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Brides-to-Be Will Love Pippa Middleton’s Latest Look

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Sep 032014
Pippa Middleton Get the Look

Photo: Getty Images

Her bridesmaid dress at the royal wedding in 2011 nearly garnered more attention than the Duchess's wedding dress itself, so it's safe to say Pippa Middleton knows a thing or two about bridal wear. In fact, Kate's sister looked wedding-ready at the British 2014 GQ Men of the Year Awards on Tuesday night in London in a dress straight off of BOSS's Fall 2014 runway. The shimmery pink palliate number is perfect for a pre-wedding event like your rehearsal dinner, or it could even work well for a big-day look. After all, the blush hue, high neck, and glistening exterior are all bridal-gown musts.

Want to look like a royal on your big day? Here's how to channel Pippa.

Pippa Middleton Get the Look - Jenny Packham

Photo: Robert Mitra

Jenny Packham: Jenny Packham must be in the equation if we're talking about the Middleton's. One of Kate's favorite designers, this floor-length, beaded sheath is like the longer version of Pippa's blush ensemble. It features similarly shiny embellishments, a modest high-neck, and a cinched waistline.

Wedding dress by Jenny Packham

Pippa Middleton Get the Look - Mira Zwillinger

Photo: Thomas Iannaccone

Mira Zwillinger: Although it's short sleeve and only features a sparkly bodice, this Mira Zwillinger-twosome offers geometric sequins and beading like Pippa's, creating a modern-meets-elegant finished look.

"Anya" satin sheath wedding dress with a sheer beaded bodice, high neckline, and short sleeves, Mira Zwillinger

Pippa Middleton Get the Look - Pronovias

Photo: Courtesy of Pronovias

Pronovias: Again, the bling on this Pronovias only belongs to the bodice, but it's similarly striped to Pippa's. Plus, how gorgeous is this take on the high-neckline and defined waistline?

"Yamel" sleeveless crepe sheath wedding dress with a beaded blouse bodice and bateau neckline, Pronovias

Why Hasn’t Pippa Middleton Confirmed or Denied Her Rumored Engagement? (We’re Dying Over Here!)

 Celebrity Weddings, Engagement, Pippa Middleton, Royal Wedding  Comments Off on Why Hasn’t Pippa Middleton Confirmed or Denied Her Rumored Engagement? (We’re Dying Over Here!)
Jan 012014
Is Pippa Middleton is engaged to Nico Jackson

Photo: Getty Images

When Kate and Will tied the knot, the world fell in love with ... Pippa Middleton. And as the years passed, we watched the littlest Middleton's dating life unfold and, yes, secretly hoped she'd have her fairytale ending like her big sis. And now, it looks like she might! Rumors are swirling that Pippa, our favorite un-royal, is getting hitched to her boyfriend of one year, banker Nico Jackson, 36. And while the pair do look like a lovely match, the news of an engagement is purely speculative right now, since neither Pippa nor Nico have confirmed or denied that they got engaged on a recent trip to India, where they reportedly vacationed at a $2,000-a-night romantic hot spot.

So why hasn't Pippa said anything yet? Here's our best guesses:

She Probably Doesn't Want to Start the Media Circus: The moment Pippa announces her engagement, we're certain: Planning her wedding will be her new full-time job. There will be legions of press following her every move, decisions about planning details that will seem as important as national security, and she'll be at the very center of it all. Maybe she wants to keep things as quiet as she can before the cat's out of the bag? And we certainly don't blame her.

She Needs to Collect Her Thoughts: Engagements often happen in moments of heightened emotion. They can be fast and furious, and often surprising. If Nico did propose in India, perhaps it caught her off guard? And maybe she needs some time to simply process, or let it sink in.

She Has Doubts: Take away all the magazine headlines, and she's just a girl (like any of us!) who is probably trying to navigate her own life in uncharted waters. The sea can get a little rocky sometimes, and maybe she's unsure of whether Nico is her man or not (haven't we all been there?). If she said yes on a whim, maybe she's trying to decide if the relationship really has lifelong roots. (After all, we know that if this doesn't work out, there's a long line of men in Britain, and around the world, who'd love a chance with Ms. P.)

She's, Well, Not Really Engaged: And maybe we're reading into this a wee bit too much. Perhaps Pippa and Nico are not engaged. But, we admit to being hopeful for a 2014 almost-royal wedding to gossip about all year. Pippa, please?

Sarah Jio

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5 Reasons Why We’re Praying for a Pippa Middleton Wedding

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Dec 242013
Pippa Middleton Royal Wedding

Photo: Getty Images

Ever since rumors started swirling around that Pippa Middleton is engaged to boyfriend Nico Jackson the media has been abuzz with excitement, speculation, and contending opinions. According to the Daily Mail, a source close to Pippa claims the high-profile pair is not yet engaged, but clearly that hasn't stopped us from fantasizing about what Pippa's wedding—or her wedding dress—would be like should she decide to walk down the aisle. (After all, it's been two and a half years since Will and Kate tied the knot, and five months since baby George was born—the world is hungry for Middleton milestones!)

Even though she has major shoes to fill, Pippa Middleton's wedding, be it to Nico Jackson or Prince Harry (pretty pretty please?), will be awesome in its own right. Here's why:

1. Her dress is bound to be amazing.

As we predicted when the news first broke, British fashion designers would fight to the proverbial death to design Pippa's wedding dress. First of all, that girl can rock a white gown. Second, she has an incredible style of her own, and since she's not tied as closely to convention as her big sis, she will be able to experiment with her wedding day style. Lastly, Pippa has a killer bod, so whatever fashion choice she'd make, she'd undoubtably look incredible in it.

2. Baby nephew George would be the cutest ring bearer ever.

We know he was just recently christened, but how adorable would the royal baby George be as Pippa's ring bearer? Better yet, he won't need to be carried down the aisle—by the time Pippa were to realistically get married, the little prince will surely be able to walk. We can see the look of pride in Duchess Catherine's eyes already as she watches her first born walk down the aisle to his aunt.

3.Nico Jackson would look killer in a tux.

Let's face it: Pippa's self-made millionaire beau is a stone cold fox. The Deutsche Bank stockbroker, who has been at Pippa's side for 15 months now, has the type of chiseled face and blue eyes that will make your heart hurt. Better yet, he has an A+ build, and we know the man can dress up for a formal affair. As much as we'd love to see Pippa in a white dress, we'd be equally excited to gawk at Nico's utterly handsome self in a perfectly tailored tux. Just sayin'

4. Duchess Catherine would make the most beautiful bridesmaid.

Just as Pippa stole some of the spotlight on Kate's big day, we're sure the Duchess would do the same. After all, we anxiously await any and every one of her public appearances to feast our eyes on her gorgeous fashion choices. There's a reason she's a style icon—Kate is classic and elegant, yet always chic. She even set a new standard for wedding dresses ever since she donned that iconic long sleeve lace Sarah Burton gown at her own wedding. Whether she rocks white or not, we know she'll look stunning.

5. Prince William and Prince Harry will definitely be there.

Ok, ok, we know: We're pushing the Prince Harry plus Pippa thing a little too hard. At the very least, any opportunity to watch the most handsome royal men in action is an opportunity we'd enjoy. Even if it means giving up our dream and having Harry marry his serious girlfriend Cressida Bonas. At this point, we'll take what we can get!

—Lauren Frankfort

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4 Things to Know About Nico Jackson, Pippa Middleton’s Rumored Fiance

 Celebrity, Celebrity Weddings, Pippa Middleton, Royal Wedding  Comments Off on 4 Things to Know About Nico Jackson, Pippa Middleton’s Rumored Fiance
Dec 192013
Who Is Nico Jackson?

Photo: Getty Images

If you believe the rumors that Pippa Middleton and Nico Jackson are engaged, you've probably already created a Pinterest board full of inspiration for a Royal Wedding Part II and spent a bit of time Googling the phrase "Who is Nico Jackson." Consider the following four juicy tidbits an early holiday present then. Here's our Nico Jackson fact sheet:

1. He's older. He's 36 years old, to Pippa's 30.

2. He's been around for awhile. He and Pippa have been dating for 15 months, and have traveled together extensively, including multiple ski trips (they're united by a love of sports) and a jaunt with her family to Mustique sister Kate Middleton and brother-in-law Will included).

3. He does all right for himself. A stockbroker at Deutsche Bank in London, he's often referred to by the press as a "self-made millionaire" from a solidly middle-class background.Nico is half English, half Austrian and, according to Britain's Daily Mail his father, Martyn Jackson, left his first wife to marry Nico's mother, who was the family au pair. (Scandal!) The family owns a sporting goods store in Folkestone, in the southeast of England, where Nico was raised. His mother, we are told, finds Pippa charming. The Middletons have reportedly said the same of Nico.

4. And one slightly more subjective observation: He's a stone fox. Seriously. Model handsome in a weathered kind of way. His eyes are bluer than the Danube, his build like Adonis on a non-workout day (i.e. chiseled but not bulky or bloated). He knows how to tie a scarf. He looks amazing in a tux. The man was made for a velvet dinner jacket, like some kind of magical unicorn, or a young Rupert Everett (but straight). He's affectionate, easy with a canoodle, and, yes, he has been known to put hand on Pippa's famous backside. But she responds in kind. Wouldn't you?

—Lauren Iannotti

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Rumors Swirl That Pippa Middleton is Engaged to Nico Jackson! Let the Royal (ish) Wedding Fever Begin Again

How Nico Jackson Crushed Our Hopes for a Pippa Middleton / Prince Harry Romance

 Pippa Middleton, Prince Harry, Royal Wedding  Comments Off on How Nico Jackson Crushed Our Hopes for a Pippa Middleton / Prince Harry Romance
Dec 182013
Pippa Middleton Prince Harry Engagement Rumors

Photo: Getty Images

With the rumored news that Nico Jackson proposed to Pippa Middleton came a rush of excitement, anticipation, and admittedly, a little disappointment. Yes, we're just slightly bummed that Pippa Middleton is officially off the market. You see, we always held out hope that Kate Middleton's younger sister and Prince Williams' younger brother, Prince Harry, would fall for one another and well, get married. (There, we said it.)

Even when we reported that Prince Harry and his girlfriend Cressida Bonas were getting serious, we did so with a heavy heart. (Admittedly, we put as much energy into wishing Harry finds his own happily ever after as we do in hoping the prince will hit us up on Facebook for a weekend trip to um, Vegas.)

The fact is Britian's on-again, off-again most eligible bachelor exhibits all of the qualities we believe Pippa Middleton should look for in a mate—his repeated appearances with adorable young children (remember when he joined seven-year old bridesmaid Lady Louise Windsor for a carriage ride en route to Buckingham Palace?) points towards him being a kind soul; his ongoing comments about how much he adores his new nephew (he joked that he hoped his Prince William knew "how expensive my babysitting charges are" and also vowed to teach his nephew to have fun) tells us he'd make a great dad; and his continued ability to simultaneously get into serious hot water (the aforementioned Las Vegas romp) and dedicate his time to countless charities indicates he's always up for a good time and a good cause.

While we'll give it to Nico Jackson for being whip smart, good looking and wealthy (Jackson, a banker, makes his millions as a stockbroker at Deutsche Bank), we count the day he drowned our hope for a second Middleton/Windsor royal relationship as a loss.

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British Designers Everywhere are Praying They’ll Be Asked to Design Pippa Middleton’s Royal Wedding Gown!

 Celebrity, Pippa Middleton, Royal Wedding, Wedding Dresses  Comments Off on British Designers Everywhere are Praying They’ll Be Asked to Design Pippa Middleton’s Royal Wedding Gown!
Dec 182013
Pippa Middleton Royal Wedding

Photo: Getty Images

In case you missed it: Pippa Middleton is rumored to be engaged to boyfriend of more than a year Nico Jackson! And we're not even waiting for the proposal dust to settle before we begin posturing the most important wedding planning detail of all—her future wedding dress!

The youngest Middleton turned heads at the Royal Wedding in April, 2011 when she choose a slinky, body-hugging, cowl-neck satin crepe gown in white as opposed to a conservative taupe buttoned-up dress with matching coat (hello, Princess Beatrice.) Instead, Alexander McQueen's Sarah Burton designed the maid of honor's much-talked about dress—a look that fashion critics and British royal fans alike acknowledged could have easily been a wedding dress in its own right. (Burton also crafted Kate's iconic long-sleeve lace wedding dress, promptly setting off a resurgence of lace and long sleeve wedding dresses in the bridal sphere.)

Clearly, whomever designs for a Royal sets the tone for future bridal fashion everywhere. We're sure, then, that with this news British bridal designers are scrambling for that ultimate moment in the spotlight. Here, a few of our picks for which fashion all star might be tapped to create the dress for the next Middleton bride.

Since she knocked it out of the ball park with Kate and Pippa the first time, Sarah Burton is definitely in the running for The Royal Wedding: The Sequel. Burton was pretty on-point with Pippa's taste, too—Pippa often walks out in sleek silhouettes with slightly revealing details (that cowl neckline? Fuggedaboutit!). After all, as the Duchess of Cambridge's sister, she doesn't have to stick to as many dressing conventions as Kate does, which means there's freedom to opt for more modern wardrobe selections. McQueen is the design house to go to for modern femininity with hard-hitting edge. If Pippa's looking to 1) have as much success with her wedding dress as she did with her MOH wears and 2) rock something more edgy than her sister's traditional gown, Burton should be receiving a phone call shortly.

Another British designer to consider? Jenny Packham. As Adele and Kate's couturier of choice, she's a natural pick for the newly betrothed Middleton. Plus, Packham is known for the her breezy and slim-fitting silhouettes with delicate details—qualities Pippa admires and emulates in her own wardrobe. We could see her rocking quite a few looks from Packham's Fall 2014 collection (see below), particularly "Cynthia" a three-quarter sleeve silk sheath with a keyhole neckline (talk about modern!) and "Daphne" or "Molly," two ethereal empire-waisted dresses with plunging necklines and minimal embellishments.

Pippa Middleton's Future Wedding Dress - Jenny Packham Picks

Photo: Mateo Volta/ImaxTree.com

Then again, there's always Alice Temperley. Pippa may crave daintier details for her big day—it does come only once in a lifetime! Temperley's slightly bohemian, vintage-inspired designs would make for a timeless bridal style. "Dorothy" from Temperley's Spring 2014 collection (see below), an ivory silk sheath with scalloped lace on the deep V-neck and cap-sleeves, would look incredible on Pippa.

Temperley Bridal Pippa Middleton Wedding Dress Pick

Photo: Steve Eichner

Maybe she'll go for an up-and-comer instead. Suzanne Neville, who just started selling her sleek bridal designs in the states, would be a great choice. "Magnifique," a bejeweled halter crepe sheath, and "Memoire," and ivory crepe mermaid with pearl details and an illusion tulle neckline, from Neville's Fall 2014 collection would complement Pippa's figure and fashion sense.

Pippa Middleton's Future Wedding Dress - Suzanne Neville Picks

Photo: Rodin Banica

Obviously, we're overwhelmed with the possibilities at the moment. If you need any help planning the wedding, Pippa, hit us up!

—Lauren Frankfort

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Rumors Swirl That Pippa Middleton is Engaged to Nico Jackson! Let the Royal (ish) Wedding Fever Begin Again

 Celebrity, Celebrity Weddings, Kate Middleton, Pippa Middleton, Royal Wedding  Comments Off on Rumors Swirl That Pippa Middleton is Engaged to Nico Jackson! Let the Royal (ish) Wedding Fever Begin Again
Dec 182013
Pippa Middleton is engaged to Nico Jackson

Photo: Getty Images

It's the moment we've waited for since April 29, 2011 (aka, Royal Wedding day): Pippa Middleton is rumored to be engaged!

See more: Get Kate Middleton's Look: Similar Wedding Dresses, Accessories and More!

According to Us Weekly, Middleton's boyfriend of over a year, Nico Jackson, proposed while the couple was on vacation in India earlier this month.

"It was exactly how he planned it," a source told Us of the proposal. "Very romantic and grand!" The engagement location certainly fits that description: Jackson, a banker, reportedly got down on one knee at India's Oberoi Amarvilas, a five-star resort in Agra with views of the Taj Mahal.

See more: Over-the-Top Places to Get Engaged

To put it lightly, engagement and marriage rumors have surrounded the younger Middleton sister ever since she stepped onto the world's stage at Kate and Wills' wedding in the white crepe cowl-neck Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen bridesmaid dress that got everyone's attention. Anxious spectators tried to make Pippa and Prince Harry a thing after they were spotted having a jolly good time at the royal wedding, but her ensuing romance with George Percy really got tongues wagging. It's Jackson, though, who finally tied down the vivacious event planner.

Ever the proper British girl, Middleton has been privately celebrating her engagement since the big day. A source told Us that the newly betrothed couple plan to spend Boxing Day (Dec. 26) at her family's Bucklebury estate before heading to the Alps.

We're obviously thrilled for them, but there are so many questions that now need answered. To name a few: When is the wedding? What does the engagement ring look like? Will Kate upstage Pippa at her wedding? Will it be televised? (Okay, we probably know the answer to that one.) Still, we've got a very exciting 2014 to look forward to now!

Congratulations to the happy couple!

—Terri Pous

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