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Do I Need a Flower Girl and a Ring Bearer?

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Jun 092016

When you're planning your wedding and deciding on your cast of characters, you may have no problem figuring out the group of friends and family members that you'd like as your party of groomsmen and bridesmaids. But when it comes time to figuring out if you're going to have a flower girl and a ring bearer, you may get stopped in your tracks — especially if you don't have any young friends or family members to take on that role.

But rest easy, bride-to-be: You don't have to have a flower girl or a ring bearer, especially if you don't have anyone in mind for the role. You can either choose to skip having those two roles all together, and ask a groomsmen to be in charge of your rings, or you can get creative. By creative, I mean doing away with the age stigma attached to these roles and giving the honor to another friend or family member that's not a bridesmaid or groomsmen. You can even give this role to a pet, who is trained and able to follow the cue of when to walk down the aisle and meet you.

Having a ring bearer and a flower girl is a wedding tradition that dates back to the olden days — you may consider it outdated and instead decide to create a new tradition of your own. If you're feeling bold and want to make your ceremony processional something that is truly one of a kind and personal, you can mix up who you have walking down the aisle or even how the aisle is shaped.

Either way, if you don't have someone in mind for the flower girl or ring bearer role, it's okay to skip it. Your wedding guests will hardly notice or remember once they lock their eyes on that beautiful bride taking her first steps down the aisle.

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Jen Glantz is a "Professional Bridesmaid" and the founder of All My Friends Are Engaged and frequently wears old bridesmaid dresses to the grocery store and on first dates.

7 Adorable Outfits for Infant Flower Girls and Ring Bearers

 Flower Girls, Kids, Ring Bearers  Comments Off on 7 Adorable Outfits for Infant Flower Girls and Ring Bearers
May 312016

Is there anything cuter than including babies in weddings? Whether you're using the terms "flower girl" and "ring bearer" pretty loosely (it's hard for them to carry rings and toss petals when they can't walk!) or are having your sister-in-law carry her new son down the aisle, there's nothing quite so aww-inducing! And that's before you get around to picking out the tiniest formalwear you've ever seen — itty bitty tuxedos and clouds of tulle are sure to put a smile on your face! To make sure your littlest attendants are as well dressed as you and your wedding party, we've rounded up some of our favorite wedding attire for tiny tots.


Photo: Courtesy of Boden

Boden Baby Floral Dress
We fell in love when we discovered Boden's baby and children's line. This floral dress, complete with a collar, eyelet trim, and matching ruffled diaper cover, is just the thing for a little girl with a summer full of wedding plans. (Baby Floral Dress, $52.50, available at Boden)


Photo: Courtesy of H&M

H&M Dotted Tulle Dress
For a girl who loves sparkle, this dress has just the right dose of shimmer, on a soft tulle that won't scratch little arms. Add matching silver flats (and a sweet sweater if the weather calls for it), and she'll be the chicest baby in the room. (Dotted Tulle Dress, $14.99, available at H&M)


Photo: Courtesy of Target

Target G-Cutee Oxford Shirtall
Don't worry, we haven't forgotten the little guys! This little oxford onesie is perfect for a summer wedding — and comes with an attached pastel bowtie for an extra dose of style! (G-Cutee Oxford Shirtall with Bowtie, $24.99, available at Target)

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04-Magic Tulle

Photo: Courtesy of Magic Tulle Couture

Magic Tulle Couture Flower Girl Tulle Dress
There's a reason you've seen dresses like this one all over Pinterest — they're one of the cutest ones we've seen! The huge tulle skirt will transform any flower girl, from an infant to a 12 year old, into a fairy princess, and the huge selection of colors means there's sure to be one that's a perfect fit for your wedding day. (Flower Girl Tulle Dress, from $39.00, available at Magic Tulle Couture)

05-Twice As Nice

Photo: Courtesy of Twice As Nice Baby

Twice As Nice Baby Special Occasion Vest
For a dapper little ring bearer, these onesies customized with fabric vests (complete with buttons!) are too sweet to pass up. From tweed to seersucker, you're sure to find an option that's a perfect fit for your theme. (Special Occasion Vest, from $25.95, available at Twice As Nice Baby)

06-Pink Perfect

Photo: Courtesy of Pink Perfect

Pink Perfect Gold Sequin Flower Girl Dress
What little girl wouldn't look adorable in a dress covered in sequins? The shimmery bodice and soft tulle skirt are the perfect silhouette for twirling. Add a floral accent and a matching headband, and she'll be ready for her moment in the spotlight! (Gold Sequin Flower Girl Dress, from $35.00, available at Pink Perfect)


Photo: Courtesy of Macy's

Lauren Madison 4-Piece Tux
We don't think anything could be cuter than a baby in a tuxedo. The tie! The tails! The satin trim! Because even babies need to follow that black tie dress code. (Baby Boys 4-Piece Tux, $65, available at Macy's)

Holiday Gift Guide: Perfect Presents for the Little Ones in Your Life

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Dec 042015

Admit it, sometimes the littlest ones are the hardest to shop for on your holiday list. If you've invited them to be a part of your big day, you want to make them feel even more special. We've made it easier with great gifts for all the babies, toddlers, and tweens in your life. These fun toys and games, will be perfect for your favorite littles, and may just have you wishing you were a kid again.

Kids Holiday Gift Guide Hearst Blanket and Pillow Set

Photo: Courtesy of Twinkle Twinkle Little One

If you have a flower girl who still needs to be carried down the aisle, this Tanna Hearts Blanket and Pillow Set will be a cozy reminder of how much you love her. ($66, Twinkle Twinkle Little One)

Kids Holiday Gift Guide Dog Flashlight

Photo: Courtesy of CB2

How's this for a bright idea? If your ring bearer is afraid of the dark, an LED Dog Flashlight will be the boy's best friend. ($7.95, CB2)

Kids Holiday Gift Guide Emoji Stickers

Photo: Courtesy of iDecoz

What do you buy the tween who has it all — including the newest iPhone? Emoji Home Button Stickers help them bling out their phone with a rotation of six smilies. (We won't tell if you buy a pack for yourself!). ($4.99, iDecoz)

Kids Holiday Day Gift Guide Dinosaur Robot

Photo: Courtesy of Bed Bath and Beyond

Forget remote-control cars. This Bluetooth-enabled MiPosaur robot has evolving intelligence so it can be trained to sit, stand, dance, play games, and perform tricks. ($119.99, Bed Bath and Beyond)

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Kids Holiday Gift Guide Color My Own TeePee

Photo: Courtesy of Joss & Main

The Color-My-Own TeePee is the ultimate indoor hideaway. After they paint the canvas, get bonus-points by treating them to s'mores and a book inside the tent. ($123.95, Joss & Main)

Kids Holiday Gift Guide Laser Tag

Photo: Courtesy of Overstock

You might lose your fiancé for a few hours to this one: The Smithsonian Electronic Laser Tag Set turns any spot (be it your in-laws house or your backyard) into a two-player infrared battlefield. ($22.50, Overstock)

Kids Holiday Gift Guide American Girl Baking Set

Photo: Courtesy of American Girl

When they're ready to move on from their Easy-Bake Oven, gift them a "grown-up" American Girl Baking Essentials Set. Complete with a mixing bowl, whisk, measuring cups and spoons, rolling pin, and spatula, it's ideal for baking holiday cookies with their favorite doll (and you) by their side. ($59.50, American Girl)

Kids Holiday Gift Guide Crayon Necklace

Photo: Courtesy of Kikkerland

Candy necklaces are so 90s. This year's hot neckwear? A crayon necklace they can wear for color, and use to color some great art for your fridge. ($11, Kikkerland)

Kids Holiday Gift Guide Coal Chewing Gum

Photo: Courtesy of Paper Source

Even if your nieces and nephews made Santa's nice list, the whole family will get laughs when you stuff a box of Coal Bubble Gum into their stocking. ($5.50, Paper Source)

This Ring Bearer and Flower Girl Got Married in the Same Church 17 Years Later

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Oct 022015
Flower Girl and Ring Bearer Marry 17 Years Later

Photo: Courtesy of Adrian and Brooke Franklin via ABC News

It was destiny! One North Carolina couple, who were paired together as flower girl and ring bearer when they were children, walked down that same aisle 17 years later — this time as bride and groom!

Adrian and Brooke Franklin met in church in elementary school, and were chosen to be a part of their parents' friends' wedding party. From then on, they would always run into each other. "Every time our paths would go separate ways, we'd reconnect," the groom, Adrian, told ABC News.

From the get-go Brooke had a crush on her ring bearer, but Adrian wanted nothing to do with her until high school. "I had a crush on him from the start," the bride said said. "He absolutely could not stand me. He said 'I got on his nerves.' I'd tried to play with him at school and at church and he just didn't want much to do with me at all."

It was once they became teenagers that Adrian had a romantic interest in his future bride. "We would draw with our finger on each other's backs and guess what the other person was writing," he said. "I wrote 'Will you be my girlfriend' and she guessed it, but didn't answer me. I said 'Well Brooke, are you going to say anything?' and she said 'Well you didn't write a question mark.'"

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To propose, he played on that inside joke. "Before our wedding day I had a sign made that said 'Will you marry me' but I cut the question mark out," Adrian explained. "I asked her to marry me and I said, 'Here's your question mark.'"

On September 19, the two exchanged vows at the South Gastonia Church of God, the same church they walked down the aisle together 17 years earlier as flower girl and ring bearer. "We are all in shock as to all the attention that this is getting. There was a picture that my mom posted on Facebook and we're glad that it's good news going out and not bad," Adrian said.

"We forgot that we were in the wedding together and she brought the photos to us," Brooke added. "She just thought that was the neatest thing. She was really excited." As are we, this is too cute!

Does Your Ring Bearer Need a Boutonniere?

 Etiquette, Kids, Ring Bearers, Wedding Etiquette, Wedding Flowers  Comments Off on Does Your Ring Bearer Need a Boutonniere?
Jan 272015

Boutonnieres are typically given to every male involved in the wedding, including the groom, groomsmen, fathers, and some key family members (like your grandfathers, a beloved uncle, or a long-time friend of the family). So it stands to reason you'd have one made for your ring bearer, too. But if the little guy is particularly rowdy or too young to prominently pose for photos, you might want to skip purchasing his bout. Others might feel strongly that this little attendant will feel more involved if he matches the grown ups. Here, our etiquette expert weighs in on if you should give your ring bearer a boutonniere.

It's up to you whether or not you want your ring bearer to wear a boutonniere during your ceremony. If he's wearing a mini version of the groomsmen's attire, it's a nice touch to keep the look consistent. Your florist can recreate the adult accessory on a smaller scale for him to wear down the aisle. Dressing this young attendant like one of the adults has another added benefit: He'll be more likely to behave like the men he's dressed with in order to feel more like the rest of the group. It's a definite plus if you fear this little guy will act out during the ceremony.

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On the other hand, you could create something fun and whimsical for him that feels more age appropriate. Many brides opt to have their florist add a small toy or more playful blooms to a ring bearers boutonniere. This way his look is still elevated but in a way that works for his young age.

If you're dressing him in an outfit that's entirely different from the rest of the men (for instance, skipping the jacket and going with pants, a shirt, and suspenders) you can definitely skip the boutonniere. But you should still consider giving him a little something extra that makes him feel like he's an important part of the day.

Just remember, depending on what type of boutonniere you're getting, it won't be a big expense to take on. The average price for a ring bearer's boutonniere is $8, so you could always purchase one and decide on the day of.

A Flower Girl and Ring Bearer Reunited, Fell in Love, and Married 20 Years Later

 Flower Girls, Kids, Married Life, News, Relationships, Ring Bearers  Comments Off on A Flower Girl and Ring Bearer Reunited, Fell in Love, and Married 20 Years Later
Jan 132015

We couldn't write a cuter story if we tried: One Minnesota couple just tied the knot this past weekend, 20 years after they first walked down the aisle together as flower girl and ring bearer.

It all started two decades years ago, when Brittney Husbyn and Briggs Fussy were selected to be in a wedding party together as flower girl and ring bearer. Naturally the two thought nothing of each other for the next 20 years until Brittney noticed Briggs's familiar face in college class they both happened to be in together. With an ounce of courage, Brittney, who was coincidentally seated behind Briggs in her classroom, made a comment to Briggs about their joint past.

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"She turned around one day in class and said, 'I think I have a picture of you on my wall at home,'" Briggs told Fox and Friends of their first real meeting. "I remember just little glimpses. Brittney's running around, making commotion."

That one bold re-introduction turned into a first date and five years later — you guessed it — a wedding! "I am like the sappiest human ever," Brittney explained. "His mom whips this picture off of his wall. She's like, 'I've had a picture of you up in my house forever.'"

Even the greatest love stories can't compete with this heavy dose of destiny. Nicholas Sparks, you might want to take note of this super sweet tale! Now, we'll have to keep track to see if their flower girl and ring bearer have a connection down the line to keep up the tradition.

We Asked, You Told: Adorable Flower Girls and Ring Bearers!

 Flower Girls, Ring Bearers, Wedding Photography  Comments Off on We Asked, You Told: Adorable Flower Girls and Ring Bearers!
Dec 122014
Cute flower girls ring bearers pictures sign

Photo: Courtesy of Monique Foster Tienda

Cute alert! Flower girls and ring bearers are almost always the most adorable part of a wedding, and we can never get enough of the candid things they do when the spotlight is square on them. We asked our Facebook followers to share photos of the little ones in their bridal party and, unsurprisingly, there were a ton of aww-worthy submissions. We narrowed them down to our four favorites to give you a major serving of cute for your Friday!

The first is this precious set of young ones (seen above), in a photo shared by bride Monique Foster Tienda, who got to carry one of the best signs we've ever seen. "Hurry up we want cake"? They're the only ones who can away with saying that at a wedding!

Cute flower girls ring bearers pictures jacket

Photo: Courtesy of Bodene Steyn

Some kids never want to grow up, but this little boy is more than ready to step in to adult clothing! Bride Bodene Steyn shared this photo of her ring bearer trying on her groom's suit jacket — too cute for words!

Cute flower girls ring bearers pictures flower crown

Photo: Courtesy of Christa Parker Strick

How stylish are these two?! The ring bearer is rocking some major hipster fashion (newsboy caps, bow ties and suspenders are all the rage), and the flower girl's flower crown is on point. Bravo, kiddos.

Cute flower girls ring bearers pictures

Photo: Courtesy of Jessica Martin

Last, but not least, is this ring bearer. Something about his mischievous expression is just making our hearts melt!

What’s the Appropriate Age for a Flower Girl or Ring Bearer?

 Etiquette, Flower Girls, Kids, Ring Bearers, Wedding Etiquette  Comments Off on What’s the Appropriate Age for a Flower Girl or Ring Bearer?
Nov 112014

Including children in your wedding is a must. Not only do the little ones make for some adorable photo ops, but they also have a big responsibility: Typically they carry those very important wedding rings down the aisle or prep the aisle with pretty petals for your grand entrance. But what's the appropriate age for your flower girl or ring bearer? After all, you don't want a crying baby disrupting the ceremony or a kid who refuses to walk down the aisle when the time comes.

How young is too young for a flower girl or ring bearer? My nephew is only two and half years old, but I'd love to include him!

This is a question that pops up time after time again. Usually flower girls and ring bearers range from ages three to eight years old. But don't let that stop you from giving those roles to someone younger. Keep in mind, though, that the younger the child, the more unpredictable his or her behavior will be. Your two-and-half-year-old nephew, in this case, is probably more prone to throw a tantrum than a well-behaved five year old. An easy solution? Ask your nephew's mom or dad to accompany him down the aisle or to be there to assist if anything goes awry. You know your nephew best so if you think he can walk on his own, let him.

And remember: What's the worst that can happen? A little one's quirkiness is what makes him or her cute in the first place! Your guests will enjoy themselves either way.

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