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This The Voice Contestant Got Engaged MOMENTS After Leaving the Stage

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Sep 212016

Umm, best day ever much? 24-year-old Lauren Diaz appeared on last night's episode of The Voice and slayed Alicia Key's "If I Ain't Got You" in hopes of competing on the NBC reality competition. "Some people want it all," the blonde beauty singer crooned — and that's exactly what she got! After scoring a spot on The Voice with her killer audition, Diaz's big night got even bigger when she headed backstage where her boyfriend dropped to one knee and proposed. And we've got all of the deets on the heart-stopping surprise.

Before becoming a bride-to-be, Diaz hit the stage for her blind audition on The Voice. After shocking the audience with her insane pipes, coaches Blake Shelton, Miley Cyrus, and Alicia Keys all immediately begged for the sure-to-be a star singer to join their team on the reality competition — the latter of which won her over, with Diaz quickly deciding to become an official member of Team Alicia. (No surprise there right? She did just sing her little heart out to an Alicia Keys classic, after all!) Elated, Keys ran up on stage to hug one half of reality TV's newest dynamic duo — but that wasn't the only memorable embrace Diaz would receive that night!

Returning backstage with her new coach, Diaz reflected on the life-changing moment that just occurred, saying "I'm so blessed to be here and I can't even begin to think what's going to happen next." Something even more spectacular, that's what!

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Diaz's boyfriend Randy was waiting backstage with her family and friends and as soon as he laid eyes on her, he dropped to one knee, engagement ring in hand. Cue the screams and squeals from Diaz, Alicia Keys, and the gang and the bride-to-be immediately accepted the marriage proposal. "I'm engaged!" Diaz excitedly proclaimed, flashing her new bridal bling at the camera. But we don't think anyone was quite as excited as Alicia Keys. Clearly over-the-moon at having witnessed the surprise proposal, Keys declared "We're all getting married! All three of us!"

We'd be down with that!

‘Why I First Rejected His Proposal’

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Sep 162016
rejected wedding proposal

Photo: Getty Images

Most proposals go off without a hitch — a drop to a knee, a ring, a resounding 'yes!' (often with tears). But for some brides, the first time is not the charm. Here, five real brides share why they rejected their partner's proposal at first, but with better timing and some crucial second chances, eventually changed their mind.

"He proposed during our first date. Yes, we'd felt an immediate crazy attraction but Allan's suggesting marriage seemed ridiculously impetuous. So I said 'Let's wait and see how we feel in six months.' Six months later to the day he asked the question again, this time with a ring. I said yes. That was 15 happy years ago." — Jean

"Tim was my high school love. He proposed before we went off to separate universities because he was afraid we would lose our connection otherwise. I said while I was tempted it didn't feel like a good idea. We needed to have these formative experiences on our own, do some growing up, and when we graduated if we felt the same way, I would reconsider his lovely proposal. Both of us wound up having other relationships during college, as young people should. We always kept in touch, however. We attended each other's graduations and started dating. Five months later he proposed again, saying, 'I still feel the way I did back in high school. What about you?' I said I'd never fallen out of love and this time I could accept with no doubts whatsoever. I'm glad we waited. It helped us mature and have a better chance of forging a healthy marriage." — Anne

"I met Bill five months after a horrific divorce. Bill was a wonderful guy but I was in no way, shape, or form ready for a serious relationship and he was too wonderful to be a rebound guy. Knowing my reservations, he still proposed. And I said no. We stopped seeing each other — he said it would be too hard to continue casually dating. A year later we ran into one another at a bowling alley of all places! I was at a different place in my healing process and we started dating, this time more seriously. Eight months later he proposed again; this time I happily accepted!" — Lyn

"Carl and I met in an English Literature class, bonding over, of all things — Pride and Prejudice. Our class performed skits based on the novel. Carl was Darcy and I played Elizabeth. When he proposed there was an undeniable spark between us and even though I said no because — well, that's what the material dictated — a part of me thought, 'Hmmm.' We started dating after the class ended and six months later he proposed for real. Unlike the previous pretend proposal, I unhesitatingly accepted this one." — Pam

"I'd always thought it wasn't a good thing to accept the first marriage proposal that came one's way. So when Rob popped the question even though I thought we had a great relationship I couldn't bring myself to say yes. What if someone better came along? Six years later I married the second man who asked, and we had a pretty awful marriage though stayed together for 15 years because of the kids. I finally got the nerve to get a divorce and while scrolling Facebook one day, I came across Rob. We started communicating again. He was widowed. A few months later we met in the flesh. One thing led to another and here we are, happily married at last. Do I regret the wasted years? Yes and no. I wish we'd had more time together but I can never regret having my fabulous children. And I can say without hesitation, having survived a bad marriage, I so appreciate a good one." — Michelle

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Sherry Amatenstein, LCSW is a New York City-based marriage therapist and author.

5 Ways to Plan a Marriage Proposal Inspired by The Bachelor

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Aug 302016
how to plan a bachelor style proposal

Photo: Booje Media

The greatest and most heart-wrenching moment of watching a season of The Bachelor is, without a doubt, the proposal. There's something so dreamy about the whole set up of the situation. It's usually somewhere exotic, where waves are crashing in the background and the suspense of it all is enough to make your heart race for a good thirty minutes. So if you're about to propose to someone who watches The Bachelor religiously, here are 5 ways you too can plan a television series-worthy moment that you and your fiancéee will never forget.

1. Pick an Exotic Location
When you're brainstorming spots to pop the question — think big. Your local park or beach won't do the trick. Instead, find an exotic locale that is remote and romantic. Make sure there's a lot of greenery behind you, and that the spot is totally picturesque.

2. Make it Suspenseful
A true proposal on The Bachelor isn't one that happens quickly (there are at least 5-10 commercial breaks, let's be serious). The building of suspense is a key factor in this situation, so plan to arrive at the location an hour or so before it all goes down to build up your nerves and emotion. Give your partner instructions as to where to meet you and how to get there.

3. Rose Petals — EVERYWHERE
It's not romance without red rose petals all over the place. Roses — or any flowers for that matter — set the mood.

4. Give a Long, Heartfelt Speech
With all the nerves, you may have the urge to jump down onto one knee. Instead, wait until they arrive and give them a long, 3-5 minute speech about how you can't imagine your life without them, building up perfectly to the main event.

5. Have a Camera Crew Filming It
If it's not on film and the whole world can't watch it later, then did it really happen? A camera crew will definitely elevate the proposal to a new level — and once you add some edits and include a tear-jerking music score, it will be a memory you can rewatch over and over for years to come.

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Jen Glantz is a "Professional Bridesmaid" and the founder of Bridesmaid for Hire. She's the author of All My Friends Are Engaged and frequently wears old bridesmaid dresses to the grocery store and on first dates.

5 Things You Should Do While You’re Waiting for a Proposal

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Jul 142016
waiting for proposal

Photo: Getty Images

You know a marriage proposal is coming. But that knowledge is both a blessing and a curse. (After all, no one likes to wait.)

You don't have to twiddle your thumbs anxiously awaiting his or her sweet words, however. As relationship and etiquette expert April Masini says, "when you're trying not to do something — like blurt out, 'hurry up, already!' or 'I can't wait for you to propose to me!' — it's best to keep yourself preoccupied and distracted." And we've got five suggestions for how you can spend your time — activities that will take your mind off what you're waiting for and make you better for doing them.

1. Be social, and enjoy being single.
According to Laura L. Ryan, licensed marriage and family therapist, now's the time to take advantage of your single life. "Do things that you will not be able to do when you are someone's wife," she says, suggesting dancing, an all-night karaoke session, hitting a coffee shop by yourself and hunkering down with a good book, or watching back-to-back episodes of The Bachelor. As Ryan says, "when you are sharing your life with another person, you will lose some of these freedoms, so make the most of your remaining time as a single person."

2. Learn what it takes to make a marriage succeed.
When you're waiting for a proposal, it's easy to focus your energy on planning your future wedding. Instead, Alexandra H. Solomon, Ph.D., licensed clinical psychologist and Loving Bravely: 20 Lessons of Self-Discovery to Help You Find an Keep the Love You Want, suggests spending this time planning your marriage. "There are so many great books out there about what it takes to create a successful marriage," Solomon says. "Spend a little time daydreaming with bridal magazines, and a lot of time with books, articles and videos about marriage."

3. Get yourself in tip-top financial shape.
If you're in debt or struggling financially, Amber Kelleher-Andrews, matchmaker for NBC's Ready For Love, suggests using this time to try to dig yourself out. "Remember that when you marry you are also marrying each other's financial obligations, debts and credit scores, as well as benefits," she says. "The more together you are financially, the more attractive you are to your prospective spouse — and vice versa."

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4. Get organized.
Organizing your desk drawers may not sound like a pleasant way to pass the time. But Masini says that clearing the clutter and getting organized can actually help the time fly, all while keeping you occupied in a super-productive endeavor. "Whether it's cleaning closets, doing tax prep, or applying some feng shui to the garage, you can do good while creating space for all those wedding gifts to come, all by simply getting your life organized," she says.

5. Practice self-care.
Solomon says that in order to create a happy twosome, you have be a healthy by your lonesome. So, take this time to practice self-care and get into the healthiest emotional and physical shape you can. "Some examples of self-care include yoga, meditation, journaling, going for a walk, reading, taking a hot bath, and calling a friend," she says. "What you do to take care of yourself doesn't really matter. What matters is that you have a menu of uplifting options for tending to you. Weddings have a way of kicking up all sorts of emotional dust, so having your self-care tool box ready is important."

Good Luck Topping This Insanely Over-the-Top Proposal, Featuring 50 Dancers, Four Costume Changes, and a Lip Dub

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Jun 102016

Pack up and go home, y'all. There's just no topping this crazy romantic proposal. This groom-to-be officially takes the crown. After five years together, DeAndre Upshaw of Dallas, Texas, decided to propose to his boyfriend, Stuart Hausmann. And while some may just take their sweetheart to a nice dinner to pop the question, Upshaw on the other hand called upon a cast of 50 dancers, a costumer, videographers, photographers, and of course a jeweler, in order to pull off the proposal of his beau's, your's, our's, everyone's dream. Seriously, guys. We. Are. Dead.

The proposal, which took place on June 4, actually got its start four months prior when Upshaw began planning the special day. Four months to just plan the proposal? Just imagine how intense their wedding planning will be... According to Revelist, Upshaw drafted a five page (!) document detailing his vision, then called upon the Danielle Georgiou Dance Group to help with the choreography while he set to work recruiting dancers, finding costumes, and flying in his future in-laws so they could witness the big (and we mean big) moment. "I work in production and am very used to creating detailed schedules," the groom-to-be explained. Yeah, we'd say... "We had a secret Facebook group that I invited everyone to, and posted videos of dance rehearsals to it."

After those rehearsals and many months of planning details, the day had finally arrived. Upshaw told his now fiancé that they were going to brunch, but of course he had something else up his sleeve. (Honestly, we probably would've just settled for brunch.)

The pair drove to a local middle school, where Upshaw lead Hausmann to the back of the car, where he sat a pair of headphones atop his head. Then the music (and our hearts!) started swelling. Upshaw began dancing and lip synching to Tegan and Sara's "Closer" (the two had previously fallen in love with the song when they attended a concert together back in 2013), as a slew of dancers dressed in rainbow-colored choir robes joined in. Before long, there were ribbon dancers, flag spinners, and even the couple's friends and family dancing along, as Hausmann looked on totally overwhelmed. Oh yeah, and there were giant cardboard cut-outs of the pairs' faces. After nearly five minutes of crazy choreography, costume changes, and stellar surprises, the whole thing cumulated with Upshaw getting down on one knee, a tearful and resounding yes from his hubby-to-be, and a confetti pop (because, of course).

Watch the whole video above and we dare you not to cry.

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How He Asked: Real Brides Share the Outrageous Way Their Grooms Proposed

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Jun 102016

Proposals in general are exciting, but there are some grooms that take it to a whole new level. Here, real brides share the uniquely and outrageously amazing way their grooms proposed. When a guy is this creative, how can you say no?

"We're both movie buffs so when he decided to propose Bill wanted to make it a fantasy come true. He secured an entire movie theater and told me we were going to a screening. He had my favorite movie, "Amelie" ready to play from the projection room but as soon as the lights dimmed, on the theater screen was projected 'Will you marry me?' Everyone in the projection room cheered, I burst into tears, mouthed 'Yes,' and magically champagne appeared! Hollywood couldn't have scripted it better." — Lynn

"My husband Tanner proposed to me on May 22, 2014, which was also his 30th birthday. I was at work and my boss had asked me to go downstairs where a man in a suit was waiting and asked me to come with him. I was confused, so went back upstairs and asked my boss to come back down with me because of this strange man. Long story short he assured me he was here to take me someplace for Tanner and when I finally came outside I realized I was getting into a limo. Once I got in, Joe, my new friend and limo driver, gave me an envelope from Tanner labeled "Letter #1." To keep it short, the first letter said how excited he was to be 30 and to enjoy this big birthday with me, but he also said he wouldn't be able to talk to me for a few hours and just to enjoy myself. It also provided me with an address, which he said to give to Joe. It was to a mani/pedi place. My next letter brought me to a blow-dry bar. Letter three contained Tanner's credit card - he told me to buy something nice to wear! The next letter brought me to a place where a videographer was waiting. Joe then gave me letter #5, which had me follow a path of pink ribbons (my favorite color), videographer in tow. I went over a bridge where Tanner waited with a picnic blanket (the same one my brother-in-law used when he proposed to my sister-in-law. Tanner read me letter #6 - my proposal!" — Paloma

"My now husband and I both love skydiving, which gave him the idea to propose at 20,000 feet, just as we were about to jump out of a plane!" — Sheila

"My boyfriend's dog actually did the proposing. The doorbell rang and when I opened it Tiffany was there with a placard around her neck: 'Will You Marry Us?'" — Ann

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"I was chief photographer at a newspaper, and my editor gave me the day off (I later found out this was pre-arranged). My boyfriend and I went on a hike into the Rio Grande Canyon to where two rivers converge. He's a singer/songwriter and brought his guitar along. He began to sing a 'proposal song,' which was sweet and funny and romantic. I said yes of course! When we hiked out of the canyon, my favorite local band was waiting to serenade me. I was embarrassed and blushing but Michael, and I did a little two-stepping in the dirt parking lot before heading home and announcing our engagement to our families. We've been married 19 years." — Dorie

"I love comics and my boyfriend found a custom comic book company (yourcomicstory.com) who created a special comic with me on the cover. He presented it to me. I read to the last page and there was the proposal. We're now gearing up for the wedding." — Beth

Sherry Amatenstein, LCSW is a New York City-based marriage therapist and author.

How Involved Can I Be in My Own Proposal?

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May 132016

Photo: Getty Images

Every person's dream proposal is different. Some want a total surprise, from the general timeline to the ring itself, some want a big event (think flashmob or surprise engagement party), some want something totally private, and others want to be involved in every detail. And while that last category is probably the least traditional, it's becoming more and more common. So exactly how involved can you be in your own proposal? Our experts weigh in.

If an out-of-left-field surprise proposal isn't quite what you'd hoped for, fear not! There are plenty of ways you can be involved, from subtle hints to deciding to pop the question yourself.

The first thing to do is talk to you soon-to-be fiancé about what he or she is hoping for. Do they really want to plan a special surprise when you least expect it? Now's the time to talk about the details you really care about — whether that means shopping for the ring together or setting guidelines about the type of proposal you don't want.

If they're open to ideas and suggestions, talk about the type of day you'd like to share. Leave room for a few surprises, but you could do anything from create a general idea to picking out exactly which restaurant the two of you would like to go to for your engagement dinner. Is there something you'd love to be wearing, or have you always dreamed of having a photographer capture the whole thing? Now's the time to make sure that dress is dry-cleaned, or to hint about the pro you'd love to have hiding in the bushes when the question is popped.

And of course, there's always the option of both proposing! Pick a day, then split it in half — one of you has the morning to plan and pop the question, and the other will do so in the afternoon, all capped off with either a private dinner or a party with your friends. Buy rings for one another, line up a few sweet surprises, and cherish the fact that you're really deciding to marry each other.

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These Real Life Proposal Stories (and Photos!) Are Giving Us ALL the Feels

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May 132016

Photo: Courtesy of Diana Sala

Recently on National Tell-A-Story Day, we reached out to all of our brides-to-be on Instagram and asked them to share their real life proposal stories with us. The emails starting pouring in and, after many (happy) tears and a box of tissues later, we were in love with every single one of your beautiful stories. From an elementary school classroom to the Eiffel Tower, each one of these grooms-to-be planned a proposal to remember. Now, it's our feel-good Friday treat to you. Enjoy!

If you would like to share your own #BridesProposals story, kindly email us at: bridesproposals@condenast.com for your chance to be featured.


Photo: Courtesy of Jennifer Ariel

"It was the Monday after I ran the Long Island Half Marathon. I woke up still exhausted from those 13 miles that my legs carried me through the day before. I'm an 8th grade English teacher and just kept thinking, 'In 9 periods you'll be home for a nap...just get through 9 periods.' Sixth period rolled around and in my school we are lucky enough to integrate English and Social Studies. I figured this would be a good time for a quick bathroom break before my 7th period class. While finishing up I could hear people talking in the hallway. I assumed because it was May, it had to be the custodians preparing to turn on the air conditioning. As I opened the door, I was staring back at someone I knew; Ron's brother's girlfriend looked like a deer in headlights. She was holding a video camera and while my brain tried to process why she was standing in my hallway I heard a man yelling my principals name. The man in my hallway was Ron! IT WAS RON! It's pretty safe to say I contemplated every illogical thought as to why he was standing in front of me shot through my brain like rapid fire. My principal's secretary and Ron's sister were also standing behind me taking pictures as I repeated the question, "What are you doing here?" Ron held my hand as we walked towards my classroom. Mrs. Rodahan, my principal, was carrying a bouquet of a dozen blood red roses. As we walked into my classroom, I began to cry. Ron introduced himself to my 40, curious students. I listened as he commanded the floor and my students would start to realize what was happening. This would become the greatest surprise of my life. Ron asked all of my students to stand at the front of the class, facing me, and handed two of them a sign to be unraveled in his cue. In front of forty students and four adults, he took my hand, told me how much he loved me, and bent down on one knee as his sign would be opened to read, "Ms. Ariel, Will You Marry Me?"...and of course, I said YES!" — Jennifer N. Ariel


Photo: Courtesy of Kelsey Shinn

"Two days before the proposal my best friend (who lives in Atlanta) told me she was flying in that weekend for work. I didn't think anything of it. Joe had told me he had to work that Saturday night, so I of course, wanted to get dinner and drinks with my best friend downtown West Palm. We got all dressed up and left for dinner and things were getting pretty weird during the drive there. Everything she was saying wasn't adding up (turns out she was just stalling so Joe could get to the proposal site). We get down there and she asks for a picture down by the water so I go (kind of annoyed cause it was Florida in May and VERY hot outside!) We walk to the end of the dock to take the picture and I turn around and Paige (my best friend) doesn't join me. Then I hear someone walking up behind me and I turn around and it was Joe! He had a dozen pink roses in his hand and I immediately started crying. I knew what was happening. I honestly can't even tell you what Joe said during the proposal because I was so overcome with emotions and tears. But after a few minutes he got down on one knee and proposed with the most GORGEOUS ring (that I picked out months ago). I of course said yes while balling my eyes out. It was absolutely perfect in every way. I then turned around and saw my family walking up behind me snapping pictures and I had no clue they were there! I was so happy they could witness the best moment of my life. And turns out Paige wasn't there for a work meeting, Joe had her fly in for the proposal. Best friend EVER and best fiancé ever!!!" — Kelsey Shinn


Photo: Courtesy of Kayla Hearn

"On March 26 2016, my fiancé, Scott, and I climbed the Taal Valcano in the Philippines. Scott proposed at the top of the Volcano on the Red Lava Trail. Most amazing moment of my life!" — Kayla Hearn

Jaclyn tarica

Photo: Courtesy of Jaclyn Tarica

"My now fiancé and I met senior year of high school, spring break in the Bahamas. We immediately hit it off and had a great spring break. Last place you think you would find your husband, right? We both knew we were going off to college, so we didn't take things seriously. Except a few months into college and we realized we didn't want to be single. We made it official and dated long distance all through college. After graduating we moved back to New York and had so much fun finally being in the same state. Fast forward three years later, I got home from work on a Thursday night, and he told me to pack my bags, and that a car was coming to pick us up at 4am. He wouldn't tell me where we were going he just told me I needed to pack beach clothes. We get to the airport and get to our gate, and I see we are going to the Bahamas. I mentioned we both hadn't been there since we met eight years ago. Embarrassingly enough, I was still clueless. (We recently had "the conversation" and agreed we were in no rush to plan a wedding). When we got there and got settled into the hotel, we had a nice day on the beach. Later that night he had a car pick us up to take us to The One and Only resort. Years ago I had told him this is a dream wedding venue (I don't know how he remembered that!), but when we were on the way I started to realize something was up!! He went to the bathroom and I was escorted in a golf cart to the restaurant. They dropped me off at their beautiful garden, and I saw from a distance my fiancé was standing all the way at the top waiting for me with his arms crossed. I had to walk all the up to him crying, in heels!! He asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. We are now getting married and this proposal is one I will remember forever." — Jaclyn Tarica


Photo: Katie Scarlett Photography

"My fiancé's name is Stavros Makropoulos, I am Monica Kucera. Technically you can say we met on Facebook. Our parents made an effort to set us up but it stopped after his dad said, "You'd be a perfect fit for my son! But, oh, he hates when I set him up with Greek girls so you have to call him!" I'm like, "What!" Well, I ended up friending him on Facebook like a huge creep and the rest is history! Prior to meeting Stavros, I completed two marathons and a few half marathons. After we met, he said he wanted to "get into running" so naturally I told him we should sign up for a half marathon together. We started running them in March/April so we could begin training around the new year to make a New Year's Resolution out of it. For our third half marathon together, we chose the Sly Fox Half Marathon in St. Charles because the first two we ran were in Chicago and we wanted to do something a little different this year. Plus it fit perfectly in our March/April time frame (but little did I know, Stavros had something else in mind). I was so completely surprised about the proposal. I told Stavros I envisioned our proposal being more private. It ended up being the complete opposite! All of our close friends and family were there and it wound up being AMAZING. I couldn't have pictured it any other way. It was like a fairytale." — Monica Kucera


Photo: Courtesy of Kara Farruggia

"We met in our apartment laundry room 3 years ago, and it was love at first sight! I had learned to ski a few years back and told him that in order to date me, he would have to get back on a snowboard. We now work on Slope Security at Shawnee Ski Mountain in PA. On our first ski trip out west over spring break this year, we got to the top of Copper Mountain for our first run of the day, and it was absolutely beautiful weather with breathtaking views. Clint asked me to look at the trail map and while I did, he got down on one knee. My uncle called to me to turn around and look down. I asked why just as I saw Clint on one knee. I said, "Oh my god!" I immediately broke into tears at the sight of my great grandma's stone in the setting. The ring glistened almost a blue color due to how blue the sky was! All I could do after that was nod yes and kiss him! The proposal could not have been more perfect for us, and I can thank my uncle and cousin for their pictures and video to remember and share the moment." — Kara Farruggia


Photo: Courtesy of Diana Sala

"Nick got my father involved in the proposal. He had dad tell me we had a work meeting in Santa Barbara. So Dad and I drove up to Santa Barbara and stopped at our family's beach house at Rincon Point. I went inside to grab the missing item and found red roses and a note. The note showed me a map to the beach. I ran so fast. When I got to the beach there were roses lined in the sand with pictures of us starting from the very beginning of our relationship and ending with a picture of our church. I followed the roses and found him. He got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife and to "change the world together" I said yes! and immediately knelt down to hug him before he even had a chance to put the ring on my finger. It was perfect. Then he surprised me with having a nice outfit picked out to go to dinner with my family and his to celebrate." — Diana Sala


Photo: Courtesy of Casey Hiskens

"It has been my dream to travel in Europe. We were trying to save for a house, however I had my mind set on traveling which Bill (partner) didn't really want too. He allowed me to go over with a girlfriend and do a tour. We had one week in London with no plans, Bill saw his perfect opportunity and sent me a message saying in two days you must be at Hyde Park, by the round pond for a surprise. I thought deep down how lovely it would be if it was him but I couldn't see him justifying the money to go over when he always said no. As I ran through Hyde Park (late), I looked up and saw Bill standing by a tree. It was emotional and I gave him the biggest hug. Yet the moment didn't stop there. He walked me through a garden tunnel in Kensington Gardens and asked me to marry him. Of course I said yes, so caught up in the moment I cried and forgot if I had even answered him. It was the most perfect proposal and we often get comments. Bill is not romantic but he saw his perfect opportunity." — Casey Hiskens


Photo: Courtesy of Erin Walters

"We actually met online and had been dating for about two years when he asked me if i could get time off from work at the end the February for a "surprise trip." I am ALL about surprises and trips and was lucky enough to get the 10 days off for a California road trip he planned all by himself! He made a folder and itinerary and researched the best sights to see! I am a native of Michigan so driving north up the coast of highway 1 was incredible to say the least. We stopped at few magical, beautiful place but he proposed on Pfieffer Beach in Big Sur.

"We actually got lost trying to find it! And Corbin was so anxious because the sun sets so quickly - I told him to calm down because obviously I didn't know what he had in mind, but I figured we could run to the beach and see the last few seconds at least! But luckily we made it with time to spare! This beach is gorgeous and so unique – purple sand and rock arches with waves splashing through. Corbin was off looking at these enormous pieces of washed up seaweed and I saw a lady with a large professional camera, way fancier than what I had but I figured she'd be able to work mine so asked her to take a picture. She said of course... I waved Corbin down, we posed, the picture was snapped and she came up to us and said the background was perfect but only our silhouettes were showing up in the picture because of the sun. She suggested to do something "romantic." As I'm staring to the ocean and sunset, still thinking of what we could do that was romantic, little did I know Corbin has dropped on one knee and said, no joke, "Romantic like this?" I was in shock! He had been carrying the ring around in his pocket for days waiting for the perfect moment and it honestly could not have been better!! And to make it more unique, the stranger that took our picture was celebrating her 60th wedding anniversary so I took pictures of them after our proposal! 60 years?! I can only hope Corbin and I will be so lucky to travel back to that beach 60 years from the day we wed!" — Erin Walters


Photo: Nikki Tran Photography

"The day was January 16, 2016. It was one of the coldest days of the winter so far in Minnesota. My boyfriend, Tom said he had a surprise date night planned for us, but he wouldn't tell me what it was. All he said was "pack an overnight bag." Oh boy! I don't know what we are doing AND I need multiple outfits?! But I did as he said and then we got in his car and drove. We ended up at the St. Paul Hotel, which is the fanciest hotel in St. Paul. I had always wanted to stay there and he knew that. I was so excited! We checked in, got to our room and unpacked our things. He then informed me that we had dinner reservations at 7pm, but again he wouldn't tell me where. We hung out, watched some TV, played some cards and then we got ready for our dinner out. As we were heading out the door, Tom said we were going to walk to dinner. I said I had hoped the restaurant was close, because it was -30 below windchill outside! But he didn't say anything, so I figured it was ok. We walked outside and since I didn't know where we were going, Tom took my hand and was leading the way. We walked right through Rice Park, which had white twinkle lights on all the trees, and they were all lit up. All of a sudden, Tom stopped and turned to me. He took my hands and said that he had ulterior motives for tonight's plans. I had no idea what he was talking about! Then he got down on one knee and started saying how special I was and how much he loved me, and then asked me to marry him! Of course I said yes! It was one of the most magical and romantic moments of my life. Then a photographer popped out of nowhere and she had captured the whole thing. Tom had gone and hired a photographer to get the moment on film, so we would always have it. I thought that was so special. After a few laughs and tears, we said good-bye to the photographer and continued our walk to dinner. Pazzaluna is a delicious Italian restaurant, one of my favorites, that is located right across the street from the St. Paul Hotel. When we walked in, the hostess said our table was ready and the rest of our party was already here. What?! The rest of our party? I was confused, who else was there? Waiting at the table for us was my parents and Tom's parents, with champagne and lots of excitement! Tom also wanted to include our parents in the proposal because we are both very close with them. They were so honored and excited to be included. I was so touched that Tom put so much thought and planning into the proposal. It definitely is a day I will NEVER forget." — Dana Hogan


Photo: Courtesy of Julianne Johnson

I" couldn't have dreamed of a better weekend. After he proposed on my favorite beach, I looked up to see family and friends cheering, fireworks and huge banners saying SAY YES! I went upstairs to the beach club house, where I was greeted by friends and family that flew in for the proposal. Then they played this video. I could watch it on repeat forever and rewind this weekend a million times. Our story begins before Billy and I were born. Our grandparents were best friends and Billy became best friends with my cousin. Even though we lived so close and shared so many connections, Billy and I never really knew each other. We crossed paths in college once, but it wasn't until I randomly visited his college, the University of Alabama, that we got to know each other. We went on our first date when we moved home & the rest is history! We have been through so much since we have been together. SO many good times, so many fun times, but unfortunately we've had to face difficult times. Billy's dad was unexpectedly diagnosed with a brain cancer called Glioblastoma in 1/2014 and passed 10 months later. The whole town of Jupiter knew his father, known as always giving back to the community. Only 8 months later, Billy's nephew, Austin Stephanos, went missing. Him & his friend Perry left the Jupiter Inlet on Austin's boat and never returned. We miss Billy's dad and Austin more than anything. Billy's dad asked me the first day he met me when the wedding was and Austin called me his Aunt, before Billy and I even met, as I used to babysit him. Them being there with us is the only thing that could make our love story more magical." — Julianne Johnson


Photo: Courtesy of Jodi Sparrow

"My proposal was so thought out and perfect it is something you would read about in a fairy tale! I went to college in Paris and the city is a huge part of who I am, my fiancé had never been before so we planned a trip. We had been planning the trip for a year so I didn't think a proposal would happen since we had our days completely planned out, but leave it to Ken to surprise me. The weather was touch and go while we were there (typical Paris showers) so we had to reschedule a few of our afternoons for earlier in the week, one of which was a private boat tour on La Seine. We rescheduled our boat tour for the same day we were having dinner at Le Cinq, so Ken thought it would be best if we dressed up for the boat tour and then went straight to dinner for a cocktail before. As we are driving to our boat tour our driver asks if he could drop us off on one side of the Pont Bir-Hakeim bridge and we could walk to the boat on the other side (yes, even the driver was in on the proposal!). We got out and as we are walking across the bridge Ken stops turns to me and drops down on one knee, I was completely shocked!! To top it all off, he had hired a photographer to capture every second and take our engagement photos later in the week in Paris! After a few photos, we hopped on the boat and sailed down La Seine. It was truly the most romantic thoughtful proposal and it still gives me goosebumps." — Jodi Sparrow


Photo: Impressions Photography

"January 15, 2016 was the day. It was cool day, and Wade planned a date night to kick off my new work rotation as an ER nurse. As I was getting ready for our date my best friend, Nicole called me. She surprised me and came to Omaha, Nebraska from Florida! I was ecstatic and we planned to meet up for drinks prior to Wade and my date. Nicole was waiting for us at Heartland of America park with her boyfriend, I was thrilled to see them both! After reconnecting with my best friend Nicole states, "I am not the real surprise." and turns me around. I turn to find the love of my life down on one knee holding the most beautiful pear shaped engagement ring. If I told you what he said when he asked that would be a lie because I began crying instantly and kissed him! Eventually I said the word he was waiting to hear, "Yes!" We continued to celebrate by going to the Twisted Fork in the Old Market for dinner, the first place we had been on a date to in Omaha. After dinner, we headed back to our apartment planning to meet up with friends later in the evening. To my surprise the night was not over. Wade planned a surprise engagement party at our apartment with our closest friends! We set our date for June, 3, 2017!" — Emilee Davenport


Photo: Courtesy of Suzanna Garza

"Alabama guy and a Texas girl. He surprised me in Big Sur with a 70's camper (56 acres all to ourselves) sitting on the side of a mountain overlooking the ocean. We were the only two people within miles of gorgeous untouched Big Sur. It was his birthday and we hiked down to a forest filled with Redwoods and a river flowing through it. Mid-hike we stopped and had some lunch and a few beers on a giant redwood that had fallen down. He starts to show me a video of all these memorable moments we have had. Me graduating college, our road trips, him hiding the ring and this surprise for months, and the final video was him balancing a ring on our dog Vader's nose. He got down on one knee and I could not stop crying. Afterwards, we jumped into a freezing waterhole and spent the week enjoying Big Sur all to ourselves. Whale watching and outdoor showers highly recommended. We are getting married this November in the city where we had our first date!" — Suzanna Garza


Photo: Courtesy of Sierra Clatterbuck

"My fiancé Josiah planned an adventurous afternoon rock climbing by the New River in Virginia. When we got there, I set up the hammock while he climbed to the top to set up the rope. Little did I know he was setting up tons of GoPros to get the entire proposal on video. He rappelled down after setting up and said we should walk around the route first just so I could get a feel for the rock outside. We started walking up and he was behind me making sure I didn't fall. About half way up, he shot in front of me and started climbing really fast. I was a little frustrated he left me behind, but kept climbing (okay, I got stuck a few times) until I got to the top. And that's when I saw him, on his knee with something in his hand. He helped me down and we stood on the edge of the ascent overlooking the tree line and river when he asked,"Will you marry me?" I immediately said, "Yes!" and leaned in for a kiss. It was definitely the most "Josiah" way of proposing, which made it all the more special. November 8, 2015, we got engaged and began planning to become Mr. and Mrs. Bumgarner." — Sierra Clatterbuck


Photo: Anna Kim Photography

And one token proposal story from a groom (and, in true guy fashion, it's a list)...

1. How we met: Kait and I met on the first day of college. I was an international student and we both came early to orientation. She was one of the only people sitting in my section and we were friends from day one. We were also in 2 freshman classes together. She was my first friend in college! However, we started dating only in sophomore year. We transitioned from friends to boyfriend and girlfriend (and best friends) and finally to this stage!

2. When I realized I wanted to spend my life with her: I don't think there was one clear moment - it was a build up. She's a very private person. It took time to peel through all the beautiful layers she had. Once I was on the inside though, it was crystal clear. When you can be your true self without even thinking of feeling judged, that's when I knew.

3. How I chose that location and the day of the proposal: I wanted that day to be special, hence Hawaii. Our parents and my sister flew in from NJ and India (my family is based in India) because the both of us are very close to our families, and also because I wanted to share this special day and trip with them. Our families had all met before on different vacations we planned together, so Kait thought this was just another fun family vacation with both families. I had told both families that I'd be proposing, and when I got the green light I started looking for a photographer. Kait is a blogger and I knew she'd want an engagement shoot. But I wanted to capture the raw moment. Not anything planned. I found Anna Kim's website and I was sold. She put me on to her associate, Ajja and Ajja told me about Po'olenalena beach. I saw pictures and I knew that was the spot. But there was another problem. I had a feeling Kait knew I was going to propose this trip. That's one disadvantage of knowing someone so well. She knew that I was going to propose and I knew that she knew I was going to. So I had to change my whole plan. What I told Kait, since she's a blogger, was that I found a photographer would like to meet us and do a few test shoots of us that she could use for her blog. Her blog is "Blonde Expeditions" after all, and Maui is a pretty big expedition. So a shoot of mostly her, and a few of me in the mix would add some expedition-ness to her blog. She bought it. What I told Ajja was that Kait thinks it's a blog shoot, but that I was going to propose during the shoot and catch her off guard and surprise her. We did a few blog shoots of her, and the both of us, before I gave Ajja my cue. A few hours earlier I made up something along the lines of my stomach was hurting because Kait thought I looked nervous. So I went along with it. I bent down "in pain" and when I got up I had the ring ready. Cheesy, but it I didn't improvise she would have caught on. It worked perfectly. So even thought she knew I was going to propose during the trip, I made sure she didn't know exactly when, and it worked. Ajja was able to capture the exact, real moment, which is just beautiful. Words to live by – if you make her cry out of joy, you did a good job!

4. How I felt? Nerves the entire day. Not because I was going to ask her to marry me – that was the easy part. Nervous because I wanted everything to go perfectly and not ruin the surprise. Good thing I thought of stomach pain to mask the nervousness. I even said "maybe we should reschedule" to make it more real, but she asked me to "suck it up." — Armaan

Gordon Ramsay Just Ruined a Couple’s Proposal at His Las Vegas Restaurant

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May 082016
Gordon Ramsay

Photo: Getty Images

Gordon Ramsay may be known for flinging insults around the kitchen on his reality show, Hell's Kitchen, but this might just be his meanest moment yet. When a patron at his Las Vegas restaurant decided to pop the question to his bride-to-be, the celebrity chef accidentally ruined the proposal as badly as a burnt risotto.

Gordon Ramsay

Photo: Giphy

Ramsay recalled the cringe-worthy botched engagement at his recent appearance at the Vegas Uncork'd food and wine festival. "Three weeks ago, one of my maître d's asked me if I would go over to table seven, who were celebrating their engagement," Ramsay explained. "So I said, 'Send two nice glasses of champagne over to them.'"

But that sweet gesture from the famous chef ended up spoiling the surprise! When the champagne arrived I went over to congratulate them — and he hadn't asked her!" Whoops! According to the UK's Telegraph, it turned out that the maître d', whose first language is not English, had muddled the tenses, leading Ramsay to believe that the man had already popped the question. "I was like, how am I going to get out of that?" Ramsay remembers. Well, let's just hope he didn't fling one of his trademark insults at his maître d' for an honest mistake...

Hell's Kitchen

Photo: Giphy

This isn't the first time we've seen celebs get involved in proposal surprises. Early this week, Adele pulled two fans, André Söderberg and Simon Carlsson, up on stage where one of the men got down on one knee and ask for his boyfriend's hand in marriage. And last month, Britney Spears helped pull off a proposal at her meet-and-greet, where the boyfriend of one of her biggest fans popped the question. But we're pretty sure this is the first time a star ruined one!

Well, maybe the to-be-wed couple will get some free reception catering out of Ramsay to make up for his proposal faux-pas. It's worth a shot, right?

Adele Offers to Be Gay Couple’s Surrogate After They Get Engaged on Stage at Her Show

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May 052016

Photo: Getty Images

Adele is turning into one serious wedding and engagement professional! The concerts of the Grammy-winning singer (and birthday girl — happy birthday, Adele!) have been known to inspire more than one bended knee moment from touched audience members — with several couples getting engaged at her performances throughout her latest tour! — but this latest proposal, which includes Adele offering to be a surrogate for the couple (what?!), is definitely one for the books.

Here's the lowdown: During her concert Tuesday night in Denmark, Adele paused her performance to give a gay couple the spotlight, E! News reports. After she pulled Swedish fans André Söderberg and Simon Carlsson up on stage, one of the men took the special moment as the perfect opportunity to get down on one knee and ask for his boyfriend's hand in marriage. "Will you marry me?" the proposer asked, while Adele helped out by holding the mic to his mouth so everyone in the audience could here. "Yes!" he responded. So sweet!

Adele, glittering in a sparkling black floor-length gown, began jumping up and down on stage and hugged the just-engaged pair of fans. Adele appeared to be in a giving mood Tuesday night (perhaps since it was just two days before her 28th birthday?). In addition to helping set the scene for their epic proposal moment, Adele also offered her super fans something slightly unexpected, albeit awesome.

"Should I be your surrogate if you have children? I'd love to have a baby with someone Swedish," she reportedly asked them. Jury's still out on whether or not they accepted!

"We travelled there from Sweden to see Adele," Carlsson told The Sun. "Before the show we bought silly glasses at a store. Funny enough for Adele to notice us, which she did because of the glasses and because we went totally crazy for her." Watch the sweet moment unfold in the Twitter video below.

See more: Adele or Bridesmaid? This Maid of Honor's Wedding Speech Parody of 'Hello' is Hysterical

Like we said, Adele has made quite a name for herself as the proposer helper. Back in March during her at London's O2 Arena, the singer sensed some commotion in the audience during her performance and called a couple up to the stage. "Come up here you two," Adele said, as she stopped before even finishing the song, "Are they coming? Did you just get engaged? Oh god!" Adele couldn't help but add her familiar cheeky commentary to the situation, adding, "I thought there was a fight at first."

After bringing the couple onstage, where they revealed that "Make You Feel My Love" was a super-special song in their 12-year relationship. "That was one of he most beautiful things I've ever witnessed at one of my shows. Thank you so much for doing that."

Earlier in Adele's tour at her Belfast performance on February 29, the singer, aware of the Leap Year tradition, invited any woman who wanted to propose to their sweethearts to hop up on stage and pop the question — and she got one! Standing next to Adele, the not-yet-engaged woman proposed to her boyfriend and, after a little encouragement from the famous singer, he said yes.

What's next for the famous songstress in the bridal circuit? Wedding singer? Officiant? We can only hope!

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