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The 2016 Election Is Negatively Affecting Our Sex Drives, Survey Says

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Nov 082016
election ruining sex life

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The presidential election isn't just making dinner conversations more awkward, it's ruining your sex drive. Yes, we're serious.

If you've found yourself not in the mood to roll around in the sheets lately with your partner, you're not alone. This election cycle has elicited stress that is actually impacting people's sex drives, according to fertility app Kindara. In a survey that informally polled 928 app users, the results found that Americans' sex lives are being negatively affected by this election — especially Democrats. The Dems seem to be the most affected by campaign negativity with 19% of females indicating that there was a negative impact on their sex lives, per The Daily Mail.

Other noteworthy stats from the survey: 21% of women report that good economic news positively impacts their sex lives and 18% noted that bad economic news negatively affected the sex lives. Only 4% said that they would delay a pregnancy depending on who wins the election.

Even the mere prospect of Election Day is more of a turnoff for Democrats — 45% of Republicans said they were more looking forward to sex than voting that day, compared to 25 percent of Democrats.

During the debates, it was even more of an issue. The fertility app reported that 67 percent of female Republicans were more interested in having sex, whereas 50 percent of Democrats said the same thing. As a whole, the stress factor seems to be stemming from the idea of Donald Trump becoming president.

The founders of the app shared their thoughts behind the survey with Bustle. "At Kindara we are always looking for new opportunities to give women tools, knowledge and support to understand how their fertility works, take ownership of their reproductive health, and meet their fertility goals. We thought this survey would be a fun and timely way to engage with our Kindara App users, while providing a snapshot as to how this year's Presidential campaign is impacting American women's lives behind the closed doors of the bedroom."

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To be fair, the findings from this survey should be taken in stride, as the poll was comprised of fertility app users willing to take a poll, and it is difficult to apply this to the general population. That being said, however, many report feeling anxious and very stressed out over the election. And as we all know, stress usually equals libido drop in most circumstances.

In any case, the best news of the day is that Election Day is here, and hopefully once it is over, we can all get back to more important things: sex, love, and rock and roll (errr — wedding planning?). Simpler times, if you will.

6 Sex Moves You Should DEFINITELY Make on Your Wedding Night

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Oct 262016
sex moves to make on wedding night

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Whether you're sticking to a tried-and-true routine or ready to try something new on your wedding night, there are just certain sex moves you should make to ensure the best sex possible, our experts say.

1. Cut yourself off.
Not from sex — from alcohol. "It's really easy to have a glass of champagne or six during the course of a six-hour wedding," commiserates relationship expert April Masini. But too much alcohol will do more than give you a buzz. It could be a buzz kill to your big night. "At worst, one or both of you will have quickly fallen asleep because of the fatigue induced by drinking too much," Masini warns. "If you make a game plan to limit your alcohol intake, you'll have a better chance of having sex."

2. Do a little strip tease.
As certified sex therapist Holly Richmond, Ph.D., points out, "you only have this one wedding night and only have one chance to take off your beautiful wedding dress, so make it memorable." You might decide to choreograph a strip tease, she suggests, using your garter. Or perhaps you create a fantasy scenario for you and your spouse around undressing. "You could even take things a step further and use a ribbon from your bouquet to bind your hands or feet," she says.

3. Get it on when the sun comes out.
If you're too pooped to really party on your wedding night (and a lot of couples are), considering saving sex for the morning after the wedding. "Exhaustion is part of every wedding night," says Masini. "The planning was epic and the wedding was long and wonderful, but you're not machines. You're human. And you're tired. Go to sleep married, wake up and have morning sex to celebrate the union. Being creative with traditions will serve you well over the course of your marriage."

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4. Go a step farther.
Richmond suggests using your wedding night to do the things you already love, but even better. For example, she says, let's say your new wife likes to be on top. "Spend time admiring her face, her body, and tell her how beautiful and sexy she looks, and how lucky you are to have her as your spouse," says Richmond. "Move at the pace she likes, and truly let her take control."

5. Take advantage of your surroundings.
Says Richmond, "The wedding night is a great opportunity to do something you've never done before." One way to add to your sexual repertoire — without doing anything too crazy — is to scan your wedding-night space for inspiration. "Does it have a claw-foot tub, an enormous glass shower, or a balcony with a little privacy?" she asks. Those might make for a new and exciting space for some sexy fun.

6. Start your honeymoon off with a bang — excuse the pun.
Masini suggests taking a night flight directly from your wedding to your honeymoon destination. "If you go from the wedding to the airport, and take a night flight, you'll be guaranteed a break from the stress of the wedding," she points out, "and you'll sleep on the plane, especially if it's a long flight. Wake up, go to your hotel, and commence wedding sex after airplane sleep."

11 Random Factors That Affect Your Chances of Getting Pregnant

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Oct 132016
how to get pregnant

Photo: Getty Images

When you're trying to conceive (or trying not to!), you probably think about your cycle or how often you have sex as thing that typically affect your shot at getting pregnant. But there are also some far less obvious factors that influence both your and his fertility.

While this is a laundry list, what really matters most, according to women's health expert Jennifer Wider, M.D., is when you're ovulating, your age (and his as well, at least to up your chances of a healthy baby), your smoking habits, and his sperm count. (In other words, take most with a grain of salt, since by and large the effects are pretty negligible).

But, if you're really trying to optimize your chances, these little things might also make an impact.

1. How much TV he watches
Weird but true: Guys who watch five hours of TV or more per day have a lower sperm count than guys who don't watch TV at all, according to a study in the American Journal of Epidemiology.

2. How stressed you are
This one is actually pretty major. A study in the Annals of Epidemiology found that women who reported above-average stress levels were 45 percent less likely to conceive.

3. What he looks like
Weird but true: guys with a more masculine look (measured by things like face width) tend to have lower sperm quality, one study in the Journal of Evolutionary Biology found.

4. His intelligence
Higher IQs usually correlate with higher sperm quality, according to research from Kings College in London. Score for the smart guys!

5. The timing of your romps
Obviously, the more you have sex, the more likely you are to get pregnant. But interestingly, how far apart you space the sessions matters. The chances of artificial insemination working almost triples when using the second sperm sample collected within an hour, says one study presented at the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology meeting.

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6. His exposure to hot water
If you've been hanging out in a hot tub, your chances of conceiving may not be great. The sperm count of men in a study in the Brazilian Society of Urology journal increased after they avoided hot baths and jacuzzis for three to six months.

7. The cleaning chemicals in your house
Pesticides, pollutants, and other chemicals can decrease your chances of getting pregnant by up to 29 percent, according to one study in Environmental Health Perspectives. Both men's and women's exposure mattered. The authors think these substances could be affecting our hormone levels.

8. His laptop usage
Apparently, by putting a computer on his lap, he can disrupt what's underneath it. A Fertility and Sterility study examined sperm samples placed underneath laptops, and 25 percent of the sperm stopped swimming, while only 14 percent of sperm placed safely away from laptops did. Time for an iPad?

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9. Which birth control you've taken in the past
Obviously, taking birth control right before you're trying to conceive can (and uh, should) reduce your chances of getting knocked up. But if you've taken Depo-Provera, that effect could last for up to two years. If you're taking the shot and you want kids in the semi-near future, you should start thinking about going off it now.

10. Whether you're breastfeeding
Kind of a handy trick: most moms don't ovulate with they're breastfeeding, so your chances of conceiving one baby while you're nursing another are quite low, though not zero.

11. What kind of underwear he wears
This is a personal favorite: Sperm grow best under temperatures lower than the rest of the body, and when his balls are squished into tight undies, let's just say things can heat up in there. If he's trying to maximize his sperm count, the answer to the "boxers vs. briefs" question is a no-brainer: boxers.

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This article originally appeared on Glamour.

The Secret Thing He HATES In Bed, According To His Zodiac Sign

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Oct 122016
The Secret Thing He Hates In Bed According To His Zodiac Sign

Photo: Getty Images

As great as sex can be, there are certain things that can be singular to us that we just don't like. Sometimes we fake it so we don't hurt our partner's feelings; other times, we may not say anything because we think that over time we might come to like it.

But some things can just bug the crap out of us and ruin sex. We want to be honest and direct with our partners and tell them what we want, what works and doesn't work for us, but it doesn't always happen that way.

For some people, being told what to do in bed doesn't make them feel better — it makes things feel less like sexy time and more like instructional time. When you have sex with someone, it doesn't begin and end with intercourse. Sex can be from the time you have that first kiss to when you're getting dressed.

There are some guys who start having sex with a woman, only to be totally turned off when she uses the bathroom afterward and leaves the door open, making the whole thing seem a little too intimate.

Because every zodiac sign has their own likes and dislikes when it comes to sex, it can be good to know what sex moves you may be doing that your man secretly hates.

Now, nobody wants to fart in bed with a hookup, but there are times that our bodies do all kinds of things we don't want, and you shouldn't feel self-conscious about it. Astrology isn't saying don't be human or don't do what you want to do; all it's saying is that you may not know that when you do something, your partner's enjoyment is decreased a little.

Aries (March 21 - April 19)
Aries men secretly hate it when a woman is going full-force with the dirty talk, and then becomes really boring in bed and doesn't do any of things she talked about it. Not cool.

Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

Taurus men don't like it when their partner rushes through foreplay. For them, foreplay is the best part of sex. Rule of thumb: take your time with a Taurus.

Gemini (May 21 - June 20)
Since Geminis are up to try anything, they secretly don't like it when their partner wants to do the same positions over and over again. Variety is everything for Gemini.

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Cancer (June 21 - July 22)
It's really good to ask for what you want in bed, but don't tell a Cancer man that he's doing something wrong or criticize him in any way. That's a boner killer for sure.

Leo (July 23 - August 22)
If you're having a threesome or some other kind of group sex, don't ignore the Leo; that will not go over well. If anything, everyone involved should pay extra attention to every part of him, and praise his body while you're at it.

Virgo (August 23 - September 22)

Virgo men aren't into big surprises in bed, so don't spontaneously slap them in the face or do anything out of the blue. All it will do is shock them out of the moment.

Libra (September 23 - October 22)
Libra men want their partners to have a good time, but don't scream like you're being murdered during sex — it upsets them. Sure, you can make noise within reason, just don't wake the neighborhood with your orgasm.

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Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)
Not to put too much pressure on you, but Scorpios secretly hate when their partners don't orgasm. They want evidence that you've had as good a time as they have and that you'll soon be up for round two... or ten.

Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)
Sagittarius men are spontaneous and like to mix things up, so they secretly hate routine in the bedroom or scheduled sex. If something worked great last time, keep it in the rotation, just don't do it every single time.

Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)

Capricorn men love sex and are very sexual; however, they don't like when someone (without warning) sticks a finger up their ass. Please, a little warning first!

Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)
Aquarius men secretly hate any kind of boring, traditional sex. Why do the missionary position all the time when there are so many others to try?

Pisces (February 19 - March 20)
Sex to a Pisces is an escapist adventure and one that he wants to last, so he secretly hates it when he's bitten during a blow job. It usually brings him right back to reality. Keep your teeth away from the penis.

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This article originally appeared on YourTango.

Virgin Brides, THIS Is What to Expect on Your Wedding Night

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Sep 272016
Tips for Virgin Brides

Photo: Getty Images

Are you waiting until marriage to have sex? Then keep your first kiss in mind. Yes, your first kiss. No matter how experienced a kisser you and your partner were at the time you started dating, you didn't know yet how to kiss each other yet. You were absolute beginners.

But by the end of your first make-out session, you'd already learned about each other's kissing preferences. A month of kissing each other under your belt, and you'd started to establish your kissing style as a couple — how intense, how much drama, how much tongue. After a while, satisfying kisses came naturally. Now you're masters at kissing each other. But that didn't happen automatically — it took a bit of time, effort, and adapting to each other. It was a process, getting to that place of it feeling natural. Same goes for sex.

Arriving at the bridal suite on your wedding night is a big deal. But be prepared that you're going to be exhausted, sweaty from dancing, maybe a bit tipsy. Not the greatest setup, but if consummating your marriage on your wedding night is important to you both, by all means, consummate away.

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Be sure to keep the "first kiss" analogy in the back of your mind. This first time you have intercourse, there will be some bumbling around (and likely a bit of pain — expect some stretching your lady parts, since a penis is going where no penis has gone before). Don't be dismayed if you're not instantly orgasming (the bridal suite isn't a ridiculous RomCom or porn set, after all) or that you don't feel as natural or compatible having sex for the first time as you do kissing each other. Second time, you'll have learned from the first. A week, a month, a year of intercourse together, and everything will be different from the first night in the bridal suite.

Take the long view: You're in this marriage and this sex life for the long haul. And that's how a satisfying married sex life is built — over time.

Allison Moir-Smith is an author and bridal counselor who specializes in engagement anxiety and cold feet.

Real Women Reveal the Sex Positions That Work for Them Every Time

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Sep 202016
couple playing in bed

Photo: Getty Images

If you're not having orgasms during sex, don't give up. Maybe you just haven't found your signature move yet (yes, a lot of women have one). Here, eight women dish on the sex positions that guarantee the big O for them over and over again. Perhaps one of these moves is your ticket too?

I showed him how to touch me...
"I can give myself an orgasm in three minutes flat, rubbing my clitoris in little circles — slowing, then building momentum, and repeat. But when my boyfriend is down there, he bypasses my clitoris and goes right in. It's hot and I love that he's eager, but I never orgasm that way (and it's really hard for me to get off during sex). I finally grabbed his hand and guided his thumb over my clitoris just how I do it. He calls it my magic button now." — Dana P., 31

A chair creates the perfect angle...
"I have my husband sit in a kitchen chair — or any kind that doesn't have arms. This gives me the freedom to ride him, moving my body up and down, while holding on to his shoulders." — Katie L., 29

We use the C.A.T. position...
"The only way missionary works for me is if we do it C.A.T. style (coital alignment technique). I stiffen my legs and point my toes while he grinds on me. Not only does he feel great, inside, but this position allows him to rub up on my clitoris too, which is highly stimulating." — Lauren W., 31

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I like to stand up...
"I like when my boyfriend gives me oral crouching down while I'm standing. I steady myself against the wall and run my fingers through his hair, sometimes pulling it. The combination of his mouth and the fact that I'm in the power position always works." — Jennifer K., 27

I lay on my stomach...
"I lay down flat on my belly. I prop my butt up a little, by digging my toes into the bed. It gives him just enough space to enter me — and the friction of the sheets against my body feels extra-wonderful." — Devon R, 37

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A twist on reverse cowgirl...
"He lays on his back. I sit on him with my back to him and my legs bent and feet resting in between his. We take turns: He thrusts up and down. I rock back and forth." — Kyle, 22

We use the side of the bed...
"I slide to the edge of the bed and steady my feet on the rug. He stands, enters and thrusts, while playing with my breasts." — Kara, 29

I love anal sex...
"I know a lot of girls don't like anal but it works for me. We use lube, he's gentle, and he reaches around to touch me in the front." — Donna, 22

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This article originally appeared on Glamour.

What Does It Mean If You Don’t Have Sex on Your Honeymoon?

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Sep 202016

honeymoon sex meaning

Photo: Getty Images

If you expect to have the hottest sex of your life on your honeymoon, join the club. "Couples often have high expectations for sex on their honeymoon," says Madeleine Castellanos, M.D., sex expert and author of Wanting to Want: What Kills Your Sex Life and How to Keep It Alive. "If they've waited until marriage to take this important step, they may have the impression that it will be all magic and no struggle. And even if they already have an active sex life, they may have the expectation that the quality of their sex will somehow be different during the honeymoon."

So you can imagine what a panic-inducing bummer it could be if you don't have sex at all on this all-important vacation. But, "couples should keep in mind that honeymoon sex doesn't always live up to these expectations, and it's really an attitude of connectedness, focus, and relaxation into arousal that brings heightened pleasure," Castellanos says.

And if your sexual reality falls short of your honeymoon fantasies, it doesn't mean your sex life is doomed. Here are a few reasons you might have not had sex during your honeymoon that are nothing to sweat — and a few more than might be cause for concern.

You were exhausted.
You put hours and hours into planning your big day and the vacation days that followed. "And many couples find that they are just too tired to have lots, if any, sex during their honeymoon," says Castellanos. "This is usually the case for couples traveling long distances for a honeymoon, where they find themselves too jetlagged or on different time tables to really make sex come together smoothly. Others pack in tours and want to use the most of their time really exploring a destination, leaving them pretty sore and exhausted." Catch up on some much-needed Zs and your sex life should catch back up, too.

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You got sick.
It's an unpleasant reality that celebrating your newlywed bliss can mean partying too hard, leading to hangovers or a whittled-down immune system. "Certainly, too much drinking can make sex difficult if not impossible at times, and a honeymoon is no exception," Castellanos says. "And even if you're not a heavy partier, traveling to different places with different climates and eating different cuisine increases the chances of getting physically sick, which can put quite a damper on honeymoon sex as well." It probably goes without saying that as your immune system returns to normal, so too should your sex life.

You got your period.
You thought you timed your pill packs perfectly. But somehow the universe managed to break through even your best laid period plans, "and your menstrual period comes right in time for the honeymoon," describes Castellanos. "This is not always an issue for couples, but if they prefer not to have sex during her period, or if she has cramps, it just might mess up their plans for their ideal honeymoon sex." Chalk up your lack of honeymoon sex to bad luck, and make up for lost time (and experiences) when Aunt Flo leaves town.

You were too anxious.
"For men and women, anxiety is the biggest culprit when it comes to difficulty having sex," Castellanos says. "Anxiety can significantly impact arousal, erection, avoidance, and even pain. And anxiety impacts not just the ability to have sex, but also the amount of sensation that a person feels during sex." Unfortunately, feeling anxiety about your sex life can follow you home after the honeymoon, and might be cause for concern. "If you find that anxiety is really messing with your sex life, don't wait to address this with a qualified sex therapist," says Castellanos. "The earlier you deal with it, the easier it is to resolve."

You were angry.
Travel can be tough. (Think: Long lines, turbulent flights, and trying to navigate when you don't speak the native language.) If you fought on your honeymoon and went to bed angry, sans sex, that could be a red flag, Castellanos warns. "Many people want to avoid the conflict of having a discussion or disagreement," she says. "If left unresolved, anger has a way of turning into resentment, which has long-term negative consequences for your sex life and your relationship overall."

6 Ways Working Out Can Make You Better in Bed

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Sep 202016
How Working Out Leads to Better Sex

Photo: Getty Images

Endorphins, health, confidence — the incredible benefits of exercising are endless. Besides being fun (sometimes), it helps you relieve stress, try new things and become an overall happier person.

But we're not kidding when we say working out benefits all aspects of your life, including the love department! We chatted with sex experts to learn exactly how working out can make your sex life hotter, longer and better. So grab your partner and read up on these tips. The two of you will be booking a class in no time.

Helps you last longer
Sex can be heart-racing in more ways than one, but feeling out of shape (and breath) isn't exactly a great feeling when you're trying to be sexy in bed. Working out already increases your endurance when running and stamina when climbing those stairs, but it can help you last longer in bed, too. If you want to worry less about wearing yourself out, try focusing more on cardio exercises. Simply put, a stronger body that is used to cardio can handle more activity and, therefore, won't get tired out as easily. Meaning you two can keep going all night long.
Try: Cycling

Becomes more adventurous
So you want to try a little, er, more in bed? Not a problem, unless you're muscles are feeling tight and your legs just won't bend that way. You can't exactly try new positions if your body won't physically let you, but don't give up just yet. Sex expert Dr. Nikki Martinez says to "focus on muscle building and flexibility to help you do whatever either of you wants to try without issue." Exercises that help you stretch and warm up the muscles can increase flexibility and make it that much easier to go that extra mile with your partner.
Try: Yoga

Connects you to your partner
Believe it or not, exercise can be an intimate setting. You're sweaty, vulnerable and, let's face it, not very composed. Letting a partner in on that experience can do wonders for your relationship in and outside of the bedroom. You'll both get to see a side of each other that you may never have witnessed before, but we promise, it'll only bring you closer together. Find a form of physical activity that you both enjoy and try doing it together. It'll help build your relationship and make sex a much more intimate, emotional experience. Plus, who doesn't need another date night idea?
Try: Running class

Increases your confidence
Feeling sexy shouldn't just be limited to the bedroom. When you're feeling your hottest self, others see that you are, too, and exercise can help you achieve that anywhere. Whether you're shaking your booty in dance class or twisting your limbs in ways you never knew you could in yoga, find what moves help you feel your sexiest. Striking a pose in classes like dance or pole help you channel the inner goddess that you are not only in class, but later that night, too. And when you're feeling sexy, your partner won't need any convincing either.
Try: Dance cardio

Makes it hotter
Don't forget: sex is exercise. If we want to keep it feeling good for both ourselves and our partner, the muscles we need for it should be worked and toned. Exercises that work to strengthen the pelvic muscle, like kegels, are definitely key. But you don't have to limit yourself to just that. Sex expert Laurel House says, "Core exercises like Pilates, sit-ups and strength training effectively strengthens and stimulates the pelvic muscles, helping to heat things up and even intensify an orgasm." Keep up those workouts and you'll not only be more toned, you'll also improve your sex life. Now all those bridges make sense, huh?
Try: Pilates class

Helps keep your hormones in check
There's a reason we always feel good after a workout: endorphins. Exercise helps release these "happy" hormones, giving you a natural high and feel-good vibes. And when you're in a good mood, your body is too — meaning you're helping rev up your sex drive. Do you and your partner both need a little boost? Try taking a class together. You both will release endorphins and naturally will associate these happy feelings with each other. What better way to bond in bed than already feeling like your partner helped you feel good?
Try: Any class!

This post was originally published on ClassPass's blog, The Warm Up by Danielle Page. ClassPass is a monthly membership that connects you to more than 8,500 of the best fitness studios worldwide. Learn more here.

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3 Ways to Ensure You’ll Have Hot Sex After the Wedding

 Married Life, Relationships, Sex  Comments Off on 3 Ways to Ensure You’ll Have Hot Sex After the Wedding
Sep 072016
Sex Tips for Married Couples

Photo: Getty Images

Keeping things hot and heavy with your spouse isn't always easy — especially after years, and years, and years of marriage. So what's a couple to do to stay satisfied between the sheets as well as outside of the bedroom? Lucky for us, Dr. Jane Greer divulged her genius secrets for maintaining a fabulous sex life with your spouse way after the wedding night.

1. If you say no, say it with a rain check.
While it is wonderful to feel in sync with your spouse, there is no denying that despite how connected you are everyone's appetite varies from time to time, whether it is for dinner or for sex. It is impossible to always be in the same mood for intimacy simultaneously, just as it's unlikely that you will always want to have a similar meal. If, for example, you had a huge lunch and hope to have a small snack for dinner on the same day your partner skipped lunch altogether and is looking forward to a big meal out, you will find yourselves in a place that can be frustrating and require compromise. Your desire for sex can differ in the same way.

The thing is, when someone says no to sex it can very often feel like a rejection, even though it is not meant to be one. The goal is to make room for your different needs in a way that is loving and supportive, so that even though you might be saying no in the moment, it is not a no to your spouse. Start with the no but make it a "not now," and offer a rain check for when you will be happy to have sex so you and your partner can look forward to your time together and build up excitement.

2. Have spontaneous scheduled sex.
When you were first dating, sex probably felt spontaneous because when you spent time with each other you didn't know if you would have sex but the possibility that you would was always there. You were on a date, which by definition is time set aside to be together, so the potential to find the occasion to be intimate was high. Now that you live together, you would think finding time for sex would be easy, but the reality is that everything else creeps in and without the structured moments reserved just for you, it is sometimes too easy to brush aside.

So with that in mind, it is still important to schedule time to be together. Perhaps a date night is what you need to bring back some of your spontaneity — a few hours to focus on just the two of you — during which sex can take place anytime. Think outside the box. It can be a Sunday brunch with sex over easy before the eggs, or even an afternoon cup of coffee, so that date night can see the light of day as well!

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3. Capture the moment.
As simple as it sounds, capturing the moment can be one of the most elusive things to do because it gets trapped in the day-to-day minutiae of life. We all have a mental list of what we should be doing and what we have to get done. It can be so hard to put down, that a kiss or a caress from a partner which could be an invitation to a sexual rendezvous can instead feel like an interruption. In fact, you might even find yourself annoyed because it would stop you from accomplishing your tasks. If so, by asking your partner to leave you alone, can't he see you're busy, you might be unwittingly shutting down the opportunity for shared pleasure and making him feel bad. Rather than just saying no so you can continue on your way to get the tires checked or to food shop for dinner, look to welcome the advances, and the interruption, and think of it as a time to do something else important — share some moments of love with your spouse so you can enjoy your bond.

Dr. Jane Greer is a New York-based relationship expert, radio host, and the author of What About Me? Stop Selfishness From Ruining Your Relationship. Connect with Dr. Jane Greer on Facebook and follow @DrJaneGreer on Twitter for her latest insights on love, relationships, sex, and intimacy.

BRIDES Florida: 5 Places to Buy Wedding-Night Lingerie in Orlando

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Sep 012016
Florida Wedding Night Lingerie Stores

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You may have made your public debut as husband and wife the moment you uttered "I do," but now it's time to make things official going more naughty than nice when it comes to wedding day white in the bedroom. Don't be afraid to step out of the box, choosing something that's the opposite of your everyday lingerie. If you were ever going to rock a pair of thigh-highs with matching corset, now's the time. Feel just as sexy as you did underneath your wedding dress sporting a stunning ensemble picked out with the help of these lingerie specialists around Orlando.

Bloomingdale's Orlando, The Mall at Millenia

Bloomie's makes lingerie shopping a cinch for brides thanks to a special section in the department that's devoted specifically to your wedding night. Be as demure or provocative as you like, letting the lingerie experts here guide you through the designer collections that range from pale blue Kate Spade robes with baby doll-style matching chemises to the most outrageous L'Agent by Agent Provacateur lace onesies that would make even the French blush.

Also located in The Mall at Millenia, Anthropologie is an unexpected gold mine of lingerie finds with sexy lace cut-out bodysuits, silk chemises and short kimono-style robes. While you're deciding on just the right wedding night look, peruse the boho-inspired matching bra and underwear sets, stocking up on everything you need to feel like perfection throughout your entire honeymoon — and newlywed life to follow.

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Victoria's Secret at Orlando International Premium Outlets
No need to wait until the Victoria's Secret semi-annual sale to revamp your underwear drawer. The outlet shop is even better than any kind of NYC sample sale you could find, with every type of lingerie imaginable — at prices that will allow you to load up a suitcase worth of underthings — without dipping too deep into your honeymoon wallet. We give you permission to go a bit crazy here, so step out of your comfort zone and select a few hot numbers that are sure to surprise your spouse post-reception.

Frederick's of Hollywood
Really spice things up in the bedroom for your first round as Mrs. with one of the bridal-themed pieces from Frederick's of Hollywood's Orlando outpost. White lace takes on multiple forms here — from drapey babydoll dresses to tie-up corsets — plus all the accessories to go along with them. Complete the look with the ultimate lace eye mask, perfect for your newly married slumber. Read real brides' reviews here!

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