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BRIDES Seattle: Best Local Boutiques for Wedding Jewelry and Accessories

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Jul 242016

Nothing makes your wedding gown sparkle (literally and figuratively) quite like the perfect jewelry and accessories. Even if your dress choice leans towards the understated and classic, the right type of jewelry and accoutrements are crucial for creating a wedding look that's head-to-toe gorgeous. These Seattle stores offer tasteful, elegant jewelry and accessories for even the most discerning bride.


This ultra-charming boutique on N. 35th Street is a wonderland of baubles, trinkets, and other girly musings. Not only will you find coveted Jamie Joseph gemstone rings or signature earrings by Melissa Joy Manning to complement your wedding day white, but brides can also browse the unique perfume section for a special scent your groom is sure to love. (P.S.: Essenza also serves as a delightful place to seek out fun, thoughtful gifts for bridesmaids!)

Luly Yang
Luly Yang's bridal salon specializes in sophisticated, truly luxurious gowns, with the accessories to match. Even if you find your perfect dress elsewhere, Luly Yang can help you style it to the nines with their stunning selection of jewelry, hair pieces, and veils. We are especially taken with her airy floor-length veils paired with whimsical butterfly hair combs. Read real brides' reviews here!

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Blue Sky Bridal
For the eco-conscious Seattle bride, Blue Sky Bridal is a godsend. This different type of bridal salon recycles bridal gowns to promote eco-awareness while offering budget-friendly options to brides. You'll also find a plethora of feminine accessories to accent your look, including belts, sashes, veils, and baubles. The staff creates a cozy, welcoming environment where you'll feel at home while playing dress-up with all of their wedding goodies. Read real brides' reviews here!

Pretty Parlor

If retro glamour is more your style, Pretty Parlor is your one-stop shop. This high-end vintage boutique boasts a special bridal area, where you can browse breathtaking heirloom style accessories to go with your wedding gown. If you've been secretly pining over the idea of crystal brooches or a Kate Middleton-esque tiara for the wedding, Pretty Parlor has you covered, and then some.

Some brides prefer an understated, less-is-more approach when it comes to the styling of their wedding day attire. For this, we recommend Baleen. The Seattle design duo is known for their minimal yet impactful shapes that lend just the right amount of finish to your modern bridal ensemble.

Need more sparkle for your big day? Check out other jewelry stores on our Local Vendors page.

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BRIDES Chicago: A Local Jeweler’s Tips for Buying the Engagement Ring

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Dec 262015
Chicago Brides Tips for Buying Engagement Ring from Local Jeweler

Photo: Getty Images

With a client list that includes celebs Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Kanye West, and Michael Jordan coupled with a reputation as a trusted family-owned-and-operated jeweler for 95 years, Lester Lampert knows a thing or two about fine jewelry. With an expert team of craftsman to make pieces on-site, his engagement rings are among the most stunning we've ever seen. But, shopping for engagement rings can be intimidating, and oftentimes you're not happy with the sparklers (or price tags) you find in the glass cases of a store. That's why we sought out Lester's son David, a fourth-generation Chicago jeweler, for some pointers on how to land the engagement ring of your dreams.

Consider a custom ring, even if you're on a tight budget.
"Having our manufacturing facility on the premises means that we can create custom pieces relatively quickly, within three to four weeks," says Lampert, adding that a custom ring can oftentimes be more affordable in the end. After nailing down price parameters with the couple, this jeweler creates a model for approval before creating the final product. "It is very important for us to build long-lasting relationships with our clients," he says. "Jewelry is for a lifetime and we want to be their jeweler of choice for all life's special occasions." For that reason, they work hard to accommodate a couple's budget, even if that means offering a payment plan to make the special moment happen.

Use caution when buying a ring from an estate or auction.
Don't overlook the importance of buying a diamond ring that's accompanied by a reputable certificate. "It really takes an expert to judge the quality of a diamond, and it would be a shame to pay a lot of money for something that's not what you expected," he says. "If a couple were to purchase a diamond ring from an estate or auction, they should make sure it can be returned upon having the ring appraised by an independent source. Otherwise, you have to place your bid based on the assumption that it's not a genuine diamond so that if it's real and high-quality, it will be a great surprise!"

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Don't count out a family heirloom that isn't exactly your style.
You love your great grandmother's ring and would never destroy its integrity by resetting the stones, but you still want the ring to feel a little new and more your style. "This is one area of expertise in which we have specialized for more than 40 years, and we have a process called 'Lesterizing' that refurbishes the existing ring to look, as we like to say, 'brand old,'" says Lampert. Or, you can take it a step further and consult with the design staff to suggest slight changes that modernize the ring while keeping its era intact. Major bonus: Re-appraisal of the completed ring is included in the price, and clients go home with an exclusive 'Lesterizer,' a special jewelry cleaning machine with the store's namesake.

Create a completely new setting for stones from another ring.
Redesigning an heirloom diamond into a new setting allows a couple to project their own style. "We are only limited by the boundaries of our imagination," he says, "so you can create any style, from contemporary to art deco." He prides himself on building relationships with clients, so that there's a level of trust and comfort, and stresses the importance of this in working with any jeweler. "You don't want to entrust a family heirloom to just anyone."

Ready to find the ring of your dreams? Browse dazzling diamonds and shiny sparklers on our Chicago Jewelry page!

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Jennie Kwon’s 5 Tips on Picking Wedding Day Jewelry

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Dec 182015
Jennie Kwon Bridal Jewelry

Photo: Courtesy of Jennie Kwon

Jewelry designer Jennie Kwon is the self professed "queen of dainty delicate jewelry." Her necklaces, rings, and bracelets are the absolute epitome of layering pieces, and her newly launched bridal line doesn't deviate from the main collection's aesthetic. If you're looking for unique and delicate engagement ring alternatives, the LA-based designer's vintage-feeling designs are right up your alley. But, what we really want to know, is how wedding day jewelry stacks up to your everyday look.

We went beyond the engagement ring, and talked to the classical violinist, turned attorney, turned jewelry designer, to get the skinny on what defines your wedding day jewelry style.

When it comes to wedding bands, go with your gut
"You can search high and low and then you just get that gut feeling that it's right when you find the right one. There are no rules nowadays with wedding jewelry and wedding stuff in general. So, no it doesn't have to match your engagement ring perfectly," says Kwon.

Too much jewelry? If you're you a daily stacker, don't go changing
Good news jewelry-obsessed brides, according to Kwon, there's no such thing as too much wedding day jewelry! "It's so particular to each bride's personal style," Kwon says. "There's no reason why you should change it for a day that's going to go down as one of the most important days of your life." She suggests not changing your current look for the big day and go with what's tried and true for you, "if you're a daily stacker, then by all means."

Layers upon layers of necklaces
If layering necklace on top of necklace is part of your daily routine, Kwon thinks, keep it yours for your wedding day. "Every decision you make related to your wedding day is a very personal, cultural and intimate one. I think the look of Indian women on their wedding days, all stacked and layered up with opulent jewels is absolutely beautiful." But if one simple pendant or no necklace at all is how you do everyday, than keep it as such. "I went very simple on my wedding day because I think as a whole, I'm into a very clean aesthetic and this aesthetic was consistent throughout, including my dress, decor, etc."

Keep things personal, especially when it comes to other rings
We love stacked rings as much as the next girl, but Kwon (a maven of ring stacking herself) says to keep it meaningful, "If they have special meaning to you and want them to be a part of your big day, then there's no reason why you shouldn't wear them." On the other hand, make sure the rings you are exchanging are center of the action, "I think on the flip side, some brides wouldn't want to detract from the significance of their wedding day and would want to focus only on their wedding rings," she adds.

Bridal party jewelry, to match or not to match?
If you love to mix and match, Kwon says the bridal party is the place to do it. "If you're into accessorizing on your big day, I personally love a mishmash of different textures, colors, styles so long as they sort of all sing together," But don't shy away from keeping your bridesmaids' jewelry matching uniformly if you love a clean aesthetic. Either way, Kwon's delicate and modern styles make the perfect bridesmaid gift.

Sponsored: The Best Earrings for Every Wedding Day Hairstyle

 Hair & Beauty, Jewelry & Accessories, Wedding Hair, Wedding Jewelry  Comments Off on Sponsored: The Best Earrings for Every Wedding Day Hairstyle
Dec 162015

Wedding Day Hairstyle Earrings

Photos: Erich McVey, Tessa Barton Photography, Rylee Hitchner, Greg Finck

You can't go wrong with a classic diamond stud, but showing off your fashion-forward side can be an earring's best attribute. It's a subtle way to inject your personal style into your wedding day look. From long flowing waves to a braided updo, we've got just the pieces from our partner Hearts On Fire to add some flare to your wedding day waves.

Earrings for Romantic Updo

Photo: Hair: Rylee Hitchner / Jewelry: Courtesy of Hearts On Fire

For the Vintage Romantic
If a romantic art-deco sensibility is flowing through your wedding style, you've likely narrowed your hair options down to a soft braided updo. It's ultra-feminine, universally flattering and surprisingly versatile. Add to the vibe with diamond drop chandelier earrings with a clear 1920s feel that will become an instant family heirloom. Copley Bezel Chandelier Earrings.

Earrings for Bohemian Hair

Photo: Hair: Tessa Barton Photography / Jewelry: Courtesy of Hearts On Fire

For the Bohemian Bride
From the moment you got engaged, there's one thing you've known for sure (well other than that you found the ONE), wedding day hair for you equals long flowing soft bohemian waves. Add a subtle nod to your boho girl ways with trendy half moon stud earrings in rose gold. You'll want to turn them into your everyday studs, a great daily reminder of your big day. Charmed Half Moon Stud Earrings.

Earrings for Every Hairstyle Modern

Photo: Hair: Greg Finck / Jewelry: Courtesy of Hearts On Fire

For the Modern City Bride
If Whitney Port as bride is your spirit animal, than a topknot ballerina bun is your ideal wedding day hairstyle. Adorn your ears with ultra-modern mini ear climbers, and you're the picture of modern sophistication. Aerial Diamond Ear Vine Earrings.

Earrings for Every Hairstyle Bombshell Bride

Photo: Hair: Erich McVey / Jewelry: Courtesy of Hearts On Fire

For the Bombshell Bride
You never claimed to be a traditional bride, so why not show them your style in a low-slung side ponytail with lots of body at the crown a la Brigitte Bardot. Make the look even more eclectic with dangling constellation earrings to add a touch of flowing sparkle and eccentricity. Anything but basic. Illa Constellation Drop Earrings.

Dec 102015
Houston Wedding Jewelry

Photo: Readyluck

High quality gemstones, superior diamonds, and locally crafted jewels form the standards of precision and design found in these locally-owned jewelry stores. From Houston to Austin, we've gathered an elite list of The Lone Star state's most experienced in all areas of jewelry making and origin.

Dubin's Fine Jewelry
For over 35 years, this Houston monument in jewelry making has been providing certified diamonds, rare pearls, and colored stones to customers right in the heart of Texas. Known for going above and beyond in customer dedication, which has included delivering custom products on Christmas morning, it's no surprise that clients have been committed to this Austin shop for decades. Read real brides' reviews here!

Calvin's Fine Jewelry
Calvin Smith III, an Austin native, developed his passion for crafting jewelry and innovative techniques to establish what is now one of Austin's most celebrated jewelry stores. Founded in 1997, this family owned establishment has been crafting detailed pieces of art for couples from around the world, staying true to a signature motto of "Made with love for those in love." Read real brides' reviews here!

Wolf Diamonds
Known as one of Downtown Houston's most credible diamond providers, this local landmark strives to provide an equal trio of value, quality and precision. With a value on customer transparency, this esteemed office of private brokers, always discloses information on each of their available diamonds to provide a clear understanding in product between the customer, and the retailer.

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An Austin destination for fine jewelry since 1929, this rooted family-owned store credits undeniable passion and customer devotion to the success of this historical icon. Easy-to-wear designs, luxury engagement rings, and timeless wedding rings, all designed with Austin's "unique style," add to the exclusivity of this Texas institution. Read real brides' reviews here!

Copeland Jewelers
Specializing in expertly curated fine jewelry, consignment collections, and a range of custom and vintage pieces, this local Austin jewelry store has been producing high-quality jewels since it's opening in 1983. Featuring nothing less than the highest value in colored gemstones, and conflict-free diamonds, makes this local landmark unsurpassed in value, customer service, and superiority.

Find even more local shops for your dazzling diamonds and wedding day bling on our Houston Jewelry page!

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Oct 132015
Winter Bridal Statement Earrings

Photo: Kevin Cremens

With snowy showers and glam winter weddings fast approaching, cold-weather brides are busy dreaming about gorgeous gowns fit for a sugarplum fairy or regal venues, dripping with scene-setting icicles. With a cozy fur stole draped around your shoulders and a berry-hued red lip, you might think you have all the winter wedding accessories a girl would need. But how about a pair of icy cool statement earrings to match all that frozen crystal outside? As the new glam accessory for winter weddings, with their snow white clusters of gems and dewy drops of diamonds, these daring danglers are fit for an ice princess.

Clockwise: Lulu Frost Drop Earrings. With a spray of ornamental foliage, dusted with a snow white frost, these Victorian-inspired trinkets are somehow both bold and darlingly delicate, for a bridal look that's romantic, elegant, and antiquated — and not to mention, totally cool. ($250, Lulu Frost)

Dannijo Faith Earrings. Dozens of glittering, glacial Swarovski crystals are a throwback to old-school glamour, but with a fresh, geometric design, these sculpted baubles are unmistakably bold and modern. ($445, Dannijo)

Erickson Beamon Pearl Drop Earring. No bride should be without her pearls, but these babies put a frosty twist on the traditional. Rhinestone accents and a bridal white bow makes this pretty pair as refreshing as a crisp winter night. ($303, Erickson Beamon)

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CH Carolina Herrera Falling Jasmine Earrings. In the hue of chilled champagne, these wintery petals are sweet, feminine, and — best of all — unexpected. ($145 each, CH Carolina Herrera New York, 212-744-20176)

Juliet & Co. Cerise Earrings. With a trendy wing shape and ombré look, this arrangement of blue-hued gems are as crisp as the weather outside. ($44, ShopBop)

BCBG Max Azria Multi-Stone Drop Earrings. Crystal clear stones are classically ladylike, while a bold, danglingly cut adds a dose of drama. ($68, BCBG Maz Azria)

For even more of the best wedding dresses, advice, and big-day inspiration, pick up the BRIDES October/November 2015 issue on newsstands now and available for download.

Oct 032015
What Your Wedding Ring Says About You

Photo: Getty Images

Just like your engagement ring, your wedding ring is a beautiful reflection of who you are: your personality, style, and relationship. So what does yours say about you then? Well, let's find out!

A Perfect Match (to Your Engagement Ring)
You may not be a huge risk taker, but you do know what you want and you typically get it. You admire symmetry and like things to look "just right". Some may even call you a perfectionist or Type A. You value family, and your house is pretty much impeccable. Your nails are always well manicured, your hair done and very rarely will anyone see you out and about in sweatpants and a T-shirt. You're the type of friend every bride wishes was her maid of honor because you're a natural born planner.

A Plain Band
Simplicity is your middle name. When it comes to your closet, you've got all the basics covered and understand the importance of investing in timeless items like a nice black leather tote bag or a plain white t-shirt. You're the opposite of flashy. While you don't love being the center of attention, you do like to goof off with your close friends and prefer to hang out in small groups. To you, intimate conversations are so much better than small talk.

An Eternity Band
Bring on the bling, baby. Be it big or small, the bride with the eternity band is definitely a girly-girl at heart. You'd much rather watch Project Runway than Sunday Football, and you're always down for a good brunch at one of your favorite spots with good friends, of course. People naturally flock to you...perhaps it's all that confidence?

See More: Get the Engagement Ring You Want By Dropping These 5 Hints

Stackable Rings
Oh hello, Miss Fashionista! You're the kind of bride that both follows trends and sets them. You have a great eye for style and it shows not only in your clothes, but your house as well. You're creative, cool and think outside of the box. "Where'd you get that from?" is a question you hear a lot. Fortunately, you don't mind.

A Braided Band
You're a little bit traditional, a little bit hipster, with a soft spot for all things vintage. Hitting up flea markets and thrift stores on the weekend is a huge hobby of yours, and there's nothing you like better than finding a diamond in the rough. You want your wedding band to be unique — just like you are.

Off the Cuff: How to Rock Bold Bridal Bangles on Your Wedding Day

 Brides Magazine October-November 2015, Jewelry & Accessories, Wedding Jewelry  Comments Off on Off the Cuff: How to Rock Bold Bridal Bangles on Your Wedding Day
Sep 282015
Bridal Bangle Bracelets

Photo: Kevin Cremens for Monaco Reps/Sharon Ryan for Halley Resources

Your hubby may be the only arm candy you really need on the big day, but a stunning stack of bold bangles just might be your next great love. Gone are the days of bridal jewelry just being defined as a demure pair of pearl studs. These days, stylistas are edging up their wedding day look by adorning their wrists with a collection of gold and gilded bangles. Glitzy and glam, these bracelets are off the cuff and refreshingly unexpected. From slimmer and more delicate modern bangles to ornate embellished cuffs, we've compiled a few of our most opulent obsessions.

From top: BCBG Max Azria Pavé T-Bar Cuff. The unique T-bar design is fresh and elegant, and it's flattering construction can help wrists look dainty. Plus, the glittering pavé stones offer a dose of striking shine. ($68, BCBG Maz Azria)

Elizabeth and James White Topaz in Plated 24K Gold Bangle. Throw a dash of trendy edge into your otherwise romantic bridal look with a cool cuff from Elizabeth and James. The textured details are strong and striking, but the design manages to be just soft enough for your wedding day, thanks to the darlingly dainty white topaz stones. ($295, Neiman Marcus)

Lulu Frost Gold-Tone Drift Cuff. This brazen bangle certainly isn't shy. The thick, impactful design is totally unexpectedly eye-catching, while the feather motif is still feminine and whimsical. Constructed of plated brass casting and clear glass stones, this bold band definitely won't fade even when beside your beautiful bouquet. ($250, Lulu Frost)

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Rachael Ryen Rectangle Pavé Bangle Bracelet. Say hello to your new signature piece! The delicate rectangular setting of this subtle bracelet is minimal, modern, and totally gorgeous. The design is somehow both pretty enough for your wedding day and clean enough to be suitable for your casual newlywed days. ($98, Rachael Ryen)

Alexis Bittar Pavé Encrusted Criss Cross Cuff. This one isn't for any blushing bride. With a fresh, artistic design that alludes to that chic corset back of your wedding dress, this sculpted bauble is unmistakably a statement piece — and a match-made-in-heaven for modern, eclectic nuptials. ($225, Alexis Bittar)

Vita Fede Titan Crystal Bracelet. With glam Swarovski details and a hinge closure, this pretty bracelet adorning your wrist will have you channeling the fashionistas of the front row of NYFW, except it's your turn down the runway — ahem, aisle. ($475, Vita Fede)

For even more of the best wedding dresses, advice, and big-day inspiration, pick up the BRIDES October/November 2015 issue on newsstands now and available for download.

Should You and Your Groom Have Matching Wedding Bands?

 Engagement Rings, Jewelry & Accessories, Wedding Jewelry, Wedding Rings  Comments Off on Should You and Your Groom Have Matching Wedding Bands?
Sep 162015

To match or not to match...that is the question. For some brides and grooms it's a no brainer, and for others it's more a matter of personal preference (if they like the same style, cool, and if they don't, that's cool too). While there are no right and wrong answers when it comes to what kind of wedding bands you and your fiancé ultimately choose, try these tips if you're on the fence.

Find out if it matters to him
Weirdly enough, some guys are way more particular about having matching rings than you might think. So before you completely rule out the possibility or jump to any conclusions, ask him if he feels strongly on the subject either way. Then, you can go from there.

Go shopping together
And by go from there, we really mean go ring shopping together. Take your engagement ring along, of course, and hit up a bunch of different jewelry stores to get a better idea of what looks good on you and your finger and the styles he's naturally drawn to as well. Perhaps you'll both love the same style, and if that's the case, great! If not though, you have to decide what's more important to you: matching or getting the bands you'd each rather have.

See More: Get the Engagement Ring You Want By Dropping These 5 Hints

Snap a pic
Yes, it's true matching wedding bands photograph great on the big day so that's always a big plus. On the flip side, you'll be wearing these rings for the rest of you're life (here's hoping anyway!) so we wouldn't recommend basing your decision solely on that. In general, snapping a pic of the wedding band on your hand in the store is a good idea, as it can help you figure out whether you're head over heels for it or not.

Come up with a compromise
If one of you loves the idea of matching but the other just isn't that into it, a good compromise could be to get wedding bands in the same metal instead or an identical message engraved on the inside to tie two unique rings together.

BRIDES Chicago: The Top Wedding Jewelers for Finding Your Engagement Ring

 Chicago, Engagement Rings, Illinois, Jewelry & Accessories, Local, Wedding Jewelry  Comments Off on BRIDES Chicago: The Top Wedding Jewelers for Finding Your Engagement Ring
Sep 162015
Chicago Best Jewelers

Photo: Getty Images

Even if they don't want to admit it, most women fantasize about the proposal and that moment of truth when a ring-sized box is presented. Here are few of Chicago's top jewelry stores for classic engagement rings.

Tiffany & Co.
There's something extra special about the sparkle of a round brilliant stone in the iconic Tiffany setting. And that classic blue box with a big white bow needs no introduction! Read real brides' reviews here!

The French luxury jeweler was founded in 1847 and became a household name when Grace Kelly flashed a stunning 10-carat, emerald-cut engagement ring from Prince Rainier III of Monaco. And even though your hardware likely will be more modest than that, Cartier forever tops our list. Doesn't every bride have a little bit of princess in her? Read real brides' reviews here!

Lester Lampert
With a family that's been in the biz for four generations, Lester Lampert's original sparklers have attracted the eye of celebs like President Obama, Kanye West, and Angelina Jolie. Everything is made on site, so customization is easy, and since most employees have been there a few decades, they'll most likely be there for the life span of your ring, ensuring if you want to modify or upgrade down the road, you have a trusted person to help you through the process who's familiar with your style. Read real brides' reviews here!

See More: From Traditional Ball Gowns to Sexy Sheaths, Find Your Dream Gown at Chicago's Best Bridal Salons

Marshall Pierce & Company
Located in the heart of the Jewelers Row District, Marshall Pierce has a long history as a family-owned and operated business, and it shows in the way their employees value customer satisfaction. You're about to start your own family and the importance of this moment is not lost on them. Plus, you won't be disappointed with the refined selection of prestigious jewels from names like Verragio and Jack Kelege. Read real brides' reviews here!

Trabert and Hoeffer
As the only remaining location of the distinct Park Avenue jeweler that began in the 1930s, Trabert and Hoeffer offers a stunning selection of loose stones and settings, as well as the option to custom create the ring of your dreams.

C.D. Peacock
Officially opening in 1837, the same year Chicago became a city, C.D. Peacock has long been synonymous with sophistication and old world elegance. Shop brands like Tacori, Simon G., and Ritani at one of its four Chicagoland locations. Read real brides' reviews here!

Geneva Seal
This full-service jeweler started as a wholesale diamond business more than 35 years ago and if you're not saying "I do" to the diamond, a team of craftsmen will create a completely custom design.

Graff Diamonds
Graff maintains a level of excellence and perfection in sourcing all its stones, resulting in truly gorgeous pieces of jewelry. If you can talk your hubby-to-be into the Graff Constellation, the largest flawless round diamond ever on record weighing in at 102.79 carats, we'll be asking you for wedding advice.

Want to see more Chicago jewelry? Check out our Chicago Jewelry page to find your gorgeous ring!

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