dressing up as team trainer Ash and everyone's favorite Pikachu.

For Ash: Jeans, a black t-shirt, a blue jacket with white sleeves, and a red and white cap. Or buy the full outfit here.
For Pikachu: A yellow dress, yellow hat with homemade yellow ears, and a yellow tail. Or buy the costume here.


Photo: Courtesy of Reuters

The Brexit
Before the United States' tumultuous election, there was the Brexit. The division that sent the world reeling may be just what brings you and your intended together this Halloween. One of you will represent the EU, the other Britain. Just remember: Your relationship doesn't have to end like theirs!

For the EU: Wear a blue suit or dress with the flag of Europe's circle of stars sewn or taped on top — include as many circles as you want!
For Britain: Go all out in a Union Jack flag pantsuit or dress.

Suicide Squad

Photo: Courtesy of Brit.co

Suicide Squad's Joker and Harley Quinn
Halloweens past have always belonged to the superheroes, but thanks to The Suicide Squad, this year belongs to the super villains. And who better to dress as than Harley Quinn and the Joker, two of the movie audience's favorites.

For Harley Quinn: Add pink hair coloring to one half of your head, and blue to the other. Throw you hair up in pig tails. Dress in fishnet stockings, high-top converses, and spandex blue and red shorts. Find a white and red baseball tee and add holes to it as your top.
For the Joker: Color your hair bright, neon green then add white face paint and dark red lips to the look. Wear black pants and an open red button up short-sleeve shirt. Add as many fake tattoos as you wish!

From Justin and Britney to Kimye: 5 Halloween Costumes Inspired by Our Favorite Famous Couples

 Celebrity, Celebrity Style, Halloween, News  Comments Off on From Justin and Britney to Kimye: 5 Halloween Costumes Inspired by Our Favorite Famous Couples
Oct 292014
Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake Halloween Costumes

Photo: Getty Images

Still searching for a Halloween costume? We rounded up five of our all-time favorite couples (some real, some fake) for you and your fiancé to channel on October 31.

Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake
Before Kimye, Brangelina, and even Bey and Jay, there was Britney and Justin. Arguably the greatest pop couple of all time, the pair's most memorable red-carpet look had to be their matching head-to-denim ensembles worn to the 2001 American Music Awards. To be Britney, a bejeweled choker and denim maxi dress will do, or a denim bustier and maxi skirt in the classic texture. For Justin, a denim cowboy hat, denim blazer, jeans, and gradient shades which honestly could not be more '90s.

Bianca and Mic Jagger Halloween Costume Ideas

Photo: Getty Images

Bianca and Mick Jagger
When it comes to iconic fashion couples, you aren't going to get much better than Bianca and Mick Jagger. A turban and one-shoulder printed gown will work for the style icon, while a statement necklace (he's eccentric fellas!), '70s-inspired button-front shirt, white blazer, and flares will work for the rock legend.

Olivia Pope and President Fitzgerald Grant Halloween Costume

Photo: Scandal ABC's Instagram

Olivia Pope and President Fitzgerald Grant of Scandal
Though they aren't an official couple, they are certainly one of television's most well-known duos! For Liv, an expertly-tailored all-white look will suffice, accessorized with a great leather handbag. For President Grant, a suit, perfectly-coiffed hair, and an American flag pin will nail his look.

Daisy Buchanan and Jay Gatsby Halloween Costume Idea

Photo: The Great Gatsby's Official Instagram

Daisy Buchanan and Jay Gatsby of The Great Gatsby
Flappers and '20s looks are always popular for Halloween, so be ready for some competition if you go for Daisy and Jay. Who could resist the glamour of the decade? For the lady, you'll need a great headband, bob wig, shimmering and sparkling drop-waist frock, and loads of crystal-embellished baubles. For the man, you'll need slicked back hair and a tux.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Halloween Costume Idea

Photo: Getty Images

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West
Love them or hate them, Kimye is officially the world's most talked about couple. Channel Mrs. Kardashian West in a plunging, form-fitting dress, plus flawless hair and makeup. Since Mr. West tends to complement his wife's fashion choices, guys should go for a button-front shirt exposing some serious chest, leather pants, and boots. Bonus points for the couple who carries a baby doll wearing an outfit that matches Kim's look. (Have you seen North's wardrobe?!)

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