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Katherine Heigl Is Starring In Another Rom-Com (Plus, Streaming Movies to Watch This Weekend!)

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Oct 262013
Katherine Heigl

Photo: Getty Images

Katherine Heigl, of 27 Dresses and The Big Wedding fame, is set to star in another bride-centric romantic comedy (and we are so not complaining). Her fun and funny movies are the take-a-break-from-wedding-planning, lay-on-your-couch-with-ice-cream kind of flicks that we never tire of. According to Variety, her new movie Jenny's Wedding sounds like a return to classic Heigl: Her character shakes up her conservative family when she finally decides to get married. The film doesn't have a release date yet, but to tide you over, we rounded up some of our favorite rom-coms to help you de-stress over the weekend. (Bonus: they're all streaming online. No need to leave your house!)

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Love Actually: The weather's getting colder and we're starting to see holiday decorations in stores. That means it's time to break out this British ensemble-cast classic. How can you resist Liam Neeson, Emma Thompson, Hugh Grant, and Colin Firth, plus Keira Knightley's wedding, and tons of romantic misadventures? You can't and you shouldn't, but don't forget the tissues for this one.

13 Going On 30: Sometimes, romance needs a little (literal) magic. In this 2004 gem, Jennifer Garner's character transforms from geeky 13-year-old to 30-year-old career woman overnight after wishing on some magic dust. While trying to figure out how to save the magazine she works for, she also realizes her childhood crush is engaged. Hilarity and romance ensues! (Keep your eyes peeled for a killer strapless ball gown wedding dress!)

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Hulu Plus
Bridal Fever: Sometimes you just need a fluffy, made-for-TV movie, and this underrated 2008 romp is top-of-the-line in that category. A single book editor moves to the south to help edit the salacious memoirs of a romance writer, and gets caught in between the attention of a successful lawyer and a sensitive bookstore manager along the way. It's perfect for anyone who loves books and romance. (Hint: That's everyone).

Moonrise Kingdom: It's safe to say that Wes Anderson makes the movies that Pinterest boards are made of. If he was a wedding planner, we have no doubt he'd be in high demand. We love a good camp-themed wedding, and Moonrise Kingdom doesn't disappoint—not to mention, it's full of some great wedding songs.

Magic Mike: Stressed out about your wedding? Think about the bachelorette party instead! Ninety minutes of Channing Tatum dancing onscreen should leave you without a care in the world.

—Caitlin Van Horn

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This Week on I Dream of NeNe: The Wedding— Bridesmaidzillas and Botox

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Oct 162013

Each week we'll be chronicling the ups and downs on Bravo's I Dream of NeNe: The Wedding. From wedding planner snafus to prenup negotiations and bridesmaidzilla blowouts, tune into our recaps of the Real Housewives of Atlanta star's road to the altar.

With only two weeks until the wedding, NeNe has a lot on her plate. Her wedding venue of choice, a romantic Versailles-style garden, won't be able to be outfitted, tents and all, according to her vision in time. Her fiancé, Gregg, is hesitant about signing a prenup. But worst of all, her bridesmaids are continuing to act like grade-A divas.

Nene Leakes bridesmaid drama

Photo: Courtesy of Bravo TV

NeNe's nine bridesmaids (see above)—or as she's previously dubbed them, "Bridesmaidzillas"—are impossible to please. Despite donning customized bridesmaid dresses, fitted to each and every one of their curves, and receiving comped Christian Louboutin nude peep-toe pumps (which cost $1,100 a pop!), the ladies still pile on the complaints. Buying nine pairs of red-soled Louboutins is a hefty price to pay for your 'maids—especially when bridesmaids traditionally pay for their wedding day look, head-to-toe, themselves. Wouldn't an initial necklace, or a more traditional bridesmaid gift like a monogrammed robe served as a better surprise? We understand that NeNe wants her wedding to look a certain way, and maybe her 'maids can't afford a Hollywood-worthy affair, but Loub's are a bit too much in our book. Worse yet, the girls are beyond ungrateful! Marlo claims to hate peep-toes, and calls one of NeNe's other bridesmaids, Pat, "Chuckles" the clown behind her back.

Rather than yell, NeNe finds a more sly way to stick it to her pestering gal pals—literally. Leakes secretly sets up appointments for the girls to get Botox and fillers as payback for all of the headaches they've given her during the planning process (at which point, she not-so-secretly let's them know that they need beautifying). As NeNe reveals, "My idea of payback... 'pinch pinch pinch.'"

Nene Leakes Bridesmaid Botox

Photo: Courtesy of Bravo TV

The needles pinch to no avail. At a "Spilling the Tea, tea party," Leakes' favorite ladies manage to spoil something meant to be sophisticated. The plan was to pass the teapot. Then, whomever held the teapot could "spill the tea" about whoever they felt was unjustly throwing them shade so that the group could collectively move on and stop bickering. However, after Pat spills the tea about being called "Chuckles," Diana nabs the pot, and goes on and on about what everyone was doing to her.

Nene Leakes Bridesmaids Spill the Tea Party

Photo: Courtesy of Bravo TV

In the end, Diana calls NeNe to talk. She starts by saying that NeNe should shut all of the drama down, but NeNe comes back and says that Diana needs to sit there, take it, try to be a friend, and try to have fun. Although the other girls are also at fault, Diana's poor attitude and uninviting nature is contributing to it and she needs to acknowledge that fact. Kind words end the conversation—for now.

Be sure to check in for our recap next week, after NeNe and Co. travel down to Cancún for her bachelorette party!

—Lauren Frankfort

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This Week on Say Yes to the Dress—Non-Traditional Brides Go Traditional

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Oct 122013

Each week we'll be chronicling wedding dress shopping trials and tribulations on TLC's Say Yes to the Dress. From family feuds to consultant faux pas to falling in (and out) of love with a gown, we're taking notes from the best of what "Brideday" has to offer.

Last night's Say Yes to the Dress tackled a wedding dress dilemma many edgy brides face: Finding an out-of-the-box gown that still reads bridal.

For the modern soon-to-be Mrs., this conflict is all too common. Non-traditional wedding dresses are becoming so popular (See: Ombré, black-and-white, and asymmetrical-length dresses on the Spring 2014 runways) that they've practically become traditional. After all, Vera Wang showed bold coral wedding dresses on the runway just yesterday, and Rachel McAdams gets married in a candy apple red gown in her upcoming movie.

Another case in point: One of this episode's alternative brides, Emily Ellis, wants something overtly classic. This lawyer-by-day, rocker-by-night envisions herself in a Victorian-inspired gown.

What do we mean by this? We're talking a super high neckline and long sleeves to completely contrast her "black" personal style. The first dress she slips into, a long-sleeved lace A-line gown with a high illusion neckline, is perfect. So perfect that she says she pictures her grandmother wearing that dress on her wedding day.

For her second round of try-ons, Emily tries on a ruched tulle and lace mermaid gown with a deep V-neck and three-quarter-length sleeves. To put it simply, the dress looks stunning on the alternative, raven-haired bride. Looking at this modern, sexy, and stylish option, Emily realizes that the first gown was perfect—but maybe too predictable. The second gown gives her exactly what she needed, and is more unexpected. As she says to her girls, "I look like a dead bride and I love it." After getting jacked up in a veil and headpiece, the bohemian bride says yes to the $6,400 Monique Lhuillier dress.

The takeaway? Sometimes what you think you want isn't what you need—even if you rock an alternative style, let your dress surprise you.

The episode's second bride, Brittany Smith, rocks about 14 tattoos across her body (she told her consultant Diane that she has so many she's lost count). Rather than try to hide them like many brides opt to do, Smith elects to show them off. The first dress, a slinky lace sheath with an open back displays her wing tattoo perfectly. While she adores this unconventional option, her entourage wants to see her in something more bridal.

After trying on a ruffled A-line gown with a sweetheart neckline, Brittany settles on a happy medium: A lace sweetheart Eugenia mermaid dress that hugs her curves. The complete opposite of Emily, Brittany came in looking for something out-of-the-box but ended up finding a dress that was a bit more classic than she anticipated.

Lesson learned? Work with what you've got rather than try to fit the mold of "a bride." And don't be afraid to surprise yourself!

—Lauren Frankfort

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Stephen Colbert to the Rescue! How He Saved a Government Shutdown Wedding

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Oct 082013

What would you do if your iconic wedding ceremony venue suddenly closed? Enlist the help of Stephen Colbert, of course!

That's what Mike Cassesso and MaiLien Le did when the Jefferson Memorial, which was supposed to host their nuptials, closed to the public as part of the government shutdown. The Today Show featured the couple in a segment on brides- and grooms-to-be in similar quandaries. Seeing this, and noting that he promised to provide all canceled government services during the shutdown, on Thursday night's episode of The Colbert Report, the host married Cassesso and Le, and brought some entertaining guests to seal the deal.

In a two-part segment he called "The 2013 Government Shutdown Wedding of the Century," Colbert crammed an entire weekend's worth of wedding festivities into less than 15 minutes, even including brief bachelor and bachelorette parties.

Homeland star Mandy Patinkin offered a "nondenominational Jewish blessing" for the couple, and Broadway singer Audra McDonald performed a ballad version of Billy Idol's "White Wedding" for the couple's first dance. Colbert, an ordained minister of the American Marriage Ministries, officiated the ceremony.

The most hilarious part? National park icon Smokey the Bear stood in for the best man, who was unavailable to attend. We can only imagine who he would have chosen as a replacement bridesmaid!

Any couple planning to get hitched in a national park or at a monument during the shutdown is likely facing the same last-minute disappointment as Cassesso and Le, but at least this couple will look back on the government crisis with a laugh and an unforgettable story.

—Terri Pous

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