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Here’s How to Get Your Guests to Actually Use Your #Hashtag

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Nov 142016
how to get wedding guests to use hashtag

Photo: Dan Petrovic

You spent a lot of time creating the perfect, catchy hashtag to describe your happy union. And you'll be very disappointed if no one uses it.

"Couples opt for a wedding hashtag so they can easily see all of their guests' photos in one place, and they often spend a lot of time and creativity coming up with the perfect one," explains Jaclyn Fisher, owner of Two Little Birds Planning in Philadelphia. "So it's only natural for a couple to be upset if their guests don't actually use their hashtag."

You could (and of course should) post signs that include your hashtag and how you'd like your guests to use it. But signs might not be enough. So, here are five other ways to get your guests to actually use your hashtag.

1. Spread the word on your own social media.
Fisher suggests incorporating your hashtag into any social media posts about your wedding. After all, if you don't use it, why would your guests? "Tweet about booking your venue, share photos from your bridal shower on Instagram, and SnapChat from your bachelorette party," she says. "Guests will quickly catch on and start using the hashtag too."

2. Get your wedding party to spread the word.
When you bridesmaids post sneak-peeks of them trying on their gowns, ask them to add your hashtag to their caption, says Amy Nichols, owner of Amy Nichols Special Events and co-founder of The Poppy Group. "Your guests are likely connected to your wedding party as well, and this will help to begin laying the groundwork for getting the hashtag out to guests," she says.

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3. Make it easy to remember.
Few people will want to use a long, complicated hashtag. On the flip side, "choosing a hashtag that's easy to remember will increase the chances of your guests actually using it," says Fisher. "Rhymes, alliterations, and puns are all ingredients for an awesome and memorable hashtag." We even have tips for choosing the perfect hashtag here.

4. Send it out before the big day.
Don't spring your hashtag on guests at the wedding. Instead, "start using your hashtag before the big day by featuring it on your save the date, website, invitation, and welcome bag," says Fisher. "Guests are more likely to remember and use your hashtag after the repeated exposure."

5. Include it throughout the wedding.
Nichols and Fisher agree that you should go beyond signs to show off your hashtag. "The more creative, the more likely your guests will take notice," Nichols says, while Fisher suggests printing your hashtag on everything from your menu to your table numbers to make a maximum impact.

7 Types of Family Members You’ll Likely Find at Every Wedding

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Nov 112016

You know what they say: you can choose your friends but you can't choose your family, right? Inevitably, at every wedding, there always seems to be a good (if you want to call it that) mix of relatives. From the overly emotional parent to the jealous sister-in-law, here are seven types of family members you'll find at any big day.

1. The Drunk Uncle
He's a huge hit with all the groomsmen, can cut a rug like no other and still thinks he can drink like he's in his freshman year of college. Well, unfortunately he can't! And while he most likely (fingers crossed) won't cause a scene on your big day, he will have the rest of your family laughing out loud and/or shaking their heads and everyone teasing him about his antics the following day. You can bet your ass he'll be hurting at your morning after brunch too.

2. The Jealous Sister or Sister-In-Law
Whether she's your sister, sister-in-law or first cousin, there's always that one girl in the family who wants to either try and one-up you every chance she gets or bring you down on your big day. She's critical of absolutely every decision during the planning process and totes judging you like she's on TLC's "Four Weddings" the actual day of. Um, jealous much?

3. The Wedding Know It All
This could be any female in the fam! But chances are, she's recently married, around the same age as you and a self-proclaimed wedding expert who isn't shy about dishing out planning advice even when it's clearly not wanted. If she's a bridesmaid, watch out! You'll likely find her bossing around the wedding planner, instructing the photographer and chastising the DJ because obviously she knows more about your wedding than the people you hired to help.

4. The Cool Aunt
She's got style and is arguably the best-dressed adult at the wedding. She looks about 20 years younger than she actually is and all the bridesmaids wish they had an aunt as cool as her. She can kick it with guests of all ages and loves herself a good night out sans the kids. Sit her at any table and she'll strike up a conversation and make your friends laugh. Of course, she's got moves like Jagger and will only leave the dance floor to fill up her cup but she never gets noticeably drunk.

See More: 5 Ways to Deal with a Jealous Sibling on Your Wedding Day

5. The Emotional Parent
Most often, it's mom, however some dads can surprise you out of nowhere too! Get ready for the waterworks because the emotional parent will not only shed tears themselves but also make everyone else cry with an adorably touching speech. You can tell this particular parent loves their daughter or son a ridiculous amount and all that affection makes hearts around the room melt.

6. The Traditional Grandma
The music is always way too loud and she can't for the life of her understand why anyone would choose a DJ over a lovely live band. While she wasn't exactly happy about the fact that you were getting married by an "officiant" instead of a preacher or that you opted out of doing the bouquet toss and other traditions, she's done her best to keep her mouth shut, nevertheless she's secretly she's shaking her head wondering what it is with kids these days.

7. The Creeper Cousin
Beware because sometimes it's the brother too! This dude will start with the bridesmaids then proceed to hit on any single female guests unless he gets a plus one. And even then he'll still be spitting game (or rather trying to) the entire night until legit everyone has rejected him.

4 Wedding Guest Outfit Faux Pas to Avoid

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Nov 102016
Wedding Guest Outfit Faux Pas To Avoid

Photo: Jessica Craig-Martin

Figuring out what to wear to a wedding can be quite difficult. But if no dress code was stated on the invite, then it's truly up to you to put together an outfit that you think goes well with the venue and the overall vibe of the wedding day. But getting it right is half the bottle — you want to make sure you don't commit any major faux pas when choosing your wedding guest attire. Whether you're shopping your own closet or you're hitting the stores to find a brand new outfit, here are 4 wedding guest outfit faux pas to avoid.

1. Wearing White
Pick any other color to wear to the wedding. Wearing white will just have heads turning in your direction for all of the wrong reasons. Plus, it will most likely upset the bride, who won't want to feel anything but pleased by her guests throughout the night.

2. Picking a Dress That Looks Like the Bridesmaid's Dress
If you can get a heads up on the style and color of the dress the bridesmaids will be wearing, try to avoid wearing anything similar. If not, you may have to spend the night explaining to everyone that you're not a bridesmaid and you didn't mean to dress like one.

See More: From Black Tie to Casual: Wedding Guest Dress Code Explained

3. Underdressing
Whether or not the dress code is black tie, try not to underdress for the wedding. Unless it was stated that wearing jeans is okay, try to at least wear clothes that you would be okay wearing for a formal office party.

4. Dressing for the Club
It's a party, so you might be tempted to dress like you're heading out to a nightclub, but remember for a wedding, you should keep it classy. You'll be surrounded by someone else's family and friends so keep it appropriate.

Jen Glantz is a "Professional Bridesmaid" and the founder of Bridesmaid for Hire. She's the author of All My Friends Are Engaged and frequently wears old bridesmaid dresses to the grocery store and on first dates.

The Crazy Sh*t Real Guests Have Done at Weddings

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Nov 042016

Warning to all future brides: you may want to stop reading now! While some guests are bound to be sugar and spice and everything nice, others are just destined for the naughty list. From sexual escapades on your big day to straight up snorting drugs in the bathroom (we're not kidding!), here's what your friends and family are really up to on the happiest day of your life.

"I was in a new relationship with my guy, and we flew across the country to attend his best friend's destination wedding. Let's just say we have a healthy sex life at home so we decided to sneak in a little action during the reception. It was held outdoors in a heavily wooded area. We just snuck off while everyone was tipsy on the dance floor and got in a quickie in the woods. Oops!" — Haley

"There was lots of leftover table wine at one wedding I went to. Of course, me and my girlfriends couldn't just let it go to waste. We stole several bottles and brought them back to our hotel for our own little after party. Well worth it in my opinion." — Bethany

"I'm not sure how 'naughty' this is, but my husband's cousin was having a dry wedding, mind you without dancing even, so we snuck liquor in flasks in and spiked our lemonades. Turns out, we weren't the only ones! There was several of us pouring our drinks in the bathroom area and even sharing alcohol with others. LOL." — Cara

"I work as a wedding photographer and have seriously seen it all. Think couples having sex all over the venue to guests snorting cocaine in the bathroom, particularly the least likely suspects, like someone's uncle! Oh and bridesmaids/groomsmen hooking up with people that they definitely aren't engaged to." — Tia

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"My cousin had the most amazing cake at her wedding! I'm actually kind of ashamed to admit that I ate five freaking slices. The worst part is though, after I finished my own I scouted out tables that had slices left and went and snatched them up for myself before anyone could see." — Jordan

"When I was younger my high school crush was working as a caterer at a family wedding I went to. After the main course was served and a bunch of flirting the entire night, we wound up making out in the cool room. Then his dad walked in on us OMG! I was absolutely mortified and so was he, but his dad actually ended up giving us the keys to his van so we wouldn't spoil the rest of the food in there haha." — Jenn

"I'm so ashamed to admit this and I was super drunk at the time. Anyway, my friend rented out her wedding venue and it had a ton of guest rooms for everyone to stay in. Well, late night I got in a fight with my boyfriend and he left. I stormed out of our room butt naked and ran down the hall screaming after him. Several people woke up and peeked out their doors to see me in all my glory. I still haven't lived that moment down to this day. Eek." — Emilia

Reformation’s New Dresses Are Perfect For All Your Winter Weddings

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Nov 022016
Reformation Holiday 2016

Photo: Courtesy of Reformation

The holidays are called the most wonderful time of the year for a reason: lots of great parties, yummy food, glitter everywhere, and quality time spent with your friends and family. Plus it's engagement season — our favorite time of the year! Engagement parties and winter weddings galore will have you searching for that perfect guest outfit.

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And though we're brimming with excitement each year for engagement parties, holiday parties, and winter weddings, we can never figure out exactly to wear—file it under fashion girl problems. Reformation to the rescue! Reformation has just released its holiday collection, full of dresses, separates, and jumpsuits that are chic enough for all of our upcoming parties. It's why the brand is a go-to for style stars like Ashley Madekwe, Margot Robbie, and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

Reformation Holiday 2016

Photo: Courtesy of Reformation

Reformation Holiday 2016

Photo: Courtesy of Reformation

With a jam-packed social calendar and party photos that will be posted all over Instagram, you need looks that will turn heads and drop jaws—but comfort cannot be sacrificed. You get all that and more here with leg-baring slip dresses, sumptuous velvet, and wrap silhouettes that work for all shapes and sizes. The palette and textures are rich and flavorful: gilded metallics, feathers, silk satin, and vibrant Fall-perfect florals.

Reformation Holiday 2016

Photo: Courtesy of Reformation

Reformation Holiday 2016

Photo: Courtesy of Reformation

We suggest pairing a cutout, off-the-shoulder jumpsuit with a white cape blazer and statement-making crystal earrings for some bridal flair for your engagement party. And you can complement a gold lamé maxi dress with simple patent pumps and a sleek chignon for your BFF's winter wonderland wedding.

Reformation Holiday 2016

Photo: Courtesy of Reformation

Reformation Holiday 2016

Photo: Courtesy of Reformation

Reformation's Holiday collection is available today on the brand's website — with prices ranging from $98 for sultry slip dresses to $248 for more intricate velvet maxi styles, so you won't have to worry about shattering the bank this season.

Do You Have to Invite Your Boss to Your Wedding?

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Oct 272016
How To Tell Your Boss You're Getting Married

Photo: Getty Images

Creating your wedding guest list is tough enough, and that's before you add office politics to the mix! If you've decided that your work bestie is definitely getting invited to your wedding, the next question to ask is: Do you also have to invite your boss? Amber Harrison, Wedding Paper Divas' Style and Etiquette Expert and host of Small Talk, Big Day, has a few tips for navigating these uncharted waters with ease.

Beware: Extending wedding invitations in the workplace can be a slippery slope! "As a general rule, you should only invite those colleagues that you spend time with outside of the office or feel especially close to," says Harrison. Inviting coworkers out of obligation runs the risk of creating resentment toward people whose spot you wish you'd given to a friend or family member — especially in the event of a workplace disagreement down the road. Adds Harrison, "Sometimes an all or nothing approach can make things easier [i.e. inviting all of your coworkers or none of them], but that isn't always the right solution." While Harrison says that your boss isn't an obvious addition to your guest list, even if you are inviting other coworkers, she has a few things to consider when deciding whether it's the right choice for you.

Your Relationship
"Do you work closely with your boss, and do you feel comfortable with each other? Do you frequently talk about things unrelated to work? Have you discussed your wedding at length? If the answer is yes to any (or all) of these questions, you should definitely invite them," says Harrison.

Office Politics
Think about how other coworkers have handled this in the past. "Will your boss feel slighted if he or she does not receive an invitation? Is an invitation to your wedding a gesture they would appreciate, or might even expect? Consider which decision would most encourage smooth sailing at work," Harrison explains.

See more: 5 Things to Keep in Mind When Planning an Office Bridal Shower

Your Comfort
Of course, it comes down to whether or not you'll be comfortable on your wedding day. "Will you feel comfortable and be able to relax and have fun on your wedding day with your boss in attendance? Do you think your boss would feel comfortable and enjoy the celebration? If you are concerned that your invitation is being extended — and would be accepted — out of obligation only, proceed with caution," Harrison advises.

And of course, regardless of who you add to the guest list, try to keep wedding-related conversation in the workplace to a minimum. "Use discretion when extending invitations. Always mail them to a home address, never to the office or distributed by hand at work," says Harrison. "And keep any talk of plans discreet and private, so other officemates don't feel as though they've been snubbed."

The 8 Things Wedding Guests Don’t Really Care About

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Oct 262016
What Guests Expect to See at a Wedding

Photo: Marcela Polo

When you're planning the details of your wedding, there's a nearly endless list of ideas, options, and things to consider. Some decisions are easy, others are tough, and the reasoning usually falls into one of two categories: "Do we love this idea?" and "Will our guests like it?". These are great mindsets to have as your wedding day is coming together, but you'd be surprised how many of the things you're adding to your to-do list (and your budget!) for the sake of your guests aren't necessary or wouldn't be missed. We asked some of our favorite wedding planners to share the things your wedding guests really don't care about — as well as the alternatives that they'll really love.

His and Hers Specialty Drinks
"Our couples are often stumped when trying to come up with 'His' and 'Hers' drinks for the bar," says Emily Butler, the D.C.-based half of the planning duo behind Karson Butler Events. "They're cute and catchy, but guests are much more focused on the actual drink than whether you have two and what they're called. Instead, pick one cool cocktail you love and focus on that." She loves when her clients opt for a Moscow Mule bar (copper mugs included!) or a specialty scotch or bourbon bar.

Lawn Games
Sure, it looks cute on Pinterest, but "[U]nless you and your friends spend a lot of time playing croquet or bocce, just don't do it," says Wendy Kay, owner and creative director of Birds of a Feather. "That money is better spent on additional appetizers, as your guests would much rather be eating and sipping cocktails than playing horseshoes with your grandpa while wearing a suit!"

The Guest Book
Don't do away with it altogether, but find an alternative that's a little more fun. "Instead of a traditional guest book, capture your guests with a photo booth and tuck duplicates of the photos into an album so you can relive the antics," says Amber Karson, who heads up Karson Butler Events' California office. "You could also add an hour to your photography coverage and request that your photographer capture more candid pictures of your guests as they celebrate with you."

Your China Pattern
While there are plenty of great arguments for setting up a thorough wedding registry, Karson advises considering alternative options, too. "Ask your guests to help support your favorite causes by creating a charitable registry," she says. "We love The Good Beginning and Heartful.ly."

Mad Libs and Quizzes
"They sound fun, but guests rarely fill out mad lib cards or games designed to see how well they know the couple," Kay says. "They tend to feel like a school assignment, when your guests came to have fun with you, eat, and drink. If you really want a personal message from your guests, set up a video booth where they can wish you well, or ask your videographer to get guests on camera to share the love."

Wedding Party Introductions
"Skip the long line of introductions for every member of your wedding party," says Karson. "Get the dinner party started instead! Guests will be sitting through multiple formalities, like toasts and the first dance, so skipping the introductions allows you to move things along and spend more time on the dance floor!"

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Your End Time
"We find that clients fret over the end time too much. Your guests won't care if your party ends at 11:00 p.m. or midnight — especially if there's an after party planned!" says Butler. "On the flip side, be mindful of the start time if your wedding ceremony is early in the day. Too long of a break between the ceremony and reception may annoy guests." In that instance, consider starting the reception a little earlier, then plan an after party for those guests who aren't quite ready to go home.

You've heard it before, and Kay, Butler, and Karson all agree on this one: Guests don't care about wedding favors. "Skip anything with your name and the wedding date on it," says Butler. "You'll just end up with a lot of leftover monogrammed shot glasses!" Instead, she and Karson suggest using the funds for something your guests will love, like a food truck or late night snacks passed on the dance floor. Adds Kay, "There are more creative ways to spend your money that will really entertain your guests than miniature potted succulents, jars of jam, or anything with your names on it. Book a photo booth, hire swing dancers to perform during dinner, or secure a typewriter poet to quip cute poems about the guests — it's entertainment and a favor all in one!"

What to Do When Disaster Strikes and You Lose a Ton of Wedding Guests Last Minute

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Oct 242016
Tips for Wedding Guest Canceling at Last Minute

Photo: Nathan Smith of Ira Lippke Studios

Brides and grooms usually have an image in their heads of how their weddings will look, and how many friends and family will be present to celebrate with them. Most of the time, things turn out exactly as planned, and they get the "dream wedding day" they've intended.

Occasionally, however, things go awry, for any number of reasons, and a bunch of people you invited to your wedding will back out, sometimes with very little notice. It can be devastating to the wedding couple when they look at their final list of acceptances.

I've been planning destination weddings for almost 10 years, and I'm always sure to remind my clients that there is a larger decline rate for destinations than at home. Sixty acceptances of 100 invitations is about average, although there are exceptions both ways.

Traditionally, the less notice brides and grooms give their guests for a destination wedding, the lower the attendance rate will be. If you want all of your invitees to attend, the most important thing to do is to send out your wedding invitations as early as possible — with a normal maximum of eight weeks to respond — any time after the one-year-out date for the actual wedding. It's easy for all of your friends to tell you they're going to travel wherever for your big day, but another thing entirely for them to make the commitment in writing. Up until the point when they RSVP "yes," they aren't being rude if they decide they cannot attend.

In the past year, the Zika virus has wreaked havoc on the guest lists for a number of weddings I've planned, both in Florida and the Caribbean. Frequently, many of the guests (and members of the wedding party) are at an age where they are thinking about, or actively trying to, get pregnant. And the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control have labeled the vast majority of popular destination wedding areas as part of the area to be avoided if you're trying to conceive.

I've dealt with brides in tears, and brides who are just plain angry, about their friends backing out of their weddings at the last minute. I get it — this isn't new, and their friends knew about Zika when they committed to being a bridesmaid or a guest. But although her wedding may seem like the most important thing in the entire world to the bride, all of her friends and family have their own lives, too. And many won't be willing to put off procreation to see her say "I do."

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Keep Negative Reactions to a Minimum
First, it's okay to be frustrated and angry, but you need to keep those feelings between you and your fiancé. And maybe your parents. Do not rant about a bridesmaid who dropped out to another member of the wedding party. People gossip. Your remarks could get back to the offending party. And while you're angry now, you do not want to lose a friendship over something you will later come to realize wasn't as a big of a deal as you made of it. Trust me, I had a bridesmaid get pregnant and drop out before my wedding. I had been her maid of honor, and at the time, I was devastated she couldn't be there with me. She'd even bought the dress! But I was nice about it, and supportive to her, and looking back, I'm glad she made the best decision for her own health.

Don't Let It Temper Your Excitement
Second, once you've "gotten over" it, you need to focus on getting excited again. Do not complain about the drop-outs to your other guests. Do not let anybody know that you are bothered that some people will not be there. To do so is to insult the guests who are making the effort to attend. It's like you're saying they're not enough to make your wedding day special. Are your parents coming? Will your fiancé show up? Okay then, you have everybody you NEED, even if you won't have everybody that you want. So get excited about your upcoming wedding, and focus on the time you will have with your more intimate group of guests. The size of the wedding has absolutely nothing to do with how much fun you'll have, or how beautiful your wedding will be. Keep a smile on your face throughout the wedding weekend because, when the bride smiles, her guests smile with her. When the bride is unhappy, the entire group will be unhappy for her.

Forgive and Forget
Third, and probably most important, let it go after the wedding. Do not return home and be snarky to your friends who didn't attend the wedding. Don't keep bringing up the absence of those who backed out. Don't tag "missing" people in the pics that you post to try to make them feel guilty. What's done is done, and their absence didn't prevent you from getting married. If it put a damper on your happiness that day, it's not about them — it's all about you.

Sandy Malone is the owner of Sandy Malone Weddings & Events and author of How to Plan Your Own Destination Wedding: Do-It-Yourself Tips from an Experienced Professional. Sandy is the star of TLC's reality show Wedding Island, about her destination wedding planning company, Weddings in Vieques.

6 Inexpensive Ways to Totally Impress Your Wedding Guests

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Oct 202016
Ways To Impress Your Wedding Guests

Photo: Marcela Polo

In your 20s and 30s, the more weddings you attend, the more you'll feel like you are having a big ol' case of wedding weekend deja vu. The day and the night can start to feel repetitive for guests who have become frequent wedding attendees. So if you're looking for fun and unique ways to make your wedding stand out from the rest, here are six easy (and inexpensive!) ways to impress your wedding guests.

1. Cater Your Favorite Food
Skip the traditional wedding reception food and instead do a buffet or a side dish table with a type of food that you love. To make it even more personalized, perhaps cater your wedding dinner from your favorite local restaurant.

2. Create a Doughnut Display
Standard wedding cakes — while we love them — aren't a "must-have" for every wedding celebration. Instead, couples are serving desserts that are more in line with their personalities. One of our favorite trends is creating a doughnut display on the wall, which is a dessert trend that allows guests to pick and choose a sugary treat at their leisure.

3. Incorporate Live Music
If you can't afford a full-band, hire a DJ to provide the music for the wedding reception and hire one or two musicians to accompany his pre-selected music. It'll be a good dance floor surprise for your guests and will definitely get the crowd going.

4. Provide Interactive Games
Photobooths have become a standard tradition at weddings, but giving guests more activities will keep them from sitting down the entire night. Depending on the aesthetic of your wedding, providing lawn games, table tennis, or other interactive activities will keep the vibe enjoyable and light.

See More: 7 Wedding Rules Guests Can (and Totally Should) Break

5. Toss Out the Wedding Traditions
If tossing the bouquet, walking down the aisle, or even having a 45-minute long cocktail hour isn't your style, then skip it. Your guests will admire the uniqueness of your big day — and will be looking to the non-traditional surprises throughout the night.

6. Let Them Sit Anywhere
Toss out your seating chart woes and have your guests pick their own spots for the night. The major perks: they'll socialize more, feel more relaxed, and will enjoy their seating moreso than if you and your spouse pre-selected their seating arrangements.

Jen Glantz is a "Professional Bridesmaid" and the founder of Bridesmaid for Hire. She's the author of All My Friends Are Engaged and frequently wears old bridesmaid dresses to the grocery store and on first dates.

Ashley Graham’s Risky Wedding Outfit Is Totally Badass

 Celebrity, Celebrity Weddings, News, Wedding Guests  Comments Off on Ashley Graham’s Risky Wedding Outfit Is Totally Badass
Oct 172016
ashley graham wedding outfit leather pants

Photo: Ashley Graham via Instagram

Ashley Graham is always making headlines with her gorgeous figure — but this time it was for a different reason: as a wedding guest! The body activist and model attended her sister's wedding in a pair of leather pants, proving she's a total badass.

The 28-year-old model attended her sister's wedding over the weekend at Lily Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park, according to her Instagram, and while there, she wowed everyone with her bold (and laid-back) fashion choice. Graham paired her black leather pants with a black bodysuit and fur jacket — and sealed the deal with a high ponytail. In another Instagram post, she posed with a green jacket by Rag and Bone with her first name embroidered on the back, captioning the photo, "Thanks @ragandbone for my dope jacket! And thank you God for this phenomenal view!"

In another photo, the America's Next Top Model judge was seen taking an iPhone snap of her sister and her husband in their wedding attire, which she captioned, "When your sis designates you as the official photographer! #beardNboobs (Abby's dress is from a local Lincoln, NE boutique Ellynne Bridal, size 18/20- looking AH-MAZING!) #proudsis." The model wore what appears to be black heels, which begs the question: How did she not sink her feet into the rough terrain of the Rocky Mountains while taking pics?

Most recently, Ashley Graham was featured as the Sports Illustrated 2016 swimsuit cover model, and she discussed her hashtag #ThickThighsSave Lives. "My thighs are thick, they are luscious, and I got made fun of them for my whole life. And now I'm being praised for my thick thighs and they have saved my life many times, and I want women to know that their thick thighs are saving their own lives," she explained to People regarding the social media movement.

While it's unclear if Graham was given the go-ahead by the bride to wear her risky wedding guest ensemble, it definitely breaks the mold of traditional wedding guest attire — and we're loving it. Leave it to this ANTM star to make some wedding guest waves, showing her curvaceous figure while she's at it. Kudos, girl — here's to looking gorgeous and chic, and totally rocking a unique look at a wedding. See below for more photos!

Thanks @ragandbone for my dope jacket! And thank you God for this phenomenal view!????

A video posted by A S H L E Y G R A H A M (@theashleygraham) on

Congratulations to my baby sister on her beautiful wedding day!????

A photo posted by A S H L E Y G R A H A M (@theashleygraham) on

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