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Nov 152013

From a soft and sweet Denver wedding with vintage details to five useful tips for grooms, we round up some of our favorite blog posts from all over the web.

As the adage goes, less is more. The bride and groom at this Denver wedding kept design minimal but made their event pop by adding only a few key vintage details. —Grey Likes Weddings

If eyes are the windows to the soul, you'll want yours too look romantic and just a little bit sultry on your wedding day. Here are are three easy and gorgeous DIY makeup tips for your eyes. —Brides.com

Grooms-to-be better keep these five super-important things in mind when it comes to their wedding day. —Huffington Post Weddings

Interior design guru Kelly Wearstler shares some of her favorite wedding registry must-haves! —Brides.com

We had to work around the clock to keep up with all of the celebrities who got hitched this summer! If you're feeling inspired by their star-studded nuptials, don't miss these great tips for throwing your own celebrity-inspired celebration. —POPSUGAR

What's your sign? We asked astrology expert Tracy Allen to make planetary predictions for your engagement and beyond. —Brides.com

We love a glam, Roaring Twenties-inspired photo shoot and this beautiful, gold and plum bridal shower shoot is filled with sparkly feminine details. —Green Wedding Shoes

Can you believe that one of our favorite romcoms, Love, Actually, is celebrating its ten-year anniversary this month? Here's why we still consider this film to be our ultimate relationship bible. —Brides.com

Don't forget blooms for the groom-to-be! Here are 10 options for every style of suit and soirée. —Brooklyn Bride

Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine was all smiles watching his fiancée Behati Prinsloo make her way down the catwalk at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. Is this proof that love can change even the most committed bad boys? —Brides

—Donna Kim

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Nov 012013

From a groom who tap-danced his way down the aisle to a gorgeous engagement shoot inspired by Greek mythology, we round up some of our favorite blog posts from all over the web.

When a bride and groom are both professional tap dancers you're going to expect something spectacular—but the groom tapping down the aisle and a Gene Kelly-esque performance to "LOVE" by Nat King Cole? Some one pinch us, please. —Grey Likes Weddings

Halloween may be over, but we're still loving darker, edgier engagement shoots like this one inspired by the Greek myth of Hades and Persephone. The couple wore all-black and the shoot was filled with luxe gold and raspberry hues. —Green Wedding Shoes

Love the stunning bride's makeup on our October/November flip cover? Lucky for you, celebrity makeup artist Kristofer Buckle gave us a step-by-step tutorial on how to achieve this glamorous, modern look. —Brides.com

Dark, luxe stationery adds romance and whimsy to your wedding-day decor. —Oh So Beautiful Paper

Hoping to blend the bride's dream of creating a Jane Austen ball at Netherfield Park with the groom's laid-back beach volleyball style, this adorable couple wed at the beautiful Ojai Valley Inn and Spa in California with stunning results. —Brides.com

Which apps will make your wedding planning process a total breeze? Techies take note! —Huffington Post Weddings

Traditionalists, step aside! These unique engagement rings and one-of-a-kind designs will make you forget all about classic solitaire settings and trendy diamond halos. —Brides.com

This classic golf club wedding is just plain sweet. The stunning bride donned a figure-flattering Monique Lhuillier gown and kept her wedding décor feminine and fresh. —Elizabeth Anne Designs

Who would have thought that Instagram could turn into a one-stop shop for romance? This couple met, fell in love, started dating, and got engaged via comments on each other's Instagram photos. —Brides.com

We can't get enough of fall weddings packed with earthy, Bohemian details. This wedding inspiration shoot even features a tasty sparkling cranberry tea cocktail recipe. —100 Layer Cake

—Donna Kim

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Oct 252013

From a classic Napa Valley wedding to an elegant DIY wax paper invitation project, we round up some of our favorite blog posts from all over the web.

There's something so enchanting and romantic about wine country weddings! This couple completely embraced their venue by hosting their reception in the barrel room. See all of the elegant details including twinkling cafe lights and lush florals, here. —Elizabeth Anne Designs

Get dewy, camera-ready skin for your wedding day by diving in to our top picks for at-home masks and skin treatments. —Brides.com

If only all DIYs were this easy! This stunning wax paper invitation project is not only simple enough for craft-challenged brides to complete, but the end product looks totally professional. —Once Wed

Thinking about asking a friend to coordinate details for your wedding day instead of hiring a professional wedding planner? Listen to what our wedding etiquette experts have to say before taking the plunge. —Brides.com

Most jack-o'-lanterns are fiendish and scary, but this incredible design is actually quite romantic! This husband-to-be etched out an image of him and his fiancée against a skyline. Take a look at the impressive carving, here. —Huffington Post Weddings

In the spirit of Halloween (and couples!), we came up with five genius costume ideas for you and your significant other—one for every kind of couple whether you're history buffs or pop culture vultures. —Brides.com

Your engagement shoot provides the perfect opportunity to creatively incorporate save-the-date details. See how you can use Scrabble tiles, sports jerseys, sidewalk chalk, and more! —POPSUGAR

This fairytale-like real wedding, held in a historic national ornamental metal museum in Memphis, Tennessee, is filled with romantic and touching moments. (We're also so in love with the bride's Vera Wang strapless gown!) —Brides.com

Such an ingenious idea! Post-wedding, screen your wedding video with your closest friends in an outdoor movie night—complete with cold beers and festive decorations. —100 Layer Cake

Our guest blogger Ilana Stern from Weddington Way shares four extremely useful and helpful tips for how to have the most amazing wedding week with your family and friends in her latest blog post. —Brides.com

—Donna Kim

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5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Wedding Videographer

 Digital Weddings, Huffington Post, Wedding News  Comments Off on 5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Wedding Videographer
May 082013
huffpo weddings logo

6 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Wedding Videographer

Photo: Getty Images

We all know there's a ton of questions and tedious research when planning your wedding—especially at the beginning. During the course of it all, you ask all your married friends what vendors they used and see how much of their brain you can pick. Calling the entire process "overwhelming" would be an understatement. One of the most underrated and underused vendor is the videographer. You'll hear brides raving about their florist, their planner and of course they want an amazing photographer, but a videographer is always seen as an added expense. Trust me, you may see it as an unnecessary expense, but here are a few reasons why that expense is worth every penny:

1. You can play celebrity for a day! Celebrities are often seen as "so lucky" because the whole world knows their name and wants to be near them. Your wedding day is the one day where you're the bell of the ball. It's not about your cool older brother or your gorgeous best friend, it's about you. Celebrities grow up on camera and have the luxury of watching themselves grow as a person. This is your opportunity to say, "this was me... then." You can admire how beautiful your dress flowed while you were dancing your first dance, or how emotional you were when your sister said her first speech. You'll forget all the little things you did that day, but the videographer will help you remember.

2. You can create the soundtrack of your relationship. Getting married is one of (if not the) most important days of your life. I don't know about you but I've always wanted to be in a music video. (Yes, I know it's a very strange want, but I think it's cool!) Unless you're in the entertainment industry or have seriously crisp Mac Pro skills, when will you get a chance to be the "it girl" in a music video? Most likely never. Here's your opportunity! Although this is only one day, you'll get to hear and watch your relationship's story come to life. Whatever song you choose to represent your love, it will live in your heart and the images of that video will be alive in your mind forever.

3. You can be a fly on the wall. You're often told that your wedding day goes by as fast as a camera flash... and it's very true. Right after "you may kiss the bride," you're at the "last dance" before you know it—and then it's all over. It's amazing how much action happens on that very day and unless you're Wonder Woman, it's impossible to be everywhere at once. Your photographer may capture your groom putting on his socks and cuff links, but they won't capture the moment of when your husband-to-be looks in the mirror one last time and says to himself "this is it" before heading to the ceremony. Or when his best man smiles at him and says, "You ready, bro?" You'll be lucky enough to be that fly on the wall and watch as your very own husband is about to take you as his wife. Then there's that moment when you're walking down the aisle, but your eyes are abundantly filled with tears of joy as you're trying to keep it together. You're so emotional seeing your loved ones surrounding you that you can barely see ahead. You'll want to see every expression on your husband's face, from the moment the doors fling open.

4. You can watch bloopers. If you got a good videographer they should definitely offer you the "extra" footage that didn't make it into the video for everyone to see. You'll spend hours crying from laughter. It's amazing what people say when they forget they're being filmed!

5. You can build family ties. This may be the last point but it's certainly not the least. Unfortunately family members and elders won't be around forever. Whether he's walking you down the aisle or participating in that father-daughter dance, capturing the memory and the moment with your father will be footage you will cherish as long as you can remember it. Or how about when your mom is helping you put on your veil and tearing up as she ties your sash? Or when your grandparents see you for the first time in that gorgeous gown as they stand there watching you and reminiscing about their own wedding? After those loved ones are gone, you'll be so grateful you paid someone to film your wedding. Family members live for moments like this, and not letting them relive the moments by watching the video would be an injustice.

Huffington Post contributor Maram Canawati Nassar is the founder of Something Treasured, a bridal accessories company.

Maram Canawati Nassar, Huffington Post Weddings

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7 People You Definitely Don’t Have to Invite to Your Wedding

 Digital Weddings, Huffington Post, Wedding News  Comments Off on 7 People You Definitely Don’t Have to Invite to Your Wedding
May 012013
huffpo weddings logo

7 People You Definitely Don't Have to Invite to Your Wedding

Photo: Getty Images

Creating a guest list is notoriously one of the most fraught parts of the wedding planning process. To make this task a bit easier on you—and your relationship—here are seven types of people you can consider leaving off your list, in no particular order.

1. The "B" Listers. When you start making your guest list, separate the people you must have at your wedding (the "A" list) from those you'd enjoy having there but don't feel like their presence is crucial (the "B" list). Just because you were close with someone in college, or were invited to their wedding five years ago doesn't mean you are required to invite them to your own nuptials, especially if you've lost touch. A wedding is not a reunion; it's about celebrating your union with your partner.

2. Exes. Unless your ex is your best friend and your partner has no qualms whatsoever about your close relationship, there is absolutely no reason to invite former lovers to your wedding. It's not so much the fact that they are a part of your past, but how will your new spouse react if your former flame pulls you onto the dance floor? (Or if his did the same to him?)

3. Plus-Ones. Etiquette experts have a number of opinions on who gets a plus one: Some say any single person over the age of 18 (others go as low as 16), while some say that you're only required to give a guest a plus one if he or she is cohabiting with a partner. When it comes to your unattached guests, however, I say let the singles mingle, unless you have very few singles invited and you run the risk of just a few loners.

4. Your Boss. Although it may seem awkward not to invite your boss, it may be even more awkward to invite him or her, especially if no one else from work is on your guest list. While etiquette once dictated that your boss was a must-invite, I say it depends on your office culture, the size of your team, and how comfortable you feel around your boss in general. Your wedding is intimate, no matter how many guests you have, and you want to feel at ease.

5. Relatives or Friends Famous for Behaving Badly at Parties. Your wedding day should be a stress-free as possible—you shouldn't have to worry about Uncle Mort drinking too much and causing a scene, or your sorority friend starting drama with your bridesmaids. Anyone with a track record of causing major problems at parties should be carefully considered before you send him or her an invite.

6. Distant Relatives. While blood might be thicker than water, your friends likely know you, and your spouse-to-be, better than your second cousin removed on your mother's side. Family doesn't automatically make the guest list, especially if you don't have a relationship besides sharing a last name. If you are questioning inviting an estranged relative over a friend...invite the friend.

7. Neighbors. Just because you share a morning greeting doesn't mean you should feel guilty not inviting the people who live next door. While it might have been customary to invite the neighbors to your nuptials at one time, now it's far less common—unless of course you're legitimately friends with your neighbors and get together socially. If not, don't feel bad about leaving them off the list.

Huffington Post contributor Renee Strauss is a bridal stylist who currently stars in TLC's Brides of Beverly Hills.

Renee Strauss, Huffington Post Weddings

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