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What He Really Thinks You’re Doing at the Bachelorette Party

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Sep 232015

Here we give our readers a glimpse inside the mindset of a guy's brain on weddings with the help of the hilarious and smart editors at The Plunge.

Alright, so you and the girls are going out with flashing penis necklaces around your necks, you've pre-gamed with some top-notch tequila, and your guy is probably — stealthily — waiting in the background and chewing his nails down to the bloody skin.

And why is he doing this, you ask? Well, that's pretty simple.

Girls Gone Wild
This is how our brain works: you're going out with your best friends (like, the ones who know exactly how, when, where, and to whom you lost your virginity) and most of them are single and all of you want to have a good time. And yes booze is involved, and Lord of the Flies style pressure is applied. We know you will have that ring on your finger the whole night (unless you of course drink way too much and permanently misplace it in the party bus), but the bachelorette Olympics makes any good guy a bit uneasy.

The Bachelorette Party = The Bachelor Party for your Fiancé
Our best man and groomsmen have been hazing us about our bachelor party since the moment we proposed — in person, on the phone, and endless email trails. We've also attended countless bachelor parties as a not-so-helpless bystander. Whether we are just projecting our own guilt or believe your plan of attack will mirror ours, it does not matter. We are equating your swan song to our swan song. Even if your maid of honor dials it down a notch from what is likely in store for us, 50% tamer is still a frightening image.

Bachelorette Parties. Been There. Done That.
Shocker alert. We were single a lifetime ago and we have seen many a bachelorette parties unfold — up-close and personal. We have definitely gotten roped into taking a bite (or two) out of a candy garter and joined powers with a bachelorette party. Why? Because bachelorette parties are fun. So when it's your turn to celebrate, we unfortunately have Pavlovian conditioned response in our brain which we want to rewire when it comes to you. We just can't always selectively delete.

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Don't Ask Details. Don't Tell Details.
Where are you going? A strip club? Bowling? A night club? Buffalo Wild Wings? Hell, we don't know unless you tell us. Which you won't. We also don't really want to hear about your upcoming lap dance at Hunk-o-Mania, similar to you not wanting to know what we're doing at our bachelor party. But, again, that's not to say you don't worry either. Honestly, we believe you're just having fun at your bachelorette party. Yeah, it's technically your last "single" hurrah (like you weren't single before we were engaged?) and you're letting loose with your "gal-pals." But really, we're trying to not thinking beyond that.

We Trust You. Trust you lots.
Truth is (and this is pretty logical here) if we chose to marry you, we trust you. We trust that you're not getting too down and too dirty with a stripper; we trust you're not going to let that tequila go to your head; and we trust your friends to keep you in line before your wedding — before the biggest day of your womanly life. What we think you're doing at your bachelorette party... Well, we truthfully can't even begin to guess. We just know that you're having fun, you're enjoying yourself — and if it's anything more than that, you'll tell us. Just as we would tell you if we went "a little too far out" at our bachelor party.

Essentially, it comes down to this: Have fun, be safe, be good to yourself, and be at the altar where I'm waiting for you.

A Guy Reveals the Trick(s) to Winning Over Your Future Mother-in-Law

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May 102015
How To Win Over Future Mother In Law

Photo: Getty Images

Every week, we give our readers a glimpse inside the mindset of a guy's brain on weddings with the help of the hilarious and smart editors at The Plunge.

Personally, we find the whole bride-to-be vs. mother-in-law power struggle to be a bit overstated. It's not like we're ever going to actively choose one of you over the other. That's far too much work. We prefer to remain completely aloof to the whole thing while it gets sorted out around us. To ensure we can stay out of it when the time comes, we're letting you know now what will surely keep you in our mother's good graces.

If the whole idea is that this tug of war happens because she knew us first and you take care of us now (and again, we say "if" because we don't buy this as that big a deal), then the simplest move for you is to simply "get" that. Understand where she's coming from and just kind of deal with it. So she's quick to remind you our favorite meal is her homemade lasagna when you know we'd much prefer your "dump everything in the crock pot surprise" every day of the week. Big deal. Suck it up and let her have the moment. You'll win her over by tacitly admitting you'll never win the battle (even while you're mentally targeting her with Jedi mind control rays).

Open Up
As far as wedding jobs and responsibilities go, mother of the groom is one of the lamest. If you want to make her truly happy, just give our mom something to do. Seriously, anything. She just wants to be involved and feel like you trust her to help. She may be most excited to join you for a dress fitting or help us choose cake (actually, forget that, we get all the cake), but you could have her do the crap that makes you want to stab your eyes out just reading it in your to-do list and she'll crush it. Congratulations, you've just scored points for the future by having someone do your dirty laundry for you. Like a boss.

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Reach Out
Yes, we know, you have your own mother, and thank you for reminding us again. Nobody's asking you to be besties with our mom (admit you love it when we say things like "besties"), but we would highly recommend building some sort of relationship with her outside of us. Things will be leaps and bounds smoother in the future if you can start understanding each other now without requiring us to mediate. This is key. Game's on. We can't be over here mediating.

The single highest-impact tactic you can employ to win our mother's love forever is to pick up the phone and dial her, or convince us to do so. Why? Because we never will. It's not that we don't love our mom (hi, mom!) but we just won't ever call her. Knowing this, and seeing that we now have an awesome everyday companion who has taken over the duties of keeping us warm at night (aww yeah), our mom will start to worry that she's going to lose touch with us forever. That's where, if you ask us, this whole thing starts and ends. So keep the lines of the communication open and let her know she'll continue to remain an important part of our lives. If anything she should rest assured knowing we've found someone else to eventually change our diapers.

The 6 Worst Parts of Wedding Planning According to a Groom

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Apr 232015
Worst Parts of Wedding Planning According to Grooms

Photo: Getty Images

Every week, we give our readers a glimpse inside the mindset of a guy's brain on weddings with the help of the hilarious and smart editors at The Plunge. Here, they're sharing what most guys consider the worst parts of planning the big day.

Shocking though this may seem to many of you out there in Brideland, we grooms don't hate everything about wedding planning. Just most things. Certain things much more than the rest. Here are six of those things.

Buying Rings
As men, a lot of us are not accustomed to wearing jewelry, let alone spending large amounts of money on a ring that we're suddenly going to be expected to wear all the time — until we die. That's a pretty loaded purchase. If we could, we'd let you pick it out and be done with it. But then you'd misinterpret our reluctance to join you at the jewelry store as reluctance to marry you so yeah, that option is out. In the end we're better off for sucking it up and going with you because we're the ones who are going to be tapping and twirling and twiddling with this thing. We're still not happy about it, though. The shopping part that is.

Writing Vows
We don't want to write our own vows for the same reason we wouldn't perform our own gum surgery. Certain things are best left to the professionals (or in this case, cribbed from a tried and true source like, oh, say, the bible for starters). This is just not a thing we ever want to do. Especially if you insist we not only write our own but then don't share them with each other until that moment. This will not result in the world's most romantic surprise. This will result in us going way too far with a personal anecdote, piling on inappropriate pop-culture references, or dropping an accidental f-bomb while you try to be sweet and earnest. We can't help ourselves, which is why this is an awful wedding-planning thing.

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Haggling with Vendors
You think you're working together to craft the most beautiful, unforgettable, right off your Pinterest board wedding. We think they've got us by the balls and they know it. These people have a lot of nerve charging us those prices — and even more for not accepting my perfectly reasonable counter-offer of half of whatever they said they charge. How could a bunch of flowers cost that much? The worst part is, they're usually willing to compromise in the end, but they force you to go through the whole song and dance before you get there.

Legal Stuff
Health care proxy, power of attorney, a will — we're not even sure these constitute wedding planning tasks but they are things that come up during the engagement and they are boring. Not only that, but they're just kind of icky. Sure, anything can happen at any time, but nobody likes to think about that. We're supposed to be planning for the rest of our lives together. The keyword being "lives."

Flowers, Linens, Stationary
Don't care, don't care, don't care.

The Guest List
These were hard enough to deal with when they were just between you and us. Now you're getting our mother involved?

The Weird Things Guys Do to Impress You — Revealed!

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Mar 182015

Every week, we give our readers a glimpse inside the mindset of a guy's brain on weddings with the help of the hilarious and smart editors at The Plunge. Here, they're going back to the starting stages of a relationship and decoding the strange stuff dudes do while dating.

It feels like we've gotten to a really solid place in our relationship, so this week, rather than spout off with more advice, we were hoping we could get something off our chest. Looking back on it, we did some weird stuff to try and impress you when we first started dating and, well, we just wanted to clear the air and let you know we only did what we did (just that one time) because we really liked you. Not that you even noticed. You didn't notice, right?

That time we busted out the acoustic guitar.
We just really thought it would let you see our artistic, sensitive side and we took that lesson back in high school and everyone likes "Wonderwall" and damn it why do we always try to play "Wonderwall?" We can't play "Wonderwall." This is all John Mayer's fault he makes it look so damn cool. And easy. This instrument is impossible.

That time we pretended to like John Mayer.
Speaking of which. Look, we're not taking anything away from the guy's talent, we're just now admitting we embellished our level of appreciation for him so we could match yours. It's one more thing to talk about! But now that we're here, we thought it best if you knew we'll go screaming up the aisle like our hair is on fire if we hear any of his music on our wedding day.

That time we drank too much.
Liquid courage is a thing where we come from. As is measuring your toughness by the pint (or shot, as it were). We think displaying our drinking prowess is going to impress you and thus give us confidence. We realize now the only thing worse than our rendition of "Wonderwall" was the drunk version, although we still think we sold it pretty well.

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That time we fought that guy.
Yet another "while we're on the subject," but that guy was eyeballing you and we thought you'd think it was truly badass of us to eschew working out our problems through mature conversation in favor of a swift kick in the nuts. Which is our way of saying, we're sorry we got you kicked out of the library.

That time we, uh, "embellished our resume."
We shouldn't have tried to make it seem like we had a better job or made more money than we did. What, did you think we meant something else? Was it the completely unnecessary, wildly misleading quotations marks that did it? See, we can't help ourselves! Seriously, though we may have done some weird stuff to impress you, but even we know not to go "there." Oh hey, we got it right that time!

That time we tried to gain the upper hand.
We didn't text you back right away, we were mysteriously "busy" when you first suggested we meet up again, and we did all those things we've been told we're supposed to do to leave you wanting more and gain some kind of advantage in the courtship. Of all the weird things we might have done while we were dating, there's not a weirder one than holding back from letting you know how special you are to us.

Decoding What Your Man Really Means When He Says “Whatever You Want” and Other Frustrating Phrases

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Feb 202015

Every week, we give our readers a glimpse inside the mindset of a guy's brain on weddings with the help of the hilarious and smart editors at The Plunge.

Wedding planning involves a lot of first-time conversations, which means you're likely to encounter a phrase or two from your man that makes you say, "What the hell are you talking about?" Being the kind, considerate, romantics we are, we thought we'd provide a quick reference "Guy-Speak" glossary. Disclaimer: We can only decode what your man means. We can't make you like it.

When he says: "Whatever you want," "Whatever makes you happy"
He really means: "Please don't make me guess." Alt.: "I assume you'll hate my real answer."
Guys believe that when you ask a question you already have the answer you want to hear in mind, so we default to this. It's simultaneously the most honest and phony thing we could possibly say. It's rooted in our genuine desire to give you everything you want and make you happy at all times, but it provides no value to the conversation. We know this. We're sorry.

When he says: "That's not what I meant"
He really means: "I immediately regret saying that."
Because we really did mean that, but now you're mad, so we wish we had said something else (or found a more agreeable way to say what we meant).

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When he says: "I don't know"
He really means: "I don't know." Alt.: "I already said 'Whatever you want' and that didn't work."
At least when it comes to wedding planning. Seriously, we just don't know. Our boys don't constantly ask about it. We're not on Pinterest. We don't read Brides. (Well, I do. The royal "we.") Whatever it is, we just don't know. It's not that we don't care.

When he says: "I don't care"
He really means: "I don't care." Alt.: "I'm saving my fight-starter for something more important."
Well, that is, except when we actually don't care. Some things just aren't worth the mental effort to us (flowers, colors, bridesmaids dresses), and some things maybe are but not enough to merit an argument (invitations, including your brother in our wedding party). We'd rather wait until we really hate something to speak up about it. We're lazy. We know this. We're sorry.

When he says: "Nice"
He really means: "ZOMG AMAZING!"
We men have a tendency to under-emote when it comes to most wedding-y things, which can make it hard for you to discern whether we really do like something or are just nodding along. No one ever taught us how to get excited about table runners. Not our fault! But you don't have to be confused. Here's a simple rule of thumb: if our response is monosyllabic and positive in even the slightest way, we love it. See also: "Cool," "Sweet," "Fine," "Sure," "True," "Yup."

Did we miss anything? Let us know. We just want you to be happy!

What Your Groom Really Thinks of the “First Look”

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Feb 142015

Every week, we give our readers a glimpse inside the mindset of a guy's brain on weddings with the help of the hilarious and smart editors at The Plunge.

What's the groom's perspective on the "first look?" The quick, easy, and completely useless answer is the same as it is for many wedding-related questions: Whatever makes the bride happy. To be honest, we wouldn't have even known the first look was a thing, let alone the subject of debate, before we got married. Apparently, though, some people still really think it's bad luck for the bride and groom to see each other before the wedding ceremony, or are adamant about sharing that tender moment in front of a hundred or more guests for some other reason. Fine. The true man's perspective on this whole debate is something along the lines of, "Who gives a damn?" However, after having gone through the process, we're glad we decided to do the first look thing. Here's why.

It's more romantic.
Yeah, yeah, we don't care about romance, blah, blah, blah. Well, guess what? On our wedding day, all we really want is to be with you. That gets to be difficult once the real party time starts and friends, grandparents, and distant cousins start pulling us in a million directions. The first look is one of a surprisingly small number of moments where the two of us just get to be together and soak in the magnitude of the day without being gawked at by everyone we know. What's more romantic than that?

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It relaxes everyone.
When we're standing up there at the altar, waiting for you to walk down the aisle, most of our energy is fixated on avoiding two things: throwing up and passing out. If we haven't seen you all day up until that moment, the intensity — and likelihood of one of those two things happening — gets ratcheted way, way up. We don't own that aisle runner, so let's do the first look beforehand and save ourselves a hefty dry cleaning bill.

We look better.
You just spent six hours getting your hair and makeup professionally styled and getting into a dress that requires assistance from five girls working in tandem. We've also meticulously groomed ourselves, even ironing our shirt and putting on deodorant for this special occasion. Shouldn't we see each other for the first time when all that is most fresh? Definitely makes for much better, relatively sweat-free pictures. Because as soon as we're at that altar (and certainly when we're on the dance floor), we'll be at Patrick Ewing Game 7 levels. Underrated fact, this method actually nets us more photos together because it forces us to spend more time together (see above).

We're hungry.
Thirsty, too, while we're on the subject. And nothing kills cocktail hour feeding time like having to take ten thousand photos. Doing the first look means those pics are out of the way and we only have to take roughly five thousand after the ceremony, which gets us to the cocktail hour quicker, which — let's be honest — is everyone's favorite part of the wedding. Those mini hot dogs aren't going to eat themselves!

We paid a lot for this party.
And we'd like to enjoy it. Formal photos are going to eat an hour of the day regardless of when we take them, and doing a first look allows us to take them before the dinner and drinking and dancing — you know, the fun part.

We need a minute.
The first half of the day is a whirlwind. We're figuring out how everything is going to go and, frankly, where the hell we are and what the hell is happening. The first look gives us that minute to pause, catch our breath, look into your eyes, and be with our best friend. After that minute, we're relaxed and ready to take on the rest of our biggest day together.

How to Know Whether Your Groom Will Like Your Wedding Dress Without Ruining the Big Reveal

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Feb 072015
Tips on Buying a Dress Your Groom Will Like

Photo: Getty Images

Every week, we give our readers a glimpse inside the mindset of a guy's brain on weddings with the help of the hilarious and smart editors at The Plunge.

If you want the first look to truly be a first look (we'll get to that in one of these posts eventually), that means keeping your wedding dress — and most likely your Pinterest page — out of your fiancé's sight over the course of wedding planning. However, hiding your dress plans from him completely leaves you vulnerable to first looks like this, this, or this. Not a good (first) look.

So how can you be sure he'll like your wedding dress without ruining the big reveal? A few suggestions.

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Watch Those Wedding Shows He Hates
Just don't force him to watch. Have it on and quietly watch for his reactions after he comes into the room and is force to watch in order to spend time with you. Most likely he'll react more to the crazy brides than the actual dresses, so when that happens you can start asking him what he thinks of certain fashions. Ask about things you like and don't like so he doesn't feel cornered into saying everything is pretty. After a few rounds of this, you'll have watched enough of these shows together that you'll never feel compelled to watch them again, and that's good for everyone.

Be All Judgy
If you're planning a wedding you're likely to be attending some, too. Take that opportunity to talk dresses. Looking at an actual person face to face usually produces a much different reaction from looking at a model in a magazine, so you'll probably get a more honest opinion. Plus, it's an opportunity for you both to be totally judgmental without feeling bad about it.

Show Him (sort of)
For a laugh, try on your mom's wedding dress for your fiancé and the family. Show him photos of you trying on dresses you know you aren't going to choose (but may have elements you like or don't). You know what? That second part is actually a terrible suggestion. If you don't want him to see your dress before the big day, then don't show him you in dresses before the big day. We're sorry. Moving along.

We're running out of good suggestions so we'll go with old reliable. When in doubt, speak up. Ask him what he likes and what he doesn't. Speaking from experience, odds are good he'll be no help whatsoever. He'll probably say something like, "You'll look beautiful in whatever you choose," and he'll truly mean it because he doesn't know the difference between one neckline, silhouette, or fabric and the next.

Trust Your Gut
By the way, "Anything you wear will be gorgeous" isn't just a cop-out. You're the most beautiful to us when you're comfortable and confident. Think about any time we've gotten dressed up to go somewhere before. We've always complimented your beauty and it has nothing to do with our personal taste in dresses. You look hot in it because you rock it! Same goes for your wedding dress. You're the only one who knows what the right dress will be, and you'll only really know it when you try it on and feel it. If you chose it, that means you love it. If you love it, you'll rock it. And if you rock it, you'll feel and look incredible. In other words, if the dress fits and you know it then our first look face will surely show it.

Why Your Guy’s Best Man Is Vital to Your Wedding (Even If You Don’t Think So)

 Grooms, Groomsmen, The Plunge  Comments Off on Why Your Guy’s Best Man Is Vital to Your Wedding (Even If You Don’t Think So)
Jan 302015

Every week, we give our readers a glimpse inside the mindset of a guy's brain on weddings with the help of the hilarious and smart editors at The Plunge.

Look, we get it. The best man's job isn't exactly rocket science. Hold the rings, give a speech, goodbye and good luck. And for whatever reason — he's totally disorganized, he drinks too much, he still thinks fart jokes are hilarious — you don't like him. Fine. But that doesn't mean he's not important to our wedding. Please allow us to change your mind.

You want us to match.
Yes, your color choices determine the look, but it's on this guy to make sure the gang all coordinates. He'll send the check-in e-mails to ensure they know their measurements, have picked up their tuxes, and have remembered to pack them for the plane. (Seriously, it happens.) That reminds us...

We don't like herding cats.
And unless you've recently taken up a strange hobby we're not aware of, neither do you. Our best man will wrangle the rest of our (equally disorganized and drunk) groomsmen — make sure they're in the right place at the right time, figure out that damn bow tie, switch off their cell phones, and keep the flasks hidden.

See more: 3 Things to Consider if Your Guy Hates Your Friends

When else do we get our own body man?
Every U.S. President has a body man to constantly be by his side, make all key arrangements, provide a quick snack, straighten his tie — basically to do everything but floss his teeth and, well, we won't go there. Our best man provides us this service for the one day of our life when we are the head of state, enabling us to focus on the most important thing: you.

He's like a good pair of slippers.
When we start to freak, this is the guy who will talk us down from the ledge, reassure us, pat us on the shoulder and get us back in the game. He's the confidant who will patiently listen — without judgment — to our complaints, confessions, bitching, and questions. And he takes it all in stride. Doesn't get much more vital than that.

He's an emcee in a pinch.
Unlikely? Sure. Undesirable? Absolutely. But If the band cancels, a good best man will step in and crack a few jokes, get the crowd to the dance floor, and introduce the key players so the party can go on as planned. (Okay, we admit that's a stretch. Moving on.)

We want all those gifts.
At the end of the night, when we're hammered and have long forgotten about the mountain of wedding presents on that table over there (where was it?), our trusty best man will have monitored the goods, guarded the stash, and made a plan to transport it somewhere safe. And speaking of the end of the night...

When it's time to go it's time to go.
Our best man can help out with our luggage, transportation, hotel checkout, and tying up any loose ends with the vendors or reception hall before we get the hell out of dodge. In other words, the best man is most vital to our wedding because..

Someone gets the shaft.
The best man needs to eat dirt and pretend he just can't wait for seconds! He does anything and everything else that's asked of him because that's what bros do.

What Your Fiancé Is Really Thinking As You Walk Down the Aisle

 Grooms, The Plunge  Comments Off on What Your Fiancé Is Really Thinking As You Walk Down the Aisle
Jan 232015

Every week, we give our readers a glimpse inside the mindset of a guy's brain on weddings with the help of the hilarious and smart editors at The Plunge. For their latest installment, they're giving us an inside look into a groom's thoughts at the altar.

We've given you plenty of advice and insights from the perspective of a soon-to-be-married man, but never before have we taken you inside the mind of the groom — until now. Below, for the first time, is an unfiltered look at the groom's train of thought as he stands at the altar on your wedding day. Maybe one day you'll give us the same view inside the mind of a bride. Maybe? Please? We can still dream. For now, fasten your seatbelts as we journey to the center of our brain! Please keep arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times and do not feed the animals.

Okay, made it down the aisle without falling over. So far so good.

Eyes straight ahead. Smiling, smiling. Looking good, ladies and gents. What a handsome crowd we've got here today.

Is my fly open? Eyes front! Here she comes...

Wow! She looks amazing! I'm actually marrying her. I love her so much. How did I get so lucky?

Get lucky, now we're talking! Wonder what she's got on under that dress.

Dude, her dad is right there. You can't let him hear you saying that kind of stuff.

Idiot, only you can hear you. You can say whatever you want!

Oh, right. Sweet!

We're sure nobody else can hear this, right?

Focus! Here she is. My beautiful bride.

Holy shit, my bride. The only woman I'll ever be with again. My God what have I done?

Relax! You're supposed to be nervous, but this is no time to wet yourself with fear. Not with Nana watching. Be strong for Nana.

Damn, I'm sweating. Good thing I went with the extra armpit pad upgrade on this tux. Like a boss.

Look at her. She's amazing. She's perfect. She's like an angel. How could I have ever questioned this. This is incredible. I've never been so happy. Maybe that's what's so terrifying.

Crap, did he just say, "Repeat after me?" Pay attention!

Okay, I think I said all that right. Wow, this is really happening.

I can't stop smiling. My face is going to ache by the end of this day. And we still have to take all those pictures. I should have done my jaw stretches.

Focus! Eyes on the bride's!

Wow, we're really flying through this thing. Not much left to do now except...

"I do."

Kiss my bride, you say? Well, then! Pucker up, buttercup!

How's that for a grand finale?

And the crowd goes wild! Nobody even saw you sweating. Cool as the other side of the pillow.

Now grab her hand, dance up that aisle, and get ready to party.

I love this woman!

Nailed it.

What’s Going Through Your Guy’s Head When He Meets Your Best Friend

 Grooms, Relationships, The Plunge  Comments Off on What’s Going Through Your Guy’s Head When He Meets Your Best Friend
Jan 092015
The Plunge Meeting The Best Friend

Photo: Getty Images

Every week, we give our readers a glimpse inside the mindset of a guy's brain on weddings with the help of the hilarious and smart editors at The Plunge. For their latest installment, they're giving us the lo-down on meeting the bride-to-be's best friend.

In a lot of ways, the scariest first impression that happens during our relationship with you isn't with you or your parents, but with your best friend. With you and your parents, we're just trying to put our best foot forward and prove we're not total jackasses. But with your best friend, we're trying to do that for a person who already knows all of our best and worst qualities and how good we are at sex. (Come on, we know you tell each other everything.)

Because she already knows everything about us, we're at a major disadvantage. She's more or less already decided if we're worthy of you, and there's not a whole lot we can do to elevate our stature. However, we can certainly make things worse. So from our perspective, the first meeting with your best friend is sort of like March Madness, aka The Big Dance — survive and advance, baby! Here's a few ways it can go down.

Goodnight, Cinderella
A 16-seed has never beaten a #1 and it's unlikely to happen here. Our heart and desire is undeniable, but there's a reason she's earned top billing. The #1 seed is reserved for bluebloods, and she's been by your side since day one. You don't just waltz in and supplant an established presence like that. We don't have a prayer.

The Buzzer Beater
Of course, a 2 over a 15 has happened once or twice! We know we're always going to be the underdog so we don't expect to win. She's earned that respect. But if we can hang in there long enough, hell, we might just have a shot at the last second. At the very least we'll have proven our mettle and she won't sleep on us next year.

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The 12-5 Upset
The 5-seed vs. 12-seed is always a popular upset pick, and this sort of feels like that kind of matchup. She's got the more impressive resume, but we've got the belief. We're equally skilled and if she doesn't respect our game, she'll end up watching while we keep dancing.

The Sweet 16
As in, you were at each other's. We're going to have to fight through an endless stream of inside jokes and ex-boyfriend references to get here, but if we make it this far we'll know we've accomplished something special.

The Final Four
Siblings, parents, your best friend... and us. We've reached the promised land — a coveted spot in your inner circle. Your girl still wants to beat us, but she damn sure respects us.

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