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Quiz: Are Your Wedding Updates Annoying People?

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Sep 182014
Social Media Wedding Updates

Photo: Getty Images

No bride ever thinks she's the over-sharing type, but some are. Take our quick quiz below to see where your wedding updates fall on the TMI spectrum.

1. How often do you update your wedding website?
A. Once a week with a personal blog to discuss my wedding workouts, planning challenges, bridal meal plan and dress alteration process. You know, just the basics.
B. Once a month with a handful of artsy photos detailing the wedding planning process.
C. Whenever there's a development — like a change in registry or time.
D. Wait, what wedding website?

2. You're one month out from the wedding — how many photos does your wedding hashtag have already?
A. More than 100 between all the snaps from my bachelorette, bridal showers, and engagement party.
B. Almost 100! That happened fast.
C. Around 50 ‐ mostly from my friends and family.
D. I haven't checked yet.

3. How do you keep your bridal party updated on wedding happenings?
A. Email, group text, a Facebook group, calendar reminders, live tweets.
B. Group texts, emails and a Facebook group.
C. An all encompassing email thread ... and the occasional texts as well.
D. The telephone.

4. In your opinion, what's inappropriate to share on social media?
A. The guest list.
B. The guest list; my wedding dress.
C. The guest list; my wedding dress; my registry details.
D. Anything alluding to the wedding. Some of my social media friends aren't invited...

5. What's your stance on guests posting on social media at your wedding?
A. I love it! I placed our hashtag throughout the ceremony and reception so people remember to post.
B. I love it but only for the reception. I've asked guest to refrain from snapping during the ceremony.
C. I'm into it for the reception but think it's annoying when amateur photographers get in the way and prevent our real photographer from doing her job.
D. I requested every guest to leave their cell phone at home so they can fully enjoy our amazing event.

Mostly A's: Reel It In!
Mayday! You're in the matrimonial danger zone. Pump the brakes on the updates if you like having friends.

Mostly B's: Only Slightly Annoying
Some of your less sentimental friends have probably removed you from their newsfeed already, but if you're okay with that, keep on keeping on.

Mostly C's: The Perfect Mix
If only all brides could mimic your appropriate, but excited bridal behavior. You've got this shtick down.

Mostly D's: Hello? Are You There?
Privacy is your middle name (well actually you would never share your middle name on social media) and a wedding is no exception. Most people on your social networks don't even know you're engaged.

Quiz Time! What Is Your Ideal Wedding Flower?

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May 192014
Wedding flower quiz

Photo: Yasu + Junko

There's a reason why wedding flowers have become, to many brides and grooms, the most important aspect of their nuptials. Sure, fresh and fashionable blooms can get pricey, but the romance and atmosphere they provide is well worth it. The type of flower you choose to dominate your floral arrangements, from the bridal bouquet and boutonnieres to the table centerpieces, often sets the tone for your wedding style. Roses, for example, are a wedding tradition, and indicate a formal wedding. If you choose anemones as your floral focal point, however, you may be a more funky and modern bride.

Either way, it's important to select a bloom that not only fits with your overall aesthetic, but one that is also in season. Doing so, and allowing only one species of blossoms to dominate the arrangements, will unify all parts of the wedding day. For example, some of the most popular spring wedding flowers include: tulips, lilacs, poppies, peonies, and ranunculuses.

With these, and so many other gorgeous buds and blooms out there, the choices can get overwhelming! How do you know which one suits you and your wedding best? If you're planning a spring wedding, or just want to know what type of flower fits your personality, take our quiz and find out which you should include in your big day!

Pick a wedding venue
a. Outdoor tent
b. Hotel
c. Garden
d. Yacht club
e. Vineyard

What will be the main hue in your wedding color palette?
a. Red
b. Pink
c. Yellow
d. Purple
e. White

How would you describe your wedding style?
a. Whimsical
b. Classic
c. Bohemian
d. Preppy
e. Romantic

Which is your most marked personality trait?
a. Playful
b. Affectionate
c. Charming
d. Confident
e. Shy

Where is your dream honeymoon destination?
a. Costa Rica
b. Hawaii
c. Turkey
d. Bermuda
e. Italy

What is your favorite rom-com?
a. (500) Days of Summer
b. Sleepless in Seattle
c. Moonrise Kingdom
d. 13 Going on 30
e. Love Actually

The Results:

If you picked mostly a's: You should pick poppies.
Hello, Ms. Personality! Poppies, with their bright red color and distinctive black eye, symbolize extravagance. These vibrant blooms are ideal for a playful couple that wants a whimsical wedding — perhaps underneath a circus-like tent. Open-faced and cheerful, poppies will look fantastic as a boutonniere or in a bouquet underneath a bright blue sky, so definitely incorporate them into an outdoor wedding.

If you picked mostly b's: You should pick tulips.
You enjoy the most classic, traditional aspects of a wedding, and there's nothing wrong with that! Tulips, particularly red ones, symbolize a declaration of love. A wildly popular flower since the Ottoman Empire, where they were a national obsession, tulips look wonderful as a bouquet or incorporated into a centerpiece. They come in a variety of shades, and have a clean enough look that they'll add sophistication to any soiree.

If you picked mostly c's: You should pick ranunculuses.
With their multiple layers of crepe-thin petals, these gorgeous blooms come in a rainbow of colors, and are dazzling to look at. The butter-yellow shade is lovely for a bohemian wedding in an enchanted garden — the hue is rich and delightfully offbeat. These flowers often symbolize charm and charisma, which is no surprise given their cheerful appearance. Pop them into your bouquets and ceremony aisle decorations for a hint of whimsy.

If you picked mostly d's: You should pick lilacs.
These gorgeous blooms range in color from light periwinkle to a deep plum, and they're the epitome of springtime. They're structured, clean, and sweet, an ideal blossom for a preppy wedding in, say, Nantucket. Lilacs symbolize confidence, which is why florists often make all-lilac bouquets. These contrast nicely with a nautical navy blue or white bridesmaid dress, but they also look great when mixed with other flowers.

If you picked mostly e's: You should pick peonies.
These ruffly, full flowers are a major wedding trend. And for a good reason: Symbolizing bashfulness and compassion, they also denote a happy life, happy marriage, good health and prosperity. Peonies look best in white or blush pink, two utterly romantic shades that capture their natural, soft beauty. These are lovely for a totally lovesick couple planning a spring wedding with all of the trappings.

Quiz: Where Should You Host Your Destination Wedding?

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May 092014
Destination wedding quiz

Photos (from left to right): Getty Images, Courtesy of Amangani, Getty Images (3)

If you're planning a destination wedding, you have a separate list of logistics to consider — how to transport your wedding dress, which costs you're supposed to cover for your guests, and so on. But first things first: How do you pick where to get married?!

Some brides and grooms choose a faraway locale for personal connections (if a family home is there or it was the proposal spot), but others want a wedding that'll look great in photos, plus act as a vacation for your guests. If that's the case, there's a beautiful spot just waiting to host a wedding. Could it be tropical Hawaii? Or, perhaps, classically romantic Italy? There's also rustic Aspen, glamorous Paris, and stunning Mexico. How can you possibly choose from these destination wedding (and honeymoon) hotspots?

We're here to help end your guesswork. Answer our six crafty questions and scroll down to find out where you should have your destination wedding!

What is your favorite color?
a. Red
b. Green
c. Yellow
d. Orange
e. Blue

Which movie do you enjoy the most?
a. Midnight in Paris
b. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
c. Forgetting Sarah Marshall
d. Dumb and Dumber
e. Roman Holiday

Who is your favorite celebrity bride (or bride-to-be)?
a. Halle Berry
b. Jennifer Aniston
c. Megan Fox
d. Kate Bosworth
e. Chrissy Teigen

What is your favorite flower?
a. Lily
b. Sunflower
c. Orchids
d. Bluebells
e. Roses

What is your favorite dessert?
a. Macarons
b. Flan
c. Pineapple upside-down cake
d. Blackberry cobbler
e. Tiramisu

What is your ideal wedding dress style?
a. Form-fitting, with lots of lace
b. A breezy sheath
c. A colorful, flowy gown
d. A long-sleeved dress with a little bit of sparkle
e. A formal ball gown

The Results:

If you picked mostly a's: You should get married in Paris. Honestly, what could be better than a wedding in the City of Love? Effortlessly chic stars like Salma Hayek have said "I do" in perhaps the most romantic city on the planet, and for good reason. With breathtaking scenery, endless landmarks, and world-renowned cuisine, it's a great place to congregate friends and family for a trip to remember. If you're destined for a Parisian destination wedding, you probably love feminine details like lace, mixed in with bold hints of red. Incorporate lilies, France's national flower, into your bouquet and serve up locally-crafted macarons for dessert instead of a wedding cake. Warning: You may never want to leave.

If you picked mostly b's: You should get married in Mexico. ¡Ole! Mexico is a destination wedding hotspot, especially for west coasters that are searching for an exotic getaway without too much travel. If you got Mexico, you love low-key details like breezy sundresses, flan instead of wedding cake, and throwing back shots of tequila among your loved ones. Embrace Mexico's colorful culture with a bold bouquet of sunflowers, which are native to the country, and pops of green throughout your décor. You and your fun-loving crew won't ever forget this fiesta of a lifetime.

If you picked mostly c's: You should get married in Hawaii. You're a little more laid-back, and you want a romantic, no-frills wedding that reflects that. Hawaii, one of the most popular honeymoon spots, is great for destination nuptials because newlyweds can stick around long after the wedding. If you're meant to say "aloha" to a Hawaiian wedding, look to Megan Fox, who got married barefoot on the beach — albeit in a couture gown. Hawaii is loaded with natural beauty, so stick an orchid in your hair, wear a wedding dress with a little bit of color, and serve up a pineapple-flavored wedding cake to get festive.

If you picked mostly d's: You should get married in Aspen. Rustic, bohemian brides flock to the Rocky Mountains to get married, thanks to its breathtaking vistas, especially for winter weddings. Kate Bosworth's 2013 wedding in Montana was filled with rustic romance, and brides-to-be that want a similar vibe should take note. Long-sleeved wedding dresses are ideal for these types of destination soirèes, as temperatures can be breezy even during the summer. Wildflowers bloom everywhere in the West, so pop a few into your bouquet — or, perhaps, make a flower crown of bluebells. Serve farm-to-table cuisine, sip out of mason jars, and enjoy those unforgettable views.

If you picked mostly e's: You should get married in Italy. Brides who want an Italian wedding love la dolce vita — the sweet life! The country is a celebrity-wedding hotspot, playing host to nuptials like those between Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel, John Krasinski and Emily Blunt, and John Legend and Chrissy Teigen. And why not? With castles to spare, impeccable food, and glamour aplenty, it's a honeymoon and destination wedding hotspot. Roses are grown there, making it a perfect accent to a formal wedding dress. Indulge your sweet tooth with a dessert like tiramisu, pop bottles of prosecco, and voila! Romance, the Italian way.

Who Is Your Dream Celebrity Maid of Honor? Take This Quiz and Find Out!

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May 032014
celebrity maid of honor quiz beyonce jennifer lawrence

Photos: Getty Images

Everyone has a dream celebrity BFF. Whether it's the immaculate diva Beyoncé, the hilarious brainiac Amy Poehler, the fit and down-to-earth Jennifer Aniston, the quirky-and-lovable Zooey Deschanel, or the all-around amazing Jennifer Lawrence, each of these ladies would make an awesome friend, as well as a pretty major maid of honor. Though which powerhouse would be the right wing woman for you through the wedding planning process and your big day?

We devised a super-scientific quiz to help you figure out your celebrity MOH. While we can't promise they'll actually show up for your wedding (sorry!), the results may offer some inspiration for your celebration. Answer these five questions and find out which star is worthy of standing by your side when you say "I do."

What would be your ideal bachelorette party?
a. Spa day
b. Dive bar with games
c. Retro-themed speakeasy
d. Comedy show
e. Dance club

What's your favorite junk food?
a. Tacos
b. French Fries
c. Cupcakes
d. Waffles
e. Fried chicken

Pick a fantasy honeymoon destination.
a. Mexico
b. Greece
c. Disney World
d. Costa Rica
e. South of France

Who is your dream wedding dress designer?
a. Calvin Klein
b. Christian Dior
c. Marc Jacobs
d. Stella McCartney
e. Your mother!

What is your signature nail polish color?
a. Nude
b. Whatever matches your outfit
c. Any kind of nail art
d. Red
e. Gold

The Results:

If you picked mostly a's: Your dream celebrity maid of honor is Jennifer Aniston. You live for a good girls' night, but you know how to zen out. Aniston probably played your favorite Friend, but the sleek, in-shape star would be a great real-life pal, too. Though she often wears minimalist clothing, she loves vacationing in colorful Mexico with her girls, and often dines on Mexican food, particularly tacos. With a dream MOH like her, maybe a Mexican destination wedding is for you!

If you picked mostly b's: Your dream celebrity maid of honor is Jennifer Lawrence. If you love J. Law, join the club. But if you want her to be your maid of honor, you have even more fun in store. The self-deprecating, relatable actress is a no-frills girl who's always down to hang out or go out. A MOH like Lawrence would probably suggest wedding food like pizza and sliders to balance out an otherwise formal affair. If you're planning a black-tie wedding, consider how J. Law would punch it up with unique twists to showcase your lovable personality.

If you picked mostly c's: Your dream celebrity maid of honor is Zooey Deschanel. Even if you're not adorkable like the New Girl star, you love zany, playful activities. (Think: spontaneous trips to Disney World and girly stuff like dressing up and painting your nails.) As MOH, Deschanel would probably DIY some fantastic wedding favors or help you pick a subtly polka-dotted wedding dress. And why not? Every wedding could use a mod, quirky touch.

If you picked mostly d's: Your dream celebrity maid of honor is Amy Poehler. When you're not having the time of your life with your friends, you're laughing your head off (or both). It's no wonder you aligned yourself with Poehler — you already love comedy clubs and fun, adventurous activities. Poehler has a bit of a daredevil streak to go along with her wicked sense of humor, so think about how an edgy wedding dress or pops of scarlet red could add to your wedding's personality.

If you picked mostly e's: Your dream celebrity maid of honor is Beyoncé. A maid of honor is a female version of a hustler. (Sorry, we couldn't resist.) Queen Bey is your ideal MOH because you're a fierce, independent woman who also knows how to stick to her roots. Borrow your mom's wedding dress (or have her design you a new one, like Mrs. Carter's mom did!) or serve your favorite childhood meal at your reception. It'll show guests how you became the ***flawless lady that you are.

Quiz Alert! Which Wedding Dress Silhouette Is Right for You?

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Apr 112014
Wedding dress silhouettes

Photos (from left to right): Bèla Adler and Salvador Fresneda, Courtesy of Allure Bridals, Courtesy of Nicole Miller, Courtesy of David's Bridal, Courtesy of Rosa Claré

Choosing a wedding dress is a combination of picking a gown that fits right, goes with your wedding style, and is a reflection of the best version of you! How do you know what dress is best? With endless options in silhouettes like ball gown, mermaid, A-line, sheath, and empire, the options can get overwhelming. But have no fear: Our foolproof quiz is here to the rescue! Answer each of the questions, scroll down, and find out the perfect wedding dress silhouette for you!

Who is your style icon?
a. Jennifer Lawrence
b. Sofia Vergara
c. Kate Middleton
d. Adele
e. Sarah Jessica Parker

What is your go-to piece of clothing to feel good?
a. A button-up, chambray shirt
b. Sky-high stilettos
c. Perfectly-tailored pants
d. A sundress
e. Faux-fur vest

Pick a Disney princess
a. Belle
b. Ariel
c. Mulan
d. Cinderella
e. Aurora

Choose a dream wedding venue
a. Disney World
b. Palace of Versailles
c. St. Barths
d. Napa
e. Plaza Hotel

What most closely describes your body type?
a. Busty
b. Hourglass
c. Long and lean
d. Plus-size
e. Petite

The Results
If you picked mostly a's: You should wear a ball gown wedding dress. Typically seen as the most classic of wedding dress silhouettes, this is also most friendly to brides with big busts. Even if you're smaller on top, this style is very "princess-y" when paired with an updo and high heels. It's the quintessential Belle dancing with the Beast look! But wearing your hair down and selecting a gown with a more-relaxed skirt or some trendy beading on the bodice will make you feel like J.Law — modern and feminine, all at the same time.

If you picked mostly b's: You should wear a mermaid wedding dress. This is one of the most popular silhouettes, and is often seen with modifications like a trumpet skirt (a more gradually flared-out skirt below the knee) or a fit-and-flare style (the skirt flares just past the hips). With more volume below the waist, a mermaid dress is perfect for brides with hourglass shapes that want to nip in their waists on their wedding day. Mermaid gowns usually have embellishments and ruching, making them perfect for formal events.

If you picked mostly c's: You should wear an A-line wedding dress. A-line skirts skim over the hips and butt, making it a favorite of plus-sized brides. If you've admired Adele's style, it's because it's slightly retro, versatile, and always flattering — just like A-line dresses, which the superstar often wears! This gown is great for every kind of wedding, especially ones held outdoors at a vineyard venue.

If you picked mostly d's: You should wear a sheath wedding dress. Sheaths are simple, sleek, and so-very stylish. Kate Middleton loves them for the way they elongate her already-tall and skinny figure. Similarly-shaped brides, and any gal longing for a dress that is high on glamour and low on fuss should slip into a sheath gown. They work well for casual weddings, beach weddings, and even black-tie weddings if you chose a lace or beaded look.

If you picked mostly e's: You should wear an empire-waisted wedding dress. This silhouette first gained popularity in the late eighteenth century (think Napoleon and Jane Austen). Today, petite brides love it because the high waist elongates the rest of their body, giving the illusion of long legs. Sarah Jessica Parker often dresses her petite figure with this style, Empire-waisted wedding dresses come in a variety of necklines (one-shoulder, strapless, sweetheart, the list goes on) and just like SJP, they're iconic.

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