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4 Things You Can Do If You Lose Your Wedding Ring

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Sep 072016
wedding rings on wood

Photo: Getty Images

When that shiny diamond ring is glistening on your finger, it's whether before your wedding or after your wedding, where it's gone. Losing your wedding ring is something that can happen when you least expect it and can toss you into a moment of panic if you can't find it or if you realize it's gone forever. Before stressing out too much, here are four immediate steps you can take if you lose your wedding ring.

1. Go on a hunt to find it.

First things first — try to pull yourself together and remember the last time you had the ring on — or the last place you remember being it. From there, retrace your steps — and even enlist some of your loyal friends to come with you — so that you can have extra pairs of eyes helping scope the scene out.

2. File an insurance claim.
If you did have insurance on your ring (fingers crossed!), the first thing you can do is file an insurance claim. Let your insurance company know immediately that the ring was lost. It's best to do this within 24 hours of misplacing the ring. If you do end up finding it, you can cancel the claim and give the update to your insurance company.

3. Use a temporary ring.
If you lost the wedding ring before your actual wedding, instead of stressing out over having to spend a ton of money on a new ring, borrow a ring or purchase a fake diamond ring just to wear on the day. Your guests will be too busy enjoying their time that they won't notice.

4. Chat with the store.
While there is very little that the store can do to replace the current ring, it is worth going back to the place that the ring was purchased and see if they can recreate a similar ring for you or even give you a discount on a brand new ring.

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Jen Glantz is a "Professional Bridesmaid" and the founder of Bridesmaid for Hire. She's the author of All My Friends Are Engaged and frequently wears old bridesmaid dresses to the grocery store and on first dates.

Wedding Band Shopping 101: 5 Key Things to Consider

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Aug 092016

Most brides have likely hinted to their future husbands about what type of engagement ring they'd like when the special time comes, but didn't actually partake in the shopping and selection. But that all changes when it's time to shop for wedding bands. Take advantage of being able to select the special symbolic piece together this time around by considering these important factors before you say "I do" to the perfect wedding ring.

This is the most important decision that needs to be made before you head to the jewelry store. While most couples go shopping for wedding bands in the throes of wedding planning, it's so important to "know before you go." Trust us, it's easy to get carried away surrounded by stunning sparklers, but by having a discussion about cost beforehand, you'll be able to stay within your means, stress-free, and pick out the perfect rings for both of you.

While shopping for the perfect band to compliment your engagement ring, many brides-to-be opt for matching metals to complete their left-handed ensemble. Others opt to mix yellow gold, rose gold, platinum, white gold, and more (SO on trend at the moment) for an eclectic mash-up. Whichever you choose, knowing the metal you are looking for can help guide you in shopping and selecting the ring, as well as your budget, too.

Would you like your band to rest flush against your engagement ring? Do you want it big enough to stand out on its own, or to perfectly match in width? Does the setting of your engagement ring allow for an "underneath" fit, or do you need a custom divot or contour to accommodate wearing both? On the surface these types of questions may seem like minutia, but it's important to cover all bases to make sure BOTH rings fit comfortably, and in the best way unique to them.

Pavé, eternity, stacked, contour, enhancer, hand-engraved... The list goes on, but these are all terms you should be familiar with before beginning the hunt. Knowing the style and cuts you favor before you shop is a must to help guide your selections. Just remember to keep an open mind, and try on things that otherwise may not have caught your eye, as you may end up with something you haven't yet envisioned. (Just like when wedding dress shopping!)

Are you tough on your hands? Do you work with materials that can be harmful to your jewelry? Are you a lefty or righty? These are questions that you may not have considered previously, but they're important to think about now. (Especially if you're considering a diamond eternity band!) By communicating this information to the jewelry store, they can help guide you to the right styles and metals for you. Bonus idea for brides that love bling: Opt for a secondary, economical single gold band to sport on more casual, adventurous or physical occasions.

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Ever Wonder Why People Wear Wedding Rings on Their Left Hand?

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Jun 232016
wedding ring on left hand

Photo: Nicole Wright via Instagram

It's pretty much accepted at this point in time that everyone wears their wedding ring on the left ring finger. But why? And do bride and grooms absolutely have to? Here, the story behind left hand ring placement and whether or not you have to follow this custom.

The story of wearing your wedding ring on the left hand can be traced back to ancient Roman and Greek times (really!). Back in that day, the Romans believed that the vein in the ring finger (the fourth finger) on the left hand ran directly to one's heart. Because of this belief, they called that vein the "vena amoris" or vein of love. Naturally, to solidify a union based on love, they'd place the ring on that finger that housed the vein of love to signify the romance the newly married couple shares. A pretty adorable physical representation of two hearts being connected, don't you think?

Western cultures have pretty much accepted this age old wives tale to be true, wearing the engagement and then the wedding rings on that left ring finger. Many people in Europe, however, choose to wear their wedding rings on the right hand's ring finger. Ultimately, the choice is yours!

As for wearing a wedding ring, it's completely up to your personal preference, but it's of course a nice way to symbolize your union. If not, you may make like some celebs and get a tattoo on that finger to signify your marriage — you can even do both if you want!

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What Should We Do if One of Our Rings Doesn’t Fit During the Ceremony?

 Etiquette, Jewelry & Accessories, Wedding Etiquette, Wedding Rings  Comments Off on What Should We Do if One of Our Rings Doesn’t Fit During the Ceremony?
Mar 182016

Your wedding rings are the first gifts you exchange as husband and wife, in addition to being outward symbols of your commitment to one another. But even if you tried on samples in the store, were sized by a professional jeweler, and even tried your wedding band on a few times once it arrived in the mail, that doesn't guarantee it will fit properly on your wedding day. What should you do if, when you get to "With this ring, I thee wed," it just doesn't fit? Here are a few tips from our experts.

A wedding band that doesn't fit is no reason to panic. After all, you've probably seen a bunch of wedding videos with the bride and guests laughing as she tries to slip the ring on her husband's finger. It happens all the time, so don't worry about it!

What you should definitely do, however is be gentle. Remember, you're trying to get the ring onto the hand of the person you love! If a little twisting isn't helping, let him try to put the ring on himself. He might be able to bend his knuckle in the right way to get the ring to slip on. If that doesn't work, either leave the ring above his knuckle and try again after the ceremony or move it over to his pinky finger. Then see if soapy hands or a little lotion will help (or just leave the ring on his pinky!).

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Once you're back home (especially if your wedding was somewhere more humid or at a higher elevation than where you normally live), try the ring on again. It should fit fine once you're back, but if it doesn't, go back to the jeweler where you purchased the ring to have it resized or discuss other options.

5 Ways to Personalize Your Wedding Bands

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Feb 262016
ways to personalize your wedding band

Photo: Getty Images

Your wedding band is one of the most important symbols of your relationship. But you can make it even more special by customizing it in a way that speaks to the two of you. From a small and simple engraving to a microscopic laser inscription onto your diamond, there is no shortage of ways you can personalize your wedding bands and make them all the more meaningful to you.

Engrave your names
Sweet and simple, having your initials or names engraved on the inside of your band is a classic for a reason— it's a great way to add a little bit of personalization to your band without getting overly complicated. Plus it's reminiscent of carving your initials on a tree with a plus sign, which is pretty cute if you ask us.

Memorialize the date
If you picked your wedding date for a sentimental reason, like the anniversary of when you first met or the day you first said your I love yous, engraving the date on your rings makes your ring feel even more meaningful.

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Inscribe a saying
Every relationship is filled with inside jokes and special sayings that are unique to the two of you. If you have an endearing phrase that is important to you as a couple or a certain way you let each other know that you love one another, having it written on the inside of your bands lets you wear a piece of what makes your relationship yours. It's also a nice thing to be able to slip off and read to make you smile after a long day.

Make a promise
Deciding to get married is making a promise that you're always going to love and be there for each other. So what better way to begin your marriage than to come up with a promise together to have on the inside of your wedding bands? Whether it's a one-word promise of always or forever or, something long enough to loop around the ring, having a promise engraved on the symbol of your relationship is a wonderful way to personalize your bands.

Wear your vows
If you're a bit on the wordier side or want to take engraving up a notch, the Gem Institute of America can microscopically laser inscribe everything from a symbol to your entire vows directly onto a diamond. While you won't be able to see it with the naked eye, having it there is a great way to carry around everything from a love letter to your vows, right there on your finger.

5 Wedding Band Hacks to Make Your Engagement Ring Look Bigger

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Feb 032016
wedding band hacks make ring look better

Photo: Getty Images

Since this is a safe space when it comes to all things bridal, it's totally OK to admit that sometimes, size does matter (even if just for one random day, when you let yourself daydream what it would feel like to wear Kim Kardashian's crazy-huge rock). When you start to think about what sort of wedding band you want to wear alongside your engagement ring, it quickly becomes apparent that there are a ton of options. Still, not everything is going to actually make your engagement diamond appear larger.

To help, Emily Parker, a GIA-accredited private client consultant at Gemvara, broke down what factors will make bands extra-flattering to your engagement diamond.

Consider colored stones.
Classic diamonds are the most popular choice for wedding rings, but colored stones are gaining in popularity. "They'll definitely make a diamond pop, which can add to the overall look and help trick the eye into thinking the center stone appears bigger," Parker explained. If you don't want to break with tradition too dramatically, look for pale colors like light pinks, blues, and greens. They'll add something different without being too shocking.

Skip multiple bands.
"If you have a smaller diamond in your engagement ring, I wouldn't do multiple bands because they can take away from the diamond," she said. Wearing your engagement ring on your right hand post-wedding, keeping only your new band on the left, is another surefire way to make sure it's not overpowered by the new bling.

Keep everything else small.
In order to keep your engagement diamond looking like the largest stone, make sure it is the biggest one. Pick a thin wedding band with small accent stones, avoiding anything chunky or thick.

Look for a matched set.
Specially crafted bridal sets have fallen out of style a bit, but they're actually designed to show off your engagement ring, making them a wise choice. "Curved wedding bands designed to sit with a specific engagement ring will highlight the ring very nicely. They're typically made to sit right under the setting of your engagement ring, so it won't take away from the center stone."

Clean it.
"Regular cleanings will help keep diamonds sparkling, making it pop more. The more sparkly and white it is, the more it'll stick out on your hand, helping to make it appear bigger." Parker said to aim for having your pieces professionally cleaned a few times a year, though intricate settings can collect dirt easier, requiring more frequent sudsing.

If you're currently shopping for an engagement ring and hunting for the biggest look you can get for your buck, Parker says to look for a super simple setting with a thin band. Stone-wise, consider oval. "They're bigger in size at the same carat weight as a round stone, and they also appear bigger to the eye, especially when set on a thin band."

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Jan 212016
Engagement Ring and Wedding Band Sets

Photo: Kevin Cremens

Your wedding band shouldn't only complement your engagement ring — those dazzling duos should look better together! Your bridal bauble should totally elevate the look of your engagement bling and vice versa. You're taking your relationship to new heights — why shouldn't those special sparklers come along for the ride? A complementing combo can go way beyond just a traditional round-cut diamond, paired with a classic silver band. These fresh engagement ring and wedding band pairings are modern, unique, and ultra-cool.

1. Yasuko Azuma Jewelry
The bubble-like diamonds of this sweet set are girlish and youthful, while the texturized yellow gold adds a unique touch. (Diamonds set in 18K yellow gold, $3,220 and $1,010, Yasuko Azuma Jewelry)

2. Polly Wales
They say that two's company and three's a crowd, but not when it comes to diamonds! This collection of perfectly stackable bands is totally timeless, but the edgy stone cuts modernize the lovely look. (Diamonds in 18K gold, starting at $6,700 each, Polly Wales available at Greenwich Jewelers)

3. Suzanne Kalan
Didn't you hear? Oval-cut rings are so in (just ask Louise Roe!). And don't forget the complementing pavé bands, fit for a classic beauty. (Diamonds set in 18K white gold bands, $3,000 for the set, Suzanne Kalan)

4. Kataoka
Talk about a Princess Bride! The detailing on this feminine set is totally royalty-worthy. With a surprisingly twisted band, scalloped bead frame, and rose-cut diamond, Kate Middleton would definitely approve. (Rose- and brilliant-cut diamonds in 18K gold, $1,680 and $1,285, Kataoka available at Ylang23)

5. Meadowlark
Wear your engagement ring alone and it's a simple and classic bauble. Throw on your two-piece wedding band and you're suddenly toting a sparkly starburst on your finger — and a symbol of your love, of course! (Diamonds and nine-karat yellow gold, $2,009 and $455, Meadowlark)

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6. Natalie K
A classic square-cut engagement ring meets a sleek silver wedding band. Pavé diamonds and a notched band shape give it some extra oomph. (Diamonds set in 18K white gold bands, $2,900 and $2,410, Natalie K)

7. Catbird
Dainty and delicate, this elegant engagement ring hugged by a matching ultra-slim band, looks like a vintage heirloom piece. The rose gold hue adds a pretty warmth to the look. We can't help it — we're in love! (18K rose gold and diamond rings, $3,400 and $940, Catbird)

8. Anna Sheffield
Anna Sheffield's "Grand Tiara" diamond band is the perfect crowning touch to this halo sparkler. Get your hands ready for tons of ring selfies! With a sweet set like that, who could blame you? ("Round Rosette" and "Grand Tiara" 18K gold and diamond rings with a pavé halo, $6,100, and $1,500, Anna Sheffield)

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Here’s the Best Way to Ask for an Engagement Ring Upgrade

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Jan 072016
Best Way to Ask for an Engagement Ring Upgrade

Photo: Getty Images

You love your significant other, but since the day he or she popped the question, you've been less than in love with your engagement ring. You've waited patiently until you can pop your own question: May I have an upgrade, please? But before you utter those six little words, consider an expert-approved way to ask that will spare your soon-to-be spouse's feelings and get you just the ring you want.

Before you ask for an upgrade, recommends Dana Walden Bridal co-founder and creative director Radika Chin, consider what an upgrade actually means to you. Ask yourself: Is it a larger diamond. Would you be happy with a new setting? Or do you need a brand spanking new ring? Says Chin, "Set time aside to discuss these ideas with your partner, openly and honestly."

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Then, once you've talked about your desires and expectations for your new engagement ring, it's time to set a budget, Chin says. "Setting a budget range from the beginning is the best way to upgrade your ring in a way that is stress-free and fun," she says. Consider what your significant other can spend, and what you're willing to contribute to the cost.

Finally, rather than starting from scratch on a new search, consider first meeting with a jewelry designer. "Talk to them about your ideas and be honest about your budget," she says. "A good designer will offer realistic options and advice on how to achieve your goals, and they will always respect your budget. An excellent designer will use their expertise to offer options that you never knew existed."

For example, says Chin, "I encourage my upgrade clients to start by enhancing their current engagement ring with a unique stacking band." This is a cost-effective way to reimagine your ring. A modern engagement ring can be made to feel vintage, she says, "with a thin deco-inspired band. Sometimes this option is all you need for a little extra flourish, as opposed to a completely new ring."

Phew! Man Recovers His Lost Wedding Ring from the Bottom of the Ocean

 Engagement Rings, News, Wedding Rings  Comments Off on Phew! Man Recovers His Lost Wedding Ring from the Bottom of the Ocean
Dec 282015
man recovers lost wedding ring in ocean

Photo: Getty Images

Talk about a Christmas miracle! Jay Bradford, an unlucky-turned-very-lucky man, lost his wedding band in the middle of the ocean near New Jersey on December 12th. Four days later, the fortunate newlywed came across a very familiar sight while on his desperate search for the lost ring.

Bradford, who had only been married to his bride since June, lost his ring in the middle of the ocean near Long Branch, New Jersey, while searching for blackfish, People reports. "My hand hit the bow rail and the ring came off my knuckle. The ring slid off, hit the tow rail and went into the water," Bradford told The Ashbury Park Press about the unfortunate incident.

Bradford's other half, Meagan, was less than pleased by the unfortunate mishap telling the local paper, "I nearly threw up," when having discovered the unlucky news. "I wasn't worried about the cost of the ring, I was more concerned with what it meant and what it symbolized," she continued. Good thing this story has a happy ending!

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Determined to pursue a treasure hunt for the recovery of the all-important ring, Bradford returned to the waters on December 16 with boat captain Nick Barsa and driver Mark Thompson, using GPS tracking to return to the exact spot, People reports. The triple threat managed to use their combined manpower to find the ring on a rock after a relentless 10-minute search. Bradford's relieved bride jokingly refers to Barsa as "Captain St. Nicholas" as a result of his "Christmas miracle" duties needed to help her husband find a very important member of the holiday's five golden rings.

Unfortunately, this groom is not alone when it comes to mishaps with one of the most important universal accessories. Carissa Wolter, otherwise known as living proof of a bride-to-be's worst nightmare, flushed her engagement ring, and a pair of diamond studs, down the toilet after leaving them in a pile of tissues.

The California native flushed the tissue pile down the sewer system before having realized that she flushed one of the most important pieces of jewelry of her life! "I never thought I'd be so careless about something so valuable," said the bride-to-be, "When I realized what I had done, it seemed unreal." Wolter's forgiving fiancé, who comforted his soon-to-be bride by informing her that the ring was only a material object, spent the entire night pulling apart their toilet. After no luck, and lots of effort, the determined couple called the local sewage company, Jurupa Community Services District, who ended up using a trap to uncover the lost engagement ring! The lifesaving sewage company posted a snapshot of the uncovered sparkler on Twitter telling ABC News, "A ring like that is very important and we're just happy we were able to do the best to successfully recover it."

Dec 102015
Houston Wedding Jewelry

Photo: Readyluck

High quality gemstones, superior diamonds, and locally crafted jewels form the standards of precision and design found in these locally-owned jewelry stores. From Houston to Austin, we've gathered an elite list of The Lone Star state's most experienced in all areas of jewelry making and origin.

Dubin's Fine Jewelry
For over 35 years, this Houston monument in jewelry making has been providing certified diamonds, rare pearls, and colored stones to customers right in the heart of Texas. Known for going above and beyond in customer dedication, which has included delivering custom products on Christmas morning, it's no surprise that clients have been committed to this Austin shop for decades. Read real brides' reviews here!

Calvin's Fine Jewelry
Calvin Smith III, an Austin native, developed his passion for crafting jewelry and innovative techniques to establish what is now one of Austin's most celebrated jewelry stores. Founded in 1997, this family owned establishment has been crafting detailed pieces of art for couples from around the world, staying true to a signature motto of "Made with love for those in love." Read real brides' reviews here!

Wolf Diamonds
Known as one of Downtown Houston's most credible diamond providers, this local landmark strives to provide an equal trio of value, quality and precision. With a value on customer transparency, this esteemed office of private brokers, always discloses information on each of their available diamonds to provide a clear understanding in product between the customer, and the retailer.

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An Austin destination for fine jewelry since 1929, this rooted family-owned store credits undeniable passion and customer devotion to the success of this historical icon. Easy-to-wear designs, luxury engagement rings, and timeless wedding rings, all designed with Austin's "unique style," add to the exclusivity of this Texas institution. Read real brides' reviews here!

Copeland Jewelers
Specializing in expertly curated fine jewelry, consignment collections, and a range of custom and vintage pieces, this local Austin jewelry store has been producing high-quality jewels since it's opening in 1983. Featuring nothing less than the highest value in colored gemstones, and conflict-free diamonds, makes this local landmark unsurpassed in value, customer service, and superiority.

Find even more local shops for your dazzling diamonds and wedding day bling on our Houston Jewelry page!

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