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5 Real Brides Who Rocked Statement Wedding Day Jewelry

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Jul 082016

While a dainty silver pendant or pearl studs are a no-fail classic and elegant option for bridal accessories, we do love a good piece of statement jewelry on the big day. After all, rocking something a little different can show off the bride's style. Some brides shy away from glamorous and bold jewelry, and we don't blame them — it can certainly be intimidating to pick a piece that's complementary to your look and not overpowering. But it doesn't have to be, as long as you take a few things into consideration to guide your selection process.

The neckline of your wedding dress will often dictate the necklace style you choose. A strapless gown, high neckline with a canvas of fabric as a backdrop, and a wide neckline such as a boatneck are all great options for a statement necklace as opposed to a one-shouldered dress, which is already a bold statement in itself. Does your neckline call for a large piece of jewelry? That's when a pair of grand statement earrings comes in!

Also think about your hairstyle — if you're donning an updo, it's the perfect opportunity to show off a pair of statement earrings. Hair down? It might hide your lobes, so consider a statement necklace instead. If you think a statement necklace doesn't look good with your dress's neckline and you're wearing your hair down, wear a pair of longer earrings so they can shimmer through your tresses. Either way, statement jewelry can be pulled off with almost any hairstyle.

Most of all, try to stick with just one big bauble — necklace or earrings. Wear both and they'll overwhelm each other and overshadow your dress. That said, remember that your dress is the star of your bridal look — make sure whatever jewelry you do choose only enhances it. Go with your instinct! These brides did.

Jeff Sampson

Photo: Jeff Sampson

An elegant v-neck elegantly frames this bride's vintage-inspired sparkle and shine from J.Crew.

Dusty rose pendants are classy and chic.

This fun and playful statement necklace is more complementary than overwhelming with its ivory color.

Elaborate sparkling silver earrings like these add a strikingly romantic touch.

eric mcvey

Photo: Eric Mcvey

Another J.Crew beauty, this dazzling necklace instantly glams up this bride's look.

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Wedding Ring Engraving Tips: How to Choose Something Timeless

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Jul 022016
wedding ring engraving ideas

Photo: Katelyn James

Engraving your partner's ring can be a stressful endeavor. Not only do you have to choose the words he or she will wear forever, but you're limited to the size of your partner's ring finger. Talk about tough. But our experts are here to ease your stress, with their top tips for picking the perfect engraving for your partner's wedding band.

Learn about your ring's restrictions.
Before you make any grand plans for the engraving you'll place inside your partner's wedding band, "it's important to talk to the retailer and learn more about any restrictions they may have on engraving and be sure what you're planning to engrave will work within those restrictions," says Oded Edelman, cofounder of James Allen. For example, your jeweler may have restrictions based on the number of characters.

As Stephanie Maslow-Blackman, owner of Metalicious, points out, the number of characters you can place inside the band is limited to the length of the inner circumference of the ring. "The larger the finger size, the longer the circumference and the more words you can fit inside your ring," she explains. "You want to keep the engraving fairly simple and legible since it will be so small."

Choose something to last a lifetime.
What resonates with your partner today may not mean anything to him or her 20 years from now. "When choosing an engraving, it's important to think about what will be relevant and personal to you both today and for years to come," says Edelman, who points out that many couples choose to engrave a date, such as their wedding date, because those numbers will never go out of style.

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But numbers are hardly your only option. "Choosing your engraving is where you can get really personal and customize your wedding bands so that they more fully represent the bond between you and your partner," says Maslow-Blackman. "Some couples have asked me to engrave nicknames or funny phrases that will only make sense to them, and others have gone romantic and had me engrave a few words from their favorite love poem." Whatever you decide, don't let it stress you out. "If you're stuck then I recommend that you go with something simple like your wedding date or your initials," says Maslow-Blackman. "It makes your bands unique and special and will be a symbol of your love for your partner."

Keep the font simple.
Serif and script fonts may look pretty in theory, but on such a small band, they're often difficult to read. "I recommend using non-serif fonts because they are easier to read than serif fonts, and definitely no scripted fonts," says Maslow-Blackman. "It can look pretty on paper and invitations, but inside a ring where there's not a lot of contrast between the engraving and the metal it will be difficult to read."

Talk to your partner first.
Some couples keep their ring engravings as secret as they did their proposals. And while you can keep the message a surprise, it's a good idea to get on the same page about whether you'll each add an engraving to one another's rings. "The worst feeling would be to know that your partner took the time to have your band engraved and expected you to do the same and you didn't," says Maslow-Blackman. "So step number 1 is to decide to engrave or not to engrave. Step number 2 is whether to share or not. Some couples like the surprise aspect and others have known for a long time what they want to have engraved. And some couples go so far as to only show their engraving to one another and no one else. It's completely up to you."

A Jeweler’s Tips for Shopping for Your Wedding Bands

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Jun 042016

Photo: Getty Images

While engagement rings usually get all the attention, from finding your style to taking the perfect ring selfie, there are two other rings that are equally as important (if not more so!) that you can't forget about: Your wedding bands. If your engagement ring symbolizes the love it took to get engaged, your wedding band symbolizes your commitment to one another, and the future you're building together. It's a pretty big statement to leave until the last minute, no? So instead of aimlessly wandering into a jewelry store with no plan in mind, we turned to Jennifer Gandia, owner of Greenwich St. Jewelers in New York City, for her top wedding band-shopping tips that will take those rings from an afterthought to a symbol you're excited to flaunt.

Shop Early
Contrary to what most wedding planning timelines state, you should actually be looking for your wedding band early on in the planning process. "It's the one thing that's going to last the longest," says Gandia. She recommends buying wedding bands when you've still got room in your budget so you don't fall in love with something you can't afford, or feel limited by whatever funds are left. "People often don't know what wedding bands cost, so shopping before your budget has been stretched will let you consider more options." And don't forget how long it takes to make the rings! "You want to leave enough time for the ring to be created. Wedding bands are often customized or special-ordered, so you'll want extra time to work with," she explains. Whether that means ordering your dream ring in a different metal or having it engraved, shopping during the last few months of your engagement could put you in a serious time crunch. Why the changed timeline? Says Gandia, "Most jewelry stores don't make things in-house anymore, so the process can take longer than it did a few decades ago."

Gather Inspiration
Just like you did for your engagement ring and other wedding details, browse the web for examples of rings you love. Keep an eye out for pairings you love, and bring images with you when you start shopping — this will give your jeweler an idea of where to start. "Don't be afraid to get adventurous, whether it's mixing metals or including different colored stones," says Gandia. Another trend on the rise? Women who don't mind the gap. "Flush-fit bands were a huge trend for a long time, but now more women are choosing straight bands that set their engagement ring apart. It allows your engagement ring to really stand out," she explains. Whether you love the idea or are still drawn to flush-fit styles, gather examples of what you don't like, too. "Often times, the list of what you don't like is very specific, which will help narrow things down even more than examples of what you love," says Gandia.

Go Back to the Source
One of the first places to look for a wedding band is the store where your engagement ring was purchased. "A lot of ring designers are also making bands to match, so if you want a complete set, visiting the store where your fiancé bought your engagement ring is the best place to start," Gandia explains. She also recommends it because it will give you a chance to get familiar with the services that the jewelry store offers. "Even if the jeweler gave your fiancé the low-down on all of their services, that information doesn't always get passed on to you. Go back in to find out what kinds of services you'll get over the lifetime of your engagement ring, such as regular cleaning and services to repair loose stones," she says. Those services usually apply to your wedding band, too. "Wedding bands have even more wear and tear than an engagement ring, since they're often worn on their own for everyday activities," Gandia says. "Be sure to confirm what kind of care your band can get, especially if the design has gemstones or prongs that can get worn or chipped."

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Set a Budget
Even if you're shopping while there are still plenty of dollars in your bank account, have a range in mind when you head to the jewelry store so your jeweler knows what to show you. You also have a lot of other things to pay for as you're planning, so know what you're comfortable spending. "But stay open — you might get to the store and be surprised or fall in love with something," Gandia says. Your jeweler will be able to show you things in your price range, as well as offer ways to customize things to keep them within your budget if your dream ring has a higher price tag.

Get Ready to Sparkle! BaubleBar’s Latest Wedding Jewelry Collection Is Here

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May 112016
Baublebar Wedding Jewelry Collection

Photo: Courtesy of Baublebar

The jewelry you choose to complement all of your pre-wedding party and ceremony looks is just as important as the actual ensembles. They should reflect your personal style and aesthetic, no small feat but definitely a lot of fun as you get to play around with different baubles. Your engagement party, bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, and of course the big day: these are just a sampling of all the occasions on which you'll need great jewelry to accompany your fashion choices. The money can certainly start to add up if you're going for different earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and more for each getup. But not to fret—Baublebar has just released a wedding jewelry collection brimming with gorgeous designs that won't break the bank.

Baublebar Wedding Jewelry Collection 1

Photo: Courtesy of Baublebar

Exuding elegance and class, these are the kind of pieces that can be worn again and again for years to come. Each is crafted from sterling silver and cubic zirconia crystal work, so the look is completely refined and high-quality, and the best part, nothing costs over $125, so you won't have to worry about going over your budget.

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Baublebar Wedding Jewelry Collection 2

Photo: Courtesy of Baublebar

If you're still on the fence about how to save some coins when it comes to your wedding jewelry, here are some tips from Baublebar's co-founder Daniella Yacobovsky.

Keep an open mind about possibilities, so that your personal style doesn't end up being sacrificed for your budget.
"You shouldn't have to sacrifice your style (or budget) when it comes to buying jewelry for your big day," says Yacobovsky. If you approach finding the right accessories with an open mind, you may unexpectedly fall in love with pieces you never would have tried before.

Baublebar Wedding Jewelry Collection 3

Photo: Courtesy of Baublebar

You can never go wrong with timeless jewelry.
For the ceremony, Yacobovsky suggests, "classic pieces that add just the right amount of sparkle to compliment your bridal look." We couldn't agree more!

Baublebar Wedding Jewelry Collection 4

Photo: Courtesy of Baublebar

Baublebar Wedding Jewelry Collection 5

Photo: Courtesy of Baublebar

Go for one of your favorite trends for your engagement party and rehearsal dinner.
"Don't forget to accessorize for all of the amazing pre-wedding events," urges Yacobovsky. "They're a great opportunity to try bolder trends and show off your personal style."

Like Candice Swanepoel’s $10 Million Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra? Then You’ll Love These Jewels For Your Wedding!

 Jewelry, Wedding Jewelry, Wedding News  Comments Off on Like Candice Swanepoel’s $10 Million Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra? Then You’ll Love These Jewels For Your Wedding!
Oct 182013
Victoria's Secret Fantasy bra Candice Swanepoel

Photo: Victoria's Secret

It's safe to say Victoria's Secret has done it again: This year's Fantasy Bra (excuse us, "Royal Fantasy Bra"), modeled by Candice Swanepoel and valued at $10 million, is the perfect fusion of romantic lingerie and decadent jewelry that we never even knew we wanted. Every year since 1996, VS has enlisted the help of famous jewelers to bedazzle one of their bras, to be worn by a specially anointed Angel during the annual televised fashion show. We're surprised that bride-to-be fellow Angel Behati Prinsloo was bypassed for the honor, but Swanepoel is made for the bra (or vice-versa: jeweler Mouawad made a cast of Swanpoel's assets before designing the one-of-a-kind item). While it's tempting to fantasize how to work ruby-encrusted lingerie into your wedding day look like a British royal would, may we suggest putting your bling where your guests can see it? It's easy to snag some Swanepoel-like sparkle with these pieces below.

David Yurman ruby engagement ring

Photo: David Yurman

Fiery rubies steal the show in this year's bra. This scarlet solitaire from David Yurman gives a stand-out bride some of the same edgy vibe, with an unconventional, near-neon hue in a traditional cut. Harry Winston also has several gorgeous ruby options, like this oval stunner and another with dazzling micropavé diamonds.

De Beers earrings

Photo: De Beers

Brides already know that flowers aren't just for your wedding bouquet, especially when they come in juicy jewel tones and buttery yellow gold like those on the straps of the Fantasy Bra. These blossom-inspired earrings from De Beers add just the right dreamy floral touch.

Shaesby citrine drop earrings Rogers Jewelers diamond teardrop necklace

Photos: Shaesby (left), Rogers Jewelers (right)

What is it about pear-shaped gems that's so subtly sexy? Is it it's unexpected shape, or how pear-cut diamonds seem more sparkly than they have any right to be? Regardless, give even a mere mortal bride a necklace with a teadrop-shaped-diamond, or tapered hoops like the ones above, and watch her go all va-va-voom just like Swanepoel.

So no worries if there isn't a blinged-out bra accompanied by two body guards in your future—after all, hiding it under your dress seems like a bit of a waste. And with jewels on your fingers (or ears or neck or wrist!) instead of on your cleavage, it's easy show it off without scandalizing grandma!

—Caitlin Van Horn

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Jun 182013
Romantic Wedding Dress Jewelry Style Romantic Wedding Jewelry from De Beers

Photos: Jason Walker and Shannen Norman of Ira Lippke Studios (top); Courtesy of De Beers (bottom)

While every wedding is romantic, certain soirées add an extra degree of warmth and intimacy to the proceedings making it an event to remember. Enhance the vibe of your special day with wedding jewelry: A pink gold and diamond heart pendant achieves a traditionally romantic feel, while diamond drop earrings are a royally glamorous way to show your love.

We asked the lovely ladies behind 100 Layer Cake to share their favorite pieces from the De Beers collection for a classic. Read about their picks below, and visit the complete slideshow to see more sparkling jewelry ideas for a modern and a classic wedding.

1. "Wear your hair up to show off these pretties and add a major touch of glam."
—100 Layer Cake

Style J2FQ02Z00W, Eternity Drop Earrings, $4,000, De Beers

2. "Dainty and sweet, this diamond heart pendant is perfect for your wedding day, or any day for that matter."
—100 Layer Cake

Style J5DD35Z00K, De Beers Diamond Heart Pendant, $2,000, De Beers

3. "A delicate and simple piece, great for everyday."
—100 Layer Cake

Style J3HA07Z00Y, Azulea Bangle Yellow Gold, $2,800, De Beers

4. "The organic shapes in this beauty have such a delicate, lyrical quality about them. It's perfect for the bohemian bride."
—100 Layer Cake

Style J1FW02Z00K, Adonis Rose Band, $3,700, De Beers

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Jun 112013
Classic Wedding Dress Classic Wedding Jewelry from De Beers

Photos: Michelle Gardella (top); Courtesy of De Beers (bottom)

Opting for a classic wedding style guarantees that you'll love your photos for years to come. Think elegant, traditional details, romantic flowers, and, of course, eternally stylish jewelry to complement. Diamond solitaire earrings and necklaces are always a popular touch, while a sparkling tennis bracelet can offset an otherwise simple gown. And though each of these items can be worn again and again, it's also fun to incorporate one statement piece—like this retro-inspired ring—that's special to your wedding day.

We asked the lovely ladies behind 100 Layer Cake to share their favorite pieces from the De Beers collection for a classic. Read about their picks below, and visit the complete slideshow to see more sparkling jewelry ideas for a modern and a romantic wedding.

1. "A staple in your wardrobe, diamond stud earrings really are a girl's best friend."
—100 Layer Cake

Style J2EX01B02P, DB Classic Stud Earrings, price upon request, De Beers

2. "Sometimes, simple is the best. This makes a bold statement without trying too hard."
—100 Layer Cake

Style J5HE01B10P, De Beers Signature Pendant, price upon request, De Beers

3. "This band of diamonds kisses your skin and is high on the sparkle meter."
—100 Layer Cake

Style J3DW04Z30W, Eternity Line Bracelet, $13,900, De Beers

4. "If you want to make a statement, this ring will do it. We love the retro feel it exudes."
—100 Layer Cake

Style J1FW05Z00W, Adonis Rose Cluster Ring, $20,000, De Beers

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Jun 052013
Modern Wedding Dress Modern Wedding Jewelry from De Beers

Photos: Heather Kincaid (top); Courtesy of De Beers (bottom)

Modern wedding style is all about clean lines and graphic shapes, which makes your wedding jewelry the perfect place to incorporate more delicate details like pretty pavé diamond bangles and floral-inspired rings. We asked the blogging beauties behind 100 Layer Cake to share their favorite pieces from the De Beers collection for a modern wedding. Read about their picks below, and visit the complete slideshow to see more sparkling jewelry ideas for a classic and a romantic wedding.

1. "We love the two-toned effect created with these beautiful pink diamonds surrounding the main star."
—100 Layer Cake

Style J2DD01B10C, De Beers Aura Stud Earrings

2. "This classically pretty pendant is sure to catch everyone's attention."
—100 Layer Cake

Style J5DD05B05W, De Beers Aura Pendant

3. "Wear this bangle on your first dance, to shimmer on your love's shoulder."
—100 Layer Cake

Style J3DD01Z00W, Classic One Row Pav Round Bangle

4. "This lacy band of diamonds is just oh-so gorgeous."
—100 Layer Cake

Style J1FK02Z00W, Enchanted Lotus Band

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