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The Secrets to Bar Hopping in Your Wedding Dress

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Jan 302016

Photo: Dylan Don

Sometimes girls just don't want to change, and that's okay! You've probably seen your fair share of brides out on the town in their wedding gowns, and now you're contemplating doing the exact same thing on your big day, which is A-Okay, but there are a few things you should know first. From getting dirty to getting free drinks, here's what to expect and a bit of advice for brides that are dead set on donning their dress to the after party bar crawl.

A lighter wedding dress is the way to go
As Florida-based wedding planner Aviva Samuels of Kiss The Planner points out, many wedding gowns are often heavy and uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time. "The fabrics aren't breathable and are often laden with beadwork that literally weighs you down." Sound like your gown? Then bar hopping in it is a bad idea! Instead, opt for a lighter and airier wedding dress to take you from the venue to the town (that is, if you haven't already bought yours), she suggests. "This would be a better choice if you want to continue partying until the wee hours of the morning, dress intact."

A two-piece gown gives you the best of both worlds
Fashion forward and trendy, a transitional two-piece gown is a fun way to take your style from aisle ready to downtown chic in a jiffy, notes Austin-based bridal buyer and celebrity stylist Lacy Pool. "One of my favorite examples of this look is with Sarah Seven's 'Delancy' top and 'Eutopia' skirt. The sequined short-sleeved crop top pairs beautifully with the bias cut crepe skirt, but by simply switching out this formal frock with a high-waisted pencil skirt, you're good to go for a night on the town!"

Ask your seamstress about a detachable skirt
Worried about the bottom of your dress getting completely destroyed? Samuels says to discuss with a knowledgeable seamstress the possibility of making parts of your gown detachable from the get go (think a long skirt that conveniently transforms into a shorter one for a night out). And if you decide to brave the odds and endure the gown in its original form, she proposes pairing it with some comfy shoes and changing out of any uncomfortable undergarments ASAP.

Buy a short dress with your party plans in mind
The type of bride that will bar hop in her wedding dress is also likely to go against the grain when it comes to choosing said gown! If you really want to hit the club or the bar scene post-wedding, Dorian Smith-Garcia, founder of The Anti-Bridezilla, suggests selecting a sheath, tea length or modern mini (not micro mini) that'll fit into a more relaxed atmosphere.

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Know that it's going to get dirty
And that's a fact! While wedding and event planner Jenny Orsini, owner and Creative Director of Jenny Orsini Events Inc., has only seen a handful of brides paint the town in their wedding gown, that's not to say you can't do it! "If you're confident, carefree and not overly concerned about rips, spills and stains, then heading to multiple bars in your dress is probably going to be fun," she tells us. On the contrary, if that dress was designer, couture, costs thousands of dollars and falls in the cherished items category, she advises changing out of it prior to hitting the bars.

Just in case, pack a mini emergency kit in your clutch
"Sometimes bustles don't hold up through all of the dancing, especially if you're keeping the party going at a club or bar afterward," cautions Krystel Tien, owner and founder of Elle Bridal Boutique & Couture Events in San Diego. That's why she recommends being prepared with a small sewing kit and safety pins, this way one of your bridesmaids can come to your rescue in case there's a party foul!

Be prepared for a ton of attention
If you're the type of bride that shies away from the spotlight, wearing your wedding dress to a bunch of bars might make you feel uncomfortable, as you'll definitely attract a ton of attention. On the upside, strangers will also be more likely to buy you drinks!

3 Epic New Year’s Eve Wedding After-Party Ideas

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Dec 262015
New Years Eve Wedding After Party Ideas

Photo: Scott Andrew Studio; Event Planning & Design by Tracy Taylor Ward Design

Turn down for what? Don't let a little noise ordinance put a damper on your NYE party plans. If your venue has a strict curfew and they can't extend it or you're simply looking for a change of scenery once the clock strikes midnight, ring in the New Year with one of these festive after-party ideas.

1. Pop bottles at the club
Table service anyone? Round up your crew and hit the club for a VIP New Year's Eve extravaganza like no other. While this option can get pricy, if you've got money to blow it's totally worth the splurge just for the experience and memories alone. Some nightclubs will even let you rent out your own private room. Either way, you and your guests will have a sectioned off space to do your thing and toast to new beginnings.

2. Join another party
Do some research ahead of time to see what NYE events are happening around town that night. Chances are, you can crash the party with your party, and it's possible you won't have to pay a penny. In big cities, you'll often find free celebrations (typically downtown) with photo booths, live entertainment, music, and of course a countdown to the New Year. The only downside is the unpredictability of the crowd so if you tend to get claustrophobic or have a huge group, we'd probably advise against this one. Otherwise, we recommend having a party bus transport you and your guests from the wedding venue to the event so it's not a hassle to meet up there.

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3. Host a fancy late night picnic
Everybody loves a New Year's house party! Rent an Airbnb in your favorite location with all your favorite people and host an indoor fancy picnic for afterward, suggests San Francisco based destination-wedding planner Ashley Smith, founder of BuzzWorthy Events. Once the ball drops and everyone has danced their hearts out, they're bound to want some grub. "You can arrange comfy pillows around low tables filled with candles and food stations complete with finger foods and serious late night grub like grilled cheese and tomato soup, truffle fries or mini pizzas." A bunch of black, white and gold balloons, confetti sprinkled tables and a matching metallic garland banner will help set the scene without breaking the bank.

3 Wild Wedding After Party Stories You Must Read to Believe

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Dec 112015

After the party, it's the after party! For many young wild and free couples today, when the wedding reception ends, the real shenanigans are just getting started. Unfortunately, what happens at the after party doesn't always stay at the after party and these stories are living proof of that.

From the wedding DJ turned club DJ that tried to strike up a bromance with the groom, to the guest that did drugs with the bride's uncle in the bathroom, we couldn't make these wild wedding after party tales up.

The DJ drunk texted my husband
"Our wedding DJ also happened to be a DJ at a lot of clubs around the city, and wound up hooking us up with a last-minute connection for a table at one of the spots he worked at, which was super nice. As the night went on, we saw that he was actually spinning there. My husband went up to him, and he immediately offered him his vape pen and told him to order a round of jager bombs on his tab. Our other friend said they passed him on the street walking to the after party earlier, and he offered them some coke (the drug), so random. The DJ then proceeded to get my husband's number, and we didn't think anything of it until about 3am when we got a text from him saying that his girl had the next few days off work, and that we should all grab lunch. Obviously we were cracking up over this because what are the chances your wedding DJ becomes your after party DJ, buys you shots, then drunk texts you for a double date (that never happened, BTW)." — Olivia

A big fight broke out...in the lake
"We were married in a small town on a peninsula surrounded by a lake. A bet was made between a bunch of our male guests (my husband played rugby in college) as to whether or not anyone would wind up getting pushed or even jumping into the water. After the reception was over and everyone was getting ready to head to the bar for the after party, Michael, the guy who bet that no one would get in, was guarding the lake to make sure he won. Well, Donald, the guy who took the opposite bet, walked over and pushed Michael right in. Meanwhile one of my bridesmaids drunkenly pushed another one of our friends and has no recollection of doing it! Michael came out of the water swinging and started punching Donald, which led to a fight, which led to the cops arriving quickly. At this point yet another guest took off his clothes (willingly) and swam across the lake and back. Long story short, the cops were cool and actually gave my husband and I a ride downtown to the after party. On the way, we spotted a group of our rugby friends walking to the bar. The officer put on his sirens and pulled over to ask what they were doing as a joke. One of the guys must've been feeling very guilty, as he took off running in the opposite direction. The officer thought that was hilarious and just kept driving. Our friend eventually made it to the bar about an hour later." — Jennifer

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My husband's friend did coke with my uncle
"OMG, so you know how everyone has that one crazy uncle? Well, mine showed up in full force at our wedding. Luckily, I didn't find out about his after party antics until later though. Anyway, in addition to my dad straight up passing out drunk on the sofa at the hotel bar we after partied at, apparently one of my husband's friends did lines of cocaine with the aforementioned crazy uncle in the bathroom. My husband also ended up getting too drunk to have wedding night sex, thanks to his boys buying him shots. It was an unforgettable night to say the least!" — Chelsea

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